Sunday, July 30, 2017

RUSI degraded by Sea Shepherd

RUSI degraded by Sea Shepherd
Cabin Boy with RUSI
Cabin Boy (Peter Hammarstedt) Watson’s side-kick of the cult group, the floating circus known as Sea Shepherd just ruined the reputation of RUSI (Royal United Services Institute).  Cabin Boy participated on one of RUSI’s discussion panels.  RUSI a once reputable organization in reference to being an international think-tank on defense and security.  As written on their website:

“ The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is an independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research. A unique institution, founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, RUSI embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters.”

Sea Shepherd is a disreputable cult group soliciting donations from emotional wrecks around the world.  They claim part of their mission to save dolphins and whales.  To that they have been a miserable failure, not because they try, but because they do not try. 

Sea Shepherd better known as a “floating circus” adds nothing to the legitimacy of RUSI.  They did in fact contribute to the decline of their once stellar reputation.   

RUSI’s report on the panel discussion: 

Link to the floating circus propaganda about Cabin Boy’s appearance:

Comofrt Women statue in Brookhaven, Georgia

Comfort Women statue in 
Brookhaven, Georgia
July, 2017

Comfort Women statue
Comfort Woman statue
Comfort Women statue
Comfort Woman statue

Monday, July 24, 2017

Comfort Women coin revision

Comfort Women Coin Revision
Here is the coin as originally issued:
Comfort Women coin / notice the two birds to the left

 Below is the coin revised to reflect "the other side of the coin."
Comfort Women coin / notice the dollar signs to the left

Note:  The coin with the dollar signs is not the other side of the coin the one with the two birds. 
“The other side of the coin” is a euphemism for telling the other side of the story, an alternate story.  In this situation the dollar signs represent “well paid prostitutes” as reported by the U.S. Army in 1944 when they captured some of these “Comfort Women.”    

Friday, July 21, 2017

Faroe Islands: Stop that !!!

Faroe Islands:  Stop that !!!

As of this writing the good people, the descendants of the Vikings in the Faroe Islands have enjoyed   The whales have been kind enough to swim into the Faroese fjords offering the inhabitants bountiful free food.  If they continue this activity they will deplete the whale population.  This would have the following negative results:
ten whale harvesting episodes this year.

1 – According to the cult group Sea Shepherd, if the whales go extinct, the oceans die.  If the oceans die, we die.
2 – These continue whale harvest in the Faroe Islands can deplete the whale population to a point where the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean would come back to port without any harvested whales. 

This is all based upon the criminal cosplay cult leader Watson of Sea Shepherd.   He continues to moan whaling will cause whales to become extinct.  Thus the reason for the sarcasm written above and in this video.

Sea Shepherd has around nine rust bucket garbage scows in their fleet.  How come none of those vessels are in the Faroe Islands to protect the whales?  They could easily sail outside Faroes waters and deter the whales with transponders as they claimed to have done in the past.  How come no such action this year?

Easy:  The criminal cosplay leader absolutely hates the nation and people of Japan.  By not interfering with the whale harvesting in the Faroe Islands the whales would become extinct, and ruin the Japanese whaling industry.  That is the criminal cosplay cult leaders goal and accomplished without any interference by his cult group.  Oops, more sarcasm here.  

To the Faroe Islands:  Save the whales for the Japanese !!!

Note: Comic characters used in this video created by the Faroese Jogyan A. Hovdanum and the below links:

For more comic characters:
Faroe Islands Grind

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Fun with Geography, Episode 1

Fun with Geography, Episode 1

The idea for this video series derived from a television show “The Big Bang Theory.”  In the show one of the characters, Sheldon Cooper, periodically videos a segment titled “Fun with Flags.”

This video ask the question if the viewers know what the geographical form “isthmus” is. 
Answer:  It is a narrow strip of land with a larger body of lands both ends.  Such as Central America / Panama is a narrow strip of land connecting North America and South America. 

Music at the beginning:  “William Tell Overture,” from

Further explanation of an isthmus:

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