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Traditional Japanese restaurant part 1 of 2

Traditional Japanese restaurant part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2 to be posted subsequently. 

While in Osaka, in April of 2012 at a conference I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Ken and his family.  The day after the conference Mr. Ken took Shun, Manabu, and me to an Osaka traditional Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant is around one-hundred fifty years old.  Meals are served in private rooms with tatami mats on the floors, low tables and chair.  Shoes are left at the restaurant’s lobby; sandals are worn, and taken off before entering the private dinning room.

The food was served in small portions with many courses and it was all excellent.  A big thanks to Mr. Ken for this outstanding Japanese meal and outstanding Japanese experience. 

Link to the restaurant:

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Massacres in Syria protected by Russia and China

The government of Syria under the rule of dictator Bashar al-Assad masquerading as a “president,” continues to massacre their own people, those who desire freedom, women and children. 

The world is muted in any real response because Syria enjoys the support of the gangster governments of Russia and China.  Russia ruled by a closet communist, former KGB agent, and China under the ruthless thumb of the Communist Party. 

People are being murdered openly in Syria while the so-called democratic republics of the world do absolutely nothing because of two rouge nations: Russia and China.  Not to mention the malfeasance of the United Nations – UN.


Russia and China for many reasons are blocking any international intervention because they do not want the same to happen with their continued assault upon their populations.  Russia suppresses through jailing, beatings, and assassinations those who openly oppose Czar Putin.  The Commies in China routinely engage in mass beatings and shootings to eliminate protesting or discontented citizens.  They see happenings in Syria as normal everyday occurrences in their country.  Since it is normal for Russia and China, no need for international intervention.

There was a time when decent nations around the world would have acted ignoring the protest bellowing out of Russia and China.  Due to the scourge of liberalism decaying many democratic republics the world remains silent while women and children are executed.  We have history repeating itself with a monster on the loose while the world remains dormant.  The stench of the 1930’s is permeating.  

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Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson’s mug shot?

Since as of date Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd his mug shot has not been released by German authorities, perhaps this artist rendering is close to the actual photograph (drawing on the right). 

Around mid-May of 2012 Mr. Paul Watson was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany resulting from an extradition request from the government of Costa Rica (located in Central America).  In the same month Mr. Watson was released on bail ordered to not leave Germany pending a possible extradition hearing.    

Lunatic Liberals in New York City are at it again

banned in NYC?
Democrat liberal mayor masquerading as a Republican Mayor Bloomberg is continuing his war on obesity and personal freedoms.  That is what liberals do, attack personal freedoms. 

The Mayor is proposing a ban on soft drinks 16 ounces or more that are sugary drinks.  Is this a legitmate role of government to attack a legal product?  If people in New York want to order a large drink laced with sugar that should only be between them and the merchant.  Government has no role in this relationship unless of course you are an extreme liberal. 

This commerce hindering decree may go into effect in New York City in March of 2013.  What is to stop someone from purchasing two of the offending drink at a smaller legal size, however when added together total over 16 ounces? Remember liberals are not to be judged by their results, because they are always a failure, but be judged by their intensions. 

Mayor Bloomberg because of this and other intrusive decrees enjoys the nickname: “Nanny Bloomberg.”  Next will the “Nanny” attempt to ban ice cream and potato chips? 

New Yorkers are getting what they deserved and asked for.  New Yorkers elected him and re-elected him.

Most bad government has grown out of too much government,” - - Thomas Jefferson

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The curious case of Pakistan’s
Doctor Shakil Afridi
Doctor Afridi is credited with assisting the USA’s CIA in locating wanted and admitted terrorist Osama bin Laden.  Resulting in Mr. bin Laden swimming with the fishes after receiving an American bullet in the head – American justice for a terrorist. 

Dr. Afridi was arrested by Pakistani authorities, tried, convicted, and sentenced to 33 years in prison.  Huh? 

Did the USA abandon him?
Was he tried for treason and / or helping the USA?
Was he tried for assisting a banned group in Pakistan? 

The mystery in the case increases day by day with each revelation the fog thickens. 

According to this article he was convicted for aiding a banned group “Lashkar-i-Islam:”

According to this article he was offered by U.S. officials to leave Pakistan and come to the USA:

Article trying to explain the course of events:
Animal Planet’s
“Mermaids: The Body Found”
was fiction

Over the 2012 May Memorial Day weekend Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet aired a program titled “Mermaids: The Body Found.”  The program led viewers to believe real live, honest to goodness mermaids were located and videoed. 

