Monday, October 31, 2011

Traveling Tony -- Texas to Washington, DC

In July, 2011 traveled from Dallas County, Texas to Washington, DC, capital of these here United States of America.

Traveled through east Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and arriving in Washington, DC (the nation’s capital).

Music: “Back Porch Stomp,” music in Washington, DC “Joyous,” both from

Photographs taken with a DSLR Nikon D3100.

Korean Pizza, the thief Marco Polo exposed

A friend in Silicon Valley, California, United States of America sent me a video link. The video claims the 13th century (1200’s) Italian explorer the Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo while a guest of the Kublai Khan in The Middle Kingdom, China, stole pizza from Korea. Huh?

The video (link below) if not a hoax interviews a number of educated and notables in Korea all of whom claim pizza was a Korean creation stolen by Marco Polo. The video also shows a lone Korean with a protest sign in front of a Pizza parlor in Brooklyn, New York (A & L Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria).

Looking at a map of Marco Polo’s travels throughout his long stay in The Middle Kingdom it does not show he traveled to Korea. Perhaps he stole the pizza from the Kublai Khan and not Korea? Allow us to hallucinate and agree Mr. Polo did steal Pizza from China or Korea, was it really a pizza? The three main ingredients to pizza are: dough, tomato sauce, and cheese.

One problem: Tomatoes were not known to the Europeans until two hundred years after Marco Polo. Tomatoes were discovered in South America after Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492.

So did Mr. Polo on his way back to Italy from China stop off in South America to get some tomatoes to bring back to Italy to make the tomato sauce for the stolen pizza? Did he also stop off in Brazil to get some real tomatoes?

If the Koreans in the video want to claim something Italian, how about they claim the Mafia, the La Cosa Nostra? Are they going to claim the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was also stolen from Korea? Better not claim “America” was named after a Korean, because it was named after the Italian map maker “Americo Vespucio.”

Video accusing Marco Polo being a pizza thief:


Disclaimer and/or note: I do not know if the video this is a response to is a hoax or not. However I spoke to the owner of the pizza parlor the Korean was protesting in front of. He said the Korean had the film crew with him, then after making the video in front of the pizza parlor the Korean with the film crew flew back to Korea. Meaning the protest was staged just for the video. Now whether the Koreans who staged this actually believe Marco Polo stole the pizza or not that is another question.

Now here is where it continues to get interesting: In the video the narrator types an address on the Internet www.trueorig.... Then the video breaks away to the corresponding web page. However if you look at the address bar on that web page it reads: A further search shows “Addict Media Films” is located in Seoul, South Korea. Was the video a hoax or real? Hmmmmm?

Credit: Music at the end “Italian Romantic Comedic Italian” from

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sea Shepherd purposely endangering lives at sea

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulrus” initiate dangerous and illegal activities against the Japanese mariners.

The cultists (She Shepherd) used spud guns to attack the Japanese whalers. Spud guns in Australia require a firearms license. Did the Australian Federal Police ask to view Sea Shepherd’s category E firearms license? Did She Shepherd smuggle them past the AFP? Did the AFP look the other way?

The cowards in their zodiacs purposely crisscross in front of the Japanese vessels sailing a full speed in the Southern Ocean. To what purpose? Are they looking to get rammed again and claim victim with another money grabbing dramatic video? More video for Dicovery’s Channel Animal Planet’s Whale Wars?”

The cultist continually attempt to snarl the Japanese vessel’s propellers with heavy ropes. To what aim? To render the vessel dormant in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean?

The cowards of She Shepherd threw numerous lit flares onto the decks of the Japanese vessel and netting. Flames from these flares do burn, and burn hot. They were thrown blindly by the cult group without any consideration if the flame from these flares smacked a mariner in the face.

The cult leader likes to claim they have never injured anyone. That is not due to their competence but to their incompetence and the professionalism of the Japanese mariners.

To the parents of these trust fund babies belonging to the cult: You need to have an intervention to protect your children from Captain Kangaroo’s reckless tactics.

