Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tax the rich says President Obama and the thar Democrats

NOTE: This video was made in September, 2011, since then I lost the links, sorry.

December of 2010 President Obama (Democrat) said he would not raise any taxes because the economy cannot take the hit from any form of a tax hike. Unemployment then was over 9%. Now President Obama is calling for higher taxes on the evil selfish rich.

Wait a minute! Did the economy improve? No, it is still the same wreck. Unemployment is still over 9% proving once again President Obama and them thar Democrats would not know how to keep their word even if the nation’s life depended upon it. President Ronald Reagan once said, “Democrats have never met a tax they did not like.” Welcome to the politics of envy, the Democrats politics.

The President and Democrats promoting politics of class envy and class warfare. Truth is business are not higher because of Obama-care (pass by Democrats and signed by a Democrat president)

4 news articles: Espionage, Mummies, Commie Tax, dump Mexican criminals

Discussing four news articles.

First article: The United States Army charged a soldier Specialist William Colton Millay of intending to aid a foreign nation. Nowhere in the articles did it mention what nation he was spying for. Could it be that information is being withheld by the government? Or perhaps it is the news media withholding. It could be argued the news media withholding the information so not to offend their overlords in Beijing causing trouble for their news bureaus in The Middle Kingdom.

The investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI, and Army Counterintelligence. Specialist Millay is or was a military policeman – MP, with the 164th Military Police Company, 793rd Military Police Battalion, 2nd Engineer Brigade at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

Second article: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, arrested a local historian for having 29 mummified bodies in his apartment. The man age 45 is a well-known specialist in the history of the city. Media reports Anatoly Moskvin was identified as an expert on cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod. Police went to his apartment to question him if he could help them concerning the 29 missing bodies when they discovered the bodies in his apartment.

Third article: During the 1920’s in Chicago, Illinois a notorious gangster known as Al Capone was arrested by the FBI, convicted, and sent to prison for tax evasion. It seems like the commies in The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China think Al Capone has reappeared there or at least taking a cue from the FBI.

Artist and Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei is being charged by the commies for owing $2.4 million in back taxes. Nearly 20,000 Chinese have sent him more than $840,000 to help pay their bogus taxes. The people have thrown in his yard envelopes stuffed with money or money wrapped around fruit. In addition many have wire transferred money to him.

The cauldron of freedom is boiling in China, and that is a good thing. Near 20,000 people braving the threats from the commies still managed to get money to this artist. There is light at the end of the commie tunnel in China.

Fourth article: President Felipe Calderon of Mexico accused the United States of dumping criminals at the border. Hello, those criminals are Mexican citizens who illegally entered the United States to commit crimes. It is President Obama who should admonish Mexico for allowing their criminals to enter the United States of America – USA.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Democrats attack the banks and consumers pay for it

The Democrats following their politics of envy, class warfare, and politics of division, while in control of both houses of Congress passed legislation in 2010 mandating merchant debit card fees. Banks charged merchants 44 cents per debit card transaction. The legislation passed by Democrats and signed by our Democrat President (President Obama), reduced this fee to .22 cents.

The Dodd-Frank bill by Democrat Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut and House Representative Barney Frank, Democrat from Massachusetts passed in 2010 while Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Both houses led by Senator Harry Reid Democrat from Nevada, and Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Representative from San Francisco, California.

This legislation hurts the consumer while benefiting big business in retail. As of October 1 their cost of doing debit card transactions were reduced, yet prices were not reduced. The fees paid to the banks were reduced causing banks to raise fees in other areas to be paid by the consumers. Basically the consumers lost because they have higher bank fees in some areas, while no reduction in prices at the stores saving money because of this legislations.

Unintended consequences caused once again by liberals and Democrats. Never judged them on the consequences of their actions, as long as their intentions were good. Phooey! Another example proving the title of Doctor Michael Savage’s book: “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vile Russian anchorwoman flips off President Barack Obama

A Russian barbarian broad masquerading as an anchorwoman on a Russian television news broadcast flipped off President Barak Obama of the United States of America – USA. 

This vile and vulgar behavior by this barbarian broad was and is indefensible.  President Barack Obama is an elected chief executive of a democratic republic.  Okay to be critical of him, however such rude gestures have no place in a civilized political discourse. 

There is plenty to criticize President Obama about without having to crawl in the gutter.      

Here is the video link:

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Sea Shepherd muted about the murdering of whales in New Zealand?

