Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony's taxi tales

In the early 1970’s while attending college in New York City, part-time drove a New York City taxi in Manhattan. The type of cab was one of those large Checker Cab. Checker Taxis were produced by the Checker Motors Corporation of Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1982 was the last year they produced these vehicles.

Driving a taxi in Manhattan part-time for about six months proved interesting. Turning down 5th Avenue from 42nd street, to be stopped for an illegal turn. Being stiffed by a foreign passenger who ducked into Grand Central Station. Arguing with a motorist who slammed his car door into my moving cab. Driving a passenger from Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), in the borough of Queens on a rainy night (“the night was dark as usual”).

Back then one had to have a “hack” license issued by the City of New York to drive a taxi. Attending a day’s orientation / class, ending with a geography class concerning the New York City area. I only drove for about six months, because this was New York City before Mayor Rudy Giuliani (mayor from 1994 to 2001). It was getting dangerous for cab drivers in New York, thus the exit from the career part time job.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Extremes in liberalism and animal rights run amuck


Link to tokarski21:

Five news articles from The Dallas Morning News (DMN) discussed:

Houston mother and unborn child stabbed to death repeatedly. Murder being charged in the death of the mother and unborn child. If the child was murdered through an abortion, it child would have been reduced to a fetus by the news media. Since it was a murder of the mother also, the murdered child was elevated to an unborn child.

Political correctness continues to pollute. The USA government will no longer use the term, “mental retardation.” Instead Congress passed a measure changing it to “an individual with an intellectual disability.” The language continues to be commandeered by lunatic liberals inflected with political correctness. The legislation was sponsored by Democrat from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski along with Republican from Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi. See both political parties have the same depravity.

Animal rights groups in Spain succeeded in banning bull fights in one region of Spain. Not satisfied with this success, they continue their assault upon humans. In July the Catalonia region banned bullfighting. September, 2010 they also banned “correbous.” The tradition where bulls chase human idiots in through the streets. The bulls have attached to their horns short sticks with flaming wax or fireworks. The fear is according to the news article is the bulls “might” plunge into the sea and led back to land. Huh?

Chimps in New Mexico at a biomedical research lab at Holloman Air Force Base were to be transferred to a research facility in Texas. Democrat governor of New Mexico would prefer to keep the chimps at their current facility in New Mexico and converted it into a chimpanzee sanctuary. This would prevent the chimps from being used for research. Had these people been around during the early days of the USA space program the USA would never have landed on the moon. Because in the early days of the program numerous monkeys were blasted into space.

Pennhurst State Hospital (asylum) in Pennsylvania has been closed and abandoned for more than 20 years. Recently an investor group purchased the facility with the intention of converting one of the buildings into a haunted house. Mental health advocates (Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance and ARC of Philadelphia) are trying to block this development. Another incident of liberals trying to tell others what they can and cannot do with their private property.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japan China a diplomatic coup?

If you are not aware of the recent diplomatic turmoil between Japan and China of the arrest of a Chinese fishing vessel captain, please view the below video:

Due to the commies in Beijing behaving like rabid dogs as communist are known to, Japan released the Chinese fishing vessel from custody. The central government in Tokyo claims that decision was made by the authorities in Okinawa where the captain was in custody.

The commies not satisfied with that, are now seeking an apology from Japan over the incident. See, commies are never satisfied. To the people of Japan, fear not as you still live in a magnificent country to be very proud of. In Japan as in the USA and many democracies around the world from time to time politicians attain office who seem to insult the nation by their actions. Beauty of it is, they can and should be voted out of office. God bless the ballot box, the weapon of choice in civilized societies.

The commies in Beijing through their lunatic behavior in this situation actually did a favor for the USA. Thank you Beijing! Because of their behavior other nations in Asia who thought it possible to seek closer relations with China vs. the USA, now realize their best interest is with the USA and not with commies. The Democratic Party of Japan – DPJ, was one time considering closer ties with China as oppose to the USA. Since this situation the DPJ is viewing the USA as the good friend and ally the USA is to Japan and many democracies in Asia.

