Friday, September 30, 2011

Tokyo, New York City both had demonstrations for Fuji TV & Wall Street

Please evaluate the contrast between demonstrations in Tokyo and New York City.

In August, 2011 there were demonstrations in Tokyo, Japan concerning a television station: Fuji TV. In September, 2011 demonstrations in New York City, “Occupy Wall Street.” For an explanation concerning the two demonstrations please see links to articles and a video below.

However this video is to illustrate the contrast between the two groups of demonstrators. No commentary is offered in this video or description. Commentary is being reserved for the viewers to leave it in the comment section to this video. Basically the videos of the two demonstrations offer all the commentary for themselves.

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Video of the Tokyo protest taken by good friend Takashi in Japan.

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YouTuber’s Occupy Wall Street videos used with their consent:



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pakistan to help China with Uyghur terrorist? Who read the tea leaves?

Pakistan shares common borders with Afghanistan, China, and India, seems to be host to over forty terrorist groups. Recently from the USA accusations of Pakistani military and intelligence services in support of al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. The nation of India accused the Pakistani intelligence services of complicity in the 2008 terrorist attack upon India’s capital: Mumbai. This attack resulting in the terrorist murdering 164 people and wounding around 308. With this stellar record of fighting terrorist, the commies in China are seeking Pakistani support in suppressing terrorism in the Xinjiang region of China.

Remember now Osama Bin Laden (currently enjoying the view from the bottom of the sea) was found living in Pakistan right next to a Pakistani Military Academy. The relationship between the USA have been strained, however the money continues to flow from the USA to Pakistan. Thank you spineless Democrats and Republicans.

Due to this strain relationship the Pakistanis eager to embrace the Commies in China. This is a relationship where both sides deserve one-another. The Commies in China claim the Uyghur’s (Uighurs) in Xinjiang region are engaged in terrorism and are trained in camps located inside Pakistan. China is giving Pakistan millions of dollars as a result of agreeing to eliminate those camps within their borders. Does China think they are going to get their money’s worth while Pakistan currently host well over forty terrorist groups?

Remember the Uyghur’s are Muslim, and the Pakistanis are Muslim. The Commies expect a Muslim nation to suppress Muslims in their nation?

The best way for the commies to eliminate the so-called Uyghur terrorist problem is for China’s commies to lift their oppressive thumb off the Uyghur’s. Allow the Uighurs to speak their language, practice their religion, and grow their culture and the so-called terrorism will end without having to spend millions of dollars in a neighboring country.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bake sale on the Berkeley campus exposes the intolerance of tolerance pr...

The Democratic Party controlled California legislature is considering legislation requiring or allowing California State Colleges / Universities to use or consider a person’s skin color, race, gender another qualifier for admission.

The Republican Party student organization on the Berkeley Campus in California held a bake sale with the following price structure to illustrate the lunacy of this race-based proposal rooted in political correctness:

Of course the people who preach tolerance, the liberals and politically correct crowd where infuriated by this exposing their intolerance.

Diversity = Balkanization

The purpose of “diversity” being shoved down the throats of students throughout the nation is to divide this nation and keep it that way. A divided nation is a weakened nation. Remember these practitioners of “diversity” see the USA as the cause of much of which is wrong in the world. Cause the decline of the USA, and all will be right on this planet according to their pathetic thinking.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eclectic collection of U.S. flags in a Texas cemetery

This video was inspired about another YouTuber: AbandonedScotland, here is the link to his channel:

Link to his inspirational video:

No message to this video other than an attempt at being artistic (stop laughing).

I was driving through the town I live in Texas, and came across a country cemetery sprinkled with an eclectic collection of United States flags placed among the tombstones.

Camera used is a DSLR with video capabilities: Nikon D3100, used a Nikkor 55 -200mm lens (“Nikkor” is a Nikon product), no filter. The ground was parched, and grass brown due to the long dry, drought affected summer in this part of Texas. Forgot to use a filter, perhaps next time will remember. But hey, this was my first time to attempt such a video.

Music titled: “Our Flag” by Bjorn Lynne, from the website (Neo Sounds).

