Friday, January 30, 2009

Betel Nut girls of Taiwan, WOW!

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from The Los Angeles Times concerning a beautiful phenomenon of delightfully looking girls selling a product called betel nuts. The article is about women sell their products in Taiwan (Formosa). These girls known as a betel nut beauty, become eye candy when they sell these betel nuts on street corners wearing skimpy outfits. When not selling, they wait in plastic booths to keep out of the weather. Many truck drivers stop to purchase this product from these easy on the eyes women.

The product, the betel nut is a date-like fruit. The products are popular as a stimulant, hunger suppressant, breath freshener, and tobacco substitute. It also leads to red-stained teeth, drooling, and oral cancer. Of course the feminist broads condemn this practice of the women selling this product while men are gawking (gawking at the betel nut girls, not the ugly feminist). The feminist also claim the male drivers are so busy looking at these beautiful women in revealing clothing, they crash their vehicles. Basically the feminist are jealous the men at looking at the betel nut girls while ignoring the cattle like feminist.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The return of the REAL Republicans

The House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America (USA), passed the so-called $850 billion Stimulus Package. Notable about this was that all 177 Republicans voted against this pork bill. Also 11 House Democrats voted against this legislation.

Why was it important for the Democrats to have the Republicans support this legislation when they clearly did not need a single Republican vote? That is because when this legislation fails to stimulate the economy, the Democrats want to share the blame with Republicans. But finally the Republicans developed a spine and stood in unison against this pork spending.

This is $850 billon to borrow us out of debt. Per The Wall Street Journal (WSJ),
only 12 cents of every dollar that can be considered stimulus. Tax breaks would do more to stimulate the economy more than this bill.

Here is some of the spending found in this legislation, much of which is not authorized by the Constitution:

$87 billion to help fund state Medicaid cost
$79 billion to stabilize states, half in 2009, the other half in 2010
$30 billion for highway
$140 billion for education
$500 for each worker, including those without Social Security numbers.
Undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number can file tax returns with an alternative number

Senate will vote on this in February.

The vote in the House was as such:

Vote 244 for, 188 (177 Republicans, 11 Democrats) against.

Pelosi kept Republicans out from contributing to this bill.

Most spending begins in 2010

Here are the brave Democrats who voted in favor of the Constitution and against the Stimulus pork package:

Bobby Bright (Alabama)
Parker Griffith (Alabama)
Allen Boyd (Florida)
Walt Minnick (Indiana)
Brad Ellsworth (Indiana)
Frank Kratovil (Maryland)
Collin Peterson (Minnesota)
Gene Taylor (Mississippi)
Heath Shuler (North Carolina)
Paul Kanjorski (Pennsylvania)
Jim Cooper (Tennessee)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome home to Texas President George Bush, a tribute

President George W. Bush returned home to Texas after serving eight years as president of these here United States of America (USA). Texans welcomed home their beloved favorite son and thanked him and his wife for a job well done. Thank you President Bush!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

No pants day on the subways of New York City

An odd tradition started in New York City a few years ago. It was an improv (improvisation) art form so claimed by the organizers. A few people gathered, then enter the subway with their pants removed in January. This year, the 8th annual one was held on January 14th, 2009, and about 1,200 people participated in this public display of youthful exuberance or stupidity, depending how you view it. This craze has also caught on in a few other American cities that have subway systems.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obamas missing Bible and President Johnsons disappearing photographs

On Friday, January 23, 2009, on the Glenn Beck radio talk show, Mr. Beck discussed the second searing in of the Presidential Oath taken by President Obama.

At the Inauguration (Coronation per the news media behavior), the Oath of Office was flubbed by both Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama (the Messiah as held by the news media). To void any accusations of not being President because of the flubbing of the Oath, President Obama had the Oath administered to him in The White House by Chief Justice Roberts. A photo of this event was noticeable as a Bible was missing from the swearing in.

Mr. Beck mentioned that in 1963 moments after President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated, a photograph was taken about the presidential jet with then Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson with Mrs. Jacquelyn Kennedy at his side, being sworn in as president. Mr. Beck emphasized that there was a Bible available on that jet yet none was available in The White House to swear in President Obama. The Bible in the photo used to swear in President Johnson was not a Bible, but a Catholic Missal.

