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Eric Holder hates Texas

Eric Holder hates Texas, partners!!!     

The Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder (Democrat) hates Texas?  The Texas Legislature redrew (redistricting) the Congressional districts as protected by the United States Constitution.  However Eric Holder had his Justice Department file suit to block the redistricting claiming it violated a section of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

Eric Holder claimed Texas violated section 5 of the Civil Rights Act.  The case went to the United States Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court rules that section was no invalid and ruled in favor of Texas.  The Supreme Court ruling, the Constitution, or the Congress provide no hindrance for Democrats, Eric Holder, or the Obama Regime.  Mr. Holder refilled to block Texas once again under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, however filing under a different section. 

Liberals and Democrats (one of the same) never accept Congressional or judicial action and unless the ruling or legislation is what they favor.  Welcome to the United Socialist States of America where the rule of law is not the rule just the rule of Democrats / liberals. 

Liberals, Democrats, Hollywood, the news media all hate Texas because:
1 - It is a Southern state
2 - It is a Republican state
3 - Majority of Texans are Christian-
4 - Texans love their guns
5- Believe in personal responsibility
6 - Convicted murders are executed

An exchange between Chief Justice John Roberts and Obama’s lawyer during the hearing:

Chief Justice John Roberts and the Obama administration’s top lawyer, Donald Verrilli, before the U.S. Supreme Court during the Shelby County oral arguments:

Roberts: Do you know which state has the worst ratio of white voter turnout to African-American voter turnout?
Verrilli: I do not.
Roberts: Massachusetts. Do you know what has the best, where African-American turnout actually exceeds white turnout? Mississippi.
The exchange continued:
Roberts: Which state has the greatest disparity in registration between white and African-American?
Verrilli: I do not know that.
Roberts: Massachusetts.

Don’t Mess With Texas:  Of course the State of Texas will challenge these America haters once again.

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Really Review

"Really" review
This is a review of various “really” video clips collected.
First Really: at the Iwo Jima United States Marines monument, Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.
Second Really: At the Texas Welcome center just across from the Louisiana Texas border.
Third Really: Atlanta, Georgia
Fourth Really: Tokyo, Japan at the end of a conference.
Fifth Really:  Three visiting Japanese college students (two graduated) visiting in Texas.     
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Less than a minute with a roof wind turbine

Less than a minute with a roof wind turbine
Videoed using a Nikon Coolpix S9500

Relaxing with a birdbath

Relaxing with a birdbath
Videoed using a Nikon Coolpix S9500

A visit with a ceiling fan

A visit with a ceiling fan

Videoed using a Nikon Coolpix S9500 

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Independence, an American illusion

Independence, an American illusion

Independence Day is popularly referred to as July 4th or the 4th of July, because “independence” in the USA is nothing but an illusion.  Oh it once held prominence throughout the land; however twenty-fist century is an America the Founders would not recognize.  A small illustration:

The police in Henderson, Nevada had a home under surveillance and needed a house or two in the neighborhood to gain a “tactical advantage.”  They asked homeowner Anthony Mitchell if they could use his home, he respectfully declined.
Not good enough for the jackbooted thugs in the Henderson Police Department - HPD.  The returned to Mr. Mitchells home in force with a battering ram knocked down his front door.  Cursed and ordered him to crawl on the floor while shooting him and his dog with “pepperball rounds.”  The jackbooted thugs then lied and tricked Mr. Mitchell’s father out of his home who lived nearby.  They were arrested and held in captivity for nine hours.  They were charged with “Obstructing a Police officer!”  Subsequently the charges were dropped.

Not so fast.  The Mitchells filed a law suit for violations of the Third, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments, assault and battery, conspiracy, defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, negligence and emotional distress.

Odds are the jackbooted thugs at the Henderson Police Department have never heard of the Third Amendment to the Constitution of these here United States of America.  The Third Amendment was added by the Founding Fathers because they did not trust government and understood governments by their very nature are evil, but necessary.  The reason the Constitution use to limit government and with the first Ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) protect God given rights.

The Third Amendment reads:

“No Soldier shall, in  time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

 This was due to King George’s troops while in the Colonies use to force themselves to be housed in the homes of the colonist. 

