Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feel the love from YouTube trolls part 2

Feel the love from YouTube trolls part 2
Many of my videos seem to touch a nerve with those who are ill-equipped to process opinions other than their own.  These people leave some creative, colorful hateful comments. 

This video shares with you just a few of those lovely hateful comments left by our fellow YouTubers.   Feel the love.

See if you can select the number one, winning comment.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sea Shepherd insulting Australians

Sea Shepherd insulting Australians

The people of Australia besides “Waltzing with Matilda” have supported Sea Shepherd more than any other nation.  The government of Australia continually assails the Japanese on Sea Shepherd’s behalf for whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd is permitted to use Australian ports to launch their illegal attacks upon Japanese mariners.  Australia allows Sea Shepherd to violate their laws in their pursuit to endanger Japanese mariners.

With this support Sea Shepherd recently criticize the Australian government and by extension the Australian people.  The Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal “ruled that the conservation group was not eligible for deductible gift recipient status because whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife could not be classified as ‘animals without owners.’”

Sea Shepherd is upset claiming being denied tax-exempt status means donations by Australians to them will be minimal.  In other words Australians will donate only if they get to deduct their donations on their taxes.  Basically claiming Australians are shallow and only donate if they get something in return.  Very insulting to the people who support Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities.     

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stockton California bankruptcy a Democrat / unions legacy

Stockton California bankruptcy a
Democrat / unions legacy

The California city of Stockton is one of the latest Democratic Party run cities to go bust (bankruptcy).  Many cities and states control by Democrats have suffered while they with their co-conspirators in the Unions (public sector unions – unions for government employees) raid the public treasuries. 

Some cities facing financial ruin due to Democratic Party rule and public sector unions:

New York City, San Jose, Cincinnati, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Newark, Reading, PA., Joliet, IL., Camden, NJ., Hamtramck, Mich., Central Falls, RI, Patterson, NJ, and Chicago.

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Video reporting and showing what the Democrats and unions did to Detroit, Michigan:

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Communicating with a Sea Shepherd type via Facebook
On August 31, 2012, and September 1, 2012, Sea Shepherd types around the world plan to hold demonstrations vilifying the people of Taiji, Japan.  They disapprove of the dolphin harvesting that takes place in Taiji, Japan. 

Sea Shepherd’s “Cove Guardians” have been in Taiji, Japan these past years protesting.  The networking for this protest appeared on Facebook.  Also on the site was the Dallas group preparing to make the protest signs for the Dallas protest a week before the event.

I left a message on the Facebook page asking if I could help make the signs.  Below was the response I received, and the subsequent exchange of messages between us.  The person’s name is not “Jane,” but changed to “Jane” as not to offend the real person.  Enjoy!  
It has come to my attention that your interest in the event tomorrow may be under false pretenses. If your intent is to cause disruption tomorrow at the poster making event, please do not come. I am hosting this at my church, and any drama is not welcome.

Shame on you to think that. I would never cause a disruption in any house of God. So typical of your type to think that.

What is my type? I have seen your videos and they concern me.

I apologize for my delay in replying.

“Your type?” I will be happy to explain what “your type” is. “Your type” is riddled with hypocrisy and behaving like bullies. Oh my gosh, did I write that? Sure enough!

First allow me to revisit your subtle accusation that I would cause a disruption at a religious establishment. In my 63 years I have visited many types of religious buildings and institutions, and never once did I behave any other way other than respectful.

The only reason you suspected me behaving otherwise is due to transference. Meaning “your type” desecrates religious artifacts hence to ease your conscious you attempt to transfer that behavior to an imaged adversary. See it was your beloved “Cove Guardians” in 2010 outside Taiji, Japan located religious artifacts and behaved shamefully with them. They posted photographs on their Facebook page boasting their disrespectful antics. When I posted a video about this, they removed the photos. See since they are “your type,” it is “your type” that shows disrespect to other cultures and religions, not me.