Legality of spud guns in Australia, see section 2:


Sea Shepherd photographs and videos courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

Music: “Liberty Bell,” from

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to Sea Shepherd:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sea Shepherd's dangerous activities

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulrus” initiate dangerous and illegal activities against the Japanese mariners.

The cultists (She Shepherd) used spud guns to attack the Japanese whalers. Spud guns in Australia require a firearms license. Did the Australian Federal Police ask to view Sea Shepherd’s category E firearms license? Did She Shepherd smuggle them past the AFP? Did the AFP look the other way?

Legality of spud guns in Australia, see section 2:


Sea Shepherd photographs and video courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

Music: the unofficial national anthem of Australia – “Waltzing Matilda,” from

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to Sea Shepherd:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sea Shepherd illegal ramming of a Japanese research vessel

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulurs,” on their rust bucket garbage scow illegally ram a Japanese research vessel (whaling ship) in the Southern Ocean. Videoed during a previous whaling season. The ramming placed the Japanese mariners in danger along with the cultists children aboard Sea Shepherd’s Steve Erwin.

The parents of these trust-fund baby cultist should engage in an intervention for the safety of their offspring.


Sea Shepherd photographs and video courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

Music: the unofficial national anthem of Australia – “Waltzing Matilda,” from

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to Sea Shepherd:

Sea Shepherd, Australia, and New Zealand, is there a connection?

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulurs,” enjoys a lofty level of support from the governments and populace of the nations of Australia and New Zealand. How come? Why?

To answer the question borrow a line from the 1976 movie, “All the President’s Men,” the quote being “…follow the money.”

Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling terror activities are condoned by the two fore mentioned nations / people could it be rooted in “follow the money?” Whale watching in a lucrative industry in both nations. Whale Watching needs whales to watch. The Japanese whalers pose a threat to the object of the watch in the Whale Watching industry. In 2008 the Whale Watching industry brought in $172 million to Australia and in 2005 for New Zealand brought in $120 million.

Australian Whale Watching industry:

New Zealand Whale Watching industry:

Is Sea Shepherd getting a piece of this action or is it in the form of support? Sea Shepherd before leaving for the Southern Ocean to illegally target the Japanese whalers, sail from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. When the harassment ends, they return to Hobart. After the last two whaling seasons when the rust bucket garbage scows of She Shepherd returned to Hobart, the Australian Federal Police – AFP, boarded and searched the vessels at the request of the Japanese government.

This was just a motion by the AFP to appease the Japanese government. The cultists (She Shepherd) used spud guns to attack the Japanese whalers. Spud guns in Australia require a firearms license. Did the Australian Federal Police ask to view Sea Shepherd’s category E firearms license? Did She Shepherd smuggle them past the AFP? Did the AFP look the other way?

Legality of spud guns in Australia, see section 2:

The cultists sail in to the Mediterranean Sea to engage in illegally activities to harass the Bluefin Tuna fishing vessels. The majority of the Bluefin Tuna caught is shipped to Japan. “…Follow the money..” Could it be coincidently the farming of Bluefin Tuna in Australia is a $600 million a year industry?

Australian Bluefin Tuna farming:

The cultists (She Shepherd) were recently in the Faroe Islands to harass the good people who harvest whales generous enough to swim into their fjords. This cult activity has no connection to New Zealand or Australia, however still “….follow the money.” The cultist sailed into the Faroe Islands to get dramatic video needed for the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” television series. Dramatic video translates to increase viewers which interpret to high fees charged to advertisers……”follow the money.”


Sea Shepherd photographs and video courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

Music: the unofficial national anthem of Australia – “Waltzing Matilda,” from

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to Sea Shepherd:

Driving in the fog

Driving in the fog in Dallas County, Texas, USA

Saturday, October 22, 2011

DART trains, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Videoing commuter trains in Dallas, the system called: DART - Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Off happening: after videoing the trains while driving home about two blocks from the trains, I was stopped by the Dallas Police and questioned about my reason for videoing the trains. Nothing happened beyond being stopped and questioned. Homeland Security was blamed.