Perhaps now the people in Okinawa can appreciate the security of housing around 35,000 Americans in uniform in their island. Over all, life is good in Japan and this one incident should not serve to discourage any citizen in Japan as to their loyalty and love for their nation. Perhaps now is the time to have a rational national discussion in Japan concerning Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

Believe it or not, bad things to happen to good people. Good people use such an experience to make them stronger. Smile, life is good.

The four Fujita Corp employees held captive by the commies in China, accused of entering a military zone in Hebei Province:

Yoshiro Sasaki – 44 years old

Hiroki Hashimoto – 39 years old

Sadamu Takahashi – 57 years old

Junichi Iguchi – 59 years old

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ZakZak column in English

Here is my first column to appear on the Japanese website: ZAKZAK.  It is written in Japanese on that site, here it is in English:

Tony’s introduction:

Howdy partners, that is Texas talk for “hello.”  My YouTube name is “PropagandaBuster,” I am known in Japan as “Texas Daddy,” however my name is Tony.  Recently with the benevolence of the publisher Asuka Shinsha I authored a book / DVD titled, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy.”  That is me kids!

I am a guessing (more Texas talk), my popularity in Japan stems from my defense of Japan’s culture to harvest whales.  The whales who spoil children in the West classify as intelligent.  These intelligent mammals who regularly commit suicide by cluttering beaches around the world with their carcasses.

It was my reply to the girly-men cowards of that eco-terrorist, culinary imperialist Sea Shepherd, headed by that criminal Captain Kangaroo and his pink panty wearing side-kick Cabin boy, which caused a storm of delight among the Japanese Internet population. 

The videos I posted on YouTube in defense of Japan, while degrading and pointing out the flaws in Sea Shepherd’s hallucinations took off like a prairie fire (more Texas talk).  I am a proud American who finds the negative behavior of Sea Shepherd and their types via “Whale Wars” and the “The Cove” to be indefensible.  More Texas talk: “lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.”

I am honored and humbled ZAKZAK has invited me to write columns for their website.  In these columns I hope to have the opportunity to express America’s love and respect for Japan.  The people of Japan have over the years been a strong reliable friend and ally.  It is for this I continue to defend Japan against girly-men Sea Shepherd types.  Another Texas saying, “We are mighty beholding to ya.”

I have never traveled to Japan or Asia, yet because of all the warm messages I have received from the people in Japan and my dealings with the publisher Asuka Shinsha, I have the feeling of “la famiglia,” that is not Texan, but Italian for family.    

Future columns I will explore various topics, issues, and people of interest to the readers in Japan.  Through such writings hopefully you will be able to gain a greater understanding into the thoughts and views of your nation from a guy like me, across the Pacific.

I find your culture to be interesting, if not refreshing and admirable.  My desire is this will come across in my columns.  Together our two nations have to address the expanding military threat from the commies in The Middle Kingdom, China, and that nut in The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea.  We can accomplish this through a strong mutual friendship, which I hope these columns would be beneficial for both our nations.

Thank you, God bless you, God bless America, and God bless Japan. 

Here is the link to the website:

JETS football team anger feminist

Basically men behaving like men in a men’s locker room upset the ugly feminist. Inez Sainz a female sports reporter in the JETS football team’s locker room, caused the men in the men’s locker room to behave like men in a men’s locker room when a pleasant and visually appealing women entered the men’s locker room.

This behavior of men acting like men in a men’s locker room when a visually appealing woman entered the men’s locker room caused feminist to scream work place sexual harassment. The anger from the ugly feminist may have resulted because the men in the men’s locker room did not behave like men in a men’s locker room when these ugly feminist dragged their sagging derriere in the same men’s locker room.

The event made nation-wide news the next day. When Ms. Ines Sainz was questioned by the self-appointed cultural elite, Ms. Sainz was not upset by the men’s behavior in a men’s locker room. Ms. Sainz had no complaints, but the ugly broads who did not get the same attention as Ms. Sainz had complaints.

