Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sea Shepherd and the Confederate States of America - CSA - the Confederacy

Captain Kangaroo of Sea Shepherd has been promoted by the crew from captain to admiral of the fleet (garbage scows and rust buckets). Also the Canadian born captain now admiral has a Confederate flag, the Confederate States of America, CSA, the South, in his office. See link below:

Admiral Watson’s confederate flag

Since the admiral seems to be a supporter of the Southern Confederacy he must also be an admiral of the Confederate fleet. Meaning perhaps his name should be changed to a Southern name. New name: Admiral Beauregard Watson of the Confederate Navy. Named after P.G.T. Beauregard (Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard) a general in the Confederate Army, the army of Jefferson Davis.

Since Commodore Tony (me) is considered an adversary of Sea Shepherd, name change should take on a Northern flare, the Army of the Potomac, how about “Abraham Tony?”

Recently submitted a response video to enter Sea Shepherd’s crew contest, Sea Shepherd refused to accept the entry. Typical of liberals with zero tolerance to opposing views.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Democratic Party and SEIU equal voter fraud in Nevada?

Democratic Senator Harry Reid is facing a formable opponent in Republican Sharron Angle for his re-election bid. No problem because he has the backing and support of the union SEIU – Service Employees International Union. In 2008 SEIU spent $63 million on the election, and in 2010 spend $44 million, nearly all on Democrats.

Clark County, Nevada, the county with Las Vegas, has about three-quarters of the state’s population. One of the county commissioners is Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, who is running for governor. Clark County voters are reporting when they attempt to vote, the vote is already cast for Democrat Harry Reid.

The technicians who service Clark County voting machines are union members belonging to S.E.I.U. You do the math, or if it walks like a duck, etc…

Need more convincing? The White House political director Patrick Gaspard was formerly SEIU’s top lobbyist. SEIU president Andy Stern the most frequent visitor to The White House last year.

Need more proof? SEIU gave $500,000 to Patriot Majority PAC, which spent $1.3 million against Democrat Harry Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle – Republican.

It has been reported Democrat Harry Reid’s campaign has been offering free food to voters and the unions giving away free gift cards. This a clear violation of Nevada’s election law: NRS 293.700.

Historically Democrats have allowed the dead to continue to vote after assuming room temperature with six feet of dirt thrown upon their face. In the 2008 election one Democratic county counted more ballots than they had registered voters. The Presidential election in 2000 between President Bush and that snake oil salesman Al Gore, the problem with the voter ballots in Florida, took place in Democratic control counties.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawaiian birds, League of Women Voters, and the Pledge of Allegiance

On the Hawaiian island of Kauai Friday night football is now Friday afternoon football thanks to birdbrain birds (Newell’s shearwater), hungry cats, bird stomping goats, and federal bureaucrats. Kauai High School’s football stadium lights are responsible for causing the birds to mistake them for the moon and stars. This mistake in identity results in the birds flying around in circles. Repeatedly flying in circles exhaust the birds causing them to drop to the ground, then to be hit by automobiles and or eaten by hungry cats. Hotels and parking lot lights have the same impact upon the birdbrain birds.

Resulting in federal bureaucrats (invoking the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act) intimidating the school causing the games to be held during the Friday afternoon heat. These same brilliant birds nest on the ground in Kauai’s wet mountain forest. These nets are threatened by pigs and goats that stomp on these nests.

The county agreed to install shields on the offending lights.

Connecticut Democrat Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz decided anyone wearing a shirt or paraphernalia of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE “W”) would not be allowed to enter polling places. Ms. Bysiewicz reasoning is Linda McMahon (Republican) running for Senator, who is the former CEO of the WWE.