While Glenn Beck was relating this story, if one went to Google Images and searched bible Johnson, the results returned numerous photos of the event. However about five hours later the same results only returned ONE photograph. If one clicked on the photo the following message was returned as of 01/23/2009:

"The website declined to show this webpage."

One had to click onto the website the photo was in to view it further. Why did Google perform this expunging of the photos?

Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama to close down GITMO and where are the liberals in Europe to help?

The United States of America (USA), in its war on terror, encountered enemy combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq. In an attempt to ensure these enemy combatants do not cause any harm to civilized societies they were housed in a military prison as detainees at an American military base in Cuba called Guantanamo Bay or GITMO, or Club GITMO as radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh refers to it.

For years liberals in the USA and around the world proving once again how liberalism is a mental disorder (term borrowed from radio talk show host Doctor Michael Savage) have been clamoring for the detainees to be released and to shut down the prison in GITMO. One of President Obamas campaign promises was to close down the facility.

Making good on this promise just a few days after his coronation President Barack Obama signed an executive order to close down the prison at GITMO within a year. However when he was asked where the detainees would go, President Obama did not have an answer.

On the same day newspaper headlines around the nation and the world reported this historic executive order by President Obama, in New York City (NYC), the newspaper, The New York Times (NYT) on their front pages reported about a certain person named Ali al-Shihri who is the deputy leader for al Qaeda in the nation of Yemen. Mr. al-Shihri was once a detainee at GITMO. He is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and was released to Saudi authorities. While in Saudi Arabia, Mr. al-Shihri attended a re-education camp. Mr. al-Shihri did not like this method and left Saudi Arabia and went to Yemen to become a top official in Al Qaeda and is reported to be directly responsible for a recent car bombing and other terrorist activities. It has also been reported many detainees have been released and about 200 of the released detainees from GITMO have returned to their terrorist activities.

Now since many in Europe have condemned the United States and President Bush for maintaining this detention center at GITMO, it is about time they help President Obama close down this facility. That is they should accept the detainees thus allowing President Obama to close down the joint. However these liberals in Europe and other countries who have complained will not do anything to help close down the facility by taking some detainees as they are only interested in criticizing and not helping. Since they all wanted GITMO closed and wanted to see Obama be elected President Obama, now is the time for them to demonstrate their support not by just words but also by their deeds. Ha! What a joke to expect that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Abortion, Catholics, and the Catholic Church, why I am annoyed.

For the last 30 odd years the Catholic Church has been telling Roman Catholics of the evils of abortion, and the congregants agree. This past election, 52% of Catholics who voted, voted for the pro-abortion candidates and pro-abortion political party, and both won.

So what kind of Catholics attend religious services if more than half, who voted, voted to reject their Catholicism?

The Catholic Church has been teaching the evils of abortion and urging Catholics to get involved in ending abortions in the United States of America (USA). Urged to pray, to march, demonstrate, and write political representatives. They have been rather consistent in keeping the congregants motivated and involved. The Church however has been talking the talk, but not walking the walk. The Catholic Church has a powerful instrument at their disposal they can use, but thus far have refused to do so. The Church should excommunicate those Catholic politicians who publically support and vote in favor of abortion. Those who vote in favor of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), should be refused the sacrament of Holy Communion, the Eucharist, and excommunicated.

Three should be thrown out immediately who claim to be Roman Catholic: Senator Ted Kennedy, Vice President Joe Biden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Excommunicate them, it would cause a rage, plus create a political storm and raise further awareness of this issue. Sure it is the Bishops who make such a decision, but they do hold conferences where they can all agree on this action. If they still insist on being politically correct, perhaps the Vatican can issue a letter to that effect? It is time for Catholics, both lay and clergy to stand as one and use every peaceful and legal tool at their disposal.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Greetings Anthony (Tony) from Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherds garbage scow the Steve Irwin went into port to re-fuel before continuing their harassment with terrorist like activities aimed at the Japanese whaling fleet. The port they put into was in Australia, the island of Tasmania, city of Hobart.

Just so happens, good friends to Tony (Anthony aka PropagandaBuster) live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. These good friends went with video camera in hand to the waterfront the day the garbage scow arrived. While there they asked Captain Kangaroo to say hi to Tony. Being the good sport and in good spirits, he obliged by saying, "hi Anthony." What happened to Tony?