You and your ilk continue to attack the good people of Japan for harvesting dolphins. These attacks are nothing but bullies who are cowards behaving like bullies. Allow me: The harvested dolphins are used for food, or food byproducts, and some sent to mariners around the world. Meaning no part of the dolphin is wasted. Yet they are attacked by “your type” only because the people of Taiji are passive and as bullies “your type” exploits that.

Now let us examine the shark fin industry in China. They cut the fin off the live shark then toss it back in the sea for the shark to sink to the bottom and die a miserable death. That meat of the shark is tossed aside and not used. How come “your type” is not in those Chinese fishing villages protesting? Oh, I know because cowards know the people in those Chinese fishing villages are not passive. So as bullies “your type” exploit the passive people of Taiji, Japan.

Sorry, but “your type” are absolutely disgusting. Now have I sufficiently explained to you what I meant by “your type?”

You don't even know me, so how can you judge me?

Oh that was very easy, I just employed your tactics. See it is you who does not know me, yet you judged me, thus leaving the door open to judging without knowing.

No, I do not know you. However, your videos are very disturbing to me. I could not take a chance on you showing up last Saturday and causing a disruption.

Good to know my videos are disturbing to your type, because your type is very disturbing to me.

You don't know my type. Your description above does not describe me...

If you support them, then sorry to write, you are that type.

I support the end to the dolphin slaughter and animal slaughter of any kind, and the decimation of our planet. I do not support defamation of any property. I am trying to promote peace and harmony on our planet.

So to that end you must also support being a bully and exploiting passive people. Shame.

No I do not.

Please do not kid yourself. If you support the Cove Guardians, and you do, then you are supporting their behavior in Taiji acting like bullies and exploiting passive people.

Also when you wrote:

 “I support the end to the dolphin slaughter and animal slaughter of any kind, and the decimation of our planet. I do not support defamation of any property. I am trying to promote peace and harmony on our planet.”

 My friend in Tokyo got the very same message from the anti-dolphin protestor organizer. Are you all reading from the same script?

No. Those are my words...

But it is proof your type all think the same.

Hate mail from a fan in South Korea

Here is a message I received through my YouTube channel from a person in South Korea, according the person’s YouTube channel:

"ALL of Japan already got radioactive,
go there and get cancer and die early"

The above message of love was sent by YouTuber:

News media in full re-election mode

News media in full re-election mode

With the presidential elections approaching, the American news media is in full re-election mode for President Obama and Democrats from dog catcher to The White House.  News media bias personified. 

The bias news media in America will employ two words: deflection and distraction.  This election is about the economy and the media in the United States will attempt to re-route the nation’s focus. 

In August of 2008 gas prices were about what they are currently in August of 2012.  Yet in 2008 every night on that national news media the nation was assaulted with daily reports on the high price of gasoline.  Many reporters at gas stations sticking microphones in the faces of motorist.  Interviewing people complaining about the gas prices and vowing to take “staycations” (stay-cation). 

Curiously 2012 an election year, a year seeking to re-elect President Obama the news media is ignoring the high price of gasoline. 

Unemployment in August, 2008 hovered around 6% and in August, 2012 it is 9% or higher.  Yet in 2008 the news media kept telling us how bad the economy was with 6% unemployment.  Now in 2012 with 9% (or there about) unemployment the news media is preaching the economy is improving.  Huh? 

See to a bias news media a rising unemployment rate while a Democrat occupies The White House that represents an improving economy.  The news media in the United States of America is engaging in Constitutional malfeasance for betraying their Constitutional mandate, their Constitutional responsibility.               

Please do not allow the bums in the news media to re-direct your focus.  This election is all about the economy!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church

The purpose of the bulldozer video is to illustrate the distraction this election season by the bias news media and the Democratic Party – DNC.  They will work in unison to get President Obama re-elected and distract the voters from the main issue this election, the economy.   

Rush Limbaugh at times reports on “random acts of journalism” by the news media.  That is what happened on Thursday, August 31, 2012 on NBC’s “Rock Center.”  The show had a balanced view of Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – LDS Church.  The faith of Republican presidential candidate governor Mitt Romney. 

