Thursday, November 29, 2007

2008 Presidential Election, the Supreme Court and Abortion

Those who oppose abortion, then need to seek ou... (more)
Added: November 29, 2007
Those who oppose abortion, then need to seek out the candidate who supports nominating someone to the Supreme Court who are strict constructionist. If you favor abortion, then your candidate should be one who will nominate people for the Court who believes in a loose interpretation of the Constitution. The president him or herself can not outlaw or make legal abortion. It is the Supreme Court who hijacked the authority from the states. Re: Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Euro-trash and President George Bush

Now this is not about all Europeans, just those... (more)
Added: November 26, 2007
Now this is not about all Europeans, just those select few who continually debase, disrespect and demonstrate hysterical hate towards an American president, President George Bush. Americans have never treated an elected European leader in the last fifty years as badly as the current bunch of Euro trash loves to do with President Bush. We Americans are suppose to be the rude ones, yet we show more respect towards the elected leaders of Europe than is shown by the Euro-trash towards President Bush. President Bush is the President of the United States, and he is our own for Americans to respect or show disrespect, to praise or ridicule. Euro trash need to learn a little respect.

Why young people don't vote? The answer.

Here is an answer as to why young people in Ame... (more)
Added: November 24, 2007
Here is an answer as to why young people in America opt not to vote. It is a shame they to not participate in our democracy until they get much older.

Black Friday and the propaganda in the news media

Americans by the billions flocked to the stores... (more)
Added: November 24, 2007
Americans by the billions flocked to the stores on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving to spend their hard earn money. The sight of all these Americans braving the weather and horrific crowds was another clear indication of our America's strong economy. Most newspapers across the fruited plain reported accurately the frenzy spending by Americans enjoying their robust economy. However a few Stalinist newspapers had to put their left-wing, Democratic Party oriented lies to the real story. See, when there is a Republican in The White House, some newspapers in America are forbidden by their commissars to report any good news about the U.S. economy. Not only are these newspapers awarded, The Joseph Goebbels Fascist Propaganda award, they should get The Star of Lenin from their communist overlords.

Ship hits iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean

The news tells us the ship MV Explorer hit an i... (more)
Added: November 23, 2007
The news tells us the ship MV Explorer hit an iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean, punctured a hole in the hull and took on vast amounts of water. The crew and passengers had to abandon ship in the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. How could a ship hit an iceberg when comrade Al Gore who won an Emmy, an Oscar, and Nobel Peace Prize, told us because of global warming the icebergs are melting. So out of all the icebergs melting per comrade Al Gore, this ship found the one iceberg still ice?

General Motors defective speedometers

The speedometers on various GM vehicles are def... (more)
Added: November 23, 2007
The speedometers on various GM vehicles are defective and give a false reading. GM to replace those under 70,000 miles. Recently GM has been telling the public how reliable their vehicles are. Yet their speedometers are defective and GM refuses to stand behind their product. Any wonder why Americans continue to purchase imported vehicles?

Communist China snubs the United States Navy, USS Kitty Hawk

As in years past, the USS Kitty Hawk put into port in Hong Kong for Thanksgiving. Families of the service personal flew to Hong Kong to be with their families. At the last minute, the Communist Chinese refuse to let the USS Kitty Hawk and it's escorts ships along with 8,000 military personal to enter the port of Hong Kong. The USS Kitty Hawk along with their escorts ships turned around and headed to Japan. While on the way to Japan the Communist in China, said it was okay for the U.S. ships to enter Hong Kong. Of course it was too late because the ships were already under way for Japan.

War movies bomb

The front page article of the San Francisco Exa... (more)
Added: November 23, 2007
The front page article of the San Francisco Examiner questions why war movies are bombing at the box office. The propagandist at the Examiner and the perverts in Hollywood fail to understand Americans do not want to see their anti-military, anti-war, anti-government, and anti-American movies they are producing while this country is at war. Question: How many anti-war movies were made in America from January, 1942 to May, 1945? Answer: zero!

YouTube YouTubers who engage in censorship

Ever notice how the people who post videos on YouTube engage in censorship? Yet they complain when YouTube does it, or if the government does it. Some have disabled comments from being posted on their videos. What are they afraid of? Do they only want their views to be heard? Are they that sensitive they can not handle opposing views? Look at the comments on DAXFLAME's videos, yet he keeps them posted. Then there are those who will not allow a video response to their video unless they approve it first. That is more censorship by YouTubers. YouTube should be a place to exchange ideas and views. It amazes me the hypocrite people who demand to be heard while at the same time censoring others.

