Friday, April 24, 2020

There are monsters in China


(click on the above two videos)
There are monsters in China

“Good Communist” is an oxymoron.  The two words together are not interchangeable.  There are two video clips illustrating the barbarism of the Communist government in commie-led China:

Video number one:  A women holding an infant is pounced upon by two Communist thugs in police uniforms.  The initial confrontation the commie police cause the infant to be hurled to the ground slamming the child’s face in the pavement.  The two commie thugs continue to attack the woman without any concern for abused child.

Made in China
Video number two:  What looks like commie riot police walking down a dirt street attack a young boy sitting innocently on what seems to be a curb.  He is beaten with sticks then stomped upon.  These commie savages then stroll down the road continuing their barbaric assault upon people just sitting on the side of a building.  Others sitting against the building you can see hoovering in fear.
If you have a choice and you select to purchase “made in China,” consider yourself complicit in Commie savagery.  Of course at times there is no choice and we have to purchase the commie product that is understandable and blame both political parties in Congress. 

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