Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sea Shepherd, CITES, and Sharks

Sea Shepherd, CITES, and Sharks

Recently CITES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, voted to extend protection to many sharks.  The news article in reference to this new CITES protection read:

”Ultimately the effectiveness of the measures depends on whether national governments enforce them because CITES has no enforcement mechanism of its own.”

Huh?  Where is Sea Shepherd protector of the seas?  Now that Sea Shepherd finished harassing the fishermen of Taiji, Japan, and Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean, they can now help enforce this new protection for sharks by CITES.

Remember when Sea Shepherd harasses the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean they claim they are enforcing international and Australian laws.  Can we expect to see Sea Shepherd in Mexican and Chinese waters enforcing CITES new protections for the sharks?

Not on your life!  Theses spoiled trust fund babies only go after passive people and fear any opposition.  Bullies act as bullies when there is no resistance, thus we find these trust-fund bullies in Taiji, Japan and the Southern Ocean acting bold and brave against a passive people.  How about some of this bravado in Chinese and Mexican waters? 

When the Japanese harvest dolphins and whales they use the whole product for some type of food production.  When the Mexican and Chinese fishermen capture sharks for their fins, they cut the fins off and dump the live shark back in the ocean alive to sink to the bottom unable to swim.  There the shark dies a slow, miserable death.  This will continue because the self-proclaim protectors of the seas are scared to sail into Mexican and Chinese waters.  Cowards!       

Why not ask Cove Guardian Melissa the animal communicator to help?

Part of Sea Shepherd’s mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Perhaps they should include in the mission statement: 
“This mission statement excludes sharks in Mexican and Chinese fishing waters.”

Article referenced in this video:

New York Times article on sharks being killed just for their fins, mainly in Chinese and Mexican waters:

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South Korea cyber attacked

South Korea cyber attacked

Recently South Koreans computers were the victim of a massive cyber-attack.  This attack hit three major television networks and three major banks totaling around 32,000 computers.

At first the commies in North Korea were thought to have originated the attack.  Later it was blamed on the commies in red-China.  Thinking it was North Korean commies or Chinese commies were not unrealistic as both nations have launched cyber-attacks previously.

Now the South Koreans offered an “Oops.”  They now say tracing the IP address the attacks came from three countries in Europe and the USA.  Huh?  How come they named the USA and not the three countries in Europe?  Perhaps they should have said, “One country in North America and three countries in Europe.”

Why single out the USA by name?  Could it be the South Korean way of saying “thank you” for maintaining 28,500 American troops on the Korean peninsula ready to protect South Korea?  Or could it be the South Koreans could not identify the three countries in Europe, only knowing it came from three separate locations in Europe?  감사합니다

Articles in reference to the “Oops” and cyber-attacks:

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marriage Equality exploited by liberals in the USA

Same Sex marriage exploited by
liberals in the USA

The liberals in the USA are exploiting the same-sex marriage issue to advance their hideous agenda.  By extension they are also exploiting homosexual couples in the USA.

Once same-sex marriage becomes legal in all fifty states, the liberals then continue because once they attain a goal they never stop.  The liberals will then get a same-sex couple to approach a Catholic priest to perform a wedding ceremony.  Once declined the liberals will then move to have the Catholic priest’s ability to perform a legal wedding / marriage.  Meaning the Catholic couple who gets married in church will not be legal; they must also have a civil wedding.

Once the liberals succeed in marginalizing the Roman Catholic Church in the USA, they will then move to finish off the remaining Christians, the Protestants. 

To achieve the liberal greater goal of total degradation of America they started by renaming “same-sex marriage,” to “marriage equality.”  Who in America can be against anything with “equality” in it?  When “marriage equality” is law throughout the USA how can one stop a parent from marrying one of their children?  What about one sibling marrying another?  How about the fifty year-old pervert wanting to marry a nine-year old?  Remember “marriage equality.” 

Then you have those depraved people who copulate with animals.  See there is a movement to afford animals “human rights.”  Once that is accomplished then comes “marriage equality” where the pervert can marry the abused animal.

The liberals in the USA main and only goal is the total destruction of the country and will exploit any human emotion or abused animal to achieve their reachable goal.  They are a sick bunch we must challenge daily. 

Saying “yes” to these bums once means you will have to continue to say “yes” to them.  Stop it now with a loud resounding “NO.”

