Friday, May 9, 2008

Why bother having a police department?

Every year from April 30th, to May 1st, a anti-capitalist riot is held in Kreutzberg Berlin, Germany. This area of Berlin is described in Wikipedia as:

"The borough is known for its very large percentage of immigrants and second-generation immigrants, ........ As of 2006 31.6% of Kreuzberg's inhabitants did not have German citizenship. While Kreuzberg thrives on its diverse cultures and is still an attractive area for many, the district is also characterized by high levels of unemployment and some of the lowest average incomes in Berlin."

The police in this video seem to have turn the streets over to these thugs, anarchist. It is rather evident of the absence of any weaponry by the police, such as Billy clubs, tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. This type behavior history has demonstrated has led to the rise of fascism. Does Europe need another rise in fascism? Further proof of liberalism being a mental disorder. Such behavior in the first half of the last century contributed to the rise of leftist, communism, and fascism in Europe. Are the Europeans going to allow history to repeat itself during the first half of this new century, the 21st century?

Basically the bums rioting in this video are anti capitalist, Euro-trash

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