Men are blessed or burdened with being very visual. A beautiful woman alerts the visual senses in men. Ugly broads refuse to understand this, while pretty women understand and appreciate this.

The feminist find it repulsive when a boy behaves like a boy, so they drug him up with Ritalin to alter the child’s behavior. When men behave like men, ugly broads file sexual harassment. Feminism was establish to permit ugly broads to gain access, later developing to alter the natural behavior of men.

Democrats the Dream Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell

The U.S. Senate addressing an appropriation bill for the USA military defeated an attempted hijacking by the leadership of the Democratic Party in the Senate.

The legislation was to provide money for the USA military and a pay raise for them. The Democrats attached a provision that would have ended “Don’t ask don’t tell.” Such a provision had no place being attached to an appropriation bill. The Democrats also attached the “Dream Act,” and a revision to that act.

The “Dream Act” provided for the children of illegal immigrants brought into the USA while under age 15. If when attaining the age to join the USA military they join and serve honorable, they get permanent residence status on the road to full citizenship. The Democrats then expanded to also mean those attending college without ever serving in the military.

The bastardization of the Dream Act by the Democrats and the inclusion to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was defeated by 49 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the Senate. This was another shameless attempt by the Democrat leadership to politicize the military. The leadership of the Democratic Party has only one loyalty, and that is to the Democratic Party, not to the United States of America.

Remember come this Election Day, better known as “Free America Day” on November 2, 2010, we need to vote these bums out.

How many driving test?

Recently an article appeared in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The New York Times, about a South Korean woman’s driving test. Cha Sa-soon, 69 years old, failed her driving test 959 times, and passed on the 960 try. Congratulations to Cha Sa-soon!

The article reminded me (Tony, aka: PropagandaBuster) of the number of times I had to take the road test to pass. The first failed road test was due to being requested by the inspector to parallel park the vehicle on a snowy day in Manhattan (New York City) on a snow covered street with no curb or sidewalk. Test failed because the inspector claimed if there was a curb and sidewalk, I would have parked on the side walk. This inspector also happened to be one of the authors of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers Manuel.

Second try was with an inspector who was math challenged. To pass a road test in New York State one must not score above 20 in negative points. The test results arrived in the mail about a week after the test totaling 21 points. However when the checked points were added it amounted to 19. The Motor Vehicle Bureau refused to correct the inspector’s math.

Third attempt, passed. No snow, no book author, and no mathematically challenged inspector on that day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tony's skivvies, let us compare

Comparison between the men’s boxer briefs from Sears and from Blair.

Sears Stafford Essentials, 3 boxer briefs made in Honduras for $18.00. The elastic waistband wears out rather fast, cause the skivvies to fall to the floor., 3 boxer briefs made in India for $12.99. The elastic waistband held up far beyond the Sears brand.

Both the Sears and Blair skivvies were used intermittently over time and after multiple uses, the elastic waistband on the Sears skivvies no longer held up as the lost their elasticity.

A message to the Republican Party leadership

Please be advised Republican / Democrats one snake with two heads. With this in mind please understand why in this upcoming election (Free America Day, November 2, 2010) we conservatives and Tea Party supporters will vote Republican, is because the Republican Party is currently not infected with the leadership of the Democratic Party. The leadership of the Democratic Party in the last ten years or so has behaved seditiously, if not treasonous.

The Tea Party movement is an attempt to cleanse the Republican Party of stealth Democrats in Republican clothing (RINO = Republican In Name Only). We are demanding the Republican Party after this election decrease taxes, decrease the size of the federal government, and maintain a fidelity to the United States Constitution (“We the People”). Current day Democratic Party leadership has demonstrated a total disregard to this foundational document.

The Muslims have their Koran, the Jews the Torah, Christians the Bible, all of whom harbor a profound reverence, passion, and fidelity towards these holy books. The Constitution is not a holy document / book; however the passion to maintain the fidelity to the Constitution is the same.