Apes / human rights:

Legal rights for animals:

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Save the sea lions petition

The save the sea lions drones (Sea Shepherd’s “Dam Guardians”) started a petition to halt the “hazing” of sea lions  which begins with:

“We, the compassionate residents of Oregon”

As of this writing they have 367 of the 400 signatures required.  One problem:  Out of the 367 signatures only 12 are “compassionate residents of Oregon.”  The other 355 are from all parts of the globe who are meaningless to the Oregon State authorities / elected officals.

Here is the link to the petition site:

YouTube uploading issue

YouTube uploading issue

Recently many uploaded videos on YouTube uploaded with an incorrect aspect ratio leaving the video with two black bars / boxes on the left and right.  The video with an aspect ratio of 16:9 uploaded with an aspect ratio of 4:3. 

Below is a screen shot of a video with an aspect ratio of 16:9

YouTube upload with correct aspect ratio 16:9
Below is a screen shot of a video after it uploaded with the wrong aspect ratio of 4:3

YouTube upload with incorrect aspect ratio of 4:3
After YouTube received many complaints they issued a fix.  The fix was not a fix but a broke.  Instead of the black bars on the left and right, they now appear on the top and bottom.

Here is the YouTube fix (broke):

YouTube upload with who-knows-what or why

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sea Shepherd what about the sharks?

Sea Shepherd, what about the sharks?

Sharks are being put to slow deaths at an alarming rate for their fins in Mexican and Chinese waters according to The New York Times.  Where is Sea Shepherd in these waters to protect the oceans top predator?    
Part of Sea Shepherd’s mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.”

Perhaps they should include in the mission statement: 

“This mission statement excludes sharks in Mexican and Chinese fishing waters.”

Shark fins
The New York Times article:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sea Shepherd "Dam Guardians"

Sea Shepherd living large
hurting the environment

Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians on the Columbia River, USA 
UPDATE:  The RV was parked on Army Corps property and searched by authorities.  Later it was reported the inside of the RV looked like a flop house.  No surprise there!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

USA & Canada politically correct

USA & Canada politically correct

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, the city of Saskatoon, their city buses this past Christmas fell to the tyranny of one.  The buses scrolled across the top in the front “Merry Christmas.”  One person found it offensive and filed a complaint.  The city is reviewing the policy and the complaint is now in front of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. 

Saskatoon with a population of over two-hundred thousand must fall to the tyranny of one.  Thank you political correctness.

Further south in the United States of America, the state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest, the city of Seattle.  A child in an elementary school wanted to hold an Easter egg hunt.  The school said okay; however the Easter Eggs must be renamed “Spring Spheres.” 

Political correctness has expunged the United States Constitution by improperly enforcing the hallucinated doctrine of “separation of church and state” by bastardizing the First Amendment.  The public schools teach the portion of the First Amendment in reference to religion as being:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” 

When in fact they eliminate the full reading of the portion which is:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

When a student is prohibited from calling an Easter egg an Easter egg that violated “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  If a teacher said it must be called an “Easter egg,” that violated “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Welcome to the politically correct United States and Canada, eh.

Articles about “Merry Christmas” in Canada:

Article about the East Eggs (Spring Spheres) in the United States:

News report on “Spring Spheres:”

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Bullet review

Music Bullet review

This is a review for the product as advertised on television, “Music Bullet.”  The one in this video was purchased at Walgreens for fewer than fifteen dollars. 

Product used on a Toshiba laptop model Satellite C655.  Music Bullet is advertised to work with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. 

Music Bullet worked and performed good enough to be recommended. 

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Cove Guardians leave Taiji, Japan

Cove Guardians leave Taiji, Japan

There were anywhere from twenty to thirty of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan infesting the area with fleas, tics, lice, bed bugs, and yeast infections.  This infestation was being done hidden behind their stated goal of stopping the dolphin activity in Taiji.  They claim by videoing and photographing what happens to the dolphins it would bring world-wide condemnation upon Taiji and Japan hoping to translate that into a money loss for both. 

The 20 or 30 Cove Guardians were there doing the work 2 or 3 can accomplish.  So with 20 or 30 of them there, they were dropping a lot of money into the local economy:  car rental, gasoline, hotel rooms, and food.  All this was rather expensive for 2 or 3 however now multiply the cost by 20 to 30. 

What is interesting is this year there were more Cove Guardians in Taiji than in years past and also more captured dolphins than in years past.  Huh?  How is that? 