This video is not to compete with AbandonedScotland, but shown as an inspiration from AbandonedScotland.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The rich do pay higher taxes, Obama Solyndra, Gibson Guitars punished

Shocking, The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reprinted an article from the Associated Press (AP) exposing the truth about “the rich paying taxes.” Basically opposing the propaganda from the Obama administration (regime) and the Democratic Party (DNC), concerning the taxes the so-called rich pay. Apparently according to the article “the rich” do pay their “fair share” of taxes, please see link below.

As part of a recent Stimulus Package pushed by the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) and the Obama Regime (President Obama and his administration) was a loan in the amount of $528 million to a green energy company Solyndar. Prior to the loan’s approval accounting agencies in the federal government warned the partisans in the Obama Regime the review process was not complete. Ignoring their warnings the loan was approved.

Solyndra filed bankruptcy, the $5228 million is lost and to date there is no accountability as to where the money is or how it was spent. What happened? The lawyers for Solyndra also happened to have been “bundlers” for the Democratic Party. “Bundlers” gather donations from various sources then turn them over in this case to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

Question to be resolved: Did the Obama administration rush through the $528 million loan to Solyndra because Solyndra’s lawyers just happened to be Democratic Party bundlers, functionaries?

If the news media continues to print the truth running afoul of the Democratic Party would it cause the demise of this channel? Naaaaw…..

Recently Gibson Guitars was raided by the USA federal government, where guitar making materials (wood), computers, files, and guitars were confiscated. How come? Apparently the USA is enforcing foreign law in the USA at the urging from environmentalist (really?). They are claiming the woods Gibson Guitars imported from India and Madagascar were lumbered in those countries by companies violating the laws of those two nations.

Truth is the head of Gibson Guitars Henry Juszkiewicz is a hero to the Tea Party and a supporter. See, oppose the Obama Regime and you too can expect a knock at the door.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

U.S. Representative Jeb Hensarling a Republican from Texas

Just prior to one of Congress’s vacations I telephoned Congressman Jeb Hensarling’s office in Washington, DC and inquired when and where he will be holding town hall meetings during his vacation in home district. His come district, 5th Congressional District in Texas. The lady did not have any information and referred me to the Dallas office. Telephoned the Dallas office and the young lady also claimed no knowledge if any town hall meeting will be held or where.

Recently before the August Congressional vacations I telephoned his Dallas office again, and once again the lady had no idea whether any town meetings were planned or being held. I question why the Congressman was hiding from his constituents as if he was a Democrat. The return answer was such meetings notices are printed in the local press. That would be The Dallas Morning News. I read it every day from stem to stern, port to starboard, and have not read any such notices. I asked if perhaps he listed it in the “lost and found” section of the newspaper.

The lady said she would have his scheduler call me with the information. Three weeks later still no return phone call. Why is Representative Jeb Hensarling a Republican in a Republican district treating his constituents as if we are Democrats?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Commies from China burning bridges in Latin America

Appearing in The Dallas Moring News was a column written by Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald, titled “No longer enamored of China.”

Historically the people of Latin America (South America) looked to the United States with a “Yankee Go Home,” attitude, being resentful of the USA for a host of reasons. When the commies from China came knocking on their doors to trade, they were all too happy to toss Uncle Sam (USA) aside and welcome the commies from The Middle Kingdom, commie-land commie-led China.

In order to feed the industrial behemoth in China, they scour the world in search of natural resources a reasonable expectation to fulfill that thirst. South America (Latin America) was prime for this development as Africa has been for the Chinese.

The people in South America are now lamented the Chinese only want to purchase their natural resources and not manufactured goods from the Latin Americans. Hello, China has their own industry no need to import manufactured goods to compete with their own industries. Latin America soon discovered the commies do not engage in international trade to mutually benefit both trading partners. Now the South Americans remember fondly when trading with the gringos to the north, the United States of America, the Yankees traded to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

The South Americans complain the commies employ horrible working conditions, demand long hours, and do not pay overtime. Hello, why should they treat Latin Americans better than they treat their own workers in commie-land China?

Ha ha – what do you expect when you get in bed with commies? You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Better dead than red!

Link to column referenced in this video:

From the cutting room floor:

Video taken at the Lake Lavon Dam in Texas. The road going over the darn dam is blocked as many dams are ever since 9/11 and the thar terrorist. Thank you terrorist, you miserable bums. May the next sound you hear is an American cruise missile advancing on your empty head.