Texas Economy, and news media distortion

The Dallas Morning News reports Texas job growth slows down. Big deal! At least there is job growth. The propagandist in the news media wants you to think the economy is bad. Thus reflecting negatively upon Republicans. The Stalinist news media taking their goose-stepping marching orders from their comrades in the Democratic Party must try to brainwash Americans into thinking we have a bad economy. When the truth is, we are enjoying a robust economy. It does not matter who or what you credit for this dynamic economy, the fact is, it is healthy and does not deserve the slam by the commissars in the American news media.

Monday, November 12, 2007

French President Sarkozy visit America

The president of France, President Sarkozy visits America and has nothing but praise for the United States, the history, the culture, and the military. This praise by a foreign leader from a nation which traditionally berated America, threw the Stalinist American news media in shock. President Sarkozy did not goose-step behind the American news media and slam America. So what did the American hating news media do in America? They lied. An editorial which appeared in The Boston Globe and dutifully reprinted by their comrades in The Dallas Morning News, about the French president's visit to America. Towards the end of the editorial the editors could not print any negative comments made by the French president in reference to America, so the media hallucinated and made up what they think President Sarkozy would have said, had he not been so polite. More likely, it was what the bums in the news media wanted him to say, so they added it to the editorial as if he would have loved to had said it. Not only is the American news media Stalinist, now they become the great American oracles able to read minds and fulfill their roles as true American commissars.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Success of Iraq surge hidden by the news media

It seems General Petraeus and President George ... (more)
It seems General Petraeus and President George Bush were correct about the Iraqi surge working. But the American news media reports the success is small articles buried in the deep recess of the newspaper. The propagandist in the news media who hate America refuse to report anything positive going on in Iraq by the America military.

Chinese toy covered with date rape drug for children

Seems like the Communist Chinese ran out of lead to paint the toys with to ship it American children. Now they are covering toys (one toy so far) with a date rape drug. All you keep buying "made in China," while they are trying to pick off your children. The worst part, the news media has refused to do an expose' concerning the Communist Chinese efforts to destroy our children.

Bay Haven Elementary School 4th grade class will not honor A

Bay Haven Elementary School in Sarasota, Florid... (more)
Bay Haven Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, has a 4th grade class who will not be celebrating our American military for Veterans Day. Instead the 4th grade teacher will be teaching the class about conscious objectors. When the principal Mrs. Betsy Asheim-Dean was asked about it, she said she had no say in classroom curriculum. Really? The Sarasota Herald Tribune was notified as well as the superintendent of the schools, Dr. Gary Norris. This is very typical of the re-educators masquerading as teachers in the re-education camps (public schools) out to propagandize the children of America to their extreme left wing, anti America, anti capitalism brainwashing.

Contact information:

Bay Haven Elementary School
2901 West Tamiami Circle
Sarasota, FL 34234
941 359-5800
941 359-5694 -- fax

Principal Mrs. Betsey Asheim-Dean

Superintendent Dr. Gary Norris
941 927-4009

High price of gas

The price of gasoline is rising in America. Th... (more)
The price of gasoline is rising in America. The supply is there; hence that is not the reason. The reason for the high price of gas are the speculators how are jittery about the stability of the despot nations in the Middle East and South America where we import our oil from. The Communist government of Cuba is allowing the Chinese Communist to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While at the same time the anti-capitalist, the environmentalist refuse to allow American oil companies to drill in that same body of water. The environmentalist true agenda is anti-capitalist in bed with the leadership of the Democratic Party, and their goose-stepping allies in the news media with support from the fifth columnist in academia and the public schools better known as the re-education camps

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Democratic Party leadership bums

The leadership of the Democratic Party has enga... (more)
The leadership of the Democratic Party has engaged in treason, sedition, and just plain insults towards our military. We have boots on the ground and should be supportive of the troops; however the Democrats continue to compare our troops to Nazi's and a Soviet Gulag. The leadership of the Democratic Party travels abroad and continues to insult our nation and our military. At one time it was said the debate ends at the waters edge. However decorum, patriotism, and love of country does not apply to the leadership of the Democratic Party.

