Sunday, July 31, 2011

Really a contest about "really?"

In many of my videos I add the term “reeeallly.” While in Japan we had a group “really,” and also another group “really” in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This video is to announce a “really” contest with two prize categories (one winner in each category).

First category: The video with the most people saying “really.”

Second category: The video saying “really” most original and unique in content.

Post the videos as a response to this video to enter the contest, also must be a subscriber or subscribe to this channel (PropagandaBuster).

The judges for this contest are: Me (Tony), YouTuber MadBadVoodo (Richard) in Ohio, USA, and OUTSIDESOUND (Shun) in Japan.

The winner in the First Category will get to select a prize from the below list. The winner in the Second Category will get to select from what is left after the First Category winner selects his or her prize. The prizes are:

1 – T-shirt with PropagandaBuster Texas logo – size large

2 – T-shirt with PropagandaBuster’s face logo with “reeeally” written below the image – size large

3 – T-shirt Texas University Longhorns logo – size large

4 – New, never opened Texas flag 3’ x 5’ (0.91440 x 1.52400 meters) made of nylon

5 – “Admiral Tony’s Fleet Texas Navy” hat, one size fits all or most.

6 – Tony’s book “The Speeches of Texas Daddy” with DVD

7 – Small knife with wooden handle “Texas” engraved in the wood

Both winner will get:

1 – “Don’t mess with Texas” sticker

2 – Bookmark from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

Prizes shipped through the United States Post Office and contestants are eligible anywhere on this planet (providing their country accepts delivery from the U.S. Postal Service, which almost all nations do).

Remember: All videos submitted give me (Ton aka: PropagandaBuster) permission to use the video in future videos. Thus by submitting as a response to this video you are consenting to future use by me, while also entering the contest if a subscriber or just subscribed.

Link to this video on YouTube:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sea Shepherd "man overboard" or "abandon ship"

Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Steve Irwin is currently detained in Scotland, United Kingdom. A Maltese fishing company “Fish and Fish” filed a lawsuit in Scotland against Sea Shepherd for $1.5 million dollars for damages caused by Sea Shepherd drones during the Maltese Bluefin tuna catch recently in the Mediterranean Sea.

Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson did not stay with the ship like a real captain would. According to a 2007 article appearing in the magazine, “The New Yorker” he is not a credential sea captain and perhaps his recent flight from his vessel validates the article. Here is a link to that article:

To good Captain Kangaroo fled Scotland, left his ship behind and flew to South Africa around 9,000 miles to the south. Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson was scheduled to take the Steve Irwin to join the rest of Sea Shepherd rust-bucket garbage scows in the Faroe Islands. However he fled to South Africa to join She Shepherd cowards who recently fled the neighboring country of Namibia after being chased by the Namibian military.

They were in Namibia trying to disrupt the seal hunt taking place in the country. Seems like the She Shepherd volunteers ran so not to be thrown in a Namibian jail. These volunteers must be different than the Sea Shepherd volunteers in the Faroe Islands because according to Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson they are prepared to be thrown into a Faroe Island jail to enjoy Viking hospitality.

Article of the girly-men running from the Namibian military:

The cowards of She Shepherd plan to disrupt the whale harvesting in the Faroe Islands by dropping transponders on the ocean floor. Telling their supporters the sound emitted from the transponders will drive the whales from the Faroe Islands. However they do just the opposite and drive the whales in the Faroe Island fiords to be harvested by the descendants of the Vikings. Why would She Shepherd purposely drive the whales to be harvested? Good question:

Animal Planet Whale Wars announced a spinoff of Whale Wars: Whale Wars Faroe Islands style. For this new spinoff they need dramatic and gory video footage. What better footage than to show whales on the Faroe Island beaches being slaughter with blood and guts spread out? See the She Shepherd it is not about saving the whales, it is about exploiting suckers to donate and seeking ratings and viewers for their new spinoff.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

American wanna-be Jihadist apprehended near Fort Hood Texas

Private Naser Jason Abdo a Muslim in the United States Army was apprehended in Killeen, Texas as a possible terrorist. Private Abdo last year filed for conscientious objector status in the U.S. Army stating as a Muslim he could not reconcile the possibility of being deployed in Iraq and / or Afghanistan. Recently child pornography was discovered on his computer and on July 4th he went AWOL (Absent without leave) from Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

Private Naser made his way to Killeen, Texas near U.S. Army base Fort Hood site of the Fort Hood mass shooting (massacre) on November 5, 2009 (where 13 people were murdered), charged was U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

Naser went to a gun shop “Guns Galore” in Killeen, Texas, the same place Major Hasan purchased weapons. While in the store Naser asked questions indicating ignorance of the items being purchased at the gun shop. A clerk notified authorities causing the arrest at the motel the next day. Abdo’s motel room was found weapons, explosives, and jihadist materials.

