Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Japan’s newest island, not so fast

Japan’s newest island, not so fast

Recently there was an undersea volcanic eruption around 620 miles south of Tokyo, off the Japanese island of Nishinoshima.  This eruption created a small island measuring around 660 feet in diameter.

Japanese officials are cautious to immediately name the new addition to Japan.  Citing that at times these small volcanic created islands submerge back into the sea.  While this caution may be logical it could prove to be unwise.

How soon will it be before the commies in China claim to have discovered an ancient Chinese map illustrating that newly created island belongs to China?  Further claiming the island surfaced when the map was created and since submerged only to reemerge again to be reclaimed by its rightful owner, the commies in China. 

With this island comes an extension of the 200 mile EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) off the coast for Japan.  This comes with fishing and natural resources rights, both of which the commies seek to own in the region. 

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