Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Peace in our time" AGAIN?

United States Secretary of State Chuck Hagel met with Communist China's defense minister General Chang Wanquan.  Reported "Beijing will not act first to stir up trouble."  This was in reference to Japan's Senkaku Islands. 


1938 British Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain met with Adolph Hitler, and returned to the United Kingdom declaring "peace in our times.  Chamberlain believed Hitler's commitment to peace.  A year later World War Two started in Europe,

Article in reference to Hagel and the commie general:


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sea Shepherd vs. the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd vs. the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd announced their next mission titled “GrindStop 2014,” targeting the good people of the Faroe Islands.

Background:  The Faroe Islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean roughly between Norway and Iceland.  The people decedents from the Vikings have a unique form of whaling.  The whales swim into the Faroe Islands fjords then are guided by the Faroese boats to the beach, where the whales are harvested for free food for the islanders.  When this happens the Faroese call it “the Grind,” or a “Grind,’ (Grindadrap).  Thus the name “GrindStop 2014” by Sea Shepherd. 

The Sea Shepherd floating circus plans to arrive in the Faroe Islands July and August of 2014 claiming to bring 400 to 500 volunteers.  Their goal is to broadcast to the world the whale harvesting on the beach as well as attempting to disrupt the flow of free food. 

Currently there is an “advance” team of Sea Shepherd cultists and filed a report on the cult group’s web page (link below) they wrote the following in reference to their venture in the Faroe Islands:

“……sea volunteers who will be standing guard at the beaches for over four months in order to sound the alarm, interfere, and document should Grind be attempted there.”

“Interfere.”  Really?  Are these circus clowns that out of touch they think they will be permitted to “interfere” as their trust-fund babies did in the Southern Ocean?  Will someone please tell these children the Faroe Islanders are not the Japanese.

Another writing on their web page:

“We explained to the police that we would stand our ground and defend the whales.”

Can you just imagine the police rolling on the floor laughing when the clowns left their office?  The interest part is “…..we would stand our ground….”  “Our ground?”  These foreign intruders have no ground in the Faroe Islands.  The cult group pulled the same routine a few years back in Taiji, Japan when they told residents of Taiji to leave this place and go home.

Their most hilarious quote is the following:

“Some of us may have to go to jail, but that is a small price to pay to save a whale or dolphin.”

Most likely that quote did not included his holiness pope Paul the Watson who is currently a bail jumper fearing an arrest to go to jail because of his activities to save whales.  Apparently in this cult group one does not lead by example and it is “do as I say and not as I do.” 

When you visit their web link listed below please click on the red tab on top that reads “donate now.”  Because that was the sole reason for the dribble they wrote there.  It was purely to induce money from emotional wreck suckers who believe the fiction written there. 

Sea Shepherd “GrindStop 2014” web link:

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Japanese word banned by a South Korean television station

Is this normal behavior?  

South Korea’s largest television network banned a South Korean idol group’s video because they used one word in Japanese.  The word used was “pika” meaning “glitter,” flash,” or “sparkle.”   

When the group removed the word, it was allowed back on the air.

K-Pop sales in Japan

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sea Shepherd and the dolphin army

Sea Shepherd and the dolphin army

With the recent ruling by the UN International Court of Justice blocking Japan from whaling in the Southern Ocean, what is Sea Shepherd to do?  The issue was brought before the Court by Australia, a hotbed of Sea Shepherd support.

Pope Paul the Watson and the cultists belonging to the floating circus need another venue to garner money from suckers now that the Japanese whalers are no longer their target.  How about Russia? 

When the Russians took over the Crimea, from the Ukraine, they acquired a Ukraine military dolphin training camp.  In this camp the Ukrainians trained dolphins to be suicide bombers and to attack humans.  Remember now Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians for six months out of a year harass the people of Taiji, Japan for capturing dolphins.  The captured dolphins are then used for food and / or shipped off to mariners around the world. 

Will Sea Shepherd prove their concern for dolphins by objecting to them being trained as suicide bombers or killers?  Of course not.  How many Russian embassies will Sea Shepherd initiate protest in front of?  On the next “save the dolphin day” can we expect protest in front of Russian embassies? 

Sea Shepherd with their holiness Pope Paul the Watson with their rust bucket garbage scows should sail into the Black Sea to defend if not free these soon to be suicide bombers and / or murders. If you believe that will ever happen either the attempt at freedom or embassy protest, then perhaps you should look into purchasing the bridge for sale in Brooklyn.        

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Sea Shepherd and the dolphin army

Obama talks, the world laughs

Obama talks, the world laughs

When President Obama was running for president in 2008 he campaigned saying the USA under President Bush lost respect around the world.  This was regurgitated by fellow Democrats and the bias news media. 

When he got elected and was coroneted President, we were told the world was now going to respect the USA.  Really?  The whole world now is laughing more at the USA than in any time in history.     

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