The program basically was a puff piece for the Mormon Church sprinkled with a few critics of the faith.  This coming from NBC was monumental.  They showed good and bad based on perception.  Question is:  How come in 2008 no such report by NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN was done about Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois?  That was the church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and President Obama’s family for twenty years.  It became infamous because of Reverend Wright’s anti-American and anti-Caucasian ranting’s. 

Oh the answer is easy:  Because there was no “good” about his ranting’s to report, so no report at all.   

Article about “Rock Center” with Brian Williams report on the Mormon Church:

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Marshall of Finland exploited by extreme liberals

The Marshall of Finland exploited
by extreme liberals

In Finland they have a beloved historical figure named Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, affectionately known as “The Marshall of Finland.”   Below is a message received from a YouTuber in Sweden:

“Politically correct media at its worst

There is a new movie called Marshal of Finland, it is about the Finnish war hero and President Gustaf Mannerheim, a hero who is loved by the people of Finland for fighting the Russian Communists who attacked and tried to take over Finland during WWII. This man is just as loved by the Finnish people as people like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is by the American people. In this new movie, Gustaf Mannerheim is played by a black man, even though Gustaf Mannerheim was a white man. They are doing this just to make the politically correct crowd happy. Many patriotic people in Finland though are outraged by this, because it is making a mockery of their history. The movie is produced by YLE, which is a Finnish state-owned broadcasting company, known for being extremely liberal and is owned by the Finnish state. And since Mannerheim saved Finland from Russian communism, the liberals hates him, and so does the liberal Finnish state owned media, and this is why they made this movie. In polls on online Finnish newspapers, up to 90% answered that they will not watch this movie because it's a mockery of maybe the most important man in Finnish history, if it wasn't for him, Finland would be a part of the Soviet Union. The liberal Finnish state owned media also loves to portray patriots as racists; therefore they choose a black actor to play Mannerheim in their movie.

More than 130 000 Finnish and Swedish soldiers died when they defended Finland from the Soviet Union, and 774 died when they defended Finland from Nazi Germany, making Finland what it is today.”

 Wikipedia on Gustaf Mannerheim:

Here is a trailer for the movie:

The liberals in Finland attempting to insult the people of Finland also exploited the actors in Kenya.  They also paid the Kenyans lower wages than they would have paid Finnish actors.  Basically not only did they exploit the Kenyans they also took advantage of them.  That is what extreme liberals do, they exploit and take advantage.  

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Douglas MacArthur on
Takeshima / Dokdo

The islands in the Sea of Japan called Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea are occupied by South Korea and claimed by both nations.

Below is a telegram from American diplomat Douglas MacArthur (nephew of General Douglas MacArthur, his namesake) in reference to those islands.  On page three states the islands belong to Japan.

The below telegram was authenticated by the National Archives in the USA.


Link to website telegram was located:

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China protest Japan over the Senkaku Islands

China protest Japan over the Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands belonging to Japan are being claimed by China and Taiwan.  The Senkaku Islands (Senkaku-shoto, Senkaku-gunto, and Senkaku-retto) are known as the Diaoyu Islands by the Chinese (also: Diaoyudao or Diaoyutal Islands).  Also known as Tiaoyutai in Taiwan.  They are located in the East China Sea between China and Japan. 

Recently a fishing vessel from Hong Kong, China sailed to the islands and landed people on them.  They were arrested by the Japanese Coast Guard and subsequently sent back to China.  This incident resulted in Japanese citizens doing the same thing.  Also the Japanese Coast Guard intervened and sent them back to Japan. 

This caused massive demonstrations all across eastern China citizens protesting the Japanese.  The rioters smashed store windows they believe were Japanese related and turned over Japanese made vehicles.  All this while commie police looked on passively.  Huh? 