In the 8th Congressional District in Illinois, Grayslake Central High School, there was a debate between two candidates Republican Joe Walsh, and Democrat Melissa Bean. The debate was moderated by the League of Women Voters – LWV. Just as the debate was to begin an audience member asked if they were going to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. A League of Woman Voters representative said no. The audience ignored her; they stood up and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Please see the video below:

MadBadVoodo’s channel:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sea Shepherd types attack middle class workers

The Japanese whalers who board the whaling vessels for the dangerous and frigid waters of the Southern Ocean are like whalers the world over. They are family men of the middle to lower middle class. They go whaling to earn income to provide for their families. They pay mortgages, provide food and clothing for their children, and send their children to school. They also save to send their children to university and save for a pension for their retirement.

While in the dangerous waters of the Southern Ocean earning a living to provide for their families, over the horizon comes the rust bucket, garbage scow of Sea Shepherd filled with the children of the rich to harass hard working middle class whalers.

The Bluefin tuna fishermen of Malta also trying to provide for their families have to endure harassment from Sea Shepherd types from Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. Rich children playing a dangerous game trying to prevent Maltese fishermen a means to provide for their families.

The people of the Faroe Islands are fortunate to have the whales swim into their fjords to be harvested resulting in the feeding of hundreds on the islands for months. Once again middle class people being harassed by Sea Shepherd.

My book, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy,” now available at the iTunes store.

Excellent article on the Faroe Islands whaling and daily life:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Japan and China, the people demonstrate

The Senkaku Islands are today uninhabited in the East China Sea part of the Ryukyu Islands.
Located between Taiwan, China, and Japan (Okinawa). This group of islands are disputed as to their sovereignty between the three nations. Recently a Chinese fishing vessel (Minjinyu 5179) was in the area of islands when it rammed two Japanese patrol boats.

The captain of the Chinese fishing vessel, Captain Zhan Qixiong was taken into Japanese custody for further questioning. Later he was released, however tension between the two nations continued to escalate.

One weekend in October there were demonstrations in Tokyo, Japan expressing their displeasure towards China over this incident. Corresponding demonstrations were held in China where Chinese students expressed their displeasure towards Japan over this incident.

Many people in Japan complain their news media virtually ignored the Tokyo demonstration of about 4,000 people. Accusing the Japanese news media of being leftist communist sympathizers. People in Japan had to access via the Internet Chinese news agencies to learn about the demonstrations in both countries.

The Tokyo demonstration was an event planned and carried out by the people as is the case in many democracies. While in China the students had to get the approval of the commies in Beijing if not initiated by their communist party government. Proof? Try to walk in Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China) and waive a Tibetan flag and see how long before you are pounced upon by the commie authorities.

August 28, 2010 in Washington, DC, USA, there was a rally of about 500,000 to express conservative views, and it too was virtually ignored by the American news media which is also dominated by leftist and communist sympathizers. However in the USA we have conservative talk radio on AM radio stations to offer an opposing view of the news.

Please in Japan express a desire to protest in front of news stations concerning their left leaning bias in reporting the news. Why? These news outlets care not the people think. Their mission is to propagandize the news. Want to effect change? Hit them where it hurts, their money. Demonstrate in from of those business who advertise on those news networks with a leftist bias. The news networks care very much what their advertisers think.

Video links to protest in Tokyo, Japan:

My book,
“The Speeches of Texas Daddy”
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Friday, October 22, 2010

A vote for a Democrat is a vote to blot the national debt

When President Barack Obama (Democrat) took office the national debt was at $10,600 trillion. Two years later President Barack Obama (Democrat) and the Democrats in Congress increased that debt by $3 trillion.

In contrast it took President Bush (Republican) eight years to increase the national debt by $4.9 trillion. This in view of the 2008 Democratic Party pronouncements and then candidate Barack Obama that they would decrease the national debit and unemployment will not raise past 7 percent. Currently the unemployment rate is nearing 10 percent with a projected national debit by 2012 to reach $16,500 trillion. Thank you Democrats!

Need a reason NOT to vote for a Democrat? How about 16,500 trillion reasons?

