Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Triangle of Hate, commies in China, Sea Shepherd minions, and the Korean Comfort Women comedians

The Triangle of Hate

There is a “triangle of hate” consisting of the commies in China, the Korean Comfort Women comedians, and Sea Shepherds supporters / minions.  They leave hateful, threatening comments on many videos appearing on this channel and related blog.  The only comments removed are blasphemous ones, allowing all other forms of hate and depravity to remain and be exposed.  However leave a thought-provoking comment on one of their YouTube channels or Facebook page,
Triangle of Hate
your comment will get deleted and you blocked.

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian Melissa wrote a commentary appearing on “The Huffpost,” a blog of The Huffington Post.  The following comment was posted four times and four times it was removed:   

“On Melissa’s Facebook page she lists herself as an animal communicator both living and dead.  Question is how come Melissa the self-proclaimed animal communicator does not communicate with the dolphins to swim away from Taiji?  Once the dolphins are captured and held behind the nets, how come the animal communicator does not communicate with the dolphins to jump over the nets?

Could it be the dolphins are more valuable to Sea Shepherd when they are captured?" 

A message was sent to The Huffington Post / The Huffpost requesting to post a rebuttal to Melissa’s commentary and that message was ignored. 

Rising Sun flag seen in this video plus another one both given as a gift from Hiroaki and Masami Fukunishi of Osaka, Japan.
“Gunkan March” / “Warship March” song of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force JMSDF, written by Tokichi Setoguchi (瀬戸口藤吉 Setoguchi Tōkichi) in 1897.

The link to the full video of the Gunkan March / Warship March, belonging to YouTuber “yukifumi:”

“The Huffpost” The Huffington Post’s blog, with Melissa’s commentary:

Melissa's commentary on The Huffington Post blog
Tony's comment as it appeared on the blog before being deleted:
The Huffington Post deleted comment
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page:

Melissa’s Facebook page:

On Melissa’s Facebook page and click on “about” appearing under her photograph on the left side and you will read:

“I am a professional Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, able to bridge the gap of    communication between Humans and Animals and the Living and Deceased. As an Animal Advocate, I travel worldwide fighting against animal cruelty. A true voice for the voiceless”

PropagandaBuster blog:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

From the Triangle of Hate video about Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and The Huffington Post


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