It was a fake documentary where it was reported the disclaimer was a challenge to locate.  Hmmmm?  Wonder if they have the same disclaimer hidden somewhere in their “Whale Wars” programming? 

Believing there are real mermaids is a lot easier to accept than Sea Shepherd being guardians of the seas out to save the lives of whales and dolphins. 

Animal Planet plans to continue with “Mermaids” on June 17. 2012. 

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Possible Whale Wars disclaimer?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Made in China" safe?

“Made in China” safe?

A six year old using a hand held air pump was pumping into a soccer ball when all of a sudden: KABOOM!  The soccer ball exploded!  Really?

Those familiar with the dangerous and unsafe products exported from commie-led China (commie-land “The Middle Kingdom) are not surprised about this explosion of a soccer ball. 

Industrialists in commie-led land have no pride for their nation or the products they produce.  It is amazing how they have no problem with putting the lives of their customers at risk.  The term “repeat business” must be alien to them. 

These commies have exported lead painted toys, poison filled fake jewelry, poisoned dog food, poison wallboards (dry wall), poisoned medicines, and produced baby milk for domestic consumption laced with poison.  What a despicable gang. 

For parents a “consumer advisory:”  For the safety of your child / children you should perhaps avoid purchasing anything for them that is “made in China,” until such time as the industrialist in commie-land start caring for the safety of their customers.        

Video referenced in this video: “China cell phone knockoffs exploding:”

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Communist China kidnapped Tibet's Panchen Lama

Communist China kidnapped Tibet’s
Panchen Lama

In 1995 the Communist Chinese kidnapped The Panchen Lama, Gedun Choekyi Nyima from Tibet to a secluded joint in China, along with his two parents... The child was 8 years old when this abduction took place. The Communist then appointed their own Panchen Lama, Qoigyi Jabu, the son of two members of the Communist Party. The Communist refused to allow the U.N. from visiting with Gedun Choekyi Nyima. It is apparent the brave descendants of Mao's revolution fear religion. Any government which fears religion is not secured and no longer a legitimate government. The action of these kidnappers is despicable and should be condemned by people the world over. This is another example of how the ideology of communism is bankrupt.
Buddhist Tibetan monks set themselves
on fire in commie-led China

Two Tibetan monks set themselves on fire (self-immolation) in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.  Tibet is currently under the iron-thumb rule of the commies in China. 

A 19-year old Tibetan male set himself on fire outside the Buddhist Jokhang Temple, the other person is currently hospitalized. 

What was the commie reaction?  A typical commie reaction, they place the capital of Lhasa under a lock-down.  Yep that ought to make the people happy.  In addition the commies started arresting other Tibetans.  Perhaps they must have provided the matches.     


Excellent insight into Tibet:

BBC video of the past fire incidents:  WARNING can be graphic:

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Whale Wars: Viking Shores" mistakes or purposeful?

“Whale Wars: Viking Shores”
the mistakes continued
“Whale Wars: Viking Shores” was riddled with mistakes, the question is where they mistakes or purposeful?

Whale Wars Viking Shores moved Denmark
In episode 4 (link below) at the 6:43 point they display a map of the Norwegian Sea.  On this map they show “Denmark” where the nation of Norway is.  So did Norway become part of Denmark and change their name?  Was there an invasion, a plebiscite, or legislative action?  Truth is none of the fore mentioned, it was Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” once again illustrating their total disregard for the truth, for facts.

If they cannot locate Denmark and Norway on a simple map what else have they aired as the truth that conflicts with reality? 

Whale Wars: Viking Shores link, see 6:43 for the map and 5:54 where a Sea Shepherd crew member said he does not want to make Sea Shepherd look bad:

Shame on Discovery Channel Animal Planet taking it’s viewers for being stupid.  Perhaps the network needs to acquaint themselves with Geography 101.
“Whale Wars: Viking Shores”
mistakes or purposeful?

Whale Wars: Viking Shoreswas riddled with mistakes, the question is were they mistakes or purposeful?

Whale Wars: Viking Shores map moved Denmark
In episode 4 (link below) at the 6:43 point they display a map of the Norwegian Sea.  On this map they show “Denmark” where the nation of Norway is.  So did Norway become part of Denmark and