Friday, May 30, 2008

Sea Shepherd rust and bucket of bolts

Recently the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Cost Guard arrested and brought into port Sea Shepherd's garbage scow, the rusted bucket named Farley Mowat. This ship turned garbage scow has been neglected by cabin boy and the crew of children playing pirate, and allowed rust to take over their ship turned garbage scow.

Sea Shepherd does not seem interested in getting their ship Farley Mowat out of Canadian custody for two reasons: Once: Sea Shepherd is billing the Canadian government $1,000 a day for every day their rusted ship remains in Canadian custody in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Two: cabin boy and crew do not care about the ship as they are confident their supporters around the world will once again come through with donations for a new ship. A new ship to play pirate on and once again allowing the sea to take over and rust the ship from stem, to stern, from port to starboard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day at The Washington Post compost

Memorial Day in the United States (USA) is held on a Monday, and typically on the Tuesday after, most newspapers on their front page depict the memorial services from the day before. The Washington Post in keeping with this respectful tradition had on their front page a moving and emotional photograph showing a young lady sitting beside the gravestone of her boyfriend. Then the article below that photograph was about a terrorist leader in Iraq. That newspaper had the whole newspaper to print that article about that bum terrorist; they did not have to have it on the front page. This is another example of how liberalism is a mental disorder.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Al-Qaeda a threat?

The very next day another brief article appeared in The Dallas Morning News, this time the title was, "Al-Qaeda in Iraq still a threat....."

Now which is it? Is Al-Qaeda on their way our or are they on their way back? Was there a significant improvement in the threat posed by Al-Qaeda in 24 hours? Another example of the lies, half-truths, miss-leading news by our news media.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Congress did it there way, the wrong way

The United States Post Office (USPO) released a new Frank Sinatra stamp. One week later the United States Congress woke up or came to and passed a resolution honoring that day, the week before as "Frank Sinatra Day." This was done a week too late and one week after the fact. What a disgraceful bunch we have in Congress that they showed such disrespect to "the chairman of the board."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Texas, the people speak

The greatness that is Texas is its people. These same great people can be found in many states in the United States not influenced by the far left establishments on the East and West coast.

There is a highway in Texas called President George Bush Turnpike, SH-190. This highway's posted speed limit is 60 mph (miles per hour). Driving 60 mph on that highway is like standing still, as other motorist zoom by. This is a toll road and the toll way authority plan to combat this lawlessness by eliminating the 60 mph speed limit and raise it so the motorist would no longer be breaking the law. This is motorist nullification, much like jury nullification.

There is an Interstate Highway in North Texas called, Lyndon Banes Johnson Freeway (LBJ freeway, or I-635). A portion of this highway passes through a community called Garland, Texas. The police at one time patrolled this interstate in an attempt to slow down the motorist speeding through their city. Recently there was a noticeable absence of the police through this section of highway. The police decided to stop patrolling because it was too dangerous for their police officers due the motorist.

Two examples of the will of the people in Texas being heard. A man comes home finds his wife in bed with another man, the wife yells rape, the husband shoots and kills the man in the bed with his wife. Come to find out it was consensual sex and the yelling of rape was a cover. The wife was charged and convicted by a jury, while the husband was never charged.

A shopkeeper in a donut shop was being held up by a gun totting burglar, the shopkeeper runs out the door yelling and screaming she is being held up. A neighbor grabs his shotgun rushes in the donut shop, fires the shotgun at the bottom feeder (burglar), and kills the would-be thief. No charges filed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Seaman Phillip Simmons a hero in Japan, ignored in the USA

Seaman Phillip Simmons from Moss Point, Mississippi, currently stationed on the United States Navy aircraft carrier the USS Kitty Hawk, stationed in Japan, Yokosuka Naval base, performed a heroic deed in Japan.

Seaman Phillip Simmons was on the train platform at Yokosuka's Kenritsu Digaku station of the KEIHIN-KYUKO railway, when he saw a man fall onto the railroad tracks. Mr. Simmons jumps to the track lifted the man off the tracks to the outstretched arms of Japanese on the platform, who also pulled Mr. Simmons from the tracks as an express train roared into and past the train station.

Seaman Phillip Simmons action was virtually ignored by the American news media. Because heroism by the members of the U.S. military does not fit into the news medias agenda, thus such heroism is ignored. Doing a Google News search would produce on article which appeared in Stars and Stripes, the new organization of the United States military.