DART trains Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Friday, October 21, 2011

American trains defaced by bottom-feeders graffiti

Trains in the United States, especially freight trains are defaced by a multitude of bottom-feeders in the USA who have no respect for private property. These hooligans use the side of these trains to deface with their graffiti.

Train in this video in Dallas County, Texas, a Union Pacific line. Photographs taken using a DSLR Nikon D3100, a Nikkor 55-200mm lens. Video used a Canon VIXIA HF MF31.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Voter photo ID: Democrats, voter fraud, one of the same

ent article appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) headlined: “Groups push for U.S. to void Texas voter ID law.”

The article states a group called “Advancement Project” has filed a suit stating the voter photo ID law in Texas, signed by Governor Rick Perry (Republican) violates federal civil rights law. They maintain having to show a photo ID to vote “intentionally discriminates against black and Hispanic voters.”

How is it showing a photo ID discriminates only against blacks and Hispanics, but not Caucasian, Native Americans or Americans of Asian descent? Is the group “Advancement Project” stating they believe only blacks and Hispanics engage in voter fraud? Is that accusation in itself discriminatory?

In recent years Democrats across the nation have governed against the will of the people. To the Democratic leadership, the will of the people, our Constitution, the security of our nation, are all to be subverted for the good of the Party.

Many state legislatures trying to enact voter photo ID legislation have been facing opposition from the Democratic Party. Democrats claim it would hurt the poor who do not have nor can afford photo ID. Hooey! Many states have provisions to provide free voter photo ID for those who can not afford to purchase one. The Texas plan is to even allow the poor to show a utility bill.

But the Democrats will have none of that. They do not want to do anything that would interfere or threaten their voter base. Which includes dead people (Chicago style), multiple voters (thank you ACORN), and those in the USA illegally. Their arguments are transparent as their true intension is to maintain their illegal voting record.

It is okay to show photo ID when cashing a check, using a credit card, or boarding an airplane, but not to vote, according to them thar Demicarts.

Remember, the leadership of the Democratic Party only care about the Democratic Party. Not you, our laws, our nation, or our security.

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“Swing Girls” DVD box shown on the left side of the screen:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

America the Honest

Link to “Magic Plastic Chain in Japan:”

The above video, “Magic Plastic Chain in Japan” illustrates the honesty enjoyed by the Japanese people in Japan. Seeing this video decided to contrast this with the lack of honesty to that level in the United States.

Video taken at a small church in Texas documenting the extreme levels taken to prevent and discourage the out-of-control thievery by some of the parishioners. These thieving bottom-feeders have turned a house of God into a den of thieves.

The church is riddled with padlocks and surveillance cameras, all which does nothing to curtail these determined thieves. The chapel to the church established to allow parishioners a venue to meditate and pray after hours. On one of the walls is a statue of the Blessed Mother. In Her hands was placed a rosary. With a surveillance camera watching over the inside of the chapel, a bottom feeder stole the rosary right out of the Blessed Mother’s hands. What is peculiar about this, the rosary is used to pray to the Blessed Mother. So did the thief steal the rosary from the Blessed Mother’s hands to pray to Her?

In the lobby to the chapel there are two candle stands. Three elderly ladies were seen taking all the candles and depositing them in a large sack. A parishioner advised them in three different languages, English, Tagalog, and Spanish, to stop their thievery. Ignoring the request the senior bottom-feeders stole all the candles, walked out the doors and drove off in their get-away car.

A juvenile delinquent was order by the court to perform community service. His mother being a friend to a staff member of the church got her son to perform his court ordered community service at the church. He showed his gratitude by stealing money left in a slot for parents to deposit money to pay for Faith Formation Classes. The surveillance camera recorded the illegal activity. Upon discovery he was asked to leave.