Want to bet now the Henderson Police Department is aware and understands the Third Amendment to the Constitution of these here United States of America?       

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Send an ex-Cove Guardian to Taiji Japan

Send an ex-Cove Guardian to Taiji Japan

Please send an ex-Cove Guardian back to Taiji, Japan.  A young lady was part of the Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in 2011.  Since then she is no longer a member of Sea Shepherd and her one-time husband is now her ex-husband. 

She is now begging for $3,000 to send her back to Taiji for one week.  Please donate to send her back to Taiji.  She will not be part of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians but part of “Save Japan Dolphins” and the “Blue Ocean Foundation.”  By sending her to Taiji you will be helping with the economy in Taiji and surrounding communities.  When these foreigners to go Taiji to “document” and condemn the dolphin activity they contribute to the economy. 

It seems the more foreigners that go to Taiji more dolphins are captured by the Taiji fishermen.  These foreigners present some mythical draw for the dolphins to Taijim, much like the sirens of Greek mythology. 

In 2011 while she was in Taiji, her then husband was employed working for a dairy cooperative in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.  This cooperative involved anywhere from 500 to 700 dairy farms.  On many dairy farms when bovines do not produce a sufficient amount of milk, they are not sent out to pasture, but to the slaughtering house.  So while she was condemning the Taiji fishermen for their dolphin activity, her husband was back in the USA working for a cooperative slaughtering cows.         

Here is where you can donate to send her to Taiji to help the local economy and Taiji fisherman:

Her Facebook page:

Here you can check the progress of money donated to her:

Articles of praise for her, justifying sending her back to Taiji:

Here she relates how caring for the dolphins caused a strain in her marriage:

Been advised this is her ex-husband’s Facebook page:

Milk and dairy cows:

Translated Japanese article about her:

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Why I Love Japan, 3rd video

Why I love Japan, 3rd video

Japanese culture / society are immersed in tradition, respect, and community.  This short video illustrated in this video show school children crossing a street.  Once the children reach the other side of the street they turn to the waiting automobiles and bow in appreciation.  One child depresses a button on a nearby pole to change the traffic light to allow the vehicles to proceed.  The children of elementary school age travel to school crossing streets without having to be watched by an adult.  Respect, consideration, and trust.    
The video of the children crossing the street comes from this YouTube channel featuring driving videos in Japan:

The video with the children crossing the street:

“Why I Love Japan” playlist:

Earlier version of “Why I Love Japan,” not part of this series:

Music: “Presenterator” from

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Why I Love Japan, 2nd video

Why I love Japan, 2nd video

This is the second video in the series.

Vending machines are rampart throughout Japan where almost anything can be purchased.  They can be found in lonely remote areas while blanketing large cities such as Tokyo.  Now contrast the numerous vending machines to some vending machines in the USA.  It is not uncommon to see vending machines located in rest areas our other outside areas to be locked behind cages or prison type bars.

While exiting an automatic parking garage in Japan to pay one stops at a machine to deposit the
parking fee.  On the machine is a screen with an animated lady offering instructions and the amount owed.  Once the amount is paid, the animated lady bows and says “arigato” (Japanese for “thank you”)

Contrast that to a parking garage in Louisville, Kentucky.  Upon entering the garage a sign atop the ticket dispensing machine reads “Lock it or Lose it.”  Contrast?

Traveling throughout Japan one notices the frequency which bicycles are used by the populace from grade school children to retired adults.  What is very noticeable is how these bicycles are left unattended with minimal attention paid to theft. 

In this video is illustrated a bicycle garage or bike-port (carport).  Bicycles belong to the inhabitants of the apartment building place their bicycles on racks in this open easy accessible bicycle garage.  The bikes are not locked on the racks, just placed on them.  Meaning one can remove the bike from the racks to take possession (steal) of the front baskets and front wheels.  Most of the back wheels were secured with a clamp style safety device.       

“Why I Love Japan” playlist:
Earlier version of “Why I Love Japan,” not part of this series:

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Rolling Stone celebrating the Boston Bomber?

Rolling Stone celebrating the Boston Bomber?

