Friday, July 7, 2017

Comfort Women statue masquerade

Comfort Women statue masquerade

The City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia approved the placement of a Comfort Women statue in one of their city parks.  This approval happened after the statue and/or cement base was already in place at the park. 

The park victimized by this hunk of junk statue is a small one surrounded by condominiums and apartments.  The neighborhood association was not informed by the city council concerning the placement of this statue, it was done in secret.  The neighborhood association threatened a lawsuit because of this subterfuge in addition they pay $20,000 a year for the maintenance of the park. 

Ignoring the neighborhood associations concern, the city placed the statue and held an unveiling ceremony on June 30th, 2017.  Soon after the city council announced the statue would be moved to another park.  Their weak reasoning was in the new park the statue would gain greater visibility, never mentioning the true intention was to avoid a lawsuit.  Another residual of the move would be bullying of students of Japanese heritage in the local schools.

The current park is an isolated one surrounded by apartment / condominium buildings as an open grass space.  Very little chance of people just coming upon the statue who do not live in the surrounding buildings.  The new location is a larger park with tennis courts, baseball fields, and a soccer field.  All of which attract students who most likely would read the Japan bashing inflammatory inscription placed on the cement slab next to the statue.

The inscription reads as follows:

“Young Girl’s Statue for Peace

This memorial honors the girls and women, euphemistically called “Comfort Women,” who were enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces from 1931 to 1945.

The Comfort Women constitute one of the largest known cases of human trafficking in the 20th century with estimates ranging up to the hundreds of thousands.  This dark history was hidden for decades until the 1990s, when the survivors courageously broke their silence.

The Comfort Women are from at least thirteen Asian-Pacific countries, principally from Korea.  Most died or were killed during World War II.

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of these girls and women and to the crusade to eradicate sexual violence and sex trafficking throughout the world.

We will never forget.  We will teach the truth.”

Tony Marano / Comfort Women statue Brookhaven
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Anonymous said...

The inscription is not accurate.

The Comfort Worman was just well-paid prostitute.
Some were deceived by a dealer or sold to parents, but many of the comfort women were attracted by high salary and applied.
In the fact, they were mainly japanese, It is obvious wrong that they were mainly Koreans.

The reason why this problem became apparent in the 1990s was they said easy to lie, because the people who knows the fact in 1940's was retired form first line of society.

Originally, Koreans do not matter how the facts were. They
insist that history of their own desire is "a proper history".
The writer of this inscription knows that it is not true that
what is written here. So, it is dare to say "We will never
forget. We will teach the truth."