With all this it has been noted about Abdo’s motives: “It remains unclear if Abdo’s alleged plot to attack in or around Fort Hood was merely aspirational in nature.” Once again we are being inflicted with political correctness.

In keeping with the American News media’s thirst for political correctness the media labeled the terrorist in Norway Anders Behring Breivik as a right-wing Christian terrorist (could it be because of his blond hair and blue eyes?). However in his 1,500 page manifesto (see below link) he proclaims to be a pagan (hardly a Christian belief there) and a neo-Nazi (“NAZI” short for National “Socialist” Party, “socialist” being leftist). In the case of Nazis, leftist pagans.

American terrorist:

“Aspirational in nature” comment:

Norway terrorist:

Norway terrorist manifesto (may be slow to load):

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

President Obama found the word "compromise"

Recently President Obama (Democrat) addressed the nation (USA) via television. The address was an effort to explain to the nation the budget negotiations entertaining the nation’s capital between them thar Democrats and Republicans in the Congress of these here United States of America - USA.

President Obama (Democrat) in this address mentioned the word “compromise.” This is an interesting development because ever since the Republicans won a majority in one-half of one-third of the government (House of Representatives, United States Congress) Democrats, the news media, and the President have all sudden discovered that word and incorporated into their vocabulary.

What is interesting is when Democrats controlled The White House and both Houses of Congress that word “compromise” was absent from their vocabulary. The news media also ignored that word during this period. You see, to Democrats compromise means agreeing with Democrats. When they are in the majority no need to compromise since they are running the joint.

Soon after President Obama’s inauguration (coronation) he had a meeting with Republicans and informed them: “I won the election.” Is that how one says “compromise?”

Another new found oddity of the President, them thar Democrats, and the news media is their sudden respect for President Ronald Reagan (Republican). In one of President Obama’s books he was extremely critical of President Reagan. During President Reagans eight years in office, the Democrats continually ridiculed and criticized him. Now they quote him with reverence.

How about these quotes from President Ronald Reagan:

“The Democrats have never met a tax they did not like”

“The Democrats are so far left, they left the nation.”

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party leadership in this twenty-first century is glowing and transparent.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Washington, DC photos and video from my trip

This video made to show the photographs and some videos of the places I visited while in Washington, DC.

The Potomac River between Washington, DC and Arlington, Virginia. On the Virginia side across the pictured bridge is Arlington National Cemetery. On Washington, DC side, the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

Pictures of Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and rows and rows of the iconic white slab tombstones.

Views of Washington, DC from the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Iwo Jima War Memorial or popularly known as Iwo Jima Memorial (World War Two - WWII). Then on to the National Cathedral where funeral services for President Ronald Reagan were held.

Visited the Lincoln Memorial (16th President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War 1861 – 1865). From there a clear view down the National Mall with a clear view of the Washington Monument and The Capitol.

On to the National World War Two memorial with further views of the Washington Monument. From there to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, known as “the forgotten war.”

It is a great capital of these here United States of America – USA.

Photographs taken with a Nikon D3100, video with Canon VIXIA HF M31.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sea Shepherd begging for money from Scotland

Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Brigitte Bardot is currently in the Faroe Islands to disrupt the about to begin whale hunt there. Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson on their rust bucket Steve Irwin were about to leave port from the Scottish Shetland Islands.

Not so fast! A Maltese fishing company Fish and Fish – F & F, filed has taken legal action against Sea Shepherd for damages caused to their Bluefin tuna nets asking for 1.5 million dollars. Authorties are not allowing the Steve Irwin to leave port unless they post a 1.5 million dollar bond.

Now Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson is begging for the money from suckers arouond the world claim, without the vessel it will hinder their ability to protect whales in the Faroe Islands and the Southern Ocean from the Japanese.

He had to throw in the “Japanese” to appeal to the darker side, the side of his supporters who hate Japan – pure ugliness to appeal to hate to beg for money.

Related news articles:

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This is a short video in part about cross country trip to Washington, DC, (District of Columbia) capital of these here United States of America - USA, located between the states of Virginia and Maryland.

Traveling Tony Saturday Washington DC

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Traveling Tony 3rd day

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Traveling Tony 1st day

Traveling east to an announced location. First day through East Texas, Arkansas, and through Tennessee to Jackson to spend the first night on the road.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unboxing more chocolate from Japan

Recently I received a package of delicious chocolate from a wonderful fan in Japan.

The YouTube fan: “CocoVader999” sent me the package of chocolates.