Recently in New Zealand 65 whales committed suicide by beaching themselves on a South Island beach.

Some 31 of these intelligent mammals died on Farewell Split. Others refloated with the rising tides but beached themselves again and this time further inshore.

They seemed determined to commit suicide. How many cows, dogs, pigs, and goats purposely dive into water to commit suicide? Zero? Whereas according to Wikipedia around 2,000 whales a year purposely end their lives. Is the United States Navy with their sonar going to be blamed for this mass whale suicide in New Zealand?


There were about 18 whales alive and beached resulting in authorities euthanizing (murdered) them by being executing them with a bullet. No problem when white skin round eyes murder whales, however when the Japanese harpoon a whale, the Sea Shepherd cult and their minions protest and complain.

Now with these dead whales on the beach, they were left “for nature to take its course,” except for some of their stomachs. Scientists desecrated these dead whales by taking samples of the whale’s stomachs. See if one is round eyed white skin no problem. When the Japanese whalers take samples from the stomachs of harvested whales, the cult group, and their cultists minions can be heard wailing in agony.

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Link to video of slicing up a harvest whale in Barrow, Alaska, United States of America. CAUTION, the video is very graphic:

Friday, November 25, 2011

President Obama in Asia deserves a compliment

President Barack Obama (Democrat) attended an East Asia Summit in Bali, Indonesia. Many of the Asian leaders at the summit confronted Premier Wen Jibao of commie-lead China, The Middle Kingdom for China’s aggressive and belligerent behavior in the resource-rich South China Sea, causing instability in the region.

In a meeting with Mr. Wen the leaders Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam spoke of China’s reckless actions in the South China Sea. Speaking afterwards the representatives of Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Russia, and Indonesia. Then President Obama spoke in agreement with the leaders. China’s commie Premier Wen replied this issue of China attempting to steal territory should be discussed one-on-one with each nation, not in an open forum such as this.

Typical commie behavior trying to isolated each nation individually to intimidate them one-by-one. God bless President Obama for asserted American influence in the region and informing the commie leader the USA along with other nations in Asia will not tolerate commie belligerent behavior.

This is a welcome action by President Obama and sent a signal the U.S.A. will honor its commitments and treaties with Taiwan to prevent a commie invasion from China. Prior to this meeting it was doubtful President Obama would honor commitments to Taiwan.

The commie leader was given his what-for!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Driving in the fog part two

Driving in the fog one morning in Dallas County, Texas, United States of America - USA.

Music: "Lurking in the Dark," from

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday campout for electronic price cuts

At an electronic store in Dallas County, Texas, United States of America – USA, people started to campout in front of the electronic store three or four days in advance of the Black Friday sales. One person would have been there for four days.

For argument purposes that would be about 96 hours. 96 hours at about $10.00 an hour amounts to $960.00. Is that person going to purchase items equaling or exceeding the $960.00?

Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving is a day when many stores throughout the USA hold big sales slashing prices to start the Christmas shopping season. It is called “Black Friday,” because it is anticipated the sales starting that Friday will put the merchant’s balance sheet from a negative “red” to a positive (profit) “black.”

Article in The Dallas Morning News – DMN, appeared in the Tuesday edition, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Texas bridge to nowhere

In Dallas County, Texas the town of Mesquite has their own bridge to nowhere. It is a bridge over a creek with no connection to any road. It was built at the cost of $750,000.

The excuse for building this bridge to nowhere was that in the future if there is development in the area, the bridge would already be in place. Typical political and bureaucratic thinking or lack of thinking.

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U.S. waltzing with Australia infuriates the commies in China

President Barack Obama announced the United States will be sending 2,500 Marines to Australia over the next few years. This is being done as a direct request of the commie military in China’s belligerent behavior in the South China Sea. The commies are claiming territories and islands belonging to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Some of these nations traditionally in the past expressed a “Yankee Go Home,” attitude towards the United States. Now that the gangsters in Beijing are behaving belligerently, they are now asking, “Where are the Americans.”

The commie gangsters are claiming the Spartly Islands and territory of the Philippines Palawan province. The two areas are more than 500 miles (804 kilometers) from China while the Spartly Islands are about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from the Philippines. This aggressive commie behavior is to gain natural gas and oil resources for commie-land.

The November 17, 2011 edition of The Dallas Morning News – DMN, concerning this issue printed an article from The New York Times - NYT, reporting President Obama is escalating military tensions in the region. Then the next day in The Dallas Morning News in an article on the issue from the Associated Press – AP, reports China policy has been muted on this issue. Did not The Dallas Morning News read their own newspaper from the day before?

