Monday, August 28, 2017

My friend Toshi’s new book

My friend Toshi’s new book
Over the past many years I have been blessed to have acquired many good friends in Japan.   Among these good people is a young lady named Toshiko Hasumi (Toshi). 

Toshi published a book a year or so ago consisting of her manga art and political thoughts.  She is an accomplish manga artist and now venturing into the political arena.  The thoughts in her book were conservative and this infuriated the liberals / leftists.  They attacked Toshi and her book causing a book signing to be canceled.  Did it hurt Toshi?  Of course not, she is tough and the publicity created by the liberals / leftists caused her book sales to soar.  Thank you liberals / leftists for your fear of free speech.

Toshi has another book about to be released on September 11, 2017.  There is a planned book release, book signing, and conference to be held on that date.  It will be in a section of Tokyo called Suginami Ward.  The councilman for that ward is a person named Kentaro Kaneko.  I am told he is a member of the Communist Party.  This person is objecting to Toshi’s yet to be released book calling it filled with hate speech and all the usual hate hurled at conservatives by his type.  Is he a soothsayer?   

Criticism of her book before it is released is an expression of ignorance, stupidity, and mental instability.  He is attempting to get the book signing / conference canceled because it is being held at a community building with his ward.      

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