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Comfort Women statue will not stop talking

Comfort Women statue will not stop talking

Below is the script to this video.  The “Tony” portion may not be word-for-word due to a bit of adlibbing. 

Tony:  Hi, hi folks, allow me to introduce myself:  I am Tony Marano, and for years our team has been researching and exposing the truth on the Comfort Women issue.  According to documents located at the National Archives outside Washington, DC, by the US Army these women were “well paid” prostitutes.  Their service to the Japanese Imperial Army contributed to their war effort against the USA and the Allies.  Looking at this hunk of junk I have to question how anything looking like this could contribute to anyone’s effort.

Tony:  What are you thoughts about you littering this once beautiful park with your hunk of junk?

CW:  I was shocked to learn Brookhaven City Council was stupid enough to memorialize prostitutes.  Are American cities in the habit of promoting prostitution?

Tony:  Why is that?

CW:  I understand the city council approved the state after it was already placed in the park.  That is exactly what South Koreans did with my other statue across the street from the Japanese Consulate in Busan, South Korea.  In Busan it was the mobs in the streets who rule.  I guess here in Brookhaven not only does a statue talk, but so does money.

Tony:  How do you view yourself here in Brookhaven, and your other statue in Glendale, California?

CW:  I am happy we serve as a beacon for Korean prostitutes to come to the USA showing they are welcomed here in Brookhaven and in Glendale.   After all prostitutes are people who need work and we know America has a strong work ethic. 

Tony:  Can you explain that?

CW:  Recently South Korea outlawed prostitution after it was legal there since the beginning of time.  Then the USA relaxed the visa requirement for South Koreans entering the USA, so that plus the statues dedicated to them, they can come here and find work and be welcomed.  I wonder if Brookhaven next will legalize prostitution.

Tony:  Hmm, if they do I do not think “statueuality” will be legalized.  Besides being a beacon to South Korean prostitutes to come to the USA, is there anything else you and the other statue represent?

CW:  Oh yes.  It is amusing how both city councils fell for the phony theme of protecting all women who served as Comfort Women.  Yet the inscription only mentions Japan, while purposely omitting any mention of the Comfort Women South Korea create for the Americans and created in Vietnam.  It also ignores the Comfort Women from Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian women.  It is obvious of the Japan bashing theme. 

Tony:  How come both city councils fell for this trick?

CW:  They are filled with liberals and fell to the badgering from the sizeable Korean communities in their jurisdictions.  Plus since both city councils have male majorities the idea of attracting prostitutes in their communities appealed to them.

Tony:  Thank you for your time, I guess that concludes this interview.

CW:  Wait, before you leave, please place that paper bag over my head, after all we want to portray the realism of this hunk of junk statue.  Remember, it was the US Army’s 1944 report who wrote “She is not pretty either by Japanese or Caucasian standards.”

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