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Atlanta Drought

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (bure... (more)
The United States Army Corps of Engineers (bureaucrats) is draining Lake Lanier, which is the main source of water for the city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia. Thus leaving the people of Atlanta with about a 90 day supply of water. The lake is being drained to allow mollusks or mollusks down stream to survey. Because they are an endangered species. Not to mention making the population of Atlanta an endangered species. Once again proving the lunacy of the Stalinist bureaucrats goose stepping behind the environmentalist.

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Stick figure gun causes 2nd grader suspension in New Jersey

The Stalinist in the re-education camps (public schools) have damaged a seven year old for just drawing a stick figure with a gun. The re-educators (teachers) claim their zero tolerance policy towards guns.

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California forest fires in Malibu

The environmentalists in California have hijacked that state. The result has been numerous forest fires over the years. For years good forestry management has been to create fire breaks and if close to urban areas, clear out the underbrush to reduce the threat of forest fires. However the Stalinist environmentalists have stopped such activities, thus leaving all this kindling on the ground to aid the spread of forest fires. Wild fires.

Ann Coulter and perfected Jews

Leonard Pitts wrote a negative column in refere... (more)
Leonard Pitts wrote a negative column in reference to Ann Coulter saying something about perfected Jews. Which could be taken from the great commission from Jesus Christ to his disciples (Apostils). It is the desire of all religions to have people adopt their view of God and religion. Ann Coulter is a strong supporter of Israel and far from being an anti-Semite.

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Trying to stop terrorist upsets The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News editorial berates Veriz... (more)
The Dallas Morning News editorial berates Verizon and the other American telephone companies for cooperating with the United States government in its attempt to locate terrorist. This upsets The Dallas Morning News. Did The Dallas Morning News (DMN) get upset when Google and Yahoo cooperated with the Communist government of China? It seems it is okay with the news media to cooperate with socialist, fifth columnist, fascist, communist, tyrants, and other assorted despots. However a little cooperation with a democracy brings on the wreath of the American news media.

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Vist to White House by Dalai Lama upsets Communist China

The Dalai Lama comes to The White House at President George Bush's invitation. This upset the Communist rulers of the Peoples Republic of China. Never mind the Communist Chinese invaded Tibet in the 1950's. Never mind the Communist Chinese killed and tortured thousands of Americans during the Korean War. Shall we mention the pirating of American movies and CD's, thus upsetting the perverts in Hollywood? Then there is the issue of lead in the dog food and children's toys the Communist Chinese sold in America. Want to mention the Communist Chinese support for terror states around the world. Then the Communist Chinese are upset with America because a religious leader is invited to The White House.

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Cruel and Unusual lethal injection

The Supreme Court is reviewing the death penalt... (more)
The Supreme Court is reviewing the death penalty lethal injection. To see if it violates the "cruel and unusual" part of the United States Constitution. If lethal injection found to be cruel and unusual, then the states should return to hanging death row inmates. Because hanging was the method used by the very men who wrote the Constitution to eliminate the murders of their day, and other assorted predators.

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Nancy Pelosi attacks the nation of Turkey

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi from the San Francisco area of California, tried to get a resolution passed in Congress. The resolution was to condemn Turkey for the genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire close to one hundred years ago. This was a back door effort by the Pelosi gang to stop the supplies from getting to the American military in Iraq. Seventy percent of American supplies for the troops travel through Turkey. If the resolution would have passed, it would have angered the Turkish government, thus could have caused a stop in the flow of needed supplies to the American military currently engaged on the battle field. The goose stepping cowards in the Democratic Party could not get Congress to withdraw the troops, so they tried by trying to alienate a good American Ally, Turkey. Trying to blame Turkey for the sins of the Ottoman Empire is like trying to blame Italy for 70 AD sack of Jews of Jerusalem in 70 AD by the Roman Legions.

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CBS's COLD CASE proof Hollywood hates Christians

Two weeks in a row CBS's Cold Case had a decidedly anti-Christian theme. By making Christians the villains in two episodes in a row, nothing else can be concluded. Hollywood's attempt to implant in the mind of Americans the evils of Christians is stealth in their delivery. Whereas the Nazis were more honorable than the perverts in Hollywood about their hate. The Nazis let the world know in their propaganda films and in Mein Kempf their loathing for the Jews. People in America need to wake up to this threat from Hollywood. Because today they attack Christians, then who will be next tomorrow?

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