When he was asked why he stole the money, he paraphrased notorious bank robber of the first half of the last century, Willie Sutton by saying because that is where they money was. When Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, he replied, “Because that’s where the money is,” later to be known as “Sutton’s law.”

In the lobby of the church’s main sanctuary the doors leading from the lobby to the main sanctuary are locked with heavy chains and pad locks while the lobby is adorned with surveillance cameras, and an alarm key pad.

Not all Americans behave this way, however after viewing the video about yellow plastic chains in Japan; the bottom-feeder behavior at the church came to mind screaming contrast.

Below link to an excellent channel illustrating various aspect of Japanese life and culture unique to Japan.

Link to TheJapanChannelDcom:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Smoking Briskets Rustic Texas

This video is my second attempt at trying to be creative with my videos being inspired by the YouTuber: AbandonedScotland.

The Knights of Columbus I belong to affiliated with a Roman Catholic Church was asked to smoke twelve briskets for the Church’s annual dinner dance. A member of our Knights has five acres in the rural part of Dallas County. It was on his property we smoked the 12 briskets in two smokers.

The first part of this video are the smokers and associated smoke. The second part of the video are of the items found throughout the five acres. All this images in this video are videos and no still photography.

This video was inspired about another YouTuber: AbandonedScotland, here is the link to his channel:

Link to his inspirational video:

Camera used is a DSLR with video capabilities: Nikon D3100, used a Nikkor 55 -200mm lens (“Nikkor” is a Nikon product), no filter. The ground was parched, and grass brown due to the long dry, drought affected summer in this part of Texas.

Music titled: “Farmyard Blues” by Jeremy Sherman, from the website (Neo Sounds).

This video is not to compete with AbandonedScotland, but shown as an inspiration from AbandonedScotland.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Parked train blocking railroad crossings

in parked on top a hill for well over an hour block railroad corssings. Not to happy with this video the reason uploaded to this channel rather than my main channel: PropagandaBuster.

Too much work to not post. Video was in the morning on a cloudy day, which is a rare day in Texas

Friday, October 14, 2011

Automobile shows in the USA ruined by political correctness and feminist

In the United States before being corrupted by political correctness and feminism, automobile shows use to incorporate aesthetically gifted females to stand near their products (automobiles). That is an ear long disappeared from 21st century America.

Recently at the State Fair of Texas in the automobile show Cadillac void of pretty women in attractive clothing, had instead a metrosexual unshaven with hair screaming for a comb, and a face burdened with an unshaven face.

A few days earlier on NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai or Japan Broadcasting Corporation) their English edition on American television reported on a recent automobile show in Shanghai, China. This Shanghai auto show illustrated the America that once was. The automobiles had the customary pretty girls in attractive clothing standing by their vehicles. Cadillac at the Shanghai auto show did not insult the visitors with an unshaven metrosexual in need of a comb, instead had the customary appealing women standing near their vehicles.

Also in this video are Sunday advertisements for Macy’s department store and JC Penney. Macys had four models on the front page, a Caucasian, an Hispanic, an Asian, and black American. Models chosen to meet a demographic requirement. Much like the JC Penney with the 21st century blended family on the front page. Black American female, Hispanic man, children: Asian and Caucasian. Both advertisements ignored Native Americans.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Occupy Dallas" disarms Tony and sends greetings across the Pacific

New York City has their protest group, “Occupy Wall Street.” This group gave rise to like-minded people across the United States of America – USA to conduct their own “Occupy” protest groups. These groups name their rallies after the cities they are in, such as “Occupy Dallas.”

This video is my visit to the “Occupy Dallas” group encamped in downtown Dallas, Pioneer Plaza. When I was there I saw around four police officers, and the protestors in the Plaza.

Link explaining Pioneer Plaza:

The group was polite and respectful. Political activism is healthy for any democratic republic. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads in part,

“…..the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

As long as they were not violent or disruptive, and to date they have not been violent or disruptive, they are free to participate and exercise their Constitutional right “peaceably to assemble.”