Before voting asks how come Democrats during the 2010 campaign season are not running on their legislative accomplishments? How come they are not boasting about passing national health care? How come they are not mentioning because of them the Bush era tax cuts will expire December 31, 2010? Instead their campaign platforms are rooted in slander of their opponents.

Basically why vote for a candidate who is ashamed of their legislative record?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

China's commies place embargo on Japan and USA - Thank you commies!

Located between Taiwan, China, and Japan (Okinawa) are a group of islands called Senkaku or Diaoyu. These groups of islands are disputed as to their sovereignty between the three nations. Recently a Chinese fishing vessel (Minjinyu 5179) was the area of islands when the vessel came upon two Japanese patrol boats. The Japanese advised the fishing vessel to leave the area. In reply the Chinese fishing vessel taking a cue from Sea Shepherd, rammed one of the Japanese patrol boats, Ishigaki Island.

The Chinese fishing boat captain Zhan Qixiong was taken into Japanese custody in Okinawa, Japan. The commies in Beijing behaved like lunatics (a personality trait indigenous to commies), causing the Japanese authorities to acquiesce by releasing the Chinese fishing boat captain and sent back to commie land, China, The Middle Kingdom.

Still behaving like lunatics the commies in Beijing demanded reparations and an apology. Japan basically told them to get lost. Now China’s commies enacted an embargo on Japan refusing to export Rare Earth Elements (REE) to Japan. Rare Earth Elements are used for technological devices such as cellphones, wind turbines, loud speakers, guided missiles, etc. China mines about 97% of the world’s REE, thus giving them an edge in exercising their economic might to bully other nations.

Recently the commies announced the same REE embargo against the United States of America – USA. Some background into Rare Earth Element mining: Most of the world’s supply of these minerals came from a mine in the United States in California. South of the Clark Mountain range in Southern California is a mine: Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine. In the 1990’s when the Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton were soiling The White House, they permitted the commies from China to export into the USA Rare Earth Elements below market prices after being mined by near-slave labor conditions in commie-led China.

Remember, it was Bill and Hillary who accepted illegal campaign contributions from the commie military in China (the Bush administration refused to investigate and prosecute). In addition the environmentalists, who are in reality anti-capitalist, kept harassing this mining operation in the USA. Unable to compete with slave labor and environmentalist harassment, the mine closed in 2002 giving the commies the 97% share of the market.

Good news: Molycorp (stock market symbol: MCP) who currently owns the mine in California is investing $500 million dollars and will be mining in the second half of 2011. In August their stock was under $14.00 a share, on October 19, 2010 the stock closed above $34.00!

To the commies in China: “Thank you” from Japan and the USA! Your lunatic embargo has created an alternate and reliable source for these valuable and much needed minerals. Perhaps someone in China needs to be shipped off to a gulag for this magnificent decision. Better yet, send him or her to the USA so we can thank him or her.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Early voting, vote the bums out

Early voting started in Texas as allowed in approximately in 34 states. We must urge like-minded voters to exercise the franchise and vote. In this election cycle Democrats from dog catcher to Senator need to be voted out of office. They need to be punished for the sins against our Republic perpetrated by Democrats in Washington, DC. Basically throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The Democrats have allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire, meaning come January 1, 2011, the nation will experience the largest tax increase since the Second World War (for the USA 1941 to 1945). Plus the Democrats in Washington, DC have hijacked the medical industry with their oppressive health care legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.

Business all across the United States are not hiring and working their current employees to work excessive hours. They are not hiring fearing the huge tax increases and punishment from the health care bill effective January 1, 2011. Because of this tax and health care issue, the Democrats have buried the American economy. For their morbid behavior they need to pay by being tossed out of office.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The flag, why the USA respect

The people of the United States have an attachment to the American flag, nicknamed: stars and stripes. This attachment can be traced to a few factors. Most school elementary children in the United States recite “The Pledge of Allegiance.” Which on the surface one many think it is a recital of allegiance to the USA, when it fact that is secondary. As “The Pledge of Allegiance,” begins with, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…..” This is recited while standing, facing the flag, with right hand over the heart.

