Monday, December 29, 2014

Bank on the difference

Bank on the difference

A recent photograph of a Chase Bank in Brooklyn, New York illustrated the difference with the same bank in two separate locations in the USA.

The photograph of the Chase Bank in Brooklyn demonstrates extraordinary efforts to secure the building.  The side door is made of metal, side window protected with heavy metal bars.  Atop the window are two surveillance cameras focused on the window below.  To secure the two surveillance cameras, two cages were placed around them. 

Compare the Brooklyn Chase Bank with a Chase Bank in Dallas County, Texas.  The Texas bank has a metal side door just like the one in Brooklyn, there the similarities come to an abrupt end.  No metal bars on the windows.  No visible surveillance cameras thus eliminating the need to cage them in.

The driving distance between Brooklyn and Dallas is around 1,500 miles, and that makes a world of a difference. 

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Is God a Nazi?

Is God a Nazi?

Recently a good friend in Tokyo, Japan Mr. Nishimura illustrated a picture of starlight mints.  The mints are white, circular, with red rays emitting from the middle.  Some would think these mints resemble Japan’s navy flag, the Rising Sun flag.  There are some lunatics in South Korea and the United States of Korean heritage who hallucinate the Rising Sun flag as being equal to the Nazi flag.  In their determination to bash Japan they complain about anything remotely resembling the Rising Sun flag.  They are obsessed with looking for ways to be offended. 

Perhaps some may reply this may be a bit of a reach.  Really?

Recently I posted on my Facebook page a photograph created using a Nikon S9500 of the sun rising in Texas.  It was basically the sun behind a cloud emitting rays from the cloud.  Complaints filed with Facebook because it resembled the Rising Sun flag of Japan.  Facebook complied and removed God’s work.  Apparently God’s work of the sun rising in the morning emitting rays around a cloud is seen as the work of a Nazi.   Did these lunatics and Facebook accuse God of being a Nazi?

There is a Chase bank in Brooklyn, New York with a mural on an outside wall.  In the mural is a sun either rising or setting emitting sun rays.  Some people of Korean heritage in New York behaving like rabid  animals complained to Chase and demanded the offending mural be corrected.

It is refreshing to see various units of the United State military incorporating into their unit’s insignia the Japanese Navy Rising Sun flag.   

Note:  Three rising sun photographs created using a Nikon S9500 camera.  Photographed in Texas.

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Rising sun in Texas, USA

Non-Human Person

Non-Human Person

Lunatic liberals in the USA have so far been unsuccessful in their attempts to have human rights afforded to members of the primate family, specifically to orangutans / apes.  Perhaps these clowns (the humans, not the apes) should look to their counter-parts south in Argentina, South America.

A court in Buenos Aires ruled an orangutan to be a “non-human person.”  Did it take a court to notice the obvious?  According to liberals any creature with a heart-beat is a “person.”  So far it is acceptable to classify orangutans as being non-human.  Labeling an orangutan as a “non-human person” is only stating the obvious.

This ruling will place the orangutan from its current confinement to a sanctuary.  Placing the non-person human in a sanctuary still relegates it to confinement, although larger than the current confinement, none-the-less still being held captive. 

The lawyer involved in the Argentina case is quoted as stating in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages the word “orangutan” means “forest man.”  The inference being “man” in the interpretation implies validation to the non-human person classification. 

With that lack of logic how about awarding non-human person status to the “man” in the moon?  Then there is the snowMAN who would enjoy this enhanced classification.  

Criminal Watson noted on his Facelessbook page the ruling and contemplated such classifications be awarded to primates, dolphins, whales, and elephants.  Imagine going to work one morning and having an orangutan sitting next to you on the subway hurling it’s poop at other commuters.  The new world order brought to you by lunatic liberals and one criminal.   

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Non-human person

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Subway car with non-human person

The Pope, the commies, and the Dalai Lama

The Pope, the commies, and the Dalai Lama

Roman Catholic Pope Francis declined to have an audience with the Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lama.  The Vatican was concerned about upsetting the Communist-led government in China.  Really?

The Vatican as well as others who aim to placate communist should understand there are no compromises with communist or trust.  Communist / Communism demands total submission, anything less is unacceptable to be dealt with as an adversary. 

Recently the Associated Press reported China’s aggressive anti-Christian profile accelerating.  The Communist in Beijing as with Communist world-wide fear religion feeding their paranoia. 

“Better dead than red,” is a mantra from the United States in the 1950’s needing a resurrection.      

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 NYPD murdered, blood on the hands of 5

2 NYPD murdered, blood on the hands of 5

Two of New York City’s “Finest” were murdered by a hate filled coward.  NYPD officer Wenjian Liu and officer Rafael Ramos were sitting in their patrol car in Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn when a coward approached their vehicle and murdered them at point-blank range.

The murderer is solely responsible for his crime.  This should not deflect from the five who have blood on their hands as a result of these murders.  They are:

1 – President Barack Obama.  A community organizer masquerading as president.  As a community organizer he is accustomed to stocking the flames of discontent.  In the past few months the president of the people has been broadcasting remarks to incite the behavior of a few of the people.

2 – United States Attorney General Eric Holder.  Mr. Holder before his current role belonged to a law firm noted for representing terrorist for free.  Recently Mr. Holder contributed actively in stirring up the mobs in Ferguson, Missouri.

3 – Al Sharpton:  A shake-down artist extraordinaire.  Mr. Sharpton has been inciting hate towards the police both in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.  If Mr. Sharpton had an Italian last name, he would have been arrested on RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for his questionable activities.   

4 – Jessie Jackson:  Another shake-down artist extraordinaire.  Mr. Jackson has been inciting hate towards the police.  If Mr. Jackson had an Italian last name, he would have been arrested on RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for his questionable activities.  

5 – Bill De Blasio (formerly: Warren Wilhelm Jr.) Mayor of New York City.  Mr. De Blasio in recent months has been very vocal in his criticisms of the New York City Police Department.  The Mayor’s rhetoric was seen as being in support of the criminal element while being critical of the police department – NYPD.

Police departments are euphemistically referred to as “the thin blue line.” They stand between anarchy and civilization.  As a slogan reads:

Sometimes there’s justice
Sometimes there’s just us 

The “just us” being the men and women who serve our nation in various roles in law enforcement.  We all owe them our gratitude.  A gratitude of appreciation, different from the recognition they get from Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and De Blasio.    

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The guilty five stoking the flames of hate towards the police

POLICE: the thin blue line