The surviving Boston bomber / terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (dead co-accomplice brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev) seems to be celebrated on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  The photograph the magazine used many accused them of making this murderer a star.  Making murderers and other assorted societal misfits heroes has been the vestige of extreme liberals in the United States.  Probably the reason for the title of the book written by Dr. Michael Savage, “Liberalism is Mental Disorder.”

Why did the magazine use a flatter photograph instead of his mug shot?  In the interest of full disclosure the magazine did have the following on the cover to the bottom right of the flattering photograph:

“How a Popular, Promising Student was Failed by his Family, Fell into Radical Islam and Became a Monster.”         

The cover is an insult to the victims of these two murderers.  They exploded their two bombs in Boston on April 15, 2013.  Causing the deaths of four people, and injuring 264 people.  Of those injured 16 suffered severed limbs or amputation at a hospital.  Three of the victims lost more than one limb. 

As the Drudge Report labeled the magazine cover: “Star is born.”

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American Stupid, hello Mr. Jackson

Recently the estimable Jesse Jackson, was interviewed on MSNBC (noted bias news media outlet) concerning the acquittal of George Zimmerman in reference to the murder charges of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.  

MSNBC asked:
“Reverend, I want to ask you about the make-up of the jury. You tweeted this after the verdict was handed down, you tweeted: "The jury, no black and no men, was always suspect." Do you feel this affected the outcome: the make-up of the jury?”

Mr. Jackson (who one time sought the Democratic Party’s nomination to run for president) replied:
“Well, it was a stretch, trying to avoid the obvious. There was no--you speak of jury of your peers: there was no man on the jury—Trayvon was a black boy—there was no man, no black on the jury. So at least the idea of jury of your peers was a stretch all the while.”

There was no black man on the jury so it was not a jury of his peers?  Is Mr. Jackson aware it was George Zimmerman (not black) that was on trial and not Trayvon Martin? 

Also nowhere in United States Constitution law is it required to have “jury of peers.”  The Sixth Amendment to the United State Constitution addressing juries mentions “impartial jury.”  It Mr. Jackson and other assorted dopes are looking for “jury of peers” in law they will have to look across the pond (the Atlantic Ocean) to Europe, the United Kingdom.  It is in the UK where it is law to have a “jury of peer.” 

The United States has been free of United Kingdom laws for 234 years, except in case not addressed by written U.S. law, it then defers to English Common Law.  However when it comes to trails by a jury, U.S. law does address the issue.     

Article about Jessie Jackson and “jury of peers:”

YouTube video of Mr. Jackson’s interview, “jury of peers” comes in around 1:18:

Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution “impartial jury:”

The right to a jury of peers:

America the Stupid videos:

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Zimmerman: Civil Rights violation charges

Next for Zimmerman:
Civil Rights violation charges

A Florida jury of six women acquitted George Zimmerman of the murder charges of Trayvon Martin.  As expected the NAACP wants the United States Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder to file civil rights charges on George Zimmerman.

Problem at one time would have been to retry Mr. Zimmerman for the acquitted murder charges would have been a violation of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the “double jeopardy” clause.  However subsequent court decisions have stated additional charges can be filed upon acquittal per the “dual sovereignty” clause in the Fifth Amendment.  One problem:  There is no “dual sovereignty” clause in the Fifth Amendment, read for yourself:

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

“Dual Sovereignty” another hallucinated right / privilege inserted into the Constitution by liberals.

Text of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution:

NAACP ordering the U.S. Justice Department to file Civil Rights charges against acquitted George Zimmerman:

Article detailing how the news media twisted the truth and facts to get the murder charges filed against George Zimmerman:

Article referenced in this video:

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Comfort Women the truth be told

Comfort Women the truth be told

There is a contentious issue between the nations of Japan and South Korea known as the “Comfort Women.”  Simply the issue is the Koreas are claiming the Japanese during and before World War Two forced Korean into prostitution “sex slaves” to be housed in concubines for the Japanese military.  The Japanese reply these women were recruited and paid prostitutes employed in those concubines.

There is a report in various formats floating around the Internet titled:

“Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49.”

Written in 1944 (ten months before the War’s end) by the U.S. Army.  The report is of the U.S. Army’s interrogation of some of these captured Comfort Women.  They were “captured” and not “freed,” because they were with the Japanese Imperial Army in the Philippines fleeing from the advancing U.S. military.