The save the dolphin thugs moan Taiji should stop their dolphin activity and instead promote a dolphin watching tourist industry.  Guess what?  Taiji already has a vibrant dolphin watching tourist industry with 20 to 30 Cove Guardians standing at the water’s edge, arms crossed, watching the dolphins.  Taiji made plenty of money off the Cove Guardians while making plenty of money from the bountiful dolphin harvest.  The good people of Taiji are enjoying the best of both.  Can we say thanks to the Cove Guardians?  Or how about thanks to one particular Cove Guardian?

Cove Guardian Melissa on her Facebook page claims to be an animal communicator (see link below).  Could it be the bountiful dolphin harvest was due to dolphins from all over the Pacific Ocean swimming to Taiji to hear what Melissa has to communicate to them? 

Could it be Melissa was calling them to Taiji so they can be captured, and Sea Shepherd / Cove Guardians can get graphic, dramatic videos, live-stream, and photographs aimed to tug at the hearts and wallets of emotional wrecks around the world?

In either case the bountiful dolphin capture has to be related to this animal communicator.  How come she did not communicate to the dolphins to swim away from Taiji, or when once caught to jump over the nets?  Simple answer: No dolphins in Taiji meant no dramatic video and photographs which means no money from suckers around the worlds.         

While the cowards were in Taiji they took two joy rides masquerading as following dolphin trucks to see where they end up.  They followed the first trust to Tokyo about eight hours then claimed they lost the truck in Tokyo.  Then they followed another truck to Osaka about three and a half hours then claimed they were blocked by police.  Basically they were joy rides at $16.00 a gallon for gasoline.

All the Cove Guardians left Taiji in early March at the end of the dolphin season.  Then on March 7, Melissa the animal communicator with a male companion left Taiji and went to Nagano, Japan around an eight hour drive.

They live-stream what takes place in Taiji:

There you can view the Cove Guardians behaving with a smug, self-righteous attitude alluding to they are superior to the people of Japan.  The narrator on the live-stream can be heard bemoaning synthetic sympathy for the plight of the dolphins.

The Cove Guardians also post photographs on their Facebook page:

On their Facebook page you can read the pretend pain and suffering these foreigners experience while documenting for the world the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan.  Their posted descriptions of these photographs are followed by comments of pain and torment, sprinkled with pure hate by their memorized supporters.

On Melissa’s Facebook page she announces she is a:

 “Professional Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, able to bridge the gap of communications between Humans and Animals and the Living and Deceased.”   

Melissa the animal communicators Facebook page:!/MelissaSehgal/info

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Obama's drones

Obama drones kill Americans okay
United States Attorney General Eric Holder of the Obama administration recently claimed it is legal for the Obama Regime to use drones in the United States to kill American citizens without due process.

With this announcement and clear violation of the United States Constitution there was virtual silence from the American bias compliant news media, the perverts in Hollywood, academia, and liberals. 

Some years ago these same people when President Bush was in office with the Patriot Act they were literally screaming the loss of liberties.  President Bush wanted the government to listen to overseas telephone calls to known terrorist and they cried.  President Bush wanted to track bank transactions from Americans to overseas terrorist groups and once again they complained and moaned over the imagined loss of liberties. 

Yet with the Obama Administration stating they have the legal authority to murder Americans in America and all you can hear from liberals and the left are the sounds of crickets.  American liberals riddled with hypocrisy and inconsistency.  

Related news article:

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Redneck Fishing

Redneck fishing
This video follows two people with their fishing technique, called redneck fishing.  They take store-bought cans of any type of gravy.  Then poke the cans with holes and toss into the lake.  The gravy seeps out attracting fish and making it easy to catch. 

Other parts of the country it is known as “chumming.”  Note the two did not having fishing poles as the actual fishing to be done at a later date.  The activity in this video was in preparation for the future fishing date.    

Videoed in Texas.

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Balkanized America

Balkanized America

This church should become a tourist attraction for those wishing to see the payoff of years of diversity indoctrination in the USA (United States of America).  At one time students were taught that America was a melting pot.  Meaning people from all over the planet (earth) came to the USA, brought their cultures and melted in America contributing to the richness of the combined culture forming one culture, the American culture.

Then about 40 years ago the extreme liberals along with the political correct crowd in their desire to eliminate the USA from being a prominent nation, forced a concept called diversity into our public schools, academia, corporate America, and the pervert thespians in Hollywood.  Their desire was to eliminate the melting pot and create a Balkanized America, a divided America.  An American where our oneness was no longer celebrated, but that which divides us, our ethnic heritage was to be paramount.