Republicans if you ignore our demands, (that is right “demand” not request), you will be thrown on the scrap heap of history and a third political party will emerge surpassing your defunct party in membership, support, and electability. Ignore us at your political peril.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

President Obama and them thar Democrats punish success

For the past ten years or so the Democrats, the entertainment industry, and the Democratic Party dominated news media have been telling American the Bush era tax cuts were only for the rich. They accused of Republicans of giving the wealthy in America tax breaks on the backs of middle class Americans. Of course thinking Americans knew it was nothing but a lie.

Recently the Obama regime proved they have been lying about the truth with the Bush era tax cuts. The tax cuts are scheduled to expire the end of 2010. President Obama proposes to let the tax cuts for those making over $250,000 expire, while keeping the tax cuts for those making under $250,000. Which means there were tax cuts all these years for EVERYONE, not just the rich. See another lie by the Democrats, the regime, the pervert thespians in Hollywood, and the news media.

Democrats use the tax issue to perpetuate the politics of envy, class warfare, identity politics, and punish those who are successful for being successful. At one time in the USA all were considered equal under the law. With the Democrat imposed graduated tax scheme all are not equal. Those who earn more, pay a higher percentage in taxes than those who earn less. Basically punishing those who succeed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chinese fishing vessel rams Japanese patrol boat

Located between Taiwan, China, and Japan (Okinawa) are a group of islands called Senkaku or Diaoyu. This group of islands are disputed as to their sovereignty between the three nations. Recently a Chinese fishing vessel (Minjinyu 5179) was the area of islands when the vessel came upon two Japanese patrol boats. The Japanese advised the fishing vessel to leave the area. In reply the Chinese fishing vessel taking a cue from Sea Shepherd, rammed one of the Japanese patrol boats, Ishigaki Island.

The fishing vessel was taken into custody along with the 14 sailors and the captain, Captain Zhan Qixiong. Soon afterwards the Japanese released the vessel and the 14 sailors. The captain still remains in Japanese custody for further questioning.

The geo-politics of the situation is rather tenuous with relationship to these remote islands. Since both Taiwan and China both claim the islands belong to them, it is in Beijing’s interest to keep the situation active as it then gives both Taiwan and China a common interest and goal. This with the backdrop of a possible reunification between the two.

In 1972 when the USA turned Okinawa back over to Japan, the USA agreed to help protect the territorial integrity of Japan, including the disputed islands.

Rather pathetic the Chinese captain of the fishing vessel selected to employ a tactic from Sea Shepherd, thus creating a volatile situation in Asia. Perhaps the next time in order to avoid being detained, the Chinese captain may want to borrow Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo’s pretend law-enforcement badge. Incidentally the USA Navy and Japanese Navy are scheduled to conduct joint naval exercise in the waters near the disputed islands.

Condolences to Captain Zhan Qixiong, his 85 year old grandmother passed away upon hearing the news of this detention.

Drawings created using Microsoft PAINT. Video footage and photo courtesy of the Institute for Ceatacen Research.

Hey folks. My book / DVD “The Speeches of Texas Daddy” is now available at the iTune store!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tony's columns on the Internet

The publisher in Tokyo, Japan: Asuka Shinsha (Asukasinsha 飛鳥シンシア) of my book “The Speeches of Texas Daddy,” テキサスパパのスピーチ, received a request from Fuji Sankie Group. FujiSankie Group, フジサンケイグループ, is the largest media group in Japan, and the 4th largest in the world.

They requested I write columns for their website, “Zak Zak ザックザック.” To date five columns have been written, and will appear on the website beginning September 15th, 2010. The title of the columns are:

The Cove - 入り江
Ichiro Ozawa - 小沢一郎
Grazer boys and / or herbivore men - グレイザーの少年が男性を草食動物
Short term for Japanese Prime Ministers - 日本の総理大臣

Here is a link to the Zak Zak site:

CAUTION:  The “Translate this page” option in Google search returns a horrible and inaccurate English translation of the column.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd, and whaling, continued

The Faroe Islands (Faeroe Islands) located in the North Atlantic, roughly between Norway and Iceland. These islands have been an autonomous province of Denmark.