The numerous chocolates included:

Meiji different chocolates and varity pack

Meiji chocolate covered almonds (finished the bag as soon as completed the video)

Meiji “Himilk”

Meiji Black

Pocky mint

Pocky coconut

I am very grateful for the friends I have in Japan, and blessed too. Thanks to “CocoVader999” and all my good friends in The Land of the Rising Sun,” Nippon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sea Shepherd's captain / admiral on Japanese TV

“Japan Probe” detailing the TV show referenced in this video:

YouTube video about the TV show:

Sasaki’s blog related to the TV show (written in Japanese):

Video showing incident where the captain / admiral claimed to be shot (enjoy the humor):

An analysis of the captain / admiral’s claim of being shot:

Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson recently appeared on a Japanese television show via satellite. He had to do it via satellite because the Tokyo Metropolitan Police issued an arrest warrant for him. That happened after one if his loyal member and supporter Pete Bethune was in custody in Tokyo he sung like a canary exposing the captain / admiral’s illegal activities against the Japanese whalers. Subsequently Pete was thrown out of She Shepherd.

The interview happened in a large studio with school children sitting on both sides of a huge screen appearing the captain / admiral. The interview was conducted by photojournalist Yoichi Watanabe, and noted author / journalist (good friend also) Masaaki Sasaki of Sankei Shimbun.

Noted was the F.B.I.’s labeling of Sea Shepherd as “eco-terrorist.” Also noted was the money received by Sea Shepherd. From 2005 to 2008 donations averaged fewer than 4 million dollars. In 2009 is shot up to just under 10 million dollars. This occurring right after “Whale Wars” first season. Numbers proving the accelerated harassment of the Japanese whaling fleet is done solely for ratings and to garner donations from emotional wrecks around the world, modern day suckers to make P.T. Barnum proud. “P.T. Barnum” being the noted circus huckster who once said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”
During the interview the subject of him being shot on the high seas while sailing alongside the Japanese whaling vessel. The captain / admiral claims he was shot, but now says he has no idea who shot him. Huh? When the incident happened he stated none on his ship had weapons. So by deductive reasoning (“reasoning” there is a word absent from the She Shepherd vocabulary) would only mean the shot had to be fired from the Japanese (see above link analyzing the incident). Perhaps the shot was fired from his crew in an attempted mutiny? Incidentally it was claimed the bullet was stopped by his bulletproof vest and that fake tin badge he wears. See it pays to pretend to be law enforcement. Who da thunk hallucinating could save one’s life?

A student in the audience questioned the throw of glass bottles full of acid at the whalers while claiming to be non-violent. The captain / admiral returned they do not throw acid only rotten butter. On the screen appeared a photograph of one of those broken glass bottles on the deck of the Japanese whaling ship with the label clearly reading: ACID. No violence the captain / admiral claimed. What about throwing glass bottles at people with the bottles crashing on the slippery decks spreading broken glass?

The captain / admiral was asked about ramming the Japanese whaling vessel. He denied Sea Shepherd did that and claimed they were rammed by the Japanese. Here is the video of Sea Shepherd ramming the whaling vessel:

Perhaps if you play the video backwards his alternative universe will appear.

Another student asked him about eating killing cows when he claims it is wrong to kill whales. The captain / admiral said he does not eat beef nor does any of his crew. Okay, looking at him and his crew’s hefty robust bodies then they must be eating everything else if not eating beef.

Advice to the good captain / admiral: next time you appear on a television show, please wear a clean t-shirt.

Humberto Leal Execution in Texas, an international incident

At age two a Mexican national illegally enters the United States of America with his illegal parents. In 1994 this two year old is now 21 years old, a Mr. Humberto Leal. Mr. Leal is at a party and leaves with Adria Sauceda age 16. Ms. Sauceda’s nude brutalized body was found hours later, raped, bitten, and bludgeoned to death with a 30 to 40 pound piece of assault.

Humberto Leal was arrested, tried and convicted of this heinous crime. When arrested he never mentioned he was a Mexican national or in the USA illegally. Due to political correctness and the fear of being accused of profiling, the authorities did not inquire.

Now 2011 Mr. Leal is 38 years old and about to be executed, the anti-execution drones seeped out of the woodwork claiming Mr. Leal’s rights were violated because the authorities did not allow him to contact the Mexican Counsel as per a treaty.

Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry refused to halt the planned execution. The Obama regime (Democrats) attempting to block the execution of this convicted murderer appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States of America (USA). The Court 5 – 4 refused to halt the execution.

