Friday, April 30, 2010

Sea Shepherd, the fugitive captain - WANTED

The Japanese Coast Guard issued an arrest warrant for Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson (according to an article in the magazine The New Yorker, he is not a credentialed sea captain).

The Japanese will file this arrest warrant with INTERPOL (International Police Agency). The filing will be a "blue notice," meaning authorities are not be requested to apprehend and extradite Watson, but just to report on his whereabouts and activities. As oppose to a "red notice," which would have caused an arrest by member nations.

Peter Bethune who is currently in Japanese custody for his illegal boarding of a Japanese whaling vessel apparently has pointed the finger at Watson. "Peter the Lip" singing like a canary is reported to have admitted to throwing acid onto the Japanese decks, but claimed under the direction of Watson. Thus the issuance of the arrest warrant.

Watson is reportedly in the City of New York. It has been reported he is demanding to know from the Australian government if faces arrest if he returns to Down-under, Australia (Waltzing Matilda).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tony's book in Japan, the TV report correction

On April 1st, a major television station in Japan aired a report on the book, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy,” to be released all over Japan around April 27th.

Very honored and proud to have a major television station air such a report. The news report did have two errors in it, in which are addressed in this video.

Tony’s notes (me):

The report stated I (Tony) use to be very critical of Japan until I studied Japanese culture further and gained a greater respect for the Japanese culture. This is not true as I do not recall posting any videos bashing Japan. Nor have I done so in my adult life. I have always had a respect for their society and culture.

The report also mentioned I will be in Japan. Currently there are no such plans. However this could have been a mistake meaning the book about Tony will be in Japan.

Not getting a story right or making up news items seems to be an occupational hazard not only for this news station, but most news stations and agencies throughout the USA. The main reason I started posting videos expressing my opinions.

Once again, no ill feelings towards the television station as I am honored they aired the report about the book.

Link to actual TV report:

Amazon Japan:

ISBN-10: 4864100152
ISBN-13: 978-4864100151

Latest promotional video:

The publisher Asuka Shinsha:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

South Park the blasphemous, again

Recently Comedy Central's South Park was going to air another episode blasphemous in nature. This time the blasphemy of South Park was going to insult the Prophet Mohammed of the Muslim faith, Islam.
However a group called the Revolution Muslim, issued a veiled threat stating if the episode aired with its insult to the sensitivities of Muslims, there may be violence. So the cowards at Comedy Central acquiesced and cleaned up that episode.
They did not do this out of their sensitivities towards Islam, it was done out of fear. In a society where we enjoy free speech people and groups will be offended and insulted. That is a residual of free speech. The pervert thespians in Hollywood take this to an extreme recklessly abandoning any sense of behaving responsible in a civil society.
For the last 30 years the pervert thespians in Hollywood started eroding respect for Christianity by first attacking the religion as a whole, then to the clergy, the Pope and finally Jesus Christ Himself.
Perhaps the Muslim community did not want the same faith to fall upon their religion. South Park in the attempt to air such an episode insulting the Prophet Mohammed did so to insult, and enrage. Now that they got what they asked for, their perverted feelings are hurt.
After 30 years of constant attack by Hollywood on religion in the USA, it has done nothing to erode Americas reference towards God. Americans go to mosque on Fridays, synagogue on Saturdays, and church on Sundays. God bless America

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

USSA - United Socialist States of America - February, 2010

The plan is to post one video at the end of each month while President Obama is in The White House, and them thar Democrats control both houses of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). The United Socialist States of America (USSA) emerged after the election of November, 2008, from the ashes of the United States of America (USA).

The February accomplishments of President Obama and them thar Democrats:

1---What has not been revealed so far is that military aircraft are being used to shuttle Pelosis kids and grandkids between Washington, DC and San Francisco without any Congressional representatives even onboard! Put simply, the United States Air Force is serving as a multi-billion dollar chauffeur- and baby-sitting service for Nancy Pelosis kids and grandkids - presumably because commercial travel is beneath the families of the autocrats.
2---Democrats threatened to use the 51 vote nuclear option to pass healthcare without the Republicans. That would be a government take over of one-seventh of the economy. Yet when the Republicans were in the majority and threatened to use the nuclear option to pass judicial nominees the Democrats screamed it was unconstitutional. See link:

3---The administration is going to build a one billion dollar U.S. embassy in London, with a moat. This embassy will be the most secured U.S. embassy in the world greater than the one in Baghdad.
4---With President Obama one year in office the U.S. casualties are a third of the total in that eight year war.
5---Democrats and Obama complain about executives pay and bonuses. Yet Government Motors (General Motors GM) owned in part by the U.S. government, paid a consultant around $3,000.00 an hour to a CEO who was thrown out after just eight months on the job.
6---In reference to the pending healthcare legislation Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, "A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes." Huh?
7---President Obama signed a one-year extension of several provisions of the Patriot Act. Where is the outcry from Democrats and lunatics?

As worn in this video: Commie hat, and the Order of Lenin

Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Pay go, and Turkey

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the Congress under Democrat leadership will be the most ethical Congress. Perhaps Madame Speaker should have informed Democrat Representative from New York City, Charles Rangel of that. Democrat Rangel is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the committee that writes the nations tax code. Democrat Rangel is under investigation for ethics violations for not reporting on his taxes earned income from rental property.

When Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about Democrat Rangel, she saw no trouble with his position or accusations as it did not involve the nation's security. Meaning to Democrats is okay as long as it does not involve the nation's security or Republicans.

Democrat Rangel resigned his chairmanship temporarily. This was done to defuse the criticism when in essence he will be able to take that position back if he so desires.

President Barack Obama (Democrat) and Senate Democrats advocate the implementation of pay go or pay as you go. Meaning no legislation to be passed which would result in deficit spending. In the Senate recently had a thirty extension on extending unemployment benefits held up by Republican Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky. His objection to the bill was pay-go was being ignored and the legislation did not provide for its funding. The Democrats were furious, while his fellow Republicans were basically silent. The legislation eventually passed.

Recently Democrats in a Congressional committee passed a resolution to be brought to the floor of the Congress admonishing Turkey for genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire in the early part of the last century, the 20th century. The U.S. Congress in the past has already passed two such resolutions. In 2007 Representative Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco attempted to pass a similar resolution and angered the nation of Turkey. The 2007 resolution was defeated.

President Obama has asked the Congress not to pass this current resolution as not to offend a valued allied of the United States. The Democrats are determine to insult an American ally while at the same time making the security of the USA into question.

Sea Shepherd illegally launching projectiles

This video was made while Sea Shepherd was in the Southern Ocean illegally harassing the Japanese mariners.

The cowards have accelerated their attack upon the Japanese mariners by launching deadly projectiles. The projectiles themselves may be harmless. However once launched as a projectile with propulsion if it comes into contact with a human, can be deadly or cause serious injury.

Sea Shepherd called off their illegal harassment early this season as they did the last whaling season. They have slithered to sanctuary in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. While Sea Shepherd is basking in Hobart, the Japanese continue their whaling. How many whales is Sea Shepherd saving while in dock in Hobart? Another failed anti whaling season.

Photographs of the ships and activity at sea courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research. Artist rendering of the Bob Barker by Tony.

Jihad Jane / Commie contaminated jewelry

Welcome to the first edition of the "Tony news couple of minutes," attempting to compete with CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times. Basically the whole leftist news media in the United States.

American born Jihad Jane (Colleen Renee LaRose) was recently arrested in Europe. She was planning to murder a European cartoonist named Lars Vilks. Who a few years ago Mr. Vilks drew the Prophet Muhammad's head on the body of a dog. Basically blasphemed the religion of Islam - Muslims.

Mr. Vilks is reported to have said he drew the cartoon as an expression of free speech and to illustrate that he can do it. This man can be accused of free speech malfeasance. Sure most of us enjoy free speech. However with that God given right comes responsibility. Purposely setting out to offend a religion such as Islam is not an exercise in free speech but an exercise in stupidity and disrespect.

The Dallas Morning News reprinted a news article from The Associated Press, journalist named Justin Pritchard. The article in The Dallas Morning news was headlined: "Cadmium content spurs recall of holiday-themed bracelets."

Reading the article, no where did it mention the tainted poisoned bracelets were made in Commie-land, The Middle Kingdom, Commie-led China. However search that same article by the same journalist on the Internet the article was located on numerous news websites. All of which that were located mentioned the product was made in China. It was The Dallas Morning News that decided to protect their comrades in commie-led China by omitting the fact the product was poisoned and produced in The Middle Kingdom.