The Balkans is a region in Eastern Europe where the identity is not with the nation / state, as the borders in that region of the world are fluid.  They change about every 30 or 50 years, thus eliminating any allegiance to a nation that may not exist in the near future.  Thus their identity / allegiance lies with their ethnic identity as that remains a constant.

This concept disguised as diversity in the USA attempts to do the same, keep the USA divided and have Americans not loyal to the nation, but to their ethnic identity.  Resulting in English being a second language in the USA as in most parts of the world.  Americans are not Americans, but as members of distinct ethnic groups separated from one another with nothing in common as preached by the devotees of diversity. 

We are not hyphenated Americans, we are Americans, one nation, one language, and part of a history eliminated.   God help America!    

Video explaining the Balkans:

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Dead pigs in drinking water

Dead pigs in drinking water

Shanghai, China:  2,813 dead pigs were dumped in the river.  The commie authorities told the people the water is still safe to drink.  The commie authorities said the pigs had a disease called porcine circovirus and does not affect humans or other livestock. 

Never mind that, there were still 2,813 dead pigs in the water so how could the water be safe?  Remember this is a nation with the number two economy in the world with dead pigs in the drinking water they claim is safe.  Are they nuts?   

Related news article:

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Pop Tart school suspension

Pop Tart school suspension

A seven-year old attending the Park Elementary School in Maryland accused of fashioning a pop-tart into a handgun.  For this simulated violent transgression the child was suspended for two days. 

To compile this politically correct incorrect overreaction the school sent letters to school parents advising an incident at school may have upset the children.  To resolve any issues the children may have after seeing a pop-tart the school will have counselors available for the disturbed students. 

Providing counselors is an insidious act of subterfuge masquerading as concern to train the children to seek refuge not with family or clergy but with professional counselors.  Thus training the children into adulthood to rely on strangers for comfort as oppose to family and clergy.      

It took forty years of political correctness and hijacking of popular culture, academia, public schools, and the news media to get the USA were it is now where such ignorance is the norm.  It will take another forty-years to regain sanity back to the culture in the USA, if that road to travel starts today. 

Proposed legislation: Senate Bill 1058, introduced by State Senator J. B. Jennings, “The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013, as labeled by the conservative website The Daily Caller “Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act.”

Student suspended for pop-tart gun:

Pending legislation to prevent indoctrinators (teachers) from acting this stupid again in our re-education camps (public schools):

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Sea Shepherd's "Dam Guardians"

Sea Shepherd “Dam Guardians”

Sea Shepherd was unsuccessful in the Southern Ocean and a failure in Taiji, Japan.  Now they are starting another campaign against the Native Americans in the United States.
On the Columbia River between the states of Washington, and Oregon there are a series of dams.  The first dam before reaching the ocean is the Bonneville Dam.  There are water steps at this dam for the salmon to swim up to mate / spawn further upriver. 

At the bottom of the dam by the steps sea lions have arrived to eat the salmon.  These sea lions are causing a problem in the salmon reproduction cycle and harming the livelihood of the Native Americans further upriver.

The United States government, the states of Oregon, Washington, and a Federal Court of authorized, and approved the eliminating a certain amount of sea lions at the dam’s location.  Meaning it is legal to hunt these sea lions.

Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop the eliminating of sea lions has initiated a campaign titled “Dam Guardians.”  They are asking volunteers to protest, and document this sea lion hunt.  Basically they are trying to harm the livelihood and food supply to the Native Americans along the river. 

Why is it Sea Shepherd is always targeting indigenous people?      
Video on this issue:

Sea Shepherd PDF:

Sea Shepherd’s Facebook page about the Sea Lions:

Sea Shepherd’s Sea Lion communique:

Sea Shepherd “Dam Campaign” site:

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dennis Rodman and North Korean despot

Dennis Rodman and North Korean despot

Recently American basketball Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters visited The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea, north of the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsula.  During this disgusting trip Mr. Rodman made nice with and played patty fingers with the thug monster leader of the North Korea: Kim Jong Un (“un” must stand for “uncivilized”). 

While Mr. Rodman was praising and schmoozing with Kim Jung Un, millions are starving in North Korea, and near 200,000 are being held as political prisoners.    

Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters are an embarrassment to the civilized world for visiting with Kim Jung Un – resident monster of the Korean peninsula and planet earth. 