The people of these picturesque islands traditionally gather their food from the sea as many island inhabitants around the world do. Part of their sea sustenance comes from hunting whales.

Recently Cabin Boy traveled to the Faroe Islands in a disguise which did not last long. He snapped photos of a whale harvesting. Sea Shepherd claimed it was gruesome and posted the photos on their website. Lately Sea Shepherd sent their newest garbage scow the Golfo Azzurro to the Faroe Island waters. Their assignement was to drop transponders on the ocean floor that would emit a sound to warn off the whales.

Well they must have dropped the wrong transponders thinking they may have emitted a whaling mating call. Over 100 whales passed over these transponders (propbaly in heat thanks to the transponders) into the fjords to be harvested and /or beached. Thank you Sea Shepherd!

To good people of the Faroe Islands not to let all this good meat go to waist, proceeded to harvest the meat to the benefit of the inhabitants of these picturesque islands. Job well done Sea Shepherd!

Photographs used provided by:

Drawings created using Microsoft PAINT.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sea Shepherd tribute

This is a tribute to Sea Shepherd using a composite of drawings used in previous Sea Shepherd videos, mostly posted to the other channel: PropagandaBuster.

Sea Shepherd and their types have caused mischief and illegal activities harassing the Japanese whalers, the working people of Taiji Japan, Canadian seal hunts, the Faroe Islands, and boast about sinking Norwegian whaling vessels. They continue to harass and place in danger honest, hardworking people, so they can garner donations from suckers around the world who are emotional wrecks. Basically these emotional wrecks are being exploited.

Artist renderings by pretend Tony aka: PropagandaBuster. The renderings are

offered purely as a spoof using childlike artistry to mock the childish behavior of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. Drawings created using Microsoft PAINT.

Asians attacked at a Philadelphia high school, no hate crime here

In Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love), Pennsylvania, at South Philadelphia High School, recently (December 3rd, 2009), there was a hate crime that was not a hate crime. Huh? According to an article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted from The Associated Press, around 70 mostly black students attacked 35 Asian students at the high school. According to the news article, “…few observers believe the violence was caused by racial hatred.”

In other words, no hate crime here. So why the attack? Was it an expression of love? Did they want the Asians to share their lunch? Truth be known, it must have been jealously. Americans of Asian descent have the highest SAT scores, lowest out of wedlock births, highest average income, and highest college graduation rate. They enjoy as a group one the highest intact family units. They concern themselves with success through education.

For this dedication they are envied by the slothful, lazy, give me a hand out types in the USA. The news article illustrated the success of one of the victims of the South Philadelphia High School attack as Duong Nghe Ly. Mr. Ly with his family migrated to the USA from Vietnam two years ago. This past summer Mr. Ly enjoyed an internship at the University of Pennsylvania, attended a psychology class at a community college, attended conferences in Houston and Boston. What did the attackers do this past summer?

Charts created using Microsoft EXCEL and PAINT. Data a composite sourced from various news related Internet sites. Actual numbers may vary, however the integrity of the hierarchy maintained throughout.

See related videos:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Koran burning?

In Gainesville, Florida, there is a Christian institution “The Dove World Outreach Center,” with Pastor Terry Jones. Pastor Jones announced plans to commemorate this September 11 in a rather unorthodox way, if not just plain inflammatory.

Pastor Jones plans to burn a number of the Muslim Holy Books, the Koran. That plan is stupid if not just plain ignorant. What purpose will that serve other than to inflame? Having wrote that, understand it is his Constitutional right to do so under freedom of religion protected by our Constitution.

Much like the Ground Zero Mosque / cultural center when President Obama (leader of the regime) noted the Imam has a right under the Constitution to build his mosque. Well under that same freedom of religion Pastor Jones has his right to burn the books. Agreed building the mosque so close to Ground Zero is in itself inflammatory and insensitive, just like burning the holy books. Both acts seem to serve only one purpose: to incite.

The City of Gainesville has advised they will not issue Pastor Jones a permit to burn the books. The pastor said he will burn them anyway. One can also claim burning the books falls under the Constitutional right of freedom of speech. A Supreme Court ruling some years ago protected one’s right to burn a U.S. flag as being protected by freedom of speech. Claiming the burning was an expression.

