Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Paul Watson verbal attack upon a 16-year old

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd has this post on Facebook about a 16-year old Native American boy living in Alaska who recently harvested a whale:

Here is a link to the article about the young man’s whaling accomplishment:

Here is the link to Watson’s rant if it is not blocked are still there:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sean Spicer and Nazi or Syrian Gas

Link to above video:

Sean Spicer and Nazi or Syrian Gas

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer equated Bashar al-Assad use of chemical weapons on civilians to Hitler’s used of gas.  The news media went into attack mode berating Mr. Spicer for referencing Adolph Hitler and/or the Nazis.

Subsequently Mr. Spicer apologized.  Why?  Both Assad and Hitler gassed civilians.  Hitler used Zyklon B on civilians and Assad used Sarin on civilians.  Both are monsters and deserved to be equated with one another.    

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Sea Shepherd's Traveling Minion

Sea Shepherd's Traveling Minion


Last year in the Faroe Islands an historic wall was left with graffiti desecrating the site.  The graffiti read, “Warning Killer Nation.”  This was in reference to the whaling activity that takes place in their fjords.  It is called the “Grind.”  It is easy to suspect Sea Shepherd of this act of vandalism, however Sea Shepherd has not returned to the Faroe Islands since series of laws were passed basically banning the cult group.  This activity fits their modus operandi since their cult leader boast they are not a protest group but a direct action group.

Perhaps it was done by one of their minions and/or supporters.  Desecrating historic sites is not beyond this cult group’s behavior.  A few years back Flea Face and his daughter along with the Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) of Sea Shepherd were in Taiji, Japan.  Flea Face’s daughter with a few others went to a Japanese holy site and proceeded to desecrate the artifacts.   

In 2012 the Cove Coward Guardians in Taiji again desecrated a statue there.  It was a statue of a man holding up a whaling spear.  One of the Cove Coward Guardians decided to dangle himself from the spear, causing it to bend downwards.  An act of vandalism, unintentional, however still an act of vandalism.  His parents had to pay for repairs to the statue then he was deported.   

Two years leader this same person arrives in the Faroe Islands with a Sea Shepherd crew, thus labeling him a “traveling minion.” 

Sea Shepherd’s  record:
Whales saved – 0
Dolphins saved – 0
Vandalism – too many to count.

With zero success hopefully their emotional wreck supporters continue to send them money allowing material for future videos as this one.  Thanks!     

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sea Shepherd a salute from Japan?

Sea Shepherd a salute from Japan?

Sea Shepherd Australia announced they located the Japanese whaling factory ship in the Southern Ocean with a dead whale on deck.  So what did Sea Shepherd do upon locating the Japanese whaling fleet?  Did they attempt to interrupt the whaling?  Nope, not at all.  Instead upon locating the Japanese whaling fleet Sea Shepherd sailed immediately back to the safety of Australia.

Huh?  What happened?  What scared the cowards of Sea Shepherd to run (sail) in fear?  The cult group kept bragging they have a new fourteen million dollar vessel faster than any of the Japanese ships.  Was that speed needed to sail back to Australia? 

According to The Guardian the Japanese whaling fleet had Japanese patrol ships with them.  That is what caused these brave defenders of the seas, Sea Shepherd to sail in fear to Australia with their tail between their soiled legs. 

Best part:  Sea Shepherd is claiming success this whaling season.  Yep, success in the Southern Ocean however their real success was avoiding the Japanese patrol ships.  The cult group sites statistics from whaling seasons some years ago.  A perceived success a few years ago equals success this whaling season according to these cultists.  What are they smoking?

Once back in the safety of Australia they then demanded Australia send a government vessel to stop the Japanese.  Did the cult group’s minions donate money to the Australian government or to Sea Shepherd to stop the whalers?  Then Sea Shepherd placed a further plea for donations.  Donations for what?  To run from the Japanese?  Once again another Sea Shepherd failure.  They have not saved one whale this whaling season.  While Sea Shepherd was sitting in port in safety in Australia, the Japanese were busy attaining their whaling quota without any interference.  Ha ha ha ha.