Anthony (Tony) and the captain are friends, at least on MySpace. PropagandaBuster's MySpace site has Captain Paul Watson listed as a friend after the Captain accepted a friend invite. The MySpace link:

The two friends also observed the friendly Captain being interviewed by the Japanese newspaper: The Ashi Shimbun.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Japan, Indonesia, and Sea Shepherd: an update

Sea Shepherd once again has harassed the Japanese whaling fleet. During this harassing season their garbage scow, Steve Irwin ran low on fuel. Thus cutting the harassing season short, and headed to port to re-fuel. A foreign ministry official in Japan, Chiharu Tsuruoka requested the Australian government deny Sea Shepherd access to any Australian ports to re-fuel, labeling Sea Shepherd as eco-terrorist.

Japan and Australia enjoy warm relations, friendship, and are allies. Australian acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, declined the Japanese request. Meaning Australia turned down a request made by a friendly nation.

The Sea Shepherd garbage scow arrived in Australia, specifically Hobart in Tasmania, and were greeted by a large crowd of well-wishers and devotees to the mission. During the love-in on the dock one of the garbage scow crew was handed an envelope. In the envelope was a white substance. The police confiscated the substance to send off to a lab for evaluation. In the meantime the garbage scow was placed in quarantine. Was this a theatrical hoax for more attention? Such as the incident during the last whaling season where one of Sea Shepherd claimed to have been shot with a bullet by the Japanese. Pretending the bullet pierced his bullet proof vest and defeated the trajectory when it was defeated by the Deputy Dog badge he was wearing. Truth be known the white substance is probably flour.

One of the ships in the Japanese whaling fleet damaged a rudder or propeller near Indonesia. The Japanese government requested the ship be allowed in an Indonesian port for repairs. The government of Indonesia refused the request, thus causing the ship to limp its way back to Japan. The Indonesian government just like the Australian government denied a request from a friendly government. These two incidents should clearly demonstrate to Japan who their friends are.

Friday, January 16, 2009

America moves left, and Lenin smiles comrade

The United States of America (USA), have given way to the United Socialist States of America (USSA), resulting from the November 4th, 2008 presidential and Congressional elections. The White House and both houses of Congress, the Senate and House of Representatives are now controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party which emerged at the dawning of the 21st century is not the Democrats of the middle 20th century. Then it was the party of President Truman, President John F. Kennedy (JFK), and Hubert Humphrey, all of whom respected representative democracy and capitalism.

This current bunch of Democrats on the Potomac are red, not red from embarrassment, but the red of socialism and anti-American theology. Remember it was this Congress which referred to American troops as Nazi like in their behavior. It was the new occupant of The White House who advocates spreading the wealth.

This group is planning to pass legislation called Freedom of Choice Act FOCA. This would require all hospitals to perform abortion when asked. The Catholic Church is vehemently pro-life, and anti-abortion. This opposition to abortion is deeply rooted in Catholicism. The Catholic Church currently has around 611 hospitals around the nation representing about 12% of America hospitals. The Catholic Bishops have said if this legislation becomes law, they will close down all 611 hospitals as they do not want to be a participant in murder. Currently waiting room time in emergency rooms is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Will that go into days once 611 hospitals close?

The Unions in the USA own the Democratic Party. For this ownership they got a piece of legislation pending titled Employee Free Choice Act EFCA. Currently of a work place wants to unionize, an election is held by a secret ballot. If this legislation passes, secret ballots will be a thing of the past, as the votes will be public. Meaning everyone will know how each person voted. If one votes against the union, then since their vote will be public and out in the open, they then become susceptible to harassment by fellow employees and union thugs.

The liberals in the USA control Hollywood, television, academia, public schools, and the news media. These outlets continually are critical of Republicans, conservatives, and Christians. The only outlet for conservatives to express their opinions is on conservative talk radio. This expression of conservative views has been an irritant of the Democrats as free speech to them is only for the political left, not the political right. The Democrats are attempting to pass legislation called The Fairness Doctrine. This would require only talk radio shows to permit opposing political views with equal time. This requirement would not be made of the news media, and other organs controlling thought on the left. If the Fairness Doctrine passes it would in effect shut down conservative radio talk shows on free AM stations in the USA.

