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Israel and news media bias

Israel and news media bias

The latest conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip (Palestinians / Hamas) has seen the ugly side of the news media in the West, specifically in the United States.  The news media in Europe and the USA have been notorious for their bias, and leftist reporting.  It is easy to identify their anti-Israel bias resulting from this latest conflict.

It was noticeable when the media continued to show Palestinian children victims of the violence while showing the Israel military advancing and firing at the Gaza area.  Recently The Dallas Morning News two days in a row on the front page had photographs showing the deaths on both sides.  Usually they would show only the civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip avoiding any photographs showing Hamas’s aggressive actions. 

The Dallas Morning News soon returned to their anti-Israel bias on the front page of the July 30. 2014 issue.  The headline read:

 “War in Gaza, Electric plant struck,” 

with a huge picture of black billowing smoke with a civilian man covering his face.  The sub-headline below the photograph read: “No power, water, sewage for 1.7M as Israel widens bombing.”    

As “Israel widens bombing?”  Why only Israel?  How come Hamas was not mentioned as continuing to launch rockets into Israel?  Perhaps the sub-headlines should have read:

 “Israel widens bombing responding to Hamas continued rocket attacks.”

Further proof of the news media’s anti-Israel.  It is rather amusing to hear people accuse the U.S. media of being controlled by the “Jewish lobby.”  If that is correct, then that “lobby” must be suicidal.

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Paul Watson in the Faroe Islands?

Paul Watson in the Faroe Islands?

Previous video about whaling in the Faroe Islands may have been in error.  The video claims authorities in the Faroe Islands are prohibiting a whale harvest while Sea Shepherd is in the islands.  After posting the video many in the Faroe Islands wrote stating that is incorrect.

Paul Watson posted another pronouncement about the anti-whaling activities in the Faroe Islands.  His Excellency commends those by name who he appreciate their efforts in the Faroe Islands.  One noticeable name missing is his name: WATSON.  Remember it was Watson himself who with his usual bravado claimed he was willing to forfeit his freedom and/or life to save the life of one whale.

So how come no Paul Watson in the Faroe Islands?  This brave defender of the seas fears an arrest from the Interpol arrest warrant issued for him.  He fears being arrested and extradited to Japan.  Japan to Watson is what water was to the Wicket Witch of the West in the 1939 movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  In the movie when a bucket of water was thrown on the Witch, she sizzled and melted.       

His Excellency, pope Paul the Watson’s pronouncement (latest hallucination):

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Sea Shepherd’s victory in the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd’s victory in the Faroe Islands

Currently the clowns from the cult group floating circus of Sea Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands.  They are there to stop what is called a “Grind.”  The “Grind” is when whales swim into the fjords; they are then guided to the beaches to be harvested.  This then provides free food for the residents. 

According to the clowns they are in the Faroe Islands to stop this and boast while they are in the islands there has been no whaling.  One would think that is because the whales have not arrived in the fjords.  That is incorrect, no whaling because the authorities in the Faroe Islands have prohibited any whaling while Sea Shepherd is in the islands.

The reasoning is they want to deprive Sea Shepherd of bloody photographs and videos to be used by the floating circus as propaganda portraying the residents as barbaric.  Guess what?  That ship has sailed.  Anti-whaling groups already have those bloody photographs from past Grinds.  They were used to recruit their current clowns for their anti-whaling campaign.

Basically when Sea Shepherd boast they stopped whaling in the Faroe Islands, they are correct.  By prohibiting whaling the authorities in the Faroe Islands handed Sea Shepherd a victory.  It can be said Sea Shepherd’s 2014 anti-whaling campaign in the Faroe Islands is a success.        

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Some challenged Koreans obsessed with the Sea of Japan

Some challenged Koreans obsessed with the
 Sea of Japan

The body of water between Japan and the Korean peninsula is named the “Sea of Japan.”  Some revisionist in South Korea and in the U.S.A. of Korean heritage are determined to rename this body of water the “East Sea.”  It seems this is driven by hate for Japan and the word “Japan” is a major irritant to these dopes.  Can you say “Japan bashing?”

As part of their modus operandi these malcontents are once again dragging the USA into this nonsense which is pure Japan bashing.  Koreans have littered the USA with monuments, plaques, and a statue concerning the Comfort Women issue between Japan and the Koreans.  They seem to be using the United States as a stomping ground to promote Japan bashing. 

Not contented with soiling the USA with this form of Japan-bashing another venue has been established.  These Japan bashers placed a plaque in the Democrat county of Fairfax, Virginia.  Fairfax is outside Washington, DC.  Recently the state of Virginia approved a distortion in their textbooks.  The distortion claims the “Sea of Japan” is also known as “East Sea.”  Seems like the state of Virginia is enthusiastically supporting some Koreans in their Japan - bashing. 

Now let us compare this to Japanese behavior.  During World War Two a fierce battle took place on the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima.  Nearly 8,000 Americans and near 19,000 Japanese died in the battle for this island in 1945 (February, March).

The United States occupied the island up to 1968.  Was there any attempt to change the name of the island by the USA?  If fact there is a huge monument to the battle of Marines showing the raising of the USA flag on Mount Suribachi, outside Washington, DC.  On top of Mount Suribachi a monument was placed by the USA honoring the Americans who died in that battle.  When Japan regained ownership did they attempt to remove that monument?  No!  In fact the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the monument to pay his respects.

Their folks are the difference between insanity and sanity.           

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K.Kamiya & Saeko - Charity “Light of Life "

K.Kamiya & Saeko - Charity “Light of Life "

This is a project to assist those unfortunate children who were made orphans as a result of the 11 March 2011 earthquake / tsunami that was an historical earth / human event.  The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as it is referred to.

Money raised by the sale of this will go directly to helping these children.

Website links: (English) (Japanese)

Composed and produced by Keijiro Kamiya
Lyrics written and sung by Saeko Kitamae
Vocals produced by Lars Ratz
Mixed by Miquel A. Riutort in March 2012 at Psychosomatic Recording Studio, Inca, Spain
Mastered by Hay Zeelen in March 2012 at Hay Zeelen Mastering , Mallorca, Spain
Artwork designed by Hiroshi Okumura at Axis Media Station, Osaka, Japan