Lotto / Loteria in Texas

Many states in the USA sell Lottery and/or Lotto tickets. Texas being one of those states sells both. One lotto ticket on sail in Texas is one titled: “Loteria.” Loteria in Spanish means Lotto. Nothing wrong with naming a lotto game Loteria, as that is good marketing and capitalism.

Texas is a border state and once part of Mexico, resulting in a large portion of the population with a Mexican heritage. Back to the Loteria lotto: To win one must scratch off that gray matter and reveal a “bean,” with the beans being in a row to win.

Beans? “Beaner” is an insult directed towards Mexicans. Rather confident the Texas Lottery Commission meant no offense to Texans with a Mexican heritage. What is surprising is no outcry about the name of the game. The USA is riddled with political correctness and diversity purposely on the march looking to be offended.

It is refreshing here to see the political correct thugs and diversity commissars have not been able to rile up those in Texas with a Mexican heritage. Seems like their attempt to Balkanize the USA is not working in Texas.

Colonel Shun, a new Kentucky Colonel in Japan

Through the recommendation of Kentucky Colonel Hunter (YouTube ID “MadBadVoodo”), the governor of Kentucky Steven L. Beshear commissioned a new Kentucky Colonel, this one in Japan being Shun, or now Colonel Shun.

To be commissioned Kentucky Colonel is a prestigious honor among previous Kentucky Colonels. Such as: Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC. Sir Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister during World War Two, also a Kentucky Colonel. The 33rd president (two terms 1981 – 1989) of the United States of America, President Ronald Reagan a Kentucky Colonel.

Colonel Shun is among good company as a Kentucky Colonel. Colonel Hunter recommended Colonel Shun, for his outstanding and unselfish work in the aftermath of the earthquake / tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011. Colonel Shun established a relief fund for the victims of that day. Most charities deduct a small percentage as administrative. Colonel Shun ADDED 10% to every donation. If $100 was donated, Colonel Shun turned it to $110. The Colonel then purchased emergency supplies and personally drove them in the devastated region.

His unselfish actions exemplified the essence of a Kentucky Colonel and Colonel Hunter and the governor of Kentucky recognized it.

Congratulation Kentucky Colonel Shun!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Telephone bill shock and personal responsibility

In the August, 2011 issue of Consumer Reports appeared an article titled “Stop phone-bill shock.” The article was about a family who was shocked to receive a telephone bill in the amount $263.00. The person was upset they were not warned by the telephone company they were about to or did go above their allotted minutes.

Hello, what ever happened to personal responsibility? It is YOUR responsibility to know if you are going over. As it is also YOUR responsibility to know if you have enough money in your checking account.

In 21st century America personal responsibility is an ancient term hidden in a dead language. Stop whining, stop blaming others for your actions or inactions. You are responsible for your ignorance and behavior.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Osama Bin Laden death equals justice

Many people are questioning where the justice was by killing Osama Bin Laden in his home in Pakistan by Navy Seals from the United States of America. Guess what? A dead Osama, no matter how achieved IS justice.

A person asking this question live in countries not under attack by terrorist for the last twenty years as the United States has been. Live in a country under constant attack by these cowardly terrorist then ask the question after about ten years of it.

Terrorist are enemy combatants and use the world as their battlefield. They declared war on the USA and when confronted by the USA military meet the fate of any enemy combatant met on the battlefield: death. Killing the enemy when located on the battlefield is justice.

It took ten years to eliminate Bin Laden and understand this; the resolve the United States to secure the nation is limitless. The USA will continue to hunt these barbarians down to their death not withstanding any time element.

Obama's anti-Israel agenda takes a hit in New York City

The Obama Regime has been hostile to the friends and allies of the United States, while embracing the enemies of the USA. In pursuit of this agenda the Regime has been hostile to the nation of Israel, the only real Democracy in the Middle East and staunch ally to the USA.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during one visit to The White House was treated shabbily by President Obama (DEMOCRAT). The Obama regime berated Israel for the planned building of apartment buildings.

The disposed President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak kept the border between Egypt, the Gaza Strip (under the control of Hamas) and Israel secured. President Mubarak adhered to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel and kept track of and suppressed terrorist. During the uprisings in Egypt against President Mubarak the Obama regime urged, pressured, and pushed him to resign.

