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Comfort Women film expose

Comfort Women film expose

This is an expose (telling the truth) about the 1944 U.S. Army film discovered and released by the Seoul National University in South Korea.

In the early part of July a professor and his team at Seoul National University released an 18 minute film that made world-wide news.  It was a film they located at the United States National Archives outside Washington, DC in College Park.  They claimed the film supports their claim of Korean women held as sexual slaves, comfort women, by the Imperial Japanese Army. 

The film was made in 1944 in China by members of a U.S. Army Signal Corps unit attached to the Nationalist Chinese Army.  Shun and I reviewed the film and immediately realized there was something missing and their story lacked evidence as well many facts seem to be missing.  We agreed we would have to travel to the National Archives in the USA, College Park, again. 

It was a worthwhile trip as many miss-truths (lies and deliberate misleading) we uncovered.  The Seoul University team stated they researched the National Archives for two years.  Really?  We found out they were at the National Archives in 2015 and December, 2016 on two separated short trips, not a full two years as they alluded to. The team located the film in December, 2016 and released it to the public in early July, 2017.  Why did they hold on to it for over six months?  Could it be they held it because President Park was still in office and they wanted to impact the new president to resurrect the Comfort Women money and apology issue with Japan again?  The current President Moon assumed office in May, and two months later the film released.

When the film was released it was narrated with a voice placed this year, not in 1944 because the original film in 1944 was silent.  So how did they determine a silent film was of Korean Comfort Women?  Further into their narration they stated the women were “prisoners of war?”  Wait a minute if they were rescued by the Chinese Army from sexual slavery why were they classified as “prisoners of war.”  Very simple that is because they were aiding the enemy the Imperial Japanese Army.  Their own narration disproves their claim.  Could they be that stupid at the Seoul National University?  Apparently so.
The narrator claims the women had frightened looks on their faces.  That was the only truth in that narration because of course they were in fear, they were Chinese ladies caught by Chinese troops aiding the Imperial Japanese Army. 

How can I claim they were Chinese girls?  Very simple because the National Archives in their written description of the film states “Chinese girls.”  No mention of Koreans, sex slaves, or Comfort Women.  Also the 18 second film of these women was part of a ten minute film illustrating military activity in China.  They also released another film where they claim it was of Imperial Japanese Army soldiers gathering around a hotel and labeled “Japanese Army’s Sex Slavery Camp.”  This description conflicts with the U.S. Army’s description which described it as “Grand Hotel used by Japanese for Geisha girls.”  It is universally known “Geisha girls” are Japanese.  The U.S. Army’s description did not mention Korea girl, Chinese girls, Comfort Women, or sexual slavery.  Once again a fantasy by the Seoul National University team.

The label of Koreans or sex slaves or comfort women is totally made up by the team at Seoul National University, not by the U.S. Army or the National Archives in College Park, USA.  One again we located official U.S. documents disproving the lies coming off the Korean peninsula.  

I would like to say to that team at Seoul National University what a famous Japanese manga artist once told me: “You liar!”

I wonder where else Shun and I will travel to uncover more lies told by the promoters of Japan bashing on the peninsular west of the Sea of Japan.

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