The newspaper also printed a chart from Department of Defense, International Institute of Strategic Studies showing “U.S. troops in East Asia and the Pacific.” What is curious about this chart it noted in North Korea there are two U.S. military personal. Huh? No U.S. embassy in The Hermit Kingdom (North Korea) then how come two military personal from the U.S. there?

Delighted to know the United States Marines will be Waltzing with Matilda with our good friends and allies in Australia.

The significance of the reference to Waltzing with Matilda in this video:

Music in this video “Waltzing with Matilda” from

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Aputure Timer Remote Cord for time lapse photography

The Aputure Timer Remote Cord used in this video is model AP-TR3N made for Nikon D3100. It is important when ordering any device as this to make sure it is made specific for your camera. Reason being the plug-in at the end of the cord is designed to fit specific camera as they vary from DSLR to DSLR.

In this video I used a Nikon D3100 set up in the automatic mode.

Remember before plugging the device into your camera; make sure your camera is turned off. For this video I took 200 photographs at 10 second intervals. Then I used Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 9 to create the video. In the editing I timed each photograph at 1 second each.

Camera used:

Nikon D3100 – for time laps photographs

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tibetan Monks in Tibet set themselves on fire and the Commies react like...

Tibetan Monks (Buddhist monks) in Tibet have recently been setting themselves on fire (self-immolate) to protest commie oppression for the commie gangster thugs in Beijing, China, The Middle Kingdom, commie-led commie-land.

The commies suppress the Tibetan language, Tibetan culture, and Tibetan religion – Buddhism. The commies think because they have built highways, high speed railways, shopping centers, and improved infer structure in Tibetan, the Tibetans should be happy under commie oppression. The problem is the Tibetans are spiritual not materialistic as the commie gangsters are.

In an attempt to stop the self-immolations the commies are sending in more police and limiting Internet access. In addition those who are known to have sympathized with the monks, who burned themselves, have disappeared. Proving once again The Middle Kingdom is The Magical Kingdom. The commie answer to all societal ills is further oppression. Typical thinking of primitive gangsters.

The neighboring nation of India, in Bollywood (India’s version of Hollywood) is about to release a movie called “Rockstar.” A small scene in the movie has a Tibetan flag. The commies in Beijing pressured India to remove that scene. Apparently not only are commies feared of religion, flags have the same fearful effect upon the gangsters.

India’s “Central Board of Film Certification” – CBFC – has issued an order to have that scene either blurred out or pixilated. Meaning a governmental board in India acquiesced or succumbed to pressure from the commie gangsters in Beijing. Nice going India!

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Link to Tibetan petition:

Please pray for the Tibetan people.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Fukushima 50" TIME magazine's "Person of the Year?"

Currently TIME magazine is conducting a poll to determine who to select as “Person of the Year.” At one time, a time before political correctness and militant feminist it was called “Man of the Year.”

As of this writing the poll results were:

1 – The 99%

2 – Lionel Messi

3 – Anonymous

4 – Arab Youth Protesters

5 – Steve Jobs

6 – President Barack Obama

7 – Fukushima 50

Here is the link to the poll:

The results shown in this video have “Anonymous” as number two which was the placement at the time when the video was made.

“The 99%” and “Anonymous” are at number one and three, they are the derelicts from the Occupy movements across the nation, notably “Occupy Wall Street” – OWS. Their encampments have seen public urination, defecation of a police vehicle, rapes, gun shots, murders, child molestations, and other assorted anti-social behavior. Basically the human debris of a given culture. Self-absorb and selfish.

While at number seven are the Fukushima 50. On 11 March 2011 when the earthquake tsunami devastated Japan it disabled a nuclear electric power plant at Fukushima, leaking radiation. Hundreds of worked continued to stay in the power plant working to end the leaking radiation. Their exposure to the radiation being monitored however still concerns over the effects to their health years from now as well as birth defects to children and subsequent grandchildren not born yet. Such as what happened after the nuclear bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Many retired nuclear plant workers enjoying their senior years in retirement volunteered to replace the younger workers at Fukushima. These seniors became known as the “Fukushima 50.” These unselfish men volunteered saying if the radiation has a negative impact on their health, which will not happen until years down the road after they would have passed away from natural causes / old age. They also already have their children and grandchildren thus eliminating any concerns about birth defects to their offspring.