The American flag is not folded like a towel or bed sheet in a square or rectangular shape. It is ceremoniously folded in a triangle in respect to the historical origins of the flag. The triangle is a representation of the tri-corner hat worn by the patriots in during America’s war of independence, the Revolutionary War.

The nation’s national anthem, “The Star Spangle Banner,” was written about the flag. Most nations have an anthem which signs the glory of that nation or some struggle overcame by the people of that nation. The United States national anthem is a song about our flag. It was 1814, during the war of 1812, when American poet Frances Scott Key was held for a night on a British ship in Baltimore harbor. The British was bombarding the United States fort, Fort McHenry. All through the night the British bombed the forth with rockets that burst in the air, giving proof through the night that the American flag was still flying high over For McHenry, meaning the Americans did not surrender and were hold out. In the morning by dawns early light, Mr. Key observed from the British ship the American flag still flying high, once again meaning the British were not successful. With pride for his nation, Mr. Key on the back of an envelope wrote his poem, the Star Spangled Banner. Which later was put to music (a British beer hall song), and around 1931, Congress declared the nation’s national anthem. An anthem showing pride of the flag which withstood the bombardment a testament to American resolve and fortitude.

We should fly our flag on, Memorial Day, Flag Day on June 14th, 4th of July (July 4th), Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Best of all, our flag should fly all year long.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Religion & GOD

YouTuber: MrGuitarMang sent a message about a friend of his who use to identify as a Christian. When the older brother to this friend told him:

“Religion was created to keep humans in order and to keep them from thinking about questions can’t be answered”

Since hearing that from his older brother he began to question religion, and God, now identifying as an agnostic.

Yes a first religion did offer simple answers to complex question. Then later migrated to keeping people in order. However in the 21st century most mainstream religions offer guidance and advice, with no desire to control. Religious communal life has been proven to enhance one’s quality of life and health.

As for the existence of God, one would have to travel that journey with an open mind. Perhaps start with the answer to one question: where or how did the first life form come about?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ever wonder why they hate us?

After 9/11 happened many pundits in the bias news media kept asking, “Why do they hate us?”  These self-appointed elitist returned a number of reasons.  There is one reason that rarely made the top ten of these list, while in the Middle East it is among perhaps the top three.  That is the exporting of American culture.  This culture they find offensive and impacting their youth with harm to their culture is the filth exporting by the pervert thespians in Hollywood as being main stream. 

Many youth around the world view these films exported by Hollywood as something to mimic to be part of popular culture.  A degrading fashion coming out of America is something called “sagging” or “sagger.”  Where the youth expose their skivvies (underwear) in public to the horror of decent folks.  This form of debauchery many in other nations find it as a continue debasing of the culture. 
A recent example as noted in this video took place in Haiti where a young person was photographed in the news exposing his desire to mimic the filth exporting from America.

Many young people in America are exhibiting their fondness for displaying their skivvies in public.  They wear their pants so low, in come cases below their butt to expose their revolting underwear to the public in general.  Decent people have absolutely zero desire to view their skivvies in public.  This degenerate fashion originated in our prison systems.  There it is desirable to wear their pants low thus making it easier to have themselves raped and violated.  It is a disgusting fashion statement.

Sea Shepherd crew application

My entry for the Sea Shepherd crew contest. Understand I will do no work, other than to laugh the entire voyage.

Sea Shepherd YouTube video announcing the contest:

Sea Shepherd website contest information:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My ZakZak column in English about the Japanese girl group: AKB48


The people in Tokyo sure have a might pretty attraction in the Akihabara district in a Japanese girl idol group called AKB48.  Looking at these classy young ladies I have to write for the first time I wish I was 15 or 20 years old. 