Now that President Mubarak is no longer president, the border with Israel has been hostile and terrorism has risen dramatically.

Democrat representative Anthony Weiner from the 9th Congressional District in New York covering parts of Brooklyn, and Queens, recently resigned due to improprieties involving the Internet and young girls. An election was held to fill his Congressional seat, between Democrat David Weprin and Republican Bob Turner.

The Democrat Weprin lost the election to the Republican Turner. This in a district that has had a Democrat representative for the last 88 or 90 years. This is a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1. The district is 40% Jewish. The Republican Turner who won is Roman Catholic, while the Democrat Weprin is Jewish.

This was a loud and clear rejection of the Obama agenda and his shabby treatment of Israel. However the news media, the Democrats and the regime are all trying to claims this election had no reflection upon the Obama regime’s hostile attitude towards Israel.

“Swing Girls” DVD box shown on the left side of the screen:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is China the next superpower?

Excellent video about the situation in China.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sea Shepherd song from the Faroe Islands

The people in appreciation for the harvesting of one-hundred whales dedicated this song to Sea Shepherd:

“Whale meat again, don’t know where,

Don’t know when,

But I know we’ll eat again,

some funny day

Keep whaling through,

Just like you always do,

Till the blue seas drive the whales to Faroe Bay

So will you please say hello to the whales that I eat,

Tell them I like the meat

They’ll be happy to know,

That we’ll have a go

I was eating on repeat.”

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starving horse a result of the slaughter ban in the USA

Thanks to those animal rights lunatics (who are in actuality anti-capitalist) have succeeded in getting the slaughtering of horses in the USA for human consumption, banned. The horses were slaughter for human consumption overseas helping the trade-balance.

As a result of the ban horses are being transported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, causing a loss of horse slaughter house jobs in the USA. Another residual of this ban is many people who cannot afford to feed their bovine dependents, abandon them leaving them to starve. Thank you animal rights advocates!

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Sea Shepherd's tax form filed with the IRS

 Want to view She Shepherd's 2009 tax form filed with the Internal Revenue Service - IRS, United Stats of America?  

Just click on the link below for the pdf:  


Friday, September 9, 2011

Travel the rails with Tony

There is a YouTuber, with the channel name: Panacealand (see link below) who lives in Osaka, Japan. He post outstanding videos on channel related to Osaka baseball, city structures, and train related. The videos are of excellent quality, informative, and entertaining.

Those videos were an inspiration for this video. While driving around town one other day, I heard a train; I pulled my vehicle over, grabbed my video and DSLR cameras and produced this video.

Afterwards realized video camera set in the mode “portrait,” when it perhaps should have been in the “sports” mode.

Panacealand’s YouTube channel:

Freight train in Japan: video made in May, 2011 while in Japan, north of Tokyo. Texas train part of videos from visit to Texas State Railroad located between Palestine and Rusk, Texas, here is a link to the second of three videos:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nine Asian nations help commies in China repatriate Uyghur's / Uighurs

The Uyghur’s (Uighurs) a Muslim group dating back centuries in the region are now a minority ethnic group in their own region. The commies have successfully diluted their numbers by incentivizing ethnic Han Chinese to migrate into the region.

The commies behaved in Xinjiang as commies do the world over: they proceeded to eliminate the Uyghur culture, religion, and language. See anything not commie must be disposed of. No loyalty or identity to a culture, religion, or language, only to the commie state.

The commies get upset when Uyghur’s leave commie land by going to neighboring Asian nations, nine Asian nations. The Commies then demand these nations repatriate these Uighur’s back to commie-land. Once returned to The Middle Kingdom, the Kingdom turns into The Magic Kingdom. Because they disappear never to be heard from again. Are they in slave labor camps? Prison? Did they have their organs harvest? The mystery of The Magic Commie Kingdom.

The nine Asian despicable nations cooperating with the commies are: Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam (commies), Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Cambodia.

There was a noted Uyghur in Kazakhstan and Sweden agreed to let him live in Sweden. The authorities put the Uyghur on a charted plan and it landed in China, commie-land. The Kazakhstan authorities gave in to the pressure from the commies.

