Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congress rejects bailout bill a Pelosi failure or success?

On Monday, September 29th, 2008, the United States of America (USA) Congress, the House of Representatives, led by the majority Democratic Party, Speaker of the House Representative Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco, California) rejected the 700 billion dollar bailout bill.

The news media is trying to lay blame for this on the Republican Party. However the Democrats control the Congress. Which means had the Democrats wanted this legislation to pass, they could have easily passed it as they are in the majority. However the news media is once again telling lies to the American public to cover for their overlords in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats said they wanted an equal number of Republicans to support this bill as Democrats so the blame could be shared equally. If this bill was good for America why did the Democrats want Republicans to share in the blame? Also Mrs. Pelosi gave permission to those Democrats in heavily contest re-election campaigns they did not have to vote for this bill. That means Mrs. Pelosi knew this bill was not want the American public wanted. It also means Mrs. Pelosi did not want this bill to be passed. Then just before the vote was to take place, Speaker of the House, the Democratic Party partisan Nancy Pelosi gave a speech in the House re-rating the Republicans for the current financial situation. The Republicans sitting on the fence were then pushed over to the nay side by her speech. Also during the vote when Republicans realized 40 percent of Democrats were not voting for this, then why should they?

This legislation was doomed from the beginning, Mrs. Pelosi knew it, and she try to maneuver to lay the blame on the Republicans. To Mrs. Pelosi the failure of our economy was secondary to the blame game wining the upcoming elections. Mrs. Pelosi put the Democratic Party before the United States of America, with the news media goose-stepping behind her.

Over one trillion dollars were lost and the stock market plunged over 600 points after the failure of the vote. Then what did the House of Representatives do? They took two days off for a holiday. If this issue was so important for Congress to decide, then why did they take two days off?

The beauty here is those who voted against this bill, both Democrats and Republicans listened to the constituents back in their home districts. 80% of Americans did not like this bill. Americans did not embrace the socialism of this bill as they have faith in capitalism and the market place. Those business who made the bad business decision by writing questionable mortgage, need to assume the responsibility themselves and not use the federal government as a net. What is sad is the Democrats caused this in the President Carter and President Clinton (both Democrats) years. It was their administrations which forced the lending institutions to write bad loans. President Bush tried at least twelve times during the past eight years to get Congress to correct his situation, and the Democrats told him to get lost. Even when the Republicans were in control of the Congress the bums let the Democrats still run the joint.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Senate lifts the ban on oil drilling, an election year hoax

Well the bums in the United Sates Congress, the Senate voted 78 to 12, to lift the ban on off shore oil drilling in the Spending Bill. This was an election year hoax perpetrated by the majority party the Democrats, following by their willing dupes in the Republican Party.

The ban was lifted for the Pacific and Atlantic coast. However leaving in place the ban on off shore drilling in the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico, off the state of Florida. So while the USA oil firms are prohibited from drilling in this oil rich area, the Cubans are allowing the Communist Chinese to drill for this oil. Perhaps the Democrats in Congress did not want to deprive the Communist of their oil.

Lifting the ban on offshore drilling will only benefit the trail lawyers and not the average American trying to fill up the gas tank. The oil leases should be issued around the year 2011. Then the oil companies can drill once they overcome the obstacle of the legions of law suits to be filed by the trail lawyers on behalf of the environmentalist, anti-capitalist, greedy state politicians, and your everyday run of the mill nut. Meaning this ban will only benefit the trail lawyers as they stand to make millions on these law suits. The bums in the Senate could have passed legislation bundling all these lawsuits into one, but they did not. Because by doing so, it would have deprived their paid supporters in the trail lawyer associations. The Democrats knew lifting this ban as they did would not result in any oil drilling, but only serve to pull a hoax on the America people to make us think they heard our voices. What a joke! The only voices they hear are the special interest such as the far-left environmentalist and the trail lawyers.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debates, important or theater?

The first 2008 presidential debate was held in Mississippi, Friday, September 26th, 2008. The debates in current day America (United States of America) are rather insignificant. Their sole purpose is to provide headlines for the news media the next day in their game of gotcha. These debates also provide fodder for the talking heads on the Sunday morning talk shows and late night comedians. As for substance they are void of it. Most voters already know whom they vote for with or without these worthless debates.

