Saturday, July 18, 2020

Go ahead, vote for Biden and watch what you did

Go ahead, vote for Biden and 
watch what you did

This may be difficult to believe.  Just remember the title of the book “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”  California and New York are the epicenters of liberalism and Trump Derangement Syndrome.  They care nothing about the country, just to defeat Trump even if that means ruining the economy and placing millions out of work, and allow crime to rise.

By releasing criminals, that guarantees Democrats getting their votes come this election.  Also the additional crime those release criminals will cause, they will blame Trump.  Here is the sick part:  Even without these additional criminal votes for Democrats, California was not going to support Trump anyway.  All their electoral votes are going to go to Biden with or without releasing Democrat criminals from jail.  They are hurting themselves, but do not care.  

In New York they have no bail policy.  Meaning when a criminal is arrested, the savage is released back on the streets without any bail and free to continue committing crimes.  Once again thinking it will hurt Trump.

You think that is sick?  How about this:  Democrat jurisdiction refuse to open schools because of COVID.  Here is the ripple effect:  Children staying home, means parents have to stay home with them.  No work for them, the economy crumbles.  A failing economy will be blamed on Trump.  Historically when there is a failing economy, the current president never wins re-election.

See, subvert the economy and safety to dump Trump.  Many child psychologist have said it is import for children to return to school.  They need the socialization.  Plus during the lock-downs and no school, suicides among the youth have increased.  So big deal.  All that matters is Trump not get re-elected.

So what does this mean for rest of the free world.  If Biden gets elected America as you know it will disappear.  No Republican will win another election in your life time and your children’s life time.  America will no longer be a free country and with a failing economy.  Can you say: Venezuela north of Mexico?  The ripple effect to this drastic change in the USA will cause likeminded savages to rise up in rest of the free world.  Because they will think, if America the beacon of freedom and capitalism collapsed so can it in any other country.  They will be embolden to wreck the same havoc in your country.   

The leftist here in the USA tasting their victory will push to inflict their agenda on the rest of the world:  the UK, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, etc.   Remember pretty much of the world has adopted a Western Civilization style of governance and liberty with the USA as a shining example.

When the Roman Empire collapsed so did Western Civilization and brought forth the Dark Ages starting around the 5th century through the 15th century.  It was not until the Italian family the Medici’s brought about the Renaissance giving a rebirth of Western Civilization that spread around the globe. 

Now facing a collapse thanks to American liberalism.  I have been warning for the past ten years about this and my fear other good nations are falling victim. 

A Biden regime will ruin the USA and allow China to expand their evil behavior without any hindrance from the USA.  How can the USA stop China when our economy will fail and our military defunded?  Also the Chinese have already purchased the Biden family. 

The Chinese, the Russians, liberals, Hollywood, news media, Democrats, academia, unions, and the victims of a public school education in the last forty years all want Trump and capitalism to fail.

Our only hope in delaying this disaster is to pray Donald Trump wins re-election.          

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