In a representative Democracy, the people deserve the government they have. Well America, you are getting what you deserved.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Los Angeles Times "Behind the lines with the Taliban"

The United States along with allied nations are engaged in the nation of Afghanistan militarily against the Taliban. The following nations have a military presence in Afghanistan:

United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Germany (Deutschland), France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands (Dutch), Turkey, Poland, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Norway, and the Czech Republic.

Appearing on the front page of the Sunday edition, January 11, 2009, of The Los Angeles Times, this headline:

"Behind the lines with the Taliban," accompanied with a large color photograph of an armed Taliban member.

Reading the article on their website, here is the first paragraph:

"A Times writer joins Taliban fighters in an especially dangerous part of Afghanistan. The men appear to have no fear of troops, and prove to be gracious hosts."

Noticed the part "gracious host?" The website assigned the byline to Paul Watson. Here is the link to the article:,0,7946082.story?page=1

The online the article expands over three screens and continues to prove itself as a puff piece, a propaganda piece in favor of the Taliban. Had such reporting been done in World War Two, The Los Angeles Times would be charged with sedition, if not treason for aiding the enemy by providing positive propaganda for the enemies of the United States of America and the allies.

However we live in an America where sedition and treason committed continually by the news media is overlooked. Sedition and treason are fashionable among the American news media and Hollywood crowd.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Turtle theft by state and federal authorities

This story came by way of Steve Santhuff himself, the one violated by the United States government.

Steve Santhuff lives in the state of Georgia, Gwinnett County (outside of the city of Atlanta), United States of America (USA). Mr. Santhuff has been an avid collector of turtles since his childhood and had around 500 turtles in his collection. He is respected as an authority concerning turtles to the point where he assisted the state of Louisiana in creating legislation to protect turtles. Mr. Santhuff also helped the state of Georgia identify turtles within its boundaries previously unaware of to them.

For three years the Federal government and regional state governments have conspired to investigate Mr. Santhuff to see if he was in violation of any laws in regards to his huge collection of turtles (tortoise). Such as if he was engaged in the commercialization or intent to or motive to. After three years of wasting and abusing tax payer money they decided to arrest Mr. Santhuff and charged him with having those reptiles without a permit. That is correct, no laws broken but no permit.

It seems like the state of Georgia used this no permit excuse to arrest someone back in 1831. In 1831 or thereabouts, a Samuel Worscester was working in the Cherokee Nation, which overlapped into Northern Georgia, evangelizing. The governor of the time wanted to establish Georgian law over the Cherokee Nation and had Mr. Worscester arrested for working in the Cherokee Nation without a permit. Yep, that is correct, arrested for no permit just like in 2008 when Mr. Steve Santhuff was charged.

Steve Santhuffs case goes to trail, and the jury found Mr. Santhuff innocent of breaking any laws, thus exonerating him. See the below link describing the proceedings as written by the Michael Hendrickson, the jury foreman:

Now Mr. Santhuff was found innocent of any wrong doing. That judgment of innocent did not deter the U.S. government. They are still keeping the turtles and other property they stole / confiscated from Mr. Santhuff. Government official Russ Willard said, the state does not plan to return the turtles. Mr. Santhuff does not have the authority to possess these animals. You read right, a jury decision means nothing to the government of these here United States.

Remember the government stole 500 turtles from Mr. Santhuff. Of which 350 were not on any protection list in the USA. Those turtles which many have been, were acquired by Mr. Santhuff BEFORE any were added to the list or even BEFORE the legislation was written. These turtles are valued between $100.00 and $1,000.00 each. While in these stolen turtles were in government custody, around 200 have died. The government stole these turtles to protect them, and then caused 200 of them to die while in government captivity.

Mr. Santhuff is now suing the government via his attorney Robert DAgostino to get the stolen turtles returned along with other stolen items: personal papers, vacation photos, scientific notes, and logs.

Representative democracy: where? Not in the USA. The United States was once a nation of laws, where all respected and enforced the laws. Now it is a nation of force. Have the force and you have the law to uphold or ignore. After hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, the United States government violated the Posse Comitatus Act, see below video:

Also violating the 2nd Amendment to the United States ignored Constitution. The Republic is lost. President Abraham Lincoln, 16 President, in his Gettysburg address ended with in part: government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Well President Lincoln, it did perish, so help me God!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sea Shepherd, it is party time Down-under

Sea Shepherd once again has harassed the Japanese whaling fleet. During this harassing season their garbage scow, Steve Irwin ran low on fuel. Thus cutting the harassing season short, and headed to port to re-fuel. A foreign ministry official in Japan, Chiharu Tsuruoka requested the Australian government deny Sea Shepherd access to any Australian ports to re-fuel, labeling Sea Shepherd as eco-terrorist.