People need to be aware with all our protected rights and privileges come great responsibility in exercising those protected rights and privileges. Something both parties in this story seem to have forgotten.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Obama Regime and Hillary degrade the USA to the UN

The head of the regime, President Barack Obama, and his madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to fulfill their goal of tearing down the USA before the world’s community.

Hillary (Bill’s wife) submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council a report on what the regime and Hillary see as human rights abuses in the United States of America. This is the first time in U.S. history a president submitted such a report to such an international body. These two bums are a disgrace to the U.S.

On page 23, Paragraph 95, the report berates the 48th state of the Union, Arizona for SB1070 (addressing illegal immigration in Arizona). Below is the pdf of the despicable insulting report:

The Obamas and the Clintons enjoy embarrassing the USA to the world. The Obama regime has demonstrated their ability to embrace America’s enemies, while alienated America’s longtime allies and friends.

Remember folks, November 2nd, 2010 is “Free America Day,” (Election Day) when we vote the Democratic bums out of Congress. We must cleans this nation of all Democrats running for office from dog catcher to Senator. Then perhaps they will get the message: To Americans, America comes first.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democratic Party in Japan & USA of the same DNA

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the Democratic Party of the USA (DNC) must be of the same lineage as their DNA must match up. Three examples to support this supposition:

1) The Democrats in Japan (DPJ) want to award suffrage to non-citizens by giving them the franchise to vote. The idea is to allow those non-citizens who are permanent residents to vote in Japanese elections.

While their counterparts in the USA, the Democratic Party (DNC) was to grant amnesty to those in the USA illegally, putting them on the road to full citizenship which would then grant them the right to vote. Democrats USA want to make illegal’s, legal, so they can eventually vote. Democrats Japan was non-citizens to vote while still remaining non-citizens.

2) The Democrats in Japan it is alleged accepted campaign donations from dead people. Apparently in Japan when a Democrat dies they are able to take it with them so they can donate it back.

While in the USA, the Democratic Party allows dead Democrats to continue to vote. Japanese Democrats can contribute money after death, while Democrats USA can vote from the grave.

3) The Democrats of Japan seem to have a love affair with the communist in China. While Democrats in the USA do not have to go to another nation to manifest their love affair with communist. Democrats USA have enough domestic communist to satisfy their leftist urges.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

U.S. tax money for foreign mosques?

Conservative talk radio and the blogosphere has been alive recently with talk about President Obama along with madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife), have been funneling tax payer money to build and /or restore Muslim mosque in foreign countries.

Rather curious as to why the liberals in the USA have not been screaming “separation of church and state.” Perhaps because the money was not being spent on Christian churches, the liberals were silent. WRONG!

Checking further came across U.S. State Department PDF file listing the money spent in a special program. Upon examining this file, not only were foreign mosque receiving U.S. tax money (or Chinese money routed via the USA), but also on the list were Christian sites and one Buddhist site.

Money went to Muslim sites in Mauritania, Nigeria, China, and Pakistan. Christian sites, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, and Turkey. Plus one Buddhist temple in China. $237,254 for Muslim sites, $1,029,911 for Christian sites, and $43,988 for the lone Buddhist site.

Still where are the liberals screaming “separation of church and state?” With a bankrupt USA can we afford such an expenditure?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tony, all over the world

The book, “The Speeches of the Texas Daddy,” written and videoed by Tony and the publisher Asuka Shinsha, the publishing company in Tokyo, Japan, has been on sale in Japan and on Amazon, Japan.

The publisher has made the book available to all the people on earth through iTunes. It can be downloaded from iTunes directly to your iPad. The whole book is available in English and Japanese, plus all the videos (around 15 videos in English with Japanese subtitles), in addition a promotional video.

Here is the link to iTunes website for the book:

You can now have in one product both the book to read and the videos to watch all on your iPad.

ISBN-10: 4864100152

ISBN-13: 978-4864100151