Sunday, September 28, 2008

Senate lifts the ban on oil drilling, an election year hoax

Well the bums in the United Sates Congress, the Senate voted 78 to 12, to lift the ban on off shore oil drilling in the Spending Bill. This was an election year hoax perpetrated by the majority party the Democrats, following by their willing dupes in the Republican Party.

The ban was lifted for the Pacific and Atlantic coast. However leaving in place the ban on off shore drilling in the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico, off the state of Florida. So while the USA oil firms are prohibited from drilling in this oil rich area, the Cubans are allowing the Communist Chinese to drill for this oil. Perhaps the Democrats in Congress did not want to deprive the Communist of their oil.

Lifting the ban on offshore drilling will only benefit the trail lawyers and not the average American trying to fill up the gas tank. The oil leases should be issued around the year 2011. Then the oil companies can drill once they overcome the obstacle of the legions of law suits to be filed by the trail lawyers on behalf of the environmentalist, anti-capitalist, greedy state politicians, and your everyday run of the mill nut. Meaning this ban will only benefit the trail lawyers as they stand to make millions on these law suits. The bums in the Senate could have passed legislation bundling all these lawsuits into one, but they did not. Because by doing so, it would have deprived their paid supporters in the trail lawyer associations. The Democrats knew lifting this ban as they did would not result in any oil drilling, but only serve to pull a hoax on the America people to make us think they heard our voices. What a joke! The only voices they hear are the special interest such as the far-left environmentalist and the trail lawyers.

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