Japan and Australia enjoy warm relations, friendship, and are allies. Australian acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, declined the Japanese request. Meaning Australia turned down a request made by a friendly nation.

As the Sea Shepherd garbage scow was headed back to Australia, specifically Hobart in Tasmania, they requested to have a party when they reach port. Any have a suggestion for a piƱata?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sea Shepherd should say to the Japanese, fill 'er up please!

Sea Shepherd's garbage scow the Steve Irwin had to suspend their harassment of the Japanese whaling ships Nisshin Maru and Kaiko Maru to refuel. The president of the Japanese Whaling Association, Mr. Keiichi Nakajima has asked the governments of Australia and New Zealand to refuse port entry for the Sea Shepherd's garbage scow otherwise these countries would be complicit in any further eco-terrorist attacks.

Mr. Nakajima said, "We know there are different views on whaling around the world. But the actions of the Sea Shepherd crew committing violence under the Dutch flag are no longer a whaling issue, but an issue of human life and safety at sea."

Sea Shepherd as given up harassing the whaling fleets of other nations because they have been met with justifiable hostility. Thus Sea Shepherd now harasses the Japanese to exploit the politeness of their culture. In keeping with Sea Shepherd's exploitation, they may want to ask the Japanese fleet for fuel to further their harassment.

The Japanese government is considering sending the Japanese Navy to protect shipping. But not the Japanese whaling ships. They are thinking of sending their navy to the Horn of Africa to deter Somali pirates. So while Japanese ships are being harassed by the garbage scow belonging to Sea Shepherd, the Japanese Navy may be deployed to deter pirates who are not bothering the Japanese whaling fleet. Huh?

Sea Shepherd is headquartered in the American (United States of America USA) state of Washington. Their ship the Steve Irwin is a Dutch (Netherlands) registered ship. In 2006 Sea Shepherd brought in 2.5 million dollars in donations, while paying Paul Watson $80,000 for that year. The Japanese conduct whaling research for the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) (Japanese Fisheries Agency).

Friday, January 2, 2009

News Media decline hides from the truth

The newspaper subscriptions and TV news viewership are declining in the United States of America (USA) while the population is increasing. The bias news media would have you believe this is due to the influence of the Internet. That fact is Americans are tired of the bias reporting by news readers who hate America, insult the sensitivities and morality of the American people. The deeper ones debauchery and hate of country, the greater their celebrity status within the news media and Hollywood. Thus forcing Americans to seek unbiased, non-insulting news via Al Gores Internet. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Comedian Kathy Griffin notice for her raspy voice and vulgar delivery accepted an Emmy at the Emmy Awards in September, 2007. In her acceptance speech Ms. Griffin disparaged Jesus Christ a couple of times, and God once. This anti-Christian tirade by Ms. Griffin insulted Christian throughout the world as well as those who believe in God. Did this hinder Ms. Griffins career? Nope, not in America. This display of public debauchery and insult towards Christians and believers in God is a resume enhancement with Hollywood and the American news media. Ms. Griffin was hired by CNN to co-host their New Years Eve show December 31st, 2008, with Anderson Cooper.

At one point when Ms. Griffins face was off the air, her microphone was still on (it was hot). Ms. Griffin replied to a heckler in the crowd, I dont go to your job and knock the ----- out of your mouth. The blank is the vulgar vernacular for a male body part. CNN got exactly what they were looking for because they knew of Ms. Griffins reputation and past history. Perhaps now Ms. Griffin will be asked to be a news reader on their evening news.

Television network TNT has a commentator named Charles Barclay. Mr. Barclay was recently stopped for speeding in Arizona. He told the police officer he was speeding to have some lady perform oral sex on him, as he had it done before by her, and it was enjoyable. However Mr. Barclay did not use the term oral sex, he used the street term for such a performance. Another example of enhancing ones resume in the news media.