Had Seaman Simmons been involved in the hazing at Abu Ghraib prison in Bagdad, Iraq or at Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay Naval base in Cuba, the U.S. media would be reporting on the incident weeks on end.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A salute to China during their horrific tragedy

This is a message to the people of China: We in the rest of the world let it be known, our hearts are with the people of China. The world stands ready to aid and assist your nation, your people to recover from this catastrophe befallen your nation.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Second Amendment died in New Orleans

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."
In the aftermath of the tragedy of hurricane Katrina, the 2nd amendment was thrown out by law enforcement (NOPD) and the Louisiana National Guard. These two groups went door to door confiscating guns legally belonging to law biding residents. This was the first time in the history of the United States of America where the police and the military forcibly removed weapons from citizens sitting at home protecting their families and their property. The façade of a representative democracy was exposed during this horrific event. A clear violation of the 2nd amendment, and not a word of protest from those responsible for enforcing our laws.
Members of the military have a constitutional obligation to refuse orders from superiors which are in clear violation of the constitution as this event was. But how can the members of the Louisiana Guard be responsible? Because they most likely have never been taught the constitution while attending school. Thanks to political correctness and the disorder of liberalism, the constitution is no longer taught in many American schools. So we can excuse those Guardsmen for not know they were in violation of the 2nd amendment and had an obligation to refuse such orders. Time to sharpen our pitchforks America and vote every current office holder out of office.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Truth in food labels? Not in the USA!

Go to a grocery store in the United States of America, and you will find it challenging to determine the nation of origin of that food item. It has become an issue since large quantities of tainted and poison foods are being imported into the United States. The United States Congress refused to pass legislation authorizing such truth in labeling. That is because the Congress has been purchased by the food importers. Yet in Australia and Japan, the food importers were not successful in purchasing the legislative bodies of those countries. Because in Australia and Japan food must be identified as to its nation of origin.

It would be nice if in the United States we had a representative government. What a joke.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Polar Bears and California Gay Marriage

Recently federal bureaucrats added polar bears to the endangered species list from the Endangered Species Act of 1973, signed President Richard Nixon. The polar are not endangered as there are more polar bears now than there were fifteen to twenty years ago. They were added because of the hoax of man make global warming where it is believe the habitat of the poplar bears may become threatened thus it may contribute to endangering the polar bears. This is just an attempt by the anti-capitalist (environmentalist and animal rights thugs) to stifle capitalism in these here United States. Which is making democracy in the United States of America a joke, nothing but a façade to fool lazy Americans. Further proof:

Sixty-one percent of California voters who voted, approved a ban on gay marriage. Then one judge (the ruling was 4 to 3) ruled that the ban was unconstitutional and threw out the results of the election where 61% of the voters approved of the ban. That one judge threw out the will of the people. Okay you can now laugh about the joke of democracy in the United States.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

American News media bias

Here is further proof of how worthless the news media is in the United States of America. Some years ago when Republican Vice President Dan Quayle miss-spelled the word "potato" by advising a student to put an "e" at the end, the news media went ballistic. They successfully used this one incident to convince the American voters that this was proof he was too stupid to win the next election, so he lost. Another victory for the bias news media in America goose stepping behind the Democratic Party. Then around 1993 Democratic Vice President with President Clinton visit President Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello. There were four busts and the smartest man in the world, Democratic Vice President asked who the busts on the walls were. One being first president of the United States, George Washington. Al Gore did not recognize President George Washington and the news media was silent as the had to provide cover for a Democrat. Now some years later, about a week ago, Democratic Senator Barack Hussein Obama makes reference to 57 states (actually made reference to 59 states), and once again the news media gives another Democrat a pass on an obvious stupid statement. Incidentally when Obama made reference to 57 states, there happens to be "57 states" members of the "Organization of the Islamic Conference."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Irena Sendler, a hero for two centuries

The Nazis invade Poland and proceed to round up the Jews and segregate them to live in a section of they city of Warsaw. The city was cordoned off and the Nazis created a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. The inhabitants were left to die, become drones for slave labor, or shipped off the concentration camps to meet their faith in the gas champers, cyclone B, the ovens, and the horrors of the Holocaust.

Amidst this horror when darkness fell upon Europe there emerged an angle a servant of God to save the children. Irena endler (Irena Sendlerowa) a member of the Warsaw medical services managed to gain escape to 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto. These children survived the war while the vast majority of their parents were never located. 2,500 lived because of Irena Sendler.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Communist China's insulting flag issue continued

Chinese students in Nagano, and Tokyo, Japan, under the direction of their overlords in Beijing, and fear for the safety of their families in China, protest or support in Japan waiving China's blood soaked flag. Such a disrespectful demonstration did not gain them support among the people of Japan, but further decayed the Japanese perception of the communist in China.

