Thursday, November 28, 2013

Further hate expressed by a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporter

Here is another example of the hate enjoyed by the supporters of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians:

 The inscription reads: "Anyone else excited about the tensions between China and Japan?"

The above appeared on their Facebook page, and below is the link to their Facebook page:

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page:

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Save the Dolphin deception and hate

Save the Dolphin deception and hate

Many in the “save the dolphin” movement masquerade their hate for Japan and the Japanese people behind their compassion for the dolphins.  That compassion for most is a fa├žade and exposed by their behavior.  Specifically some of the videos posted by these hate-filled drones claim to depict horrid scenes of blood and gore in Taiji, Japan.

A simple look at the photographs selected as thumbnails clearly scream deception.  Some have used photographs of whales being slaughtered in the Faroe Islands for videos and in videos titled as being related to the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan.  This deception was not due to some being geography challenged but it inflame the hate for Japan by showing bloody scenes not photographed anywhere in Japan.    

It is almost comical they claim Caucasians in bloody waters slaughtering whales are Asians in Taiji, Japan slaughtered dolphins.  The hate by these drones knows no bounds.  

Link to the deceptive videos discussed in this video:

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China, Japan, another war?

China, Japan, another war?

The commies recently issued a map illustrating what they label as their “air defense identification zone.”  Many nations have such zones over their territories.  The commies claim any incursion into this zone by aircraft must identify themselves to the commies or risk possible military action. 

The problem with this new map and pronouncement is the commies included into this zone territory belonging to Japan, the Senkaku Islands.  The commies are aware this could result in a limited armed conflict between China and Japan.  The commies in Beijing will ignite such a conflict at the point their regime is about to collapse due to an internal rot.

Due to the real estate bubble in China, it is predicted there will be a collapse causing an uprising byt he people against the corrupt thugs in Beijing.  At that point to re-direct the hate aimed at the commies in Beijing to Japan, the commies will ignite an armed conflict with Japan. 

The commies are aware the Senkaku Islands are part of the security agreement between Japan and the USA.  Meaningless to the commies when it comes to salvaging their failing regime.   Armed conflict with Japan and the USA is preferable to the commies than an insurrection by the millions in China.                

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Greenpeace crybabies

Greenpeace crybabies

In September, 2013 the Greenpeace vessel Artic Sunrise was engaged in harassing a Russian oil rig in Artic waters.  A day after harassing the Russian oil rig sailing away the Greenpeace vessel was boarded by a Russian raiding party descending from a helicopter. 

Once the vessel was brought into a Russian port the authorities said the activists would be charged with piracy.  Later the charges were reduced to hooliganism.  The captain of the Artic Sunrise was released by Russian authorities.  The captain in an interview degraded the Russian authorities while some of his compatriots are still being held in jails. 

The captain complained they were scared of the Russian machine guns and accused the Russian commandos of getting drunk after drinking the liquor found on the vessel.  Then he related his fears of being in jail hearing the steel jail cell doors clanging shut one right after another.  He complained of being in a cell with a smoker and having claustrophobia.  Did he have claustrophobia while in his small cabin about this vessel?

Would be nice if the Japanese apply the same methods towards Sea Shepherd this whaling season.

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