The report states per these women they were recruited by the Japanese, although some of the recruiting was deceptive, however still recruited.  Basically the Korean claim they were sex slaves forced into prostitution is a lie per the U.S. Army report.  When this report was written both Japan and the USA looked for anything to use as propaganda against the other side.  So it would have been easy and productive to write in this report they were forced, but that would have been a lie.  So to keep the report private because it had no propaganda value it was marked “SECRET.”

The report continues in describing these Comfort Women:  “She is not pretty either by Japanese of Caucasian standards .”  In other words per the U.S. Army these women were ugly.  Perhaps that is why the Korean men did not complain when these ugly women were supposedly taken by force.  Did the Japanese Imperial Army issue two brown paper bags to each of their soldiers?  One to put over the ugly head and one for the soldier’s head. 

According to these women they were well paid and enjoyed many activities with the Japanese soldiers one would not associate with “sex slaves.” 

This report exposes the lie this issue is.  What is disgusting is the Koreans are littering the U.S.A. with monuments / plagues dedicated to the Comfort Women issue condemning the Japanese for forcing women into sexual slavery.  Currently four communities in the USA have been suckered in to placing these disgraceful monuments / plagues and they are in Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Michigan, and Glendale, California.

These Korean Comfort Women hucksters are only interested in exploiting money from Japan and creating a wedge issued between the people of the U.S.A. and Japan.  These monuments / plagues need to be removed because they represent a lie and server as an insult to the nation and people of Japan.        

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Here is why I love YouTube

Here is why I love YouTube:  This is a comment exchange on my video
Italian apology for Japanese flag  


Link to video in this exchange:

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Why I love Japan

Why I love Japan

This short video clearly illustrates why I love Japan.  Watch what the children do once they cross the street. Their behavior is emblematic of Japanese culture.

Here is a link to the video on YouTube for a better view:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Comfort Women and South Korean Vietnam War veterans

This is a photograph of South Korean Vietnam War Veterans standing behind the Comfort Women statue placed across the street from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea.

Question:  Did these South Korean Vietnam War veterans pay compensation to the Vietnamese women they forced to become Comfort Women during the Vietnam War? 

Just looking for a little consistency here. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Texas abortion ban will be overturned

Texas abortion ban will be overturned

The Texas State Legislature passed bill banning abortion after 20 weeks.  To the pro-abortion crowd:  Do not be upset because a federal judge will overturn this legislation.  That is the only way liberal win by overturning the will of the people through the federal judiciary.  Representative Democracy is dead in the United States.  The nation is ruled by bureaucrats and Federal judges.  Legislative action and plebiscite are a joke and no longer a tool of the people.

The legislators who voted to pass this bill do so to save lives.  During the session the pro-abortion crowd kept chanting “shame on you” to those who voted to save lives.  The “shame on you” should have been directed at those who support the murder of innocents.

The legislation included:
20-week ban: Prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.

Clinic standards: Doctor’s office or clinic that performs more than 50 abortions a year to meet standards established for outpatient surgical centers.

Abortion pill: Require doctors to perform a complete examination before administering pills. They would have to perform a follow-up exam within 14 days.

Admitting privileges for doctors: Require doctors who perform abortions to have permission to admit patients to a hospital not more than 30 miles from their offices.

Timing: Takes effect 90 days after lawmakers adjourn their session.

Article referenced in this video:

Articles concerning the contraband (human waste) pro-abortionist attempted to sneak into the Texas Capitol building:

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

George Zimmerman is going to jail

Mr. Zimmerman will be going to jail,
the fix is on

If George Zimmerman is found innocent, it is not over for him.  The Obama / Holder Justice Department will fili “civil rights” violations, and perhaps add to that tax evasion.  Mr. Zimmerman has been marked by the Obama Regime and they will not stop until he is behind bars.  This man will be going to jail as his future has been pre-determined by political correctness.      

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Okinawa Independence, Yankee Go Home

Okinawa Independence, Yankee Go Home

Okinawa, Japan is riddled with numerous United States military bases.  There are groups on Okinawa who want to close down the U.S. bases, and others seeking Okinawan independence from Japan.  With independence the thinking is it would be easier to close the U.S. bases. 
These U.S. bases are needed to assist the U.S. Marines to respond rapidly in the event aggression needs to be halted or just provide a deterrent.   