While at the same time Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) are in Taiji, Japan documenting for the world the dolphin activity happening in that picturesque hamlet.  How many dolphins have they saved?  Zero.  How many dolphins have they saved all these past seven years of “documenting for the world” the horrors that take place in Taiji, Japan?  Zero.  Complete failures.

Why is it they do not take “direct action” to free the dolphins?  Remember their cult leader, criminal cosplay Paul Watson claims they are a “direct action” group.  The Cove Coward Guardians claim if they did anything to free the dolphins they would be deported.  Then no one would be there to “document for the world” what is taking place there.  Really?

First:  There is the Dolphin Project there “documenting for the world.”

Second:  There were six Cove Coward Guardians in Taiji.  If one made an attempt to free the dolphins only that one person would be deported leaving the remaining five to “document for the world.”

Third:  Sea Shepherd needs those dolphins to be captured for their dramatic live-streaming with heart wrenching commentary to incite their suckers to donate money.  It is all about money for this cult group. 

The pathetic truth is Sea Shepherd berates the people of Taiji for making money off the dolphins while at the same time Sea Shepherd is making money off those very same dolphins.

To the emotional wrecks who continue to support this failure of a cult group, please continue to send them your cents because it makes no sense.

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kim Jong-un, the Yanks are coming....

Kim Jong-un, the Yanks are coming.........

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fake News and the First Amendment

Fake News and the First Amendment

President Trump commented on news that is fake news and the news media screamed they are protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Mr. Trump did not call all of the news media to be fake, he was critical fake news reported as real news.

The news media continues to cry there should be no criticism of them because they are protected by the First Amendment.  They continue with because of that protection they should be no attempt to regulate or interfere with the news media. 

There are a few protections in the First Amendment, however only the free “press” should never be regulated or place restrictions on, or criticized. 

The First Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Do not touch the news media.  But it is okay to regulated religion.  It is okay to restrict free speech, can you say “hate speech crimes?”  Okay to regulate “people peaceably to assemble.”  But never touch “the press.” 

In 1989 the U.S. Supreme Court in the case “Texas v. Johnson,” ruled burning a U.S. flag is an expression of free speech protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Further examination:  Burning a flag involves no speech, no verbalization, just action.  Yet that non-verbal act is protected as “free speech.” 

Now explore this scenario:  A person with a baseball bat proceeds to beat another person of a different ethnic background repeatedly over the head.  While doing so the person committing the assault hurls verbal insults towards the victim about his/her ethnic heritage.

The assailant will be charged with assault for beating the victim with a baseball bat.  In addition the assailant will be charged with a “hate crime” to serve an additional punishment for the negative ethnic slurs verbalized (spoken) during the commission of the assault.

The speech of the assailant is not protected as free speech, while the flag burner not uttering a word is protected as free speech.  Go figure.

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Balochistan, oppressed by two nations

Balochistan, oppressed by two nations

Balochistan was an independent nation until 1948 when Pakistan invaded.  The Balochi king, His Highness Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud (Khan of Kalat) currently in exile in the United Kingdom.

China is using and/or building a seaport in Gwadar Balochistan.  From there they are building a railroad and pipeline leading directly into China.  This port is on the Arabia Sea avoiding the long sea route through the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and to China.  Because of China’s aggressive belligerent behavior in the South China Sea the Balochistan route is an alternative.

Sea Shepherd, where to go?

Sea Shepherd, where to go?   

The 2012 / 2013 whaling season the Japanese brought back to Japan less than one-third of their quota.  Per Sea Shepherd this activity by the Japanese is killing the oceans.  The Japanese brought in under 300 whales and to Sea Shepherd and their type that is causing the oceans to die. 

Well by that lack of reasoning the oceans must be dead – R.I.P.  This must be so because while Sea Shepherd continues to harass the Japanese the South Koreans are whaling without any Sea Shepherd hate / interference. 

The South Koreans “bycatch whaling” which is basically claiming to have caught whales by accident.  That is when a South Korean catch in their nets a whale by accident, that whale is his to sell because it was an accident.  In 2012 the South Koreans had 2,350 such accidents, meaning 2,350 dead whales.  Also meaning 2,350 whales removed from the oceans. 

