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Brookhaven Comfort Women statue discussion

Brookhaven Comfort Women statue discussion

Comfort Women statue (Hunk of Junk) recently been placed in a public park in Brookhaven, Georgia.  While visiting the errant statue it was noticed to have the head adorned with bird poop.  In an attempt to protect the hunk of junk’s head from further bird poop, a paper bag was placed over it’s head.

Soon a lady walking by was critical of the paper bag to protect the statue’s head from bird poop.  In this video of the conversation the CNN logo was placed over the lady’s head to protect her privacy.  Also the CNN befitting to note fake news and a fake story about that hunk of junk.

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Comfort Women story from beyond eternity

WARNING:  Be careful what you place on the Internet and in emails as it will last beyond eternity.

The City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia on May 23rd, 2017 voted to place a Comfort Women statue / hunk of junk in one of their parks.  It was unveiled in a small city park on June 30th, 2017.

There was and seems to continue a bit of skullduggery going on with relation to this story.  The base for the state and/or the statue itself was in place in the park before the City Council approved.

After the unveiling ceremony the City Council announced the statue will be moved to a larger park.  They claim by doing so the statue / hunk of junk would enjoy greater public exposure.  What they left out was the true reason for the move.  The home owners association surrounding the first park threatened to file a lawsuit to remove the controversial statue / hunk of junk.  By moving the statue to another park they city is avoiding a law suit.

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