When equal demonstrations are held in Tibet by Tibetans (Buddhist) they are greeted with police bullets.  When the Uyghurs / Uighurs (Muslim) in East Turkistan / Xinjiang hold demonstrations they too are greeted with communist bullets.  Yet curiously enough the recent rioters / hooligans Han Chinese are not greeted with bullets, but with a passive police force.  Did not know commies knew what a passive police force was. 

When the Japanese patriots landed on their own islands that act provided the commies in Beijing a steam release of anger directed towards Japan rather than Beijing.  The commie gangsters allowed the demonstrations because it diverted attention from their illegitimate regime to China’s favorite villain: Japan. 

Brief history of those islands:       

Chinese name Diaoyu dates to the Ming Dynasty – 14th – 17th century
In the 1800’s the British named them the Pinnacle Islands.
1900 - named Senkaku Retto by Japan which means Pinnacle Islands
1879 - annexed as part of the Okinawa Prefecture
1885 - Japanese governor appointed
1895 - Sino-Japanese War – the treaty ending that war it is argued gave control of those islands to Japan
The “Treaty of Shimonoseki” - 1895 ended above war (articles 2 and 3)
After WW2 the Islands with Okinawa came under USA control
1951 - Treaty of San Francisco – article 3 included the islands
1952 – Treaty of Peace between the Republic of China and Japan – article defers to the San Francisco Treaty in reference to items not provided for in the treat between Japan and China. 
1969 – the UN indicated the possibility of large oil and gas reserves around the islands
1971 – Taiwan asserted claim, 6 months later China made same assertion
1972 – USA hands Okinawa and the Islands back to Japan.  The operative word being “back” meaning the belong and belonged to Japan.

Article Japanese land on the islands:

Hong Kong Chinese land on Japan’s Senkaku Islands:

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KROGER, an open letter

KROGER, an open letter

Shopping at Kroger supermarket been purchasing SILK Soy milk for $2.98.  Then one day the price rose 21 cents to $3.19.  No problem with a price increase.  The problem is with Kroger insulting customers after raising the price.

When the price rose to $3.19 the store place a yellow sign with red letters on the display for the soy milk reading “LOW PRICE.”  Huh?  The store raised the price by twenty-one cents, then has the nerve to advertise “LOW PRICE.”

This happened a few months ago, pointed out to the store’s manager and fell upon uninterested ears.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Palestinian attacked by youth mob in Israel

Palestinian attacked by youth mob in Israel

Jamal Juluani a 17 year old Palestinian living in Jerusalem, Israel, was hospitalized after being attacked by a mob of Jewish boys.  The young man was hospitalized, and the hooligans arrested.  They were arrested by Israeli authorities and will face the legal consequences for their actions.

Whether provoked or not, it was illegal and the youths should be charged. 

On the West of Israel is the Gaza Strip, and on the East, the West Bank.  Both areas are inhabited by Palestinians and under the Palestinian National Authority.  Question asked in this video:  If this had happened in the Gaza Strip or West Bank with a 17 year old beat upon by a Palestinian mob, would the Palestinian mob have been arrested or treated as heroes?      

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Somalia Olympian an Inspiration

Somalia Olympian an Inspiration

The Beijing Olympics are over, but the motivational stories keep coming.  The nation of Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa, is a war torn nation.  With it’s battered capital of Mogadishu.  Out of this rubble and anarchy, the troubled nation managed to send two athletes to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

One of which is named Samia Yusuf Omar, to participate in the women’s 200 meter dash.  Samia lives with her family in a two room house in Mogadishu where the family sells fruits and vegetables to earn a living.  While she subsisted on a diet of flat bread, wheat porridge, and water.

Training for the event was challenging for Samia.  Mogadishu stadium offered the only running track for her to practice.  However it was taken over by the insurgents and made into a military compound.  The other stadium is Conie Stadium built in 1958, no track, endless divots, weeds and plants.  Not hospitable to practice a track and field event.  Samia then had to train by running the streets of Mogadishu. A city torn by war and in complete anarchy.  As Samia would run she would be harassed and verbally abused by men who would say she was dressed inappropriate for a woman.  Also women should not be participating in sports.  In an attempt to reduce the criticism and threats, in that oppressive heat, Samia would wear a head scarf, long sleeve shirt, and sweat pants to run the streets.         