Cambodia cooperating with their commie overlords in China returned 20 Uyghur’s. Soon afterwards the commies in Beijing gave Cambodia $1.2 billion in aid.

Related article titled “Hunting Uighurs Across Asia China outsources human rights abuses to its neighbors”:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sea Shepherd exploits Typhoon Talas that devastated western Japan

Western Japan on 2 September was hit with Typhoon Talas, resulting in massive devastation, near 50 dead, and many missing. Sea Shepherd’s Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson / the Paulrus, wrote on his Sea Shepherd’s website this tragedy was basically the sea seeking justice upon Taiji, Japan for their dolphin activities. Taiji in Higashimuro District, Wakayama prefecture.

Link to She Shepherd’s hideous writing / website:

The Paulrus in his purposeful inflammatory diatribe writes that the “Cove Guardians’ (currently in Taiji) embody the spirit of the Kamikaze greater than the Japanese themselves. It should be noted “kamikaze” is a Japanese word (神風) used to define a Japanese military unit, not for foreigners. The Paulrus’s attempt to hijack this word is a continued bastardization of the dialog, a standard Paulrus failed tactic.

Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson / The Paulrus also gleefully wrote of the Japanese earthquake tsunami 11 March 2011 that is was Neptune’s revenge. Tragedy hits Japan and the Paulrus exploits it to promote his wretched agenda. The parents of these trust-fund babies who are part of Sea Shepherd’s cult should conduct an intervention to salvage what is salvageable with their miss-guided children. The cult leaders concern is not their safety but the next event to exploit cultist around the globe for their money. Note: do not drink the Kool-Aid!

The earthquake tsunami hits northern Japan the She Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were there. Incidentally caution when approached by them: may have lice, fleas, tics, bed bugs, and yeast infections. The Cove Guardians were also in Taiji when the typhoon hit. Could it be Neptune and the angry seas are trying to cleanse Japan of this foreign vermin?

The good Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson / The Paulrus, has on numerous occasions boasted of what happened in Iceland in 1988. He claims the Icelandic authorities accused him of sinking one of their whaling ships. To show he had no fear of being wanted by Iceland, he flew to Iceland and surrendered himself to the Icelandic authorities. After questioning by the authorities, they escorted him back to the airport ordering him to leave the nation.

Since the good Captain thought and claimed he was wanted in Iceland, yet flew there to challenge them, in that spirit how come he does not fly to Tokyo, Japan? The Tokyo Metropolitan Police issued an arrest warrant the Paulrus based upon information squealed to them by Peter Bethune when he was a guest in jail in Tokyo. Since Captain defied the Icelandic authorities, how come he does not defy the Tokyo authorities with the same bravado?

The good people of Japan should ignore, shun, and avoid Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians as the good people of the Faroe Islands recently did. The Sea Shepherd cult sole objective is to exploit people for their money and others if a tragedy happens.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama's EPA targets coal AFTER the elections

President Obama, head of the regime announced a postponement in pending Environmental Protection Agency’s – EPA (Lisa Jackson administrator) on new regulations aimed at hindering coal powered electric generating plants. The postponement is until 2013.

These new rules are claiming to reduce smog, when in essence they reduce electric output and raise the price of electric. The Obama regime ordered the postponement as not to cause a negative impact upon the economy. That in itself is an admission by the President that these environmental regulations hinder and hurt the economy. In other words 21st century environmentalists are anti-capitalist masquerading and environmentalist.

President Obama did not want a worsening economy during a reelection year, however by moving the regulations to 2013, AFTER his hopeful reelection, not problem to damage the economy. See…….

President Obama (Democrat), the Democratic Party leadership, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and environmentalist are at heart anti-capitalist. Vote their way, and that is a vote cast against capitalism.

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We must never forget!

Friday, September 2, 2011

100 Whales slaughtered Faroe Islands thanks Sea Shepherd

2 September 2011 update: One hundred whales came into the Faroe Islands on 2 September, to be harvested and provide food for the good people. The cultist of Sea Shepherd can thank Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson / The Paulrus for the slaughter of 100 whales. Sea Shepherd stopped nothing as they ran from the Faroe Islands earlier than planned. This caused the whales to enter the Faroe Islands and get slaughtered, using Sea Shepherd’s logic (or lack of logic).

