Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sea Shepherd surrendered to Japan

Sea Shepherd surrendered to Japan

On Sea Shepherd’s global web-page (see link below), Criminal Cosplay Watson wrote a commentary dated August 27, 2017 titled “The Whale Wars Continue.”  The criminal is hallucinating again.

In this rambling commentary he announced his cult group (Sea Shepherd) will no longer pursue the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.  Of course being an out of control extreme liberal unrepentant criminal he blames the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States.  How come he did not blame the Russians? 

In addition to blaming the nations mentioned, he offered the following worthless excuses:

-          Employing military surveillance.

-          They can easily avoid us

-          We could not physically close the gap

“Employing military surveillance:” The Japanese had this ability during previous whaling seasons and Sea Shepherd was not deterred by it.

“They can easily avoid us:” Really?  How come previous seasons their attempts to avoid Sea Shepherd was neutralized when Sea Shepherd employed their helicopter and fearsome drone?

“We could not physical close the gap:” This past whaling season Sea Shepherd did close the gap when they located the whaling fleet using their helicopter.  They even photographed the whaling factory ship. 

They found the whalers then immediately sailed to Australian waters leaving the Japanese whaling fleet to capture their whale quota.  What Sea Shepherd and Criminal Cosplay Watson are hiding is when they located the whaling fleet they observed a Japanese military presence.  That created fear in the cowards causing them to escape back to Australia.

What happened to their boasting “We will forfeit our lives to save a whale?”  Sure they are disposable and willing to forfeit their lives, but not willing to have their fifteen million dollar vessel the Ocean Warrior being captured.  That thought caused the bullies to sail away in fear and refusing to return.  

The Criminal wrote: “We need to formulate this new plan and we will.”  Yeah that new plan must include him wearing his cosplay costume and writing one of his fearsome poems. 

Of course criminal cosplay Watson ended with the usual bumper-sticker logic:

“….the Ocean dies and when the Ocean dies, we all die!”

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his surrender:
Paul Watson surrenders

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey who to blame

Hurricane Harvey who to blame?

Hurricane Harvey slamming into Texas, who to blame? Why of course blame President Trump. How long before the fake news media starts blaming Trump

New York honors a slaver

New York honors a slaver

The current hysteria in the USA by the liberals, leftists, and race baiters is a full assault on statues and names connected either directly or remotely to the Confederacy and / or slavery.

Remember that:  Now let us go back to the year 1633 AD in the United Kingdom.  This was the year King Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria gave birth to James Stuart.  Upon his birth his father the King designated him Duke of York.  Hence:  James Stuart Duke of York.   In 1683 he headed the Royal African Company, a slave trading company. 

In 1664 King Charles granted him the Dutch territory in the New World known as New Netherlands and New Amsterdam.  The Duke changed the names from New Netherlands to “New York” (current “New York State”), and New Amsterdam to current “New York City.”  

The name “York” in New York State and New York City pays honor and homage to a slaver.  His Royal African Company purchased slaves in Africa and transferred them across the Atlantic Ocean to North and South America.  In keeping with the current hysteria in the USA, the name “York” should be expunged from both the state and city which honors his name.  Can we have a little consistency among the lunatic fringe in the USA?   

James Stuart Duke of York, slaver:

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My friend Toshi’s new book

My friend Toshi’s new book
Over the past many years I have been blessed to have acquired many good friends in Japan.   Among these good people is a young lady named Toshiko Hasumi (Toshi). 

Toshi published a book a year or so ago consisting of her manga art and political thoughts.  She is an accomplish manga artist and now venturing into the political arena.  The thoughts in her book were conservative and this infuriated the liberals / leftists.  They attacked Toshi and her book causing a book signing to be canceled.  Did it hurt Toshi?  Of course not, she is tough and the publicity created by the liberals / leftists caused her book sales to soar.  Thank you liberals / leftists for your fear of free speech.

Toshi has another book about to be released on September 11, 2017.  There is a planned book release, book signing, and conference to be held on that date.  It will be in a section of Tokyo called Suginami Ward.  The councilman for that ward is a person named Kentaro Kaneko.  I am told he is a member of the Communist Party.  This person is objecting to Toshi’s yet to be released book calling it filled with hate speech and all the usual hate hurled at conservatives by his type.  Is he a soothsayer?   

Criticism of her book before it is released is an expression of ignorance, stupidity, and mental instability.  He is attempting to get the book signing / conference canceled because it is being held at a community building with his ward.      

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