At one time the debates were moderated by the League of Women Voters (LWV). However somehow the LWV were muscled out of the debates and replaced by the bias news media. These debates try to take on the importance of the Lincoln Douglas debates in 1858, but fail. They look for the well deliver one liners of the Ronald Reagan debates, however providing another failure.

Those who claim they will decide whom they will vote for based on the debates are only putting on a fa├žade as to try to lend legitimacy to their claim they are rational and deep thinkers concerning the election. However this is an important election for all voting age Americans. Please make sure to vote if you are eligible to vote.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Battle Cry of Freedom

The music / song used at the end and beginning most of this channels recent videos is titled, Battle Cry of Freedom, written by American composer George F. Root. It was written in 1862, during the American Civil War (1861 -1865). The song was written for the Union, the north (blue uniforms), President Abraham Lincolns Army of the Potomac. The song was popular throughout the Union, and President Lincoln used it as his campaign song during his re-election campaign of 1864.

The Confederacy (the South, grey uniforms), liked the music but not the lyrics. The lyrics were changed for the South to adjust to the Southern cause.

The song is played here in its entirety as a result of numerous comments and messages received inquiring about this musi

Saturday, September 20, 2008

China tainted food continues

Japanese Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Seiichi Ota submitted his resignation to Japans Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, because of contaminated rice found in rice balls. The rice was imported from China, the nation known for its exports of tainted food.

The Chinese are not immune to tainted food. Here to for, it was thought the commies in China reserved the tainted food for export only. A scandal has rocked China over tainted milk produced and sold in China resulting in the deaths of some babies in China.

According to a European Commission:

-Half of all dangerous goods seized in Europe in 2007 came from China.
-Last year China found two companies guilty of intentionally exporting contaminated pet food.
-US authorities last year gave warning that monkfish imported from China may be puffer fish, containing a potentially deadly toxin.
-In 2005 Sudan 1, a carcinogenic food coloring, was found in Chinese branches of KFC.
-In January a survey found almost two thirds of Chinese people were worried about food safety.

Also, China was caught exporting dried apples preserved in a cancer causing substance in 2007.

Early in 2008 the bums in the United States Congress passed limited legislation requiring as of October 1st, 2008, the following foods must be labeled as to their country of origin: beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, goat, wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish, perishable fruit and vegetables, peanuts, pecans, ginseng and macadamia nuts.

This law does not go far enough, however it is a first step for a Congress who has no regard for the safety of the U.S. consumer, and total loyalty to the importers who line their worthless pockets.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Russell Brand, Euro-Trash? You decide

American entertainment industry. At the event was a person from the United Kingdom, Russell Brand. In an attempt to please the people in the audience, he insulted and degraded our American president, President Bush. Here is this non-citizen, a foreigner, fortunate enough to be allowed in invest the USA upon his arrival, had no problem showing disrespect to the very nation that allowed him to slither within our borders.

This thing is so typical of those in Europe who are Euro-trash. They find it amusing to bash our president for their enjoyment. This is equivalent to siblings in a family poking fun at one another. Which is fine because it is within the family. However let the family next door join in poking fun at the sibling, then the family unites and finds fault with the rudeness of that family next door. This person from the United Kingdom was in violation of this spirit. You Euro-trash need to shudda you face.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Obamas McCain ad

One September 11th, 2008 the Obama Campaign posted and/or aired a commercial critical of Senator John McCain in reference to McCains age. In t he commercial it is mentioned Senator McCain does not know how to use the Internet or send an email. The blogosphere went buzzing with criticism concerning the insensitivity of this commercial by the Obama campaign.

Then on September 14th, 2008 The Boston Globe issued an article in an attempt to provide cover for the Obama Campaign. This article written by Bryan Bender of The Boston Globe, writes in part,

..including stories several years ago in the Boston Globe and Slate.com that indicated injuries McCain sustained when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam prevent him from using a keyboard.

The key word in the article was indicated. That Boston Globe article written several years ago, appeared in The Boston Globe on March 4th, 2000, written by Mary Leonard. Here is in part what Ms. Leonard wrote in that article,

McCains severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.

Did you read anything in the above 2000 article which gave the impression of indicated? This is an example of the news media providing cover for the insensitivity in the Obama Campaign and the stupidly of The Boston Globe.

Both candidates have a YouTube channel. The commercial mentioned in this video by
Obama is titled Still Ad, and appears on his YouTube page:


As of around 2 PM on September 15, 2008, that video received around 274,243 viewers. Only 5 comments were posted, all of which are complementary to the candidate. Meaning the Stalinist on the Obama campaign staff are performing censorship as they can not handle decision. Are these the people you want to see in our next administration?

While at the McCain YouTube channel:


As of around 2 PM on September 15, 2008, a video posted on September 7th, 2008, titled Original Mavericks, received around 272,217 viewers. This video with about 3,851 comments, many of which are derogatory towards Senator McCains campaign. Meaning the McCain staff did not engage in wholesale censorship and believes in free speech. Now you decide who you would vote for. The man who hires on his staff Stalinist, or the man who hires on his staff who believe in free speech

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jon Voight blacklisted by the Stalinist in Hollywood

On July 28th, 2008, the newspaper The Washington Times published a column titled, My Concerns for America, written by Oscar award winning actor Jon Voight. In this column Mr. Voight expressed concerns about Senator Barack Obama being the Democratic Partys nomine for president of these here United States of America. He continues to write about the Marxist propaganda underlying the so-called movement of the Vietnam War era.

The column outlines the weakness of Senator Obama, and the questionable character and patriotism of the people Mr. Obama has decide to associate with. In essence the column of a condemnation of Senator Obamas ideology. This column infuriate they pervert thespians in Hollywood as it ran counter to their Stalinist ideology.

Back in the 1950s there was a Senator from Wisconsin, Senator Joseph McCarthy who headed hearings to root out and expose the Communist who infiltrated Hollywood. As a result of his hearings many thespians were black listed and unable to get work in the movie industry. Some years later Hollywood expressed its indignation over such a list and said actors of all political views should be permitted to work in perverted Hollywood. So now that the left leaning Communist thespians are now in control of Hollywood, and there is no Senator Joe McCarthy in our spineless, worthless Congress, they are now black listing conservative, patriotic Americans such as Jon Voight. The bum pervert thespians want to be free to express impose their far left politics on the rest of the nation and offer a perverted view of American society to the rest of the world. However refuse to allow alternate views and opinions.

As a result Mr. Jon Voight is being ostracized and shunned by the perverts in Hollywood.
This hypocrisy is so typical of liberalism which is a mental disorder.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Earth First, last in rationality

In the woods of the state of North Carolina members of an extreme environmental group gathered to mourn the death of a fallen tree. Their behavior illustrates the mental disorder known as liberalism. Where is this emotion when a carrot is uprooted to feed the face of careless human? These mourners are an excellent example that the United States of America is too affluent. Too affluent to where some people can concern themselves emotionally over the downing of a tree. Many people in the USA and around the world concern themselves with their daily existence, while these children of the uber rich lament the harvesting of a crop, a tree. If liberals ever employed rationality to their thinking, liberalism would be eradicated.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Japanese pride and patriotism

Many people in Japan have expressed concern over the lack of pride and patriotism in their nation. This video is about urging people in Japan to show their patriotism. Many people throughout the world express patriotism for their nation, even that Olympian from Somalia. People in Japan sent messages stating patriotism is frowned upon as it is associated with far right and far leftist groups. It is not taught in the schools as indicated from these good people who sent the messages. Also stated if one shows pride, they are reprimanded and associated with one of those fringe groups. That is a shocking and confusing. Understandably some of it has its roots to trying to make sure the militarism of the last century does not resurface, but enough is enough. That militarism was only about 50 years long of a blemish Japanese history out of a history of over five centuries. Almost all nations have blemishes in their history if not longer; yet take pride in their nation. Look at the USA, slavery for about 83 years, blacks treated as 2nd and 3rd class citizens for about 100 years, treaties broken and land stolen from Native Americans for about 100 years. Yet many Americans are all extremely patriotic of their nation, including blacks and Native Americans. So why do the people of Japan have to deprive themselves of this same pride? Japan is a tiny country, limited land, almost no natural resources, and your nation was devastated 60 years ago, and with all that, you have the number two economy in the world! Wow, that in itself deserves pride, because that was accomplished by the people, not by a wealth of natural resources or enormous land mass.

The futures of the USA and Japan seem to be linked in prosperity and friendship. Now why not both nations exhibit a healthy pride of their homelands equal to the others?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9/11 jumpers disturbing while Afghan civilian deaths are not

On the day of September 11th, 2001 America saw the raw footage of the horror taking place in lower Manhattan, the World Trade Center, as it was being aired live. Since that day the American news media has refused to show video of 9/11 their excuse being the videos are too disturbing.

However on the television shows we constantly are being shown cadavers on the cold steel slabs in the coroner's office. In most cases the bodies mutilated or in various stages of an autopsy. Sure the scenes are staged, however we know how good Hollywood is in making the "staged" look all too scary real.

On September 8th, 2008, the NBC evening news with script reader Brian Williams was discussing a recent event in Afghanistan. NATO and/or American troops are being accused of accidently bombing innocent civilians. NBC and Brian Williams had no objection to air the footage of those deaths. Brian did issue a warning stating the video about to be shown of Afghan civilian deaths is disturbing. It is okay to show disturbing video when allegedly American soldiers kill civilians. However when the terrorist intentionally murder Americans the American news media refuses to air video incriminating to the terrorist.

The news media in America call themselves "the 4th estate." When in actuality they are "fifth columnist," out to destroy the nation of their birth, the United States of America (USA). Face it folks, the news media in the United States has been infiltrated and taken over by America-haters.

NBC's role is to make Americans hate America, while CNN's role is to make the rest of the world hate America.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Metro Hotel in Woking, Surrey, UK, disrespects a hero

Active duty solider in the army of the United Kingdom, Corporal Tomos Stringer, age 24, in the service since age 16. This solider served for his country in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Recently a comrade of his died in action. Corporal went to Woking, Surrey, a suburb of London, the help with the funeral arrangements. The corporal with his wrist in a caste from a war injury, in civilian clothes enters the Metro Hotel in Woking, Surrey to rent a room for the night. The hotel clerk asked for identification. Mr. Stringer took out of his wallet his military i.d. The clerk saw the military i.d. and refused to rent a room to the corporal stating, "company policy not to accept members of the Armed Forces as guest.'

The corporal with cast on his wrist had to spend the night in his small two-door car.

Corporal Stringer's mother criticized the hotel and stated, "Soldiers in America are treated like heroes and get applauded everywhere they go, but our boys are being treated like scum."

She added: "In America, they treat soldiers as heroes. We went to Disney World with Tomos and the whole family was moved to the front of the lines. Everybody was standing up and clapping and cheering. Here, soldiers can't even get a bed for the night."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yankee go home, or damn Yankee go home!

The day after the end of the 2008 Republican Party National Convention, The Dallas Morning News published an article titled, "Winners and Losers." Basically the article was about what that newspaper felt were the pluses and minuses of the Republican convention. One of the "losers," or minuses was concerning the Texas delegation. This delegation was noticeable by their haberdashery selection. They all wore the same style, same color cowboy hats. Here is what The Dallas Morning News wrote:

The unquestioned champion of overused metaphors was "Republican hats" and "American hats." And then, of course, Texans had to have theirs bigger and better than everyone else's. Enough already."

How is it a newspaper in Texas does not like what is a Texan icon and historical and current attire for Texans? If the truth be known the person who wrote that article is a "damn Yankee." See, people around the world call all Americans, "Yankees." While in the United States that term is reserved for those Americans originated from the Northeast of the United States (USA). The term originated as a name for Connecticut businessmen who were considered frugal in their business dealings, which also happens to be part of the "New England" region of the United States. During The War Between the States, The Civil War, the term "Yankee" came to be used in reference to all people in the Union, the North. However a "damn Yankee," is one who moves from the Northeast to the South, and does not go back to the North. Willing to bet the author of the criticism in that article of Texans was one of them dar "damn Yankees."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, historic?

Democratic Senator Joe Biden was nominated at the Democratic Party Convention on a Wednesday to be Senator Barack Obama's running mate as the candidate for Vice President. The following Thursday morning news papers all across the United States of America (USA) headline it as an historic event. Historic event? What was so historic about his nomination to run as vice president? He has about nine more years in Congress than Senator John McCain, and Senator Biden fits the demographic vice president nominees have come from both political parties since 1787. Now that next day on Thursday, when Senator Barack Obama accepted the nomination that was a historic event worthy of being reported in the Friday newspapers.

On another Wednesday, Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was nominated at the Republican Party Convention to be Senator John McCain's running mate as the candidate for Vice President. Now this was truly an historic event as it was the first time in Republican history a female has been nominated for this position. The following Thursday morning only a few newspapers across America headlined it as "historic." About half of the remaining newspapers headlined with a near critic statement, while the other half were complimentary.

The point being how the news media in the United States is in the hip pocket of the Democratic Party. The Republicans come this election not only have to beat the Democrats, but also the shameless news media.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin, the attack by the media

The American news media is in full attack mode on behalf of their overlords, the Democratic Party. The news media has as their mission to destroy Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Mrs. Palin has the nerve to have the highest approval rating at 80% of any current elected politician in all of America. While the Democratic Party control Congress has an approval rating of around 8%.

Mrs. Palin violated the religion of Atheism as practiced by extreme liberals in America. On their sacrificial alter they demand the corps of aborted babies. Mrs. Palin violated their religion by giving birth to her Down syndrome child instead of having an abortion. Then to add to that, Governor Palin's daughter who is not married, has decided to give birth to her child, rather than satisfy the abortion alter of liberalism. The feminist demand abortion be legal to allow a woman "choice." However if a woman exercises that "choice" to give birth, it then becomes an unwelcomed "choice" by extreme liberal feminist. Proving that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Republicans and conservatives appreciate this attack upon Governor Palin and her family. Each attack energizes the Republican base. The news media has not been on such an attack since Republican President Richard Nixon, and Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Governor Palin refers to herself as a hockey mom and recently asked, "What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Answer: lipstick.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin, the person

The bias Democratically controlled news media in these here United States of America (USA) is now operating in full attack mode on Governor Sarah Palin, the vice president hopeful running mate of Republican Senator John McCain. The news media questions Governor Palin's ability to perform the job while she has a family and an infant. However this same media did not question the ability of President John F. Kennedy, President Jimmy Carter, and President Bill Clinton, all who had children while in The White House. Nor did they question when Senator Joe Biden currently running as Senator Barack Obama's running mate, when Biden became senator, he was a single parent. The difference is per the news media, it is okay for men to have families and executive positions, while it is not okay for a woman to do the same.

This same slanted and bias news media is trying to expose or create scandal for one of Governor Palin's children who is in a family way. However the news media when told by the Clinton during the Clinton years in The White House that children are off limits were off limits. However this situation is different because now it is a Republican child, and Republican children are fair game to be attacked by the bias and slanted news media. Which proves further that liberalism is a mental disorder (just had to get that in).

The beauty of all this criticism is, the more that pours out from the media concerning Governor Sarah Palin, the stronger her support becomes and the wide her base grows. It is because of this type of news media behavior we will most likely see a McCain Palin victory come this November. Thanks news media!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin, The Politics

Republican Party presidential candidate Senator John McCain selected the Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to run as his running mate for Vice President. The news media is speculating this was done to possibly get cross-over votes from disenchanted Hillary Clinton voters. People who are still upset with the Democratic Party because Senator Barack Obama selected Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate, instead of Senator Hillary Clinton.

A more accurate analysis would have determined those who would vote for Hillary are Democrat loyalist who would not switch and vote for any Republican candidate. The selection of Governor Sarah Palin was not to win over these Hillary voters, but more to shore up Senator McCain's conservative credentials. Senator John McCain is seen by Republicans and conservatives as being weak on conservative issues. This selection of Governor Sarah Palin enhanced the conservative values of the Republican Party ticket.