Thus if less than 300 whales taken by the Japanese contribute to killing the oceans then 2,350 whales removed from the oceans must have killed the oceans. 

The cowards of Sea Shepherd are bullies who go after a passive people, the Japanese mariners, while avoiding those who are responsible for the removal of 2,350 whales, the South Koreans.  Sea Shepherd knows if they attempt to interfere with the South Koreans the response would not be passive.       

Related South Korean whaling articles:

This is a translated article:

Here is the above article in Japanese:

Dolphin hunting in Peru is illegal which does not deter Peruvian fishermen.  According to a report from ITV News, (British news outfit) anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 dolphins are slaughtered by Peruvian fishermen in violation of Peruvian law.

Once the dolphins are captured, the Peruvian fishermen slice up the dolphins and use parts of the sliced dolphin as bait to capture sharks.  The remains of the dolphins are then thrown into the ocean, meaning up to 15,000 dolphin carcasses are dumped overboard. 

The fishermen of Taiji, Japan capture around 2,000 dolphins last dolphin season, which is legal in Japan.  Some of the dolphins are shipped live to marinas around the world.  The remaining dolphins are then used for food and food byproducts. 

So where does Sea Shepherd send their Cove Guardians?  To Peru where 15,000 dolphins are illegally slaughtered or to Taiji, Japan where around 2,000 dolphins are captured?  The answer is Taiji, Japan.  Further proof these foreigners who go to Taiji to document the dolphin activity are cowards and hate Japan / the Japanese.  They know if they go to Peru and behave there as they do in Taiji, they will get more than their feelings hurt. 

Plus going to Peru there is no money in it for them.  While in Taiji the cowards broadcast hateful commentary both on live-stream and their Facebook page causing suckers around the globe to donate.  Many donate to masquerade their hate for Japan / the Japanese by hiding their compassion for the dolphins.  If they have such a high level of compassion for the dolphins, then how come they do not demand their “Guardians” go where 15,000 dolphins are illegally being slaughtered as oppose to being where 2,000 dolphins are legally captured?  

WARNING:  some of the related articles below contain graphic photographs:

Related article on Peru’s dolphin slaughter:

WARNING graphic photographs:

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Sea Shepherd and Japanese patrol ships

Sea Shepherd and Japanese patrol ships

Sea Shepherd located the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean and immediately sailed back to the safety of Australian waters.  The result of Sea Shepherd running with their tail between their legs the Japanese whalers caught their quota of whales.  They Japanese whalers announced they were seeking 333 whales and that is exactly the number they caught uninterrupted. 

Sea Shepherd who claims to inforce made up laws to prohibit whaling in the Southern Ocean did absolutely nothing to prevent whaling even after they located the whalers.  

According to an article appearing on “the guardian” news website (a news organization in the United Kingdom) dated 31 March 2017, the following:

“Past missions have been hampered by a confrontational campaign on the high seas by environmentalists Sea Shepherd.  A fisheries agency official said that the whalers this time faced ‘no obstructive behavior threatening safety of the fleet and crew members’ by the group.

He attributed that partially to Japan dispatching patrol ships to protect the fleet.”

Did you notice the last sentence “….Japan dispatching patrol ships…..”  There is the reason for Sea Shepherd’s coward behavior of sailing to the safety of Australian waters.  The bullies ran like cowards whey they discovered the patrol ships.  Interesting to note the criminal cosplay Watson makes absolutely no mention of the patrol ships and their cowardice.  

Link to the United Kingdom’s “The Guardian” article Japan’s whaling, Sea Shepherd’s no action, and the Japanese patrol vessels:

Cosplay criminal Watson’s pathetic ranting:

Where are the videos of Sea Shepherd being chased by the Japanese whalers? 
No videos equals no chase. 

I found it, it is on this link dated March 28 by Josalyn Elliott:

Read blaming New Zealand, US Courts, Australia, Greenpeace, and needing money:

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

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