Samia was determine to attend the Olympics, not to earn a medal, but to waive the flag of her nation for the world to see that the land of her birth is represented at the Olympics.  The hardship of living in Somalia, and the violence did nothing to diminish the patriotism this brave woman has for her country.  Waving her nation’s flag was her goal at the Olympics illustrating her pride. 

How many of us live in a pampered nation and do not appreciate it?  Most of us with access to YouTube live a rather comfortable live compared to Samia Yusuf Omar, but how many of us have her spirit and patriotism?

When she ran her 200 meter dash, the locals in her neighborhood scrambled to locate a television to watch her performance.  Samia came in last in this event as she was the slowest. Her heart and pride came in first, as it was the most impressive.

April, 2012 Samia travels across the Sudan, through Libya to the African coast.  Samia boards a vessel to cross the Mediterranean Sea for Italy.  In Italy she was trying to meet with an Olympic coach possibly to participate in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.  Samia never made it to Italy.  The vessel she was crossing the Mediterranean Sea sunk, and Samia perished at sea. 

Samia Yusuf Omar – March 25, 1991 – April, 2012

Link to the video about Samia posted in 2008:

Here are two links to two articles about this spirited athlete:

Articles about Samia’s death:

Music played during the photos of Samia Yusuf Omar, is the national anthem of Somalia. 

Sea Shepherd the drawings

Sea Shepherd the drawings

This video is in appreciation to Sea Shepherd’s fugitive Paul Watson who is on the run after jumping bail in Germany. 

Many of the drawings, the simple ones that look like they should be posted on a refrigerator are my creations. 

CORRECTION: The professional drawings by a good friend and gentleman named Shun lives near Nagasaki, Japan. 

Music: “Blow the man Down,” from

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pussy Riot Free Speech vs. Freedom to worship

Pussy Riot Free Speech vs. Free Religion

February of 2012 members of Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist punk-rock group in Moscow disrupted services at a Russian Orthodox Cathedral.  Four members of the group performed at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour disrupting services.

They did this to protest Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (supposedly a “former” communist and KGB).  The four were arrested and this past week sentenced to two years in prison for their disrespectful stupidity and charged with hooliganism.   

Two years for public stupidity where no damage was done, nor was anyone hurt is rather excessive.  They should have been given “time served” and assessed monetary restitution. 

Fellow YouTuber and good friend “ColonelRichardHunter” posted videos defending these punk-rock girls their freedom of speech.  Yes freedom of speech is an issue here, however so is the issue of freedom to worship, religion. 

When these ladies exercised their freedom of speech they deprived others their religious freedom, freedom to worship.  These are freedoms not given by governments, but as American Republican Vice President Paul Ryan said,
“Our rights come from nature and God, not from government.”  

Here is what the punk rock group did in the church:

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Democratic Party Racist Leadership

Democratic Party Racist Leadership

Recently the Vice President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden addressed a mixed race group, a campaign rally, and said about the Republicans, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”  It was in reference to slavery.  His racist insensitive statement went unchallenged by the news media.


A few years ago Democrat Joe Biden and Democrat Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife) made reference to people from India working in convenience stores.  Once again an overtly racially insensitive comment went practically unnoticed by the American news media.

At an event with Then Senator Barack Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy, and x-rated President Bill Clinton, all Democrats:  Bill says to Ted, “A few years ago this guy would have been getting us our coffee.  Another racially insensitive incident by Democrats ignored by the news media. 

Republican President Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in the USA and blacks vote for Democrats.

Ku Klux Klan KKK established by Democrats to suppress blacks, and today blacks vote Democrat.

Jim Crow Laws” to deny blacks Constitutional rights established by Democrats, and today blacks vote Democrat.

Democrats attacked civil rights marchers with dogs, and water hoses, and guess who votes Democrat?

Democrat governors denied black entry to all-white schools and it was a Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower who sent in federal troops to all blacks’ entry.  Who do they vote for now?