Tibetan Uprising Day - Native Americans, no comparison

March 10th, is known as Tibetan Uprising Day in remembrance of the Tibetan uprising 51 years ago in 1959 and the 85,000 Tibetans who died then.

The Tibetans rose up in defense of the Dali Lama against a perceived plot by the Chinese communist (PLA - Peoples Liberation Army, Chairman Mao Zedong leader), to kidnap him. Much like the Panchen Lama who was kidnapped by the Communist Chinese years later.

Past videos posted on this channel in reference to Tibet or Xinjiang result in numerous people from The Middle Kingdom (China), trying to resurrect the treatment of Native Americans and compare it to the conflicts in current day China. However there is no comparison.

Current day Americans acknowledge the wrong committed against the Native Americans. While China admits no wrong doing against any Tibetans. The commies in China justify their actions in Tibet as freeing the Tibetans from slavery and/or serfdom. Native Americans are some of the most patriotic Americans. Can it be said Tibetans are the some of the most patriotic Chinese?

The last battle of the Indian Wars in the United States was in Arizona in 1918. The same year the United States entered World War One, and yet 12,000 Native Americans joined the U.S. military in defense of the United States. 350,000 Native Americans served in World War Two, and every American war thereafter.
Since 1869, twenty-seven Native Americans have earned the United States highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor - CMA.

How many Tibetans currently serve in the PLA (Chinese military)? If China was to go to war, how many Tibetans would take up arms to defend China? There are thousands upon thousands of Tibetan exiles. How many Native American exiles outside the USA are there?

Tony in Japan?

Around April 25, 2010 in book stores all across Japan appearing will be a book by and of me (Tony, aka: Propagandabuster). The book being released by Asuka Shinsha INC (Asukashinsha), a publisher in Tokyo. The name of the book: "The Speeches of Texas Daddy."

The book consist of around 15 short videos made by me on topics submitted by the publisher, of interest to the people in Japan. These videos have not appeared on YouTube or the Internet. They were produced exclusively for the publisher.

The book will have a DVD with the videos on it, plus transcripts in English for each of the videos. The book is scheduled to appear on Japan, and in negotiations to be appearing on USA.
From the videos the publisher created a short promotional video which is included in this YouTube video.

ISBN-10: 4864100152
ISBN-13: 978-4864100151

Healthcare - Don't tread on me

Democrats and President Obama passed and signed into law massive unconstitutional health care. Now to deflect from this assault on the constitution, the Democrats are claiming victim status complaining about threats made to them. Do not fall for their subterfuge.
This legislations calls for the hiring of an additional 16,000 IRS agents. Why? In this legislation the "Internal Revenue Service" is written 142. The word "tax" appears 208 times. Why?
It is estimated the additional tax burden upon the citizens of Texas alone would amount to 24 billion dollars.
Pro-life is a core belief in Catholicism, yet Catholic hospitals and a nuns association came out in support of this legislation which favors abortion.
It is unconstitutional because it is forcing Americans to purchase healthcare insurance. Yet the constitution specifically mentions religion, free speech, and being armed. So how come the government is not paying or requiring our participation in religion, free speech, and gun ownership?
So far 13 states are suing to challenge this constitutionally, with another 24 to follow. Them thar Democrats are wishing the short term memory of Americans will save their jobs come this November.
President Obama said healthcare was urgently needed because 123 Americans die each day that do not have health care insurance. The majority of this legislation kicks in until 2014. So is it okay for 123 people to die each day for the next four years?
A recent poll noted 47% doctors leaving the medical field because of this Obamacare Congress & staffers exempted, why?
An EXCELLENT article:
Wall Street Journals article on Nancy Pelosis sausage factory:

Attack upon Catholics, again

The American news media is once again in attack mode towards the Roman Catholic Church. This time they are laying the ground work to create a movement to remove Pope Benedict from The Vatican. They are calling for the Holy Father to resign.
This attack is motivated by the leftist in the USA to destroy Christianity. In their battle plan to eliminate Christianity they have been attacking the largest and oldest order in Christendom, the Roman Catholic Church. Then once the Roman Catholic Church fails, the others will fall like dominoes.
The goal is to have Catholics leave the church because of these scandals they hope to lay at the feet of the Pontiff. For argument sake let us say they accomplish their goal and the Pope resigns. And?
Why leave the church because of that? The despicable behavior of molestation? Yep, that is despicable. But reason to leave the church? Many mass murderers in the USA, how many citizens forfeited their citizenship because of them? The Pope resigns so should Catholics resign from the church also?
When President Richard Nixon resigned from the office of the President, how many Americans surrendered their citizenship? You do not run in time of turmoil. You stay in the church to support those multiple of good people who are in and part of the church, and build upon those good folks.