The readers of TIME see the self-absorb derelicts of Occupy Wall Street being worthy of Person of the Year as oppose to the Fukushima 50. Further proof TIME readers are afflicted with political correctness. In reality whatever or whoever is TIME’s Person of the Year, all of humanity know the true Persons of the Year are the unselfish people of “Fukushima 50.” God bless these men.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry attacked by the bias news media

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry seeking the Republican nomination to run for president had a brain freeze during a Republican candidate debate. Seconds afterwards and continuing for days the Democratic Party control so-called main stream media in the United States of America – USA went into full attack mode.

A microcosm of this attacked by the leftist news media is the Friday, November 11, 2011 edition of The Dallas Morning News – DMN. That edition was dedicated to exploiting the Governor’s brain freeze what they see as an embarrassing campaign performance. The attack led off on the front page with a headline “Perry’s mind on damage control.” The article continued on page 9A with a companion attack piece headlined, “Expert says timing of slip damaging.”

The editorial page lampooned the Governor with an editorial cartoon. To the left of the attacking cartoon an editorial titled and subtitled, “No Words to Express it Perry’s debate gaffe could be the fatal one.” Not stopping there with their attack Governor Perry agenda The Dallas Morning News added a column written Colleen McCain Nelson titled, “Miscues, he’s had a few GOP gave Perry plenty of passes before ‘oops.’”

Surprisingly the back page of the main section of that newspaper’s edition was a full page ad for a furniture company. What they could not find a public speaking therapist to take out a full page ad?

Thank you to The Dallas Morning News for providing this disgusting example of the bias leftist news media in full attack mode. A word to The Dallas Morning News and other rags with the same leanings: your transparency is glowing and noticeable. Thank you for being so blatant with your support for the Democratic Party

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Texas board rejects Confederate flag for license plates

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) rejected a design submitted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The design had a small Battle Flag of the Confederacy – the Confederate States of America – CSA (from the American Civil War 1861 – 1865). It was a specialty plate said to honor the history of those who fought for the Southern states during the American Civil War.

Opponents to the proposed motor vehicle license plate claim the Battle Flag represents hatred and bigotry citing its use by hate groups. Did someone happen to mention those very same hate groups also use the American flag, the flag of the Army of the Potomac during that war?

Why are hate groups allowed to determine the meaning of an historical flag? The flag debate was allowed to be hijacked by hate groups opposing other groups who hate or love should be questioned.

The following nine states allow specialty license plates representing their Confederate States of America heritage: Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are considering advancing this issue in a law suit.

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NOTE: Music played “Dixie” from

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polite hooligans in Tokyo Japan celebrating the World Cup

The original video is titled, “The most polite hooligans you’ll ever meet.”

This is a video of a Japanese jubilant crowd in Japan after Japan won the world cup against Denmark in 2010.

In Europe and Canada when major soccer games are won, fans then riot in the streets creating destruction and public disorder. The same happened in San Francisco after a successful professional basketball games. These hooligans represent the worst of their respective societies.

This video is refreshing because it demonstrates crowds can celebrate a sport’s team victory without rioting. A simple traffic light and yellow police tape / strap were sufficient to keep this jubilant crowd in check. Willing to be the farm not one in the crowd thought of engaging in civil disobedience or rioting.

An excellent illustration why the civility of Japan is admired.

Here is the original video without narration:

A companion video by the same person who videoed the above:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard review

This is a review of the Logitech illuminated keyboard. Used to replace a keyboard from HP where the printed lettering wore off.

This Logitech keyboard performs excellently. Highly recommend this product.

Korean Pizza video brings out the lunatics in Korea

NOTE: Reference to “lunatic Koreans” means those in Korea who are lunatics. It does not mean all Koreans are lunatics.

I posted a video titled “Korean Pizza, the thief Marco Polo exposed.” In the video I purposely left out any mention of Japan and / or Japanese either verbally or physically. In an attempt to avoid any negative comments directed towards Japan for my video. In the same attempt in the video the only nations mentioned were, Korea, China, Brazil, and Italy.

This did not stop the lunatics in Korea from dragging Japan into the video and criticizing the Japanese. They blamed Japan for my video! Huh? My four grandparents were born in Italy not Japan. What part of Italy is not Japan do these lunatics not comprehend?