Democrat President Johnson could not get Democrat Congressmen to vote for Civil Rights legislation, it was Republican legislators who helped pass the Civil Rights laws.

With this history of racist Democrats, and racial insensitivity by the Democratic Party and Democratic Party leadership, why do black Americans vote Democrat?          

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

South Korea, a few questions

South Korea, a few questions

A few questions for South Koreans, no criticism, just questions:

Background to first question:  A group of islets in the Sea of Japan between South Korea and Japan called Liancourt Rocks, or “Dokdo” in South Korea and “Takeshima” in Japan.  Both nations claim these islets / territory.  

Question 1:
In the recent 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the South Korean men’s soccer team won the bronze medal over the Japanese team.  At the conclusion of the game a South Korean player named Park Jong-woo paraded around the field with a banner that read “Dokdo is our territory.”  This resulted in Park Jong-woo not being awarded the bronze medal he earned.  

Why would an Olympian perform a political act at a non-political sporting event putting his medal in jeopardy? 

How come no member of the Japanese held up a similar banner claiming Takeshima belongs to Japan?

Here is a young man who must have put in many years preparing for this moment and he threw it away.  One has to wonder how his parents are feeling.

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In the 2012 Summer Olympics the Women’s badminton teams from China, South Korea, and Malaysia were disqualified and thrown out of the games by Olympic Officials.  The complaint was the teams were capable of earning more points in the games than they actually earned.  Officials claiming the teams purposely scored low to put them in better positions strategically.  As fellow YouTuber “ColonelRichardHunter” stated the rules were set up in a way that it made strategic sense for what the three teams did.

Subsequently the Chinese team apologized.  While the South Koreans blamed China for their team’s behavior.

Question 2:
How come the South Korean team did not take personal responsibility for their behavior / actions?

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Question 3:
The “Comfort Women” issue involves the nations of the Korean peninsula (South Korea and North Korea) and Japan.   It has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America. 

A brief description of "comfort women:" These were women who worked in concubines (houses of ill-repute, ladies of the evening) to service the sexual desires of the Japanese military during and before World War Two. 

South Korea and North Korea (the Koreas) claim the women were sex slaves and forced by the Japanese military to serve in these concubines.  Japan claims the women were recruited to work in these concubines and paid for their services. 

NOTE:  this video does not address this issue as to whether they were sex slaves or recruited sex workers. 

Why are Koreans littering the USA with plaques and/or memorials to these comfort women and critical of Japan? 

Are similar plaques / memorials being placed in other countries? 

Why is it only the USA seems to be a target of this type of littering?

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Link to Colonel Richard Hunter’s video about the badminton teams:

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
Cove Guardians or Cove Cowards

In March of 2011 Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were run out of Taiji, Japan by Japanese citizens.  These “Guardians” who claim to offer their lives to save a dolphin were videoed shivering in fear when confronted by Japanese citizens.  These Cove Guardians drove out of town in the safety of a police escort.  The very police they accuse of doing nothing. 

The Cove Guardians have announced they will return to Taiji, Japan in September, 2012 with a new campaign titled, “Operation Infinite Patience.”  In their announcement they state,

“While this is a relatively easy campaign to join, be aware that it can be emotionally difficult and financially expensive.”

“…financially expensive..”  Proving it is a group made up of trust-fund babies with nothing better to do than to bother hard working honest middle class people trying to provide for their families.

While their fearful leader, fugitive, and bail jumper Paul Watson is in hiding, noticeably the Cove Guardians sub-leader Scott West has not been heard from.  Spreading a rumor started right here on this blog:  Could Mr. West be negotiating with a South American junta to purchase asylum for Paul Watson (who is on INTERPOL’s wanted list)? 

Operation Infinite Patience
Can we expect the brave Cove Guardians to shiver in fear and run out of Taiji again?

Link to video about Cove Guardians running out of Taiji, Japan in fear:

Sea Shepherd’s website announcing “Operation Infinite Patience:”