Sunday, July 27, 2014

Traveling Comfort Women statue

Comfort Women statue world tourist

Since many Koreans in the USA and South Korea seem like they will never give up trying to litter the USA with Comfort Women statues, why not join them?  There is an old American adage “If you can’t beat them, join them.”   

Why not help these ill-intention people spread the Comfort Women statue around the world?  A Styrofoam mockup of the hunk of junk (the Comfort Women state) was created to travel around Japan, parts of Europe, and possibly the USA.  Photographing it around or near notable tourist attractions. 

A subsequent video will announce details how this statue can be ordered / purchased to allow others to participate and enjoy this humor.

NOTE:  Understand this is not intended to mock or ridicule those women claiming victimhood.  This is being done to illustrate the ignorance and expose the evil intentions of those who exploit this issue to use as a vehicle to bash Japan (Japan bashing) and to exploit money from the Japanese.  

This idea was borrowed from the traveling gnome prank from the mid-1980s:

Link to Texas Daddy store:         

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