I admire them from afar as works of beauty as one would look at the Mona Lisa.  When I see these young ladies I see a class act made up of classy ladies.  In popular culture of the 21st century boy idol or girl idol groups have at times taken on the provocative to stimulate our primeval erotic desires, basically looking for the slut or stud in the opposite sex in these groups.

When I first saw how these young ladies were dressed and preformed I was happier than a gopher in soft dirt.  They do not look like some of the female idols Western culture has imposed on the world recently.  Such as Madonna, Britney Speers, and Lady Gaga, all famous for their erotic slut-type clothing, and sexual gyrations.  They are basically an embarrassment to the societies and cultures they were flushed from.

AKB48 provides a refreshing, wholesome, and innocent ambience long gone from the pop-scene.  To look at them it is difficult to select one as the prettiest.  Best to mention three who stand out from the rest.  Mind you, they are all of premier quality representing the best of class and style.

Before I write about the three, I must confess a weakness of mine: women with black hair.  I think that comes from my Italian, Sicilian heritage, where the women all do honor to black hair.  The three from AKB48 would be:

Aki Takajo:  Her eyes and smile scream innocence, with a believability factor of 100. 
Atsuko Maeda:  Another with eyes and a smile reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology.
Sayaka Akimoto:  Her beauty brings forth an aura of peacefulness and calmness to one’s soul. 

The people of Japan can be proud of this group they have submitted to the world’s pop stage. It was refreshing to see the huge reception AKB48 received during their recent tour in California, USA. Seeing their reception in California brought hope that not all American youth are enamored with the slutty eroticism of their contemporaries.  Their popularity provides proof wholesomeness enjoy a future.

My female idols of around my age or older would be:

Cher (Cher Bono), in the movie “Moonstruck.”  Her beauty while in the scene attending the opera animated a classical work of art.      
Sophia Loren:  I do not care at what age, this tomato defines class.
Lauren Bacall:  a bit before my time, however her beauty transcends the ages.  Her eyes and demeanor illustrate mystery, the type of a magnetic nature drawing in the likes of me and other men.

AKB48 – my only complaint about them is that I am not 15 years old!  Shame on me.

News media bias in the USA, continues

Recently in The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the Associated Press concerning four state senators in Alabama being arrested by the FBI. They were arrested with others in reference bribery, fraud, and conspiracy charges related to legalizing gambling in that state.

This article buried on page eight was screaming out for what was left out. The article listed the four Alabama state senators, but left out their party affiliation. Which mean the news media was providing cover for the Democrats. Upon further checking, one is an Independent, one a Republican, and two are Democrats. Meaning 50% of the arrested senators are democrats. Had they been Republicans it would have been headline news on the front pages.

The four are: Harri Anne Smith - Independent, James Preuitt - Republican, Larry Means-Democrat, and Quinton Ross Jr., - Democrat.

In an attempt to warn citizens and perhaps pull the news media to the center of the political spectrum from their far left, deeply rooted bias, an organization rented some trucks to assist. The Media Research Center rented billboard trucks to circle the buildings of news organization with the following message written on the trucks: “Stop the liberal bias, TELL THE TRUTH.”

These trucks will be circling the following: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newseum, The National Press Club, and Politico.

The trucks will circle eight hours a day on week days for four weeks. Excellent effort, however doubt the message will be received within those buildings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Judge Judy and Tony's mother

Popular courtroom drama Judge Judy is a popular day-time program in the USA. The participants surely have seen the show before consenting to appear. So why do they consent? Judge Judy is notorious for verbally degrading those appearing in her court.

Slinging words like “stupid,” and “moron” (“you’re a moron”) have become common words hurled by Judge Judy towards her victims. What is disturbing is when she hurls these insults at mothers who have their children with them.

