Thursday, July 2, 2015

South Koreans upset with me again

South Koreans upset with me again

Photographs appearing on Facebook of me in December, 2013 sitting next to a statue in California provoked close to two-thousand South Koreans students sending vulgar hate mail.  Near five-hundred were disturbing death threats while the others started with “Fxxx Yxxx.” 

During this last week the hate from South Korean students emerged again.  Did it take them two years to get upset over the photographs?  A news outlet and or blog in South Korea decided to repost the photographs purposely failing to inform they were close to two years old.  Resulting in a whole new crop of hate mail coming from uninformed South Korean students. 

Once again they displayed their vulgar English skills starting their greeting with “Fxxx Yxxx.”  Have to add this time many polite messages were received expressing concern with the photographs. 

A South Korean Facebook page with the photographs (since this video was uploaded the Facebook page in the below link disappeared):

Video on South Korean English lessons:

Here is a video of two South Koreans proudly employing the “f bomb” in a song:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Deleted South Korean Facebook page