The commie gangsters rule over a starving nation.  That is what commies do, they starve their populace.   Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union (USSR – commie land) known as “Uncle Joe” by the adoring American news media was responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million Russians.

Mao Zedong commie thug of The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China not to be outdone by “Uncle Joe,” was also responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million of his fellow countrymen. 

When nations and charitable groups ship food to North Korea, the peasants do not get the food, the commies, their families, and the military get the food.  The donating nations and charitable groups make no attempt to verify if the food is being distributed to the hungry.

Hungry North Korean women escaping cross the North Korean Chinese border into China.  Once in China they are intercepted by brokers.  These brokers then sell these hungry women into concubines, as house servants, or wives for men in China.  Most of these women after being sold do not object as long as they are fed each day and escape the starvation and cruel life in North Korea.

Dennis Rodman being interviewed about this trip by George Stephanopoulos on “this week:”

Women escaping North Korea:

The first Dear Leader Kim Il-Sung believed if a person committed a crime be it civil or political, the “bad seed” extended to three generations.  Resulting in the alleged criminal, the spouse, children, and grandchildren all being imprisoned in a series of concentration camps located throughout North Korea, north of the 38th parallel, the DMZ.

They have one camp, “Camp 22” housing 50,000 prisons being worked and starved. 

Related prison camps article:

Camp 22 – 50,000 prisoners:

Between 1977 and 1983 the commies kidnapped 70 to 80 Japanese citizens.  The nuts in North Korea even admit to kidnapping only 13 – meaning they ADMIT to the kidnappings.  Incidentally, they also kidnap South Korean citizens.    

Japanese citizens kidnapped by the commies in North Korea:

Related video:

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Cove Guardians take another joy ride

Cove Guardians take another joy ride

Earlier this year Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) followed a truck from Taiji, Japan to Tokyo, Japan.  The cowards claimed the truck was transporting dolphins from Taiji to Tokyo and they were determined to follow the truck to locate its destination.

The trip is around eight and a half hours through the beautiful Japanese countryside.  When they arrived in Tokyo they lost the truck.  They made that long trip and lost the truck wasting donated money on gas. 

Recently the bullies followed another truck from Taiji to Osaka.  This time they claimed the dolphins were going to be transported by sea from Osaka to Russia.  Then changed the destination to a few Japanese towns that are not accessible by sea.  So how was the ferry going to make that delivery? 

The difference with this joy ride is they did not claim the lost the truck.  They claimed they were blocked by the Japanese police from following the truck in Osaka.  Translation:  Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians after taking a joy ride to Osaka lost another dolphin truck.   

Tweets dolphins going to non-coastal cities by ferry:

Link to the full video shown at the end of this video of the police blockade:

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

China televised execution?

China televised execution?

There was a murder in Burma (Myanmar), discovered in Thailand, caught in Laos, trial and execution in China.  Huh?

Thirteen Chinese sailors were murdered on the Mekong River in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia.  A Chinese vessel sailing down the Mekong River is attacked in Burma (Myanmar), resulting in thirteen Chinese sailors murdered on the vessel.  The dead bodies on the vessel were discovered in Thailand.  The accused Burmese named Naw Kham was captured in Laos and sent to China to be tried and executed. 

The day of the execution the preparation and walk down the hall to be given the lethal injection was televised up to the point to be administered is when the televising stopped.

Supposedly Naw Kham confessed to the murders while in commie custody.  Question:  Has anyone ever accused of murder while in commie Chinese custody maintained a plea of innocence?    

Administering the lethal injection was not televised  

Naw Kham
-          Accused
-          convicted
-          Executed  

BBC article in reference to the execution:

BBC article in reference to the murders:

BBC article on the capture and trail:

Related article:

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Americans stupid?

Americans stupid?

Recently United States of America Secretary of State John Kerry (Democrat) was in Germany and said, “In America we have a right to be stupid.”

How is it in the 21st century Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and John Kerry embarrass the USA after being appointed Secretary of State?  While recently we had notable, esteemed, and respectful Republicans as Secretary of State such as General Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.    

Contextually Mr. Kerry meant to express in the USA freedoms are enjoyed to the level where even acting stupid is protected.  Essentially a residual of living in a free society means you will at times get your feelings hurt by people acting stupid.

Mr. Kerry in Berlin bumbles with his America stupid comment.  In 1963 President John Kennedy in Berlin said “Ich ben ein Berliner,” meaning “I am a Berliner.”

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan while in Berlin said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  Then in 2013 we get John Kerry with his “stupid” remark.   

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