Sea Shepherd, myth vs. reality

Sea Shepherds captain wears a badge claiming to be law enforcement. In the USA pretending to be law enforcement is known as Wyatt Erp Syndrome. Now according to a November, 2007 article appearing in The New Yorker, Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd is not a credentialed sea captain. Is that Popeye Syndrome?

The New Yorker article:

Peter Bethune of Sea Shepherd (Ady Gil) is currently sitting comfortably in a Japanese jail awaiting trail. Peter illegally boarded the Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru No.2, after using his knife to cut anti-boarding nets around the Japanese ship. His desire was to hand the captain of the whaling vessel a bill for the sunken Ady Gil and conduct a citizens arrest. Instead Peter was handed over to the Japanese Coast Guard to answer for his illegal activities.

Sea Shepherd is indignant about the Ady Gil they abandoned and allowed to sink. Yet they boast they have sunk a number of ships. As evident by the painting on the side of their rust bucket garbage scow the name of vessels they claim they sunk, along with the national flag of those vessels.

For over 30 years Sea Shepherd has engaged in illegal, dangerous, and terroristic activities to stop whaling and seal hunts. Yet after all these years and spending of millions of dollars donated by suckers, the seals are still hunted and whales are still harvested.

Sea Shepherds violent history:

Sea Shepherd's video of the illegal boarding:

Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed:

Registration data:

Purchase Sea Shepherd Corporate documents:

News article:

Link to video: Sea Shepherd illegally boards a ship again!

Mountain top mining - Verboten!

Democrat President Obama prior to becoming president stated the coal mining industry needs to go bankrupt, or something to that affect.

In keeping with the Presidents goal, the Executive Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lisa P. Jackson announced restrictions upon mountain top coal mining operations. These restrictions will curtail if not eliminate these operations in Kentucky and West Virginia, the Appalachia region. Much to the delight of the environmentalist who are in reality anti-capitalist.

This type of mining in this region is done on private land, and yet the Federal government (the Democrats) is inserting itself on private property. 50% of electric in the USA comes from coal fired power plants. Of which 10% of that coal comes from mountain top mining.

This will result in less coal being available to produce electricity, thus causing the price of electric you use to rise. This is another successful attempt by the Obama administration to degrade the standard of living in the United States of America.

It is said the USA is the Saudi Arabia of coal. However this administration refuses to issue any new coal mining permits. So when the coal beings to run out, the brown outs will spread across the land like a prairie fire. As the title on the book, "Liberalism is a mental disorder" reads, by Dr. Michael Savage.

Mountain top mining mountaintop mining propagandabuster propaganda buster Tony Appalachia West Virginia Kentucky EPA Environmental Protection Agency Democrats Democratic Party DNC President Obama ruined economy Saudi Arabia of coal standard of living Lisa P. Jackson

National Day of Prayer deep sixed

Note: The t-shirt worn is a tan color one, not the usual white t-shirt. Nothing wrong with your computer or YouTube.

Since 1952 the United States of America has had a National Day of Prayer as established by Congress, and in 1988 set to the first Thursday in May. Federal Judge Barbara Crabb appointed by President Carter (Democrat) has ruled the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional.

Apparently this Democrat judge is not familiar with the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment which reads:

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of;..."

Most victims of American public schools in the last 30 years are only aware of the first ten words. The National Day of Prayer did not establish or recognize a religion as it was open to all people of faith. The judge's ruling on the National Day of Prayer in effect violates the First Amendment part, "....or prohibiting the free exercise there of....."

However to the Democratic Party leadership the Constitution is nothing but an annoyance to ignore. Now apparently their judicial appointments are of the same mind.