What child would not be upset hearing their mother defamed as such on national television? Many a child just sit in this courtroom while this judge berates their mother in public.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

China's Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo

In September the commies in Beijing warned the Nobel Peace Prize committee against awarding the prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Liu Xiaobo in 1989 was in Tiananmen Square (thousands rallied for democracy in China) when the commies committed their massacre. Liu Xiaobo continued his quest for greater freedoms in China. In 2008 he help authored a manifesto titled Charter 08 (Lingba Xianzhang) which advocated political reform and democratization in The Middle Kingdom (China).

In 2009 Liu was arrested for “inciting subversion of state power,” and sentenced to 11 years in prison (a commie gulag). October, 2010 the Norwegian Nobel Institute, ignoring the demands from the Beijing communist awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

This is a magnificent accomplishment for the people of China (excluding the commies) as this is the first time the award has ever been awarded to a person in China. Here are a few points (there are 19 points in all) of the Charter 08 manifesto which seems to be a burr in the saddle for the communist:

Election of Public Officials, Freedom to Form Groups, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, and Protection of Private Property.

YouTube videos about Liu Xiabo:

Charter 08:

The Beijing commies desire world recognition, now when they get it in the form of a Nobel Peace Prize, they issues stern warnings and condemnation. At least this time the award was given to a deserving noble person. Not like in 2007 when it was awarded to that snake oil salesman Al Gore for his hoax upon the world of man-made global warming. Or in 2009 when it was awarded to President Obama for doing nothing, but for his potential for doing something.

With the awarding of this prize to Liu Xiaobo the prestige of this award was resurrected from the gutter to the lofty position envisioned by it’s founder.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sea Shepherd feud

There is a current feud taking place within the Sea Shepherd organization. Seems to be between pretend Captain Watson and Peter Bethune (who was recently on trial in Tokyo, Japan). According to reports Mr. Watson read the transcript of Bethune’s Tokyo trail and discovered while Mr. Bethune was enjoying the hospitality of the Japanese he was singing like a canary.

Apparently per the transcript Mr. Bethune claimed his actions at sea towards the Japanese whalers were a result of instructions received from Watson. The songs that Bethune was singing prompted the Japanese to file a warrant with INTERPOL for Watson. “INTERPOL” being an international police agency.

Because of these songs by Bethune, Watson threw Bethune overboard (metaphorically) dumping him from Sea Shepherd which mean he will not be able to participate in their upcoming campaign against the Japanese whalers. Meaning Bethune planned to participate in clear violation of an agreement he made with his host while in Japan (see 3rd link below).

This banishment resulted in Peter issuing an online letter concerning the deliberate sinking of the Ady Gil, their intended and approved use of a bow and arrows, and the false accusation the Japanese shot a bullet at Watson which was blocked by his bullet proof vest (see the 1st link below). Pure public relations stunts to garner donations from suckers around the world. P.T. Barnum would have loved their supporters.

According to Peter, Captain Watson has been promoted to Admiral by his minions who refer to him as “Admiral of the fleet.”

The third link below is of Captain / Admiral Watson in what is reported to be his office, with a Confederate flag, the flag of the Confederacy – CSA (United States Civil War – 1861 to 1865). Liberals (of which many are Sea Shepherd types and supporters) condemn this flag as being a flag of hate, racism, and slavery. Why would an Admiral of Sea Shepherd of Canadian origin, prominently display a flag liberals despise?

Bottom line: apparently there is no honor among thieves.

Peter Bethune’s letter:

Watson confederate flag

would not participate in future anti whaling activities:

Graphics created using Microsoft PAINT.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Traveling Tony Texas State Railroad part 2 of 2

The Texas State Railroad runs on a 25 mile track between the East Texas towns of Palestine and Rusk. The railroad dates back to the 1880’s when it was built to transport raw materials to a prison. In 1972 the railroad became part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and became a state park. Later turned over to the Texas State Railroad Authority and leased to the American Heritage Railway. The vintage rail cars are pulled at times by diesel and steam locomotives.

