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Stagecoach movie mistakes

Stagecoach movie mistakes

The black and white, 1939 movie “Stagecoach” review.  The colorized version used in this review.  This movie with John Wayne (Ringo Kid) was a breakthrough role for him.  Excellent movie, however two noted mistakes detailed. 

During the scene with Native Americans attacking the stagecoach, Thomas Mitchell (Doc Boone) is seen leaning out the stagecoach door, firing his six-shooter.  Bullet holes appear on the door below Thomas Mitchell.  Yet he is not wounded and very much alive.  Since the door was wooden, the bullet should have gone through the door, harming him. 

In the town of Lordsburg, night on the street, John Wayn is in a gun fight with three men.  One of the men Tom Tyler (Luke Plummer), afterwards walks into a saloon, then collapsed dead.  In the scene there are no bullet holes in him.  Note all four men were facing each other, hence no one was shot in the back.   

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