The Okinawans who have a legitimate concern about the American bases are being exploited by the commies.  The commies in China and North Korea would like to see American bases close in Okinawa.  With a decrease USA role in Asia the commies will be free to continue with their aggressive belligerent activities against their neighbors in Asia.  More specifically they can be expected to move on Japan’s Senkaku Islands, and Okinotorishima atoll (Marcus). 

When these Okinawans demonstrate, they are in agreement with the commies, all though both for very different reasons, however still commie condoned. 

If the U.S. is removed from Okinawa it would create a security vacuum with the commies rushing in to fill the void to the disadvantage of Japan.  Before injecting the USA perhaps the Okinawans may want to support Prime Minister Abe’s attempt to revise Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and redefine the Japanese military.      

Article about Okinawa independence:

Article about Okinawa independence and China:

Video screen shots of demonstration in Okinawa from this video:

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PETA continues the killings

PETA continues the killings

An article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The New York Times, headlined:

“PETA draws fire for killing 2,00 dogs and cats a year”

P.E.T.A (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been accused of murdering, slaughtering dogs and cats for years.  These murdered cats and dogs having their lives extinguished at the hands of a group masquerading as having concern for their welfare. 

The cats and dogs murdered by P. E. T. A. could have easily been transferred to a number of no-kill shelters in the USA.  But for whatever perverted, hypocritical reason, PETA found it expedite and cost effective to murder these homeless creatures.  PETA’s pathetic excuse for these executions was the animals are better off dead than to live a miserable live on the streets or the abusive homes they were recused from. 

This mockery continues through the perverts in Hollywood who whenever a movie is made using an animal or animals they must satisfy any concerns by PETA as to the safety of the animals used.  It has been reported that animal so-called rights lunatics throw red paint on people wearing fur coats, thus destroying the coats.  This only causes the further harvesting of fur bearing animals to produce replacement fur coats. 

Some years ago in New York City (NYC) at Madison Square Garden there was a dog show by t he Westminster Kennel Club.  PETA objects to the breeding of dogs to obtain a pure line for the animals.  In their form of protests they wore the white robes and hoods of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK or K.K.K.).  The white robes and white pointed hoods of this group are offensive to blacks and all decent Americans on so many levels.  But not to PETA as PETA finds the KKK as a group to promote through their childish behavior. 

Article referenced in this video:

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Okay to laugh at these foreigners in Japan

Okay to laugh at these foreigners
Japanese culture and traditions are unique to the nation of Japan.  The Japanese realize their uniqueness and understand when foreigners visit Japan and they make mistakes in manners and culture.  Because of the respect and good manners among the people of Japan it is rare for them to laugh at foreigners making these mistakes.

With summer here many in Japan are thinking about if not planning vacations.  A suggestion for a vacation by people in Japan would be to take their vacation between September and February.  During this period they can travel to the one place in Japan where it is acceptable to laugh at foreigners.

That place is Taiji, Japan.  During the months from September through February foreigners travel to Taiji to harass, and intimidate the residents of Taiji.  To accomplish this task they continually ignore and violate Japanese customs, traditions, and good manners.  These foreigners mainly belong to Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians comprised mostly of self-righteous smug rude cultists from the West. 

The people of Japan can follow these Cove Cowards around Taiji, point at them laugh, and roll on the ground in laughter all perfectly permissible in Taiji.  The Cove Cowards enjoy following the people of Taiji harassing them as they engage in their daily activities.  The “laugh at the foreigners” tourist can follow the Cove Cowards when they are in their hotels, in restaurants, or walking around, and point and laugh. 

Just be warned:  Do not get too close to these foreigners as they might be infested with bed bugs, lice, tics, fleas, and yeast infections. 

Example of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians disgusting behavior in Taiji, Japan (WARNING, civilized people will get upset watching their miserable behavior):
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Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.
Videoed before a Knights of Columbus meeting Dallas County, Texas, USA
"I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands
 one nation under God 
 Indivisible with liberty
 and justice for all"