On Sea Shepherd’s website (see link below if they have not deleted it), the Paulrus (Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson) claims while they were in the Faroe Islands during August of 2011, there was no whales slaughtered “the grind” because of Sea Shepherd’s “mere presence” in the Faroe Islands. The claim was made the Faroe Islands police issued an order there will be no whaling slaughter while Sea Shepherd is in their waters.

Golly gee willkers! So the whales adhered to the police orders by not swimming into the fjords of the Faroe Islands? Wow they sure are intelligent creatures. Truth is no such order was issued by the police. There was no whale slaughter because the whales did not swim into the Faroe Islands. However the cultist will believe their cult leader that there was such a police order.

The Paulrus was asked how come Sea Shepherd has not returned to Canada to disrupt the slaughtering of seals there. He replied no need to go back to Canada since each year the number of seals slaughtered decreases. Really! The Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean their whales captured numbers have been decreasing each year also, yet Sea Shepherd returns each year attempting to cause injury to the Japanese mariners. No consistency in the Paulrus’s story telling.

She Shepherd also questions how could they be called terrorist (eco-terrorist as labeled by the USA’s FBI), when they have not injured anyone. If they have not injured it is not because they have not tried, it is because of their incompetence. The only reason they have not succeeded in injuring the Japanese mariners is due to the professionalism of the Japanese whalers.

Sea Shepherd cultist children have thrown lit flares into the nets and on the decks of the Japanese whaling vessels. They have thrown glass bottles on the slippery decks, breaking, and splattering broken glass on the same slippery decks. Actions that can only be interpreted as trying to cause injury.

While Sea Shepherd was in the Faroe Islands they good people of the Faroe Islands denied Sea Shepherd, Animal Planet (“Whale Wars Faroe Islands”) the dramatic video they desperately needed for the success of that spin-off reality show. In desperation Watson continued to insult the people of the Faroe Islands with seemed to be the intention of inciting the good people. He basically accused them of cruelty, butchery, and basically barbaric behavior.

Cruel? Barbaric? The last murder in the Faroe Islands was 1985, 26 years ago. The population is around 45,000, meaning one murder every 26 years. Now in the USA per every 45,000 people there are two murders committed each year. During the 20th century (1900’s) there was only 4 murders in the Faroe Islands. That last execution in the Faroe Islands was in 1706. Yep sounds like a bunch of barbaric Vikings!

With the dramatic, confrontational video Sea Shepherd / Animal Planet / Whale Wars sought, causing them to leave empty headed, oops, meant: empty handed. It will be interesting to see how they turn their boring videos into action for the program, if there is a program.

The people of the Faroe Islands were united in staying calm, and not allowing this cult to infuriate them to cause a confrontation. God bless the good people of the Faroe Islands.

Photographs courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research.

She Shepherd’s article:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fuji TV rally my original video, my apology

There was a large rally in Japan on 21 August in front of Fuji TV protesting what many said is the television’s station partiality to the “Korean Wave,” (Hallyu wave). I posted a video prior to the rally attempting to diminish the concern about the Korean Wave in Japan. Although many people in Japan wrote me attempting to explain their concerns, I still did not fully grasp their concerns.

After posting the video I spoke via the telephone with fellow YouTuber “MadBadVoodo” Kentucky Colonel Hunter. During the conversation I explained to him my video and the concerns of the people in Japan. He then reminded me how rap music gained popularity in the United States. When the rap music first emerged it was rejected because it was pure garbage: advocating violence, not music but noise, cursed, and degraded woman.

During this early period MTV (a youth oriented music station) aired music videos. The cultural elite in the USA with their goal to degrade civility in the USA pushed MTV to air those rap music videos. MTV agreed with this subterfuge and aired the videos time after time. There was no demand or audience for this garbage; however MTV kept pushing it until it gradually caught hold among the young.

I was then able to see what the people in Japan were telling me this is exactly what they see happening with Fuji TV in Japan and their concern. This video is my apology to the people of Japan and to those who wrote me for me being closed-minded and unable to see their view when it was clearly there for me to see. Sorry Japan I behaved sorry. Sumimasen スミマセン


Tony, aka: Texas Daddy and / or PropagandaBuster

MadBadVoodo’s channel: