Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9/11 jumpers disturbing while Afghan civilian deaths are not

On the day of September 11th, 2001 America saw the raw footage of the horror taking place in lower Manhattan, the World Trade Center, as it was being aired live. Since that day the American news media has refused to show video of 9/11 their excuse being the videos are too disturbing.

However on the television shows we constantly are being shown cadavers on the cold steel slabs in the coroner's office. In most cases the bodies mutilated or in various stages of an autopsy. Sure the scenes are staged, however we know how good Hollywood is in making the "staged" look all too scary real.

On September 8th, 2008, the NBC evening news with script reader Brian Williams was discussing a recent event in Afghanistan. NATO and/or American troops are being accused of accidently bombing innocent civilians. NBC and Brian Williams had no objection to air the footage of those deaths. Brian did issue a warning stating the video about to be shown of Afghan civilian deaths is disturbing. It is okay to show disturbing video when allegedly American soldiers kill civilians. However when the terrorist intentionally murder Americans the American news media refuses to air video incriminating to the terrorist.

The news media in America call themselves "the 4th estate." When in actuality they are "fifth columnist," out to destroy the nation of their birth, the United States of America (USA). Face it folks, the news media in the United States has been infiltrated and taken over by America-haters.

NBC's role is to make Americans hate America, while CNN's role is to make the rest of the world hate America.

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