Saturday, April 24, 2010

South Park the blasphemous, again

Recently Comedy Central's South Park was going to air another episode blasphemous in nature. This time the blasphemy of South Park was going to insult the Prophet Mohammed of the Muslim faith, Islam.
However a group called the Revolution Muslim, issued a veiled threat stating if the episode aired with its insult to the sensitivities of Muslims, there may be violence. So the cowards at Comedy Central acquiesced and cleaned up that episode.
They did not do this out of their sensitivities towards Islam, it was done out of fear. In a society where we enjoy free speech people and groups will be offended and insulted. That is a residual of free speech. The pervert thespians in Hollywood take this to an extreme recklessly abandoning any sense of behaving responsible in a civil society.
For the last 30 years the pervert thespians in Hollywood started eroding respect for Christianity by first attacking the religion as a whole, then to the clergy, the Pope and finally Jesus Christ Himself.
Perhaps the Muslim community did not want the same faith to fall upon their religion. South Park in the attempt to air such an episode insulting the Prophet Mohammed did so to insult, and enrage. Now that they got what they asked for, their perverted feelings are hurt.
After 30 years of constant attack by Hollywood on religion in the USA, it has done nothing to erode Americas reference towards God. Americans go to mosque on Fridays, synagogue on Saturdays, and church on Sundays. God bless America

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