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tony, trains and Homeland Security

It was a beautiful autumn day in Dallas County, Texas, USA: The Texas State Fair was going on just south of downtown Dallas and the Texas Oklahoma football came scheduled that day at the Texas State Fair in the Cotton Bowl. Also “Occupy Dallas” as derivative of “Occupy Wall Street,” was taking place in downtown Dallas, in “Pioneer Plaza.”

A perfect day and time to go to downtown Dallas to video the “Occupy Dallas” group and offer commentary. I exited the Interstate a few exits early to avoid the Texas State Fair and Texas Oklahoma game traffic. While negotiating the backstreets to downtown Dallas I road across a railroad crossing for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit), Dallas subway system. I thought it would be great to video the trains for YouTube so the people in Japan and around the globe could see the limited light-rail in the Dallas County area. I was inspired by two YouTubers from Japan who post outstanding rail videos, “Panaceland” and “89furu”, here are their links:

I parked my Chevy Astro van in a legal parking lot. Then with video camera and tripods preceded to video the trains passing. I did this from both sides of the tracks, and changing out tripods, from a fluid-head to a regular one. I must have been there for about thirty minutes. I then loaded the equipment back into the van and drove off to downtown Dallas.

About two blocks away I see in my rear-view mirror the flashing / revolving blue and red lights of a police car. Huh? I pulled over and so did the police vehicle. Rolled down my window waiting of the officer to approach. While waiting I could not figure out what traffic law I violated. I pass one traffic light stopped for the red signal. I came across one stop sign and made the full stop. So why the police vehicle in my rear view mirror?

The police officer approached and apparently I was stopped because I was reported videoing the trains. I showed the officer one of the videos. I had not broken any law, but the authorities were concerned about my activity since I was about four blocks from the Texas State Fair and Texas OU game. Four police vehicles were there, three police cars and one police motorcycle. The motorcycle officer liked the bumper sticker on the back of my van, “God Bless John Wayne.” The officer standing by the passenger door recognized me from 1998, thirteen years ago! At the time he worked for the telephone company downtown Dallas (first Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, later “SBC,” and then AT&T). I also worked there and he remembered me all these 13 years.

The officer came back with my driver’s license after checking and explain the sensitivity by Homeland Security and I was free to leave.

Side note: In May of 2011 I was in Japan in a small town north of Tokyo named Nikko. I videoed a few trains there (one shown in this video), plus trains in Osaka and Tokyo, never once stopped by the police in Japan. Yes I understand there is a difference, however the comparison is amusing.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Texans in the "Lost Battalion" and the Japanese-Americans

During World War Two in France a group 270 from the Texas National Guard were encircled by the Nazis and cut off from the rest of the American military. There were two attempts to break through the siege, however both failed. The Texas National Guard became known as the “Lost Battalion.” An American commandeer finally called up the 442nd to break through the siege.

The 442nd was made up of Japanese-American citizens. When America entered the war, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt (FDR) ordered the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry. Many of which were born American citizens and naturalized citizens. The government feared there were fifth columnist among these American citizens who because of their ancestry became suspect. While in the internment camps, rather than build on hate for what was done to them, they volunteered to join the army and participate in America’s war on fascism.

The 442nd served bravely in Italy and France. This unit earned five Congressional Medal of Honors, ten Distinguished Service Crosses, and six Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations.

Creation from our friends in the Faroe Islands of Captain Kangaroo and The Paulrus

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sea Shepherd "Divine Wind" campaign passing wind

Link to "KUDAN" rap song about the Kamikaze, the lyrics in both Japanese and English:

The cultist of Sea Shepherd failed last Southern Ocean whaling season to get dramatic video from the Japanese whalers.  The Japanese end their whaling season a month early foiling the cult leader and his trust fund minions.  No dramatic video footage for Animal Planet’s Whale Wars. 