Link to their website:

Palestine, Texas is located about two hours southeast of Dallas County. Traveling via highway 175 to highway 19 to highway 84, all meandering through the rolling hills and picturesque East Texas country side

Traveling Tony Texas State Railroad part 1 of 2

The Texas State Railroad runs on a 25 mile track between the East Texas towns of Palestine and Rusk. The railroad dates back to the 1880’s when it was built to transport raw materials to a prison. In 1972 the railroad became part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and became a state park. Later turned over to the Texas State Railroad Authority and leased to the American Heritage Railway. The vintage rail cars are pulled at times by diesel and steam locomotives.

Link to their website:

Palestine, Texas is located about two hours southeast of Dallas County. Traveling via highway 175 to highway 19 to highway 84, all meandering through the rolling hills and picturesque East Texas country side.

Democrat slander and news media attack dogs

Democrats are worried about their faith in the upcoming Congressional elections. To avoid a rout they will employ a time-honored Democrat tactic: Slander and mudslinging. The politics of destruction and personal attacks.

Them thar Democrats have hired legions of investigators to dig up dirt and slander on their Republican opponents. The Democrats are trying to avoid running on the issues and their legislative accomplishments, knowing the majority of Americans find both to be repugnant. To deflect from their legislative record, they will turn the attention to fabricated slander on Republicans. With their willing goose-stepping accomplices in the defunct news media, the mudslinging should come easy.

The New York State governor’s race is a good illustration of the news media disgusting behavior to help their overlords in the Democratic Party. The race is between Democrat Andrew Cuomo, and Republican Carl Pasquale Paladino.

At a news conference with Carl Paladino the subject of his 10-year old daughter, born out of wedlock, came up. Previously is was reported a photographer for The New York Post took photos of this 10-year old through her bedroom window while she was exercising. At the news conference Mr. Paladino warned reporters to stay away from his 10-year old daughter, stating: “You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy.” Bravo for Carl Paladino! What father would not do or say the same to defend his 10-year old daughter?

The news media stated is should not have been an issue because the photographs were not published. What kind of perverted attempt at reasoning is that? To cover for this disgusting act by the news media, the news media is in full attack mode on Carl Paladino. We know who to vote for by voting for those the news media attacks.

Remember to vote come this Election Day, November 2, 2010 – Free America Day.

A rousing defeat for the Democrats will also be a rousing defeat for their loyal defenders, the news media.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cowards descend upon Taiji Japan's dolphin hunt

Taiji, Japan, made famous by the propaganda film, “The Cove,” once again found itself being abused by Sea Shepherd type foreigners. “The Cove” awarded an Oscar by the pervert thespians in Hollywood attempted to deny the hard working people of Taiji their livelihood.

During this dolphin harvesting a European activists group “the black fish” (eco terrorist) vandalized the nets holding dolphins in pens, cause some to swim away. Sea Shepherd denies any knowledge of this group. However the following links dispute that claim:

Photo Sea Shepherd crew with Black Fish banner:

Article about Sea Shepherd and the European eco group Black Fish:

Once again Sea Shepherd types are exploiting the Japanese culture by taking advantage of Japanese politeness. If these Sea Shepherd types were as brave and devoted as they claim to be, how come they are not in the Faroe Islands attempting to disrupt the current whale harvesting taking place in their fjords?

Simple answer: The people of the Faroe Islands are a hardy people descentants from the Vikings. They would love to have Sea Shepherd types on their islands attempting to interrupt the whale harvesting. However Sea Shepherd types being the cowards they are, know it is very wise not to directly interrupt the whale harvesting in the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands – no nonsense, take nothing from Sea Shepherd types = no Sea Shepherd types polluting their islands.

Taiji, Japan – polite, respectful = Sea Shepherd types harassing the hard working people of Taiji.

The book, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy,” now available at the iTunes store.