Most children fear looking under their beds or into their closets at night thinking a monster is under the bed or in the closet. However these lunatic Koreans did not enjoy the luxury of having monsters under the bed or in the closet. Instead there must of have been Japanese under their beds and in their closets.

Their main object of their criticism should not be Japan but the nuts in the Hermit Kingdom, Dear Leader, and the commies north of the 38th parallel in North Korea. Be concerned about the aggressive and belligerent behavior and growth of the commie military in China, The Middle Kingdom. Another concern, the skillful but threatening diplomacy of the Russians.

Both South Korea and Japan should be weary of the fore mentioned and solidify their friendship. Look at the Sea of Japan as a “pond.” Much like the Atlantic Ocean is seen as a pond between the United States (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK).

Tony’s Korean Pizza video:

Shun’s Korean Pizza video:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another train wreck in commie-led China and Tibetan Monks on fire

Recently there was a horrible subway crash in Shanghai, China (The Middle Kingdom). The commie government is blaming this accident on a failure of the signal system. A few months ago a high-speed train was involved in an accident and the Railway Ministry said the cause was a fault in the signal system. Anyone surprised? The Middle Kingdom’s number one export around the globe has been shoddy products. Good to know they abuse their own citizens with the same shoddy products they export. Of course it is very sad people were injured and died in these train wrecks because the commies in China lack anything resembling quality control when it comes to the safety of their own people.

Why should they? They are not answerable to the people via a plebiscite (voting). The commie thugs are not worried about the people only their gangster overlords above them. This is what one gets when a nation is led by a regime not subject to voter approval.

Two Tibetan monks set fire to themselves in Beijing. Why? After-all the commies tell the world how they developed the infrastructure and living conditions of the Tibetans in Tibet. They even claim the freed the Tibetans from slavery under the Dali Lama. All this joy showered upon the Tibetans by the commies and yet Tibetans escape to other countries while monks burn themselves in protest. Does that read like a happy people?

The commie thugs could provide each Tibetan with a livable income for the rest of their lives without working and the Tibetans would still be dissatisfied with the commies. One reason, all reasonable freedom-loving people despise commies in any form. However most of all because the commies continue to suppress the Tibetan language, culture, and religion. The Tibetans are not easily bought off because of a bullet train silently gliding across the Tibetan plain.

Racist attacks upon Herman Cain?

Black, conservative, Republican Herman Cain is being accused of sexual harassment. The so-called sexual harassment took place a number of years ago. The charges stem from verbal and/or gestures supposedly made by Mr. Cain, nothing physical.

With these accusations the Democratic Party control news media and liberals are attacking Herman Cain. He is being attacked for inappropriate behavior and his fumbling response to the charges. Remember Mr. Cain is black, conservative and Republican.

Go back a few years to a white, liberal Democrat, President Bill Clinton. The incident with Mr. Clinton was not verbal or gestures but physical. X-rated President Clinton has extramarital sex in The Oval Office the White House. The news media and liberals covered for him by saying that was his personal life and no one’s business.

When President Clinton lied to a federal grand jury about it, once again the Democrat apologist said no big deal Mr. Clinton committed a felony by lying to a grand jury because any man in the situation would do the same.

Where are these apologists for Herman Cain? Racist or political?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Traveling Tony -- Washington, DC to Texas

In July, 2011 traveled from Washington, DC, capital of these here United States of America back home to Dallas County, Texas.

Traveled west through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, through East Texas and home to Dallas County, Texas.

Music: “Back Porch Stomp” from

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traveling Tony - Washington, DC photographs

This video made to show the photographs of the places I visited while in Washington, DC.

The Potomac River between Washington, DC and Arlington, Virginia. On the Virginia side across the pictured bridge is Arlington National Cemetery. On Washington, DC side, the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

Pictures of Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and rows and rows of the iconic white slab tombstones. Also Confederate Memorial at the cemetery.

Views of Washington, DC from the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Iwo Jima War Memorial or popularly known as Iwo Jima Memorial (World War Two - WWII). Then on to the National Cathedral where funeral services for President Ronald Reagan were held.

Visited the Lincoln Memorial (16th President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War 1861 – 1865). From there clear views down the National Mall with a clear view of the Washington Monument and The Capitol.

On to the National World War Two memorial with further views of the Washington Monument. From there to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, known as “the forgotten war.”

It is a great capital of these here United States of America – USA.

Music: “Our Flag” from

Photographs taken with a DSLR Nikon D3100, also used Nikkor 55-200mm lens.