First President of the United States, President George Washington in 1789 issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation mentioning the "almighty God," and referenced "...the great Lord and Ruler of Nations..." Did George Washington one of the delegates to the Constitution Convention violate the very document he help authored?

The National Day of Prayer is a day for people of all faiths, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., to engage in prayer. That special day is not unconstitutional, but to rule it is violates the constitutional, that is unconstitutional. Democrat Jude Crabb, should be ashamed of herself.

Obama, nukes, and terrorist

President Obama (Democrat) announced a new use of nuclear weapons for the United States of America. Basically revealing our game plan to Americas would-be enemies. In essence if a non-nuclear nation is responsible to a chemical attack upon a major U.S. city, that nation does not have to fear of a nuclear retaliation by the U.S.A. Thus eliminating the deterrent of a nuclear retaliation from our arsenal.

Our allies should be warned, the nuclear umbrella of the USA has just folded up. Perhaps Japan may want to revisit Article 9. The people of Taiwan may want to start posting photographs of Mao to prepare for the commie army coming across the strait.

The Obama regime (use of "regime" borrowed from Rush Limbaugh) has afforded Constitutional rights to non-citizen enemy combatants. The slug responsible for the planning of the 9/11 (September 11, 2001) attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohamed a non-citizen was brought to New York City (NYC) for face criminal charges in a civilian court with full constitutional protection.

Incidentally the Attorney General Eric Holder (Democrat) who brought the trials to New York at the cost of $200 million dollars a year for security comes from a law firm who represented terrorist pro-bono (free).

President Obama (Democrat) approved the murdering of American-born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki who is believed to be in Yemen. A non-citizen terrorist is entitled to Constitutional protection, while a citizen terrorist is afforded no such Constitutional protection, other than a bullet in the head.

Tony in Japan, the book!

Around April 25, 2010 in book stores all across Japan appearing will be a book by and of me (Tony, aka: Propagandabuster). The book being released by Asuka Shinsha INC (Asukashinsha), a publisher in Tokyo. The name of the book: "The Speeches of Texas Daddy."

The book consists of short videos made by me on topics submitted by the publisher, of interest to the people in Japan. These videos have not appeared on YouTube or the Internet. They were produced exclusively for the publisher.

In an effort to make this book widely accessible to the people in Japan the book is only being sold for 1,300 JPY (around $13.00 USA).The book will have a DVD with the videos on it, plus transcripts in English for each of the videos. The book is currently appearing on Japan, and in negotiations to be appearing on USA.

Amazon Japan:

ISBN-10: 4864100152

ISBN-13: 978-4864100151

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

USSA - United Socialist States of America - March, 2010

Link to the video:

The plan is to post one video at the end of each month while President Obama is in The White House, and them thar Democrats control both houses of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). The United Socialist States of America (USSA) emerged after the election of November, 2008, from the ashes of the United States of America (USA).

The March accomplishments of President Obama and them thar Democrats:

1-For the first time since the Great Depression, Americans took more aid from the government than they paid in taxes.
2-Democrat Congressman Jim Matheson who was one of ten House Democrats who voted against the health care bill in November was invited to The White House along with the other nine. However President Obama announced he appointed Congressman Mathesons brother Scott M. Matheson, Jr., to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Hmmmm.
3-President Barack Obama ordered U.S. troops NOT to fly the United States flag in Haiti, saying it would give Haitians the wrong message. Never mind every other nation with relief troops in Haiti are flying their flags.
4-President Obama promised his administration would be the most open administration. To date The White House has received 10% Freedom of Information request than the Bush administration. While the Obama administration has denied 49% more Freedom of Information request than the Bush administration.
5-Israel announced the building of apartment buildings in Jerusalem and gets berated by Democrats: Vice President Joe Biden, Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama.
6-The Prime Minster of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu visit the president in The White House and Obama refuses to allow photographs. He was practically shunned as if he was a pariah.
7-In order to get Obama Care - Healthcare - off the front pages, President Barack Obama (Democrat) announce he will permit off-shore drilling for oil in the Atlantic and parts of the Gulf of Mexico. Pure subterfuge because if it passed the Democratic Congress, then must meet the volume and years of environmental groups challenges in the courts. Plus meeting the burdensome EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) laborious requirements, rules, and petty edicts.
8-March 21st, 2010 the House approved healthcare, the day the nation died.

Happy Easter and God be with you!