On July 7th, 2011 Mr. Humberto Leal was executed by the State of Texas for his crime. In a given year Texas executes more convicted murderers than all the 49 states combined. Yet with this record, bottom-feeders still commit murders in Texas, knowing if caught they will face execution. As oppose to California or New York where such a murder has a better chance of becoming a celebrity than a cadaver.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unboxing a box from Shun in Japan

Shun in Japan sent me a big box of goodies. This video is the opening of that box revealing the contents. Some of the items:

Pair of pants

Japanese head bands

Japanese hand fan

Pair of pants

Yasukuni Shrine brochures

Pillow from Takashi

Massage implement from Mr. Goto a masseuse in Osaka, Japan

Pocky chocolate (numerous varieties)

DARS chocolate

Morinaga chocolate

Meiji chocolate

Japanese Nippon mug

An undisclosed item

Pocky video about the story behind the product:

Thank you Shun and all the wonderful people in Japan I was fortunate and blessed to meet during my ten day visit to the land of the Rising Sun.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day photos with Nikon D3100 in Rockwall, Texas

Click on photo to enlarge

Photos taken with a Nikon D3100, 55 - 200 mm lens in the automatic setting.  July 2nd, 2011 Rockwall, Texas Independence Day Parade. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sea Shepherd's ex-member Peter Bethune in Atlanta: the rhetoric

Mr. Pete Bethune of Sea Shepherd fame was recently in the United States of America, Atlanta, Georgia.

Pete was the gentlemen who sold or gave his trimaran “Earthrace” to Sea Shepherd to join that group’s efforts to disrupt the Japanese whaling fleet. Once part of She Shepherd’s fleet of garbage scows, the trimaran was repainted black and renamed “Ady Gil,” after the person who donated one-million dollars to Sea Shepherd.

On January 6, 2010, during the 2009-2010 whaling season during Sea Shepherd’s operation “Waltzing Matilda” in the Southern Ocean, the Ady Gil collided with the Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru 2. The collision tore off the front of the Ady Gil causing Sea Shepherd to abandon the vessel in the now polluted waters of the Southern Ocean.

Subsequently on February 15, 2010 Mr. Bethune illegally boarded the Shonan Maru 2 attempting to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the ship’s captain. Resulting in Pete being detained by the ship’s crew and enjoying a picturesque ocean voyage to Tokyo, Japan, all at the expense of Japanese tax payers.

July, 2010 Pete was sentenced to two years in prison, however received a five-year suspension and deported to New Zealand. Part of the deal was Pete would not engage in any anti-whaling activities directed at Japan. However upon his released he sought back into Sea Shepherd and was welcomed. Background: while this was happening Japanese authorities issued an arrest warrant of Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson. Then Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson discovered while Pete was in Japanese custody he was singing like a canary detailing Admiral Beauregard Watson’s activities against the Japanese causing the issuance of the warrant.

Pete and the Admiral got into a feud resulting in Pete’s expulsion from the girly-man group. Pete went on to form his own group, “Earthrace Conservation Organization.”

In June Pete was in the United States of America, Atlanta, Georgia. He attended a rally at the Georgia Aquarium to protest “the Atlanta 11.” Eleven dolphins at the aquarium he and a handful of like-minded felt the dolphins should not be housed there.

Before the event Pete was greeted on the street by two members of Admiral Tony’s Texas Fleet (Texas Daddy, PropagandaBuster Tony), named Bruce and Don. During their exchange Pete was very civil this is out of character for Sea Shepherd types.

During the discussion Pete mentions that the Japanese are whaling in New Zealand waters. However according to Maritime New Zealand, those waters are international and belong to no nation. This was stated on page 15 of their report addressing the collision between the Ady Gil and the Shonan Maru 2.

Here is the link to the PDF report. See page 12, item 15:

Illegal Immigrants protest no problem while America citizen by birth may...

Recently illegal immigrants were protesting in Atlanta, Georgia to protest that state’s policies aimed at illegal immigrants. This protest was a “coming out” event for these illegals proudly proclaiming their illegal status in the United States of America.

What is even more shocking was the article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, “Illegal immigrants protest.” Golly and shazam! The news media actually used the word “illegal” when reporting about illegal immigrants. Usually the media provides cover for those who broke the law by referring to them as “undocumented immigrants” or just “immigrants.” However this time the news violated political correctness and actually labeled an “illegal” as being “illegal.” Who da thunk?

The young illegal immigrant protestors were arrested not for being what they are, “illegal,” but for blocking traffic. Later they were released to their parents to return to their homes in Georgia. Now if the child is in the USA illegally, does it not stand to reason so are the parents? They were not held for deportation, but released to other illegals.

On the same page in The Dallas Morning News where the above article appeared, also appeared this article, “War vet may avoid passport prosecution.” Navy Reserve Petty Officer Elisha Dawkins (age 26) was arrested by the State Department for checking the wrong box on a passport application.

Petty Office Dawkins while filling out a passport application checked a box stating he never applied for a passport before. However he did, years earlier but never pursued it, so he got arrested. Here is the best part: He served in the United States Army and in Iraq with an honorable discharge, and later joined the United States Navy Reserves. He currently has a birth certificate showing he was born in Florida. However the State Department was thinking of deporting him. Deporting him to where since was born in the USA?

So the illegals in Atlanta, Georgia after breaking the law are returned to their illegal parents, while a man born in the USA and served in the US Army and currently in the US Navy Reserves, may have been deported. Welcome to stupid America!