The following summer the cowards on their rust bucket garbage scows sail to the Faroe Islands confident the descendants of the Vikings will provide that dramatic video needed to save “Whale Wars.”  However the good people of the Faroe Islands did not cooperate and deprived She Shepherd that dramatic video footage they tried to incite through insults upon insults.  No whales were in the Faroe Islands to harvest for food thus causing the cult leader (Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, and “The Paulrus”) to take his minion cultist and left the Faroe Islands.  The next day the whales entered the Faroe Islands (the grind) and close to 100 whales were harvest. 

The Japanese announced they will once again go whaling in the Southern Ocean this whaling season, starting around December.  Huh?  But earlier this year Captain Kangaroo of She Shepherd said he was 75% sure the Japanese would not go whaling again.  Perhaps the good captain should stay out of Las Vegas.

In a desperate attempt to get that denied dramatic video the cult leader announce they would engage in a campaign to prevent the Japanese whalers from whaling.  They named their new campaign “Divine Wind,” the Japanese term “Kamikaze.”  The cult group “Divine Wind?”  More like “passing wind.”  The group hijacking the term “Kamikaze,” was only designed to antagonize.  The cult leader said he had 100 volunteers according to an article in the “Herald Sun” (see link below) the announced “…..will send 100 volunteers to the Southern Ocean and is prepared to lose lives if necessary.”

The cult leader values the life of a whale over the lives of his trust fund cultists’ minions.  Their parents need to have an intervention to save the lives of their miss-guided children, because the good Captain only sees them as human fodder.  What is interesting is the good Captain said the 100 volunteers are prepared of offer their lives, not him, just the volunteers.  Advice to the minions:  DO NOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID!

“Kool-Aid” reference:

Note: mentioned in this video:  There are four things the Japanese are afraid of: 1) Earthquake (Jishin), 2) Thunder (Karminari), 3) Fire (Kaji), 4) Oyaji (Daddy).  Oyaji is the one who corrects the wrong and most afraid of has he uses thunder.  Also, Oyaji he gets angry because he is thinking of you from the bottom of his heart. 

The rap song “KUDAN” written and performed by the group “AreiRaise (see link below):

Preforming the author Shun-suke Saito and Mushikera.    

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sea Shepherd terms of endearment

In almost all of my Sea Shepherd related videos I use a number of terms in reference to the group. This video is an explanation of those terms.

Captain Kangaroo: It is not in reference to the popular support they enjoy in the continent nation of Australia. It has to do with the leader of the group looks like a children’s television host from the 1950’s.

Admiral Beauregard Watson: There is a photograph of Watson in his office with a Confederate flag (CSA – Confederate States of America – The American Civil War 1861 – 1865). Based upon this photograph illustrating his love and/respect for the Confederacy, gave him a name prominent in the Southern USA (the heart of the Confederacy) name being “Beauregard.” “Admiral” comes from his crew who refer to him as “admiral” because Sea Shepherd has a few vessels to their fleet.

Watson with the Confederate flag photograph:

The Paulrus: This is a name given by the people of the Faroe Islands and is a cross between “Paul” and “walrus.”

Cabin Boy: Name given to Peter Helmethead of Sea Shepherd, appearing in many of their campaigns.

Cowards: Because they generally harass passive people rather than people who have a history of not being passive.

Rust Bucket / Garbage Scows: A few years ago their vessel (an older version) the Steve Irwin was confiscated by Canadian authorities. A member of the Canadian Coast Guard sent photographs of the vessel and all the rust left on it by Sea Shepherd’s sea worthy crew.

Eco-Terrorist: Is a term used in reference to Sea Shepherd by the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI. Link to FBI’s article:

Culinary Imperialist: The act of a foreign culture attempting to impose its dietary habits upon another culture with force, tacit force, intimidation, or coercion. All methods employed by Sea Shepherd on cultures foreign to them.

Cult: The followers of this group adhere to, obey, and follow their leader blindly, without question, and without any concern for their safety. Could we expect group marriages next? Just stay away from the Kool-Aid

Fleas, bed bugs, lice, tics, and yeast infections: After looking at the Cove Guardians in and around Taiji, Japan, their personal hygiene comes into question resulting to the infestation of the earlier mentioned vermin.