Then under the same orders from the communist overlords in Beijing, Chinese students on the campus of Duke University in North Carolina, United States, once again displayed their blood soaked flag in a demonstration. When Americans see that flag, they see red alright, but also white and blue. Who ever is responsible to public relations in Beijing should be sent to a gulag as they have been a failure. The Olympic torch traveled the world this year among such protest, not even seen for Hitler's 1936 Olympics are the Soviet Union's Olympics after their invasion of Afghanistan. In the history of the Olympic torch, no country has fostered so much hatred and protest.

What is Beijing's reaction to this? Further displays of disrespect by their students in host foreign nations.

Also CBS News in the United States reported the issue where China is harshly treating a Chinese student at Duke University. CBS reported that the girl Grace Wang, or Wang Qianyuan private information has been plastered on the Internet. Information only known to the government in Beijing. Plus her mother is in hiding for fear of the Chinese government. Her father a member of the communist party was forced to write a letter denouncing his own daughter.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Communist invade Duke University

Chinese student Wang Qianyuan (Grace Wang) who attends Duke University in the state of North Carolina, in the United States of America, recently expressed support for Tibetans on the Tibet issue As a result the communist Chinese students on campus have intimidated Wang Qianyuan to the point where she now needs police protection. Then back in her homeland, the kind, generous people of Communist China who claim to respect human rights, fired her parents from their jobs because of this.

The communist Chinese students on campus at Duke University did what Chinese communist students did in Nagano and Tokyo in Japan. They showed their gross disrespect and arrogance towards their host nations by waiving their blood soaked flag in protest.

Remember now, Duke University is the same institution where the faculty and staff admonished the university lacrosse team when they were innocent of rape charges.

The American news media has been near silent on the Wang Qianyuan issue as they most likely have been purchased by the communist in China as the American Congress has been purchased. The ASIAN BRIEF news has reported the story.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Why bother having a police department?

Every year from April 30th, to May 1st, a anti-capitalist riot is held in Kreutzberg Berlin, Germany. This area of Berlin is described in Wikipedia as:

"The borough is known for its very large percentage of immigrants and second-generation immigrants, ........ As of 2006 31.6% of Kreuzberg's inhabitants did not have German citizenship. While Kreuzberg thrives on its diverse cultures and is still an attractive area for many, the district is also characterized by high levels of unemployment and some of the lowest average incomes in Berlin."

The police in this video seem to have turn the streets over to these thugs, anarchist. It is rather evident of the absence of any weaponry by the police, such as Billy clubs, tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. This type behavior history has demonstrated has led to the rise of fascism. Does Europe need another rise in fascism? Further proof of liberalism being a mental disorder. Such behavior in the first half of the last century contributed to the rise of leftist, communism, and fascism in Europe. Are the Europeans going to allow history to repeat itself during the first half of this new century, the 21st century?

Basically the bums rioting in this video are anti capitalist, Euro-trash

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Police violence or news media bias?

The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the Associated Press concerning what the press has labeled as police violence. The article was about two police incidents, one in New York City by the NYPD, New York City Police Department. Where in November of 2006 according to the article, "...was killed in a 50-bullet shooting the night before his wedding," by the New York City Police. Then a last month a court in New York acquitted the police officers of all charges. The article purposely left out what led to the police shooting 50 bullets.

The second incident was with the Philadelphia Police Department, PPD which took place earlier this week. The article reported that after a police chase the police grabbed the three occupants of the vehicle and proceeded to beat them. All this was caught on video tape by FOX News helicopter. Once again the article purposely left out what had transpired before the police chase with the vehicle and its occupants.

There was no need for The Dallas Morning News or the Associated Press to explain what led to these two incidents because the news media already has the police guilty. Historically when a person is accused of a crime, the press always reports about the criminal and the criminal charges as "allegedly." In this news article it was not reported as "alleged Police violence," but reported as "Police violence." The news media refused to give the police in this country the same presumption of innocence they reserve for the out of control criminal element.

The thin blue line

The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the Associated Press regarding the recent incident in Philadelphia involving their Police Department. It was about a FOX News video showing the police pulling over a vehicle involved in a police chase. The police then rush the vehicle, pull the three people out and proceed to whoop on them. The article did mention a few days earlier a Philadelphia police office was murdered. However the article purposely left out the fact that this vehicle and the inhabitants of it, were involved in a shooting earlier. The basis of sound journalism must address: who, what, where, when, why, and how. This article ignores these basic concepts of worthy journalism. Facts mean nothing to the American news media, as emotion is all that is needed with them.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Preserving old buildings

Recently in Dallas, Texas, USA, a one-story building, built in 1959, in the Turtle Creek area was demolished by the owner. The building was designed by architect Harwood K. Smith as an office for Mutual Life Insurance Company. The site was purchased by The Canadian based Great Gulf development company. The plans are to build a high-rise at the location

Community activist and preservationist are upset the building was torn down and want the city to strengthen their preservation policy. There use to be private property rights in the United States. If the community activist and preservationist cared about this building why then did they not purchase the building? Instead of reaching into their own pockets they want the government to do their work to preserve a neighborhood, a building according to their values and not that of the land owner or other citizens. Basically these people are further proof of liberals trying to tell other people how to live.

Japanese protest Hu Jintao in Tokyo

On May 6th, 2008, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, and President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao, visited Tokyo, Japan. His visit was met by protestors on the streets of Tokyo. What is telling about this is not his visit, but the behavior of the protestors. The protestors were orderly, peaceful, and required virtually no police presence.

Recently the world has seen many protestors, riots, and demonstrations, all met with a large police numbers. All this was absent in Tokyo and says so much about the people of Japan.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Myanmar or Burma

The recent cyclone in Burma once again proves liberalism is a mental disorder. The American news media has a love affair with despots, thugs, dictators, military juntas, and communist. Further proof of this lies in with the news media's insistences in referring to this Southeast Asian nation as Myanmar a name selected by they military junta, rather than the name of Burma which reflects the disposed democracy of that nation. The Dallas Morning News continued to honor the military junta of Burma by referring to that nation as Myanmar.

What is telling is in the May 6th, 2008 edition of The Dallas Morning News on page two, the newspaper explained the nation was named Myanmar by the military junta, while the State Department of the United States continues to refer to that nation as Burma. Thus the difference between the democracy and the military junta and The Dallas Morning News continued use of the name Myanmar to make the junta appear legitimate.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

ABC's anti-Christian agenda is transparent

ABC's television show, "20/20" aired a program about two authors who wrote a book concerning the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo de Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni who was commissioned by Pope Leo X. The authors try to prove the paintings by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel were decidedly anti-Catholic and/or anti-Pope, and pro Jewish. They offered no proof other than theories and suppositions totally based on conjecture.

ABC a few months earlier tried to support the fiction in the book The Da Vinci Codes. They tried to support their fiction by using the painting of The Last Supper by Italian artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. ABC tried to show that on the paintings left side of Jesus sat a man (John) with feminine features, thus had to be Mary Magdalene. Yet ABC ignored the person on the right side of the painting with equally feminine features (Philip). This painting was created 1,400 years after the last supper and can not be used has historically accurate as ABC tried to do.

There is a painting of the first president of the United States when he was General George Washington crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary War. The painting was created by Emanuel Leutze, some 74 years after the event. This painting created so close to the event had historical inaccuracies. The flag depicted in the painting is the Betsy Ross flag, which was created some seven months after the crossing event. General George Washington at the time served under The Grand Union flag and would have had that flag in the boat with him, had he had any flag.

The news media in America has an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic bias and as such can not be trusted when reporting anything having to do with Christianity.

I apologize for speaking fast in this video as I had to in order to keep this video under five minutes and fit in all I wanted to say. I try to keep my videos shorter than 4 minutes and definitely shorter than 5 minutes.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Time for the American military to come out of the barracks

Face it America, our government is no longer responsive to the people. They have been purchased by special interests, the left, political correctness, and lobbyist. Our Founding Fathers kept us armed because they believed governments were inherently evil. Our 21st century Congress has proven them correct. We need to storm the Bastille metaphorically. We need to vote out every current office holder (incumbent) from dog catcher to Senator in this election year.

Or better yet how about this radical idea: In many countries when the government behaves like the United States government, there is a coup d'état by the military. Then after a year or two of fumigating the government, the military turns the government back over to the civilians. If that ever happened here in the United States, I will be the farm a majority of Americans would welcome that.

Canadian Coast Guard and Sea Shepherd correction

The Sea Shepherd ship the garbage scow Farley Mowat was boarded and brought into a Canadian port by the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and arrested cabin boy and his crew for interfering with the seal hunt in Canada. The crew was later bailed out of jail by some guy named Paul Watson. In a previous video PropagandaBuster stated the Canadian Coast Guard ship rammed the Sea Shepherd ship. However per a crew member of the Canadian Coast Guard ship, the Sea Shepherd's Farley Mowat, the garbage scow of the high seas, in fact rammed the Canadian Coast Guard ship twice. It seems cabin boy and his crew got carried away playing pirate. The Captain Kangaroo look-alike of the Sea Shepherd made incendiary remarks concerning the death of four seal hunters. The Sea Shepherd's garbage scow was in dock at a Canadian island when those statements were made. The angry Canadians of the island served the ropes holding the garbage scow to the dock. As a result cabin boy took his ship out to sea leaving the island and also leaving behind stranded on the island some of his crew members. Such a brave cabin boy.