Saturday, May 10, 2008

Communist invade Duke University

Chinese student Wang Qianyuan (Grace Wang) who attends Duke University in the state of North Carolina, in the United States of America, recently expressed support for Tibetans on the Tibet issue As a result the communist Chinese students on campus have intimidated Wang Qianyuan to the point where she now needs police protection. Then back in her homeland, the kind, generous people of Communist China who claim to respect human rights, fired her parents from their jobs because of this.

The communist Chinese students on campus at Duke University did what Chinese communist students did in Nagano and Tokyo in Japan. They showed their gross disrespect and arrogance towards their host nations by waiving their blood soaked flag in protest.

Remember now, Duke University is the same institution where the faculty and staff admonished the university lacrosse team when they were innocent of rape charges.

The American news media has been near silent on the Wang Qianyuan issue as they most likely have been purchased by the communist in China as the American Congress has been purchased. The ASIAN BRIEF news has reported the story.


James said...

hello PB, here is a hard prove evidence of how people from other countries protest in that country and on that square were badly treated.

I'm sorry that I can't find a full English version. The part you're interested in starts at 5 mins 36 seconds.

This is not a full edition of what happened, it doesn't include how their were attacking our citizens.

Basically, this is about the western belivers of a peaceful belief called Falun Gong(which is seriously procecuted in that country) went to that country and protest.

Well done PB.

James said...

At 7 mins 58 secs, you can see their police vans circled the protester up, that's when the beating up took place. There are several videos actually film the whole thing happened within the circle, and another video of after those western protesters came back they had a press meeting with several media. On that meeting they showed their injuries on their body to medias all over the world how badly they were beaten.

(I never check my own blog, so if you can just respond in your own blog, thanks)

Unknown said...

During Soviet's era, I don't recall that any Soviets in the US did anything similar to this. This is all about Chinese mentality. Most laughable thing is that I guarantee you, the return home ratio of these students after graduation is less than 30%. I guarantee you that some may even ask the US for asylum. Because those students know more than anybody else that, once returning home, the blood soaked flag will suck blood of their's tomorrow. Hurrah to the free country America! We don't appreciate you because of providing us a free world to live freely!