Terms used and not mentioned in this video as they explain themselves:

She Shepherd and $he $hepherd

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greenpeace after Mattel for Barbie doll made from Indonesian forest

Greenpeace along with Sea Shepherd and other assorted so-called environmentalist and animal rights group are in essence anti-capitalist. All though Greenpeace does not employ the same lunatic dangerous tactics of the girly men in She Shepherd, their goal to hurt capitalism is the same.

Greenpeace claims products used in the production of Mattel’s Barbie doll are from the rainforest / jungles of Indonesia causing deforestation hurting the environment. Huh? These forests are on private land and the trees on that private land do not belong to Greenpeace, but the crop belongs to the owner. Be the owner a private person, a corporation, or the government of Indonesia, in all cases does not belong to Greenpeace. Greenpeace should mind their own business and stop trying to tell people what to do with their private property.

Greenpeace selecting an easy way to attain their goal attacked / criticize the Mattel Toy Corporation. If Greenpeace was that concerned how come they do not purchase the land where these trees are and end the harvesting?

These Indonesian trees are harvested by an international corporation Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). Mattel as a result said would stop buying products from APP. See Greenpeace now successful in hurting the commerce of Mattel, Asia Pulp & Paper, and putting the workers in Indonesia out of work.

Environmentalist and animal rights Nazis do not care about people or their ability to provide for their families, they just care about their goal of destroying capitalism.

Link to related article:

The Obama Administration and the EPA continue their assault upon the USA...

When President Obama was Senator Obama running to be president of these here United States he stated his goal was to bankrupt the coal industry. Please view the below link, he makes that statement near the 2:17 mark:

Under the President’s regime the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA, proposed new regulations which would cost the coal-fired power plants billions of dollars to comply with in keeping with the President’s promise to bankrupt them.

What the president and the academics in his regime refuse to accept: the USA needs electricity and do not eliminate one source without having in place the replacement. Their goal is the continued decline of the economy and this is proof.

The majority of electricity produced in the USA comes from coal fired power plants. With summer arriving and air conditioners run full speed, thanks to President Obama and them thar Democrats the cost for electricity will rise. Thank you Mr. President and them thar Democrats!

Before you go vote November, 2012, please take a look at your electric bills from the proceeding summer.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another dead terrorist exposes the inconsistency of Democrats and Liberals

Recently the United States eliminated noted terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, an American born traitor. Anwar al-Awlaki was on the business end of an American airstrike in Yemen. He was noted for inspiring many plots against the United States with the aim of killing Americans.

Understand this video has no problem with any terrorist being eliminated by an American projectile. The concern is the silence by liberals, the news media, and Democrats in the United States. Their only consistency is that they are inconsistent.

During the eight years of President Bush, a Republican, the liberals, the news media, and the leadership of the Democratic party kept bellowing the terrorist detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), Cuba, was illegal and a violation of the United States Constitution. They claimed these terrorist were entitled to constitutional protection the same as any U.S. citizen. The terrorist were to be put on trial in a military tribunal causing liberals and Democrats to scream they should face justice in a civilian court, not a military court.

Remember now these terrorist were non-U.S. citizens, many of which caught on the battlefields of Afghanistan. One of these bums is self-proclaimed master mind of the September 11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, responsible for the death of close to 3,000 Americans in one day.

President Obama (Democrat) scheduled this oaf to be tried in the City of New York, a civilian court. Now we get Anwar al-Awlaki born in the United States, he is purposely murdered by an American airstrike, and silence from the liberals, news media, and Democrats. Where is the cry for his constitutional rights? Where was his civilian trial held?

Article: “The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans:”

Obama’s hit list articles:

The hypocrisy of the liberals and Democrats is transparent exposing their lack of consistency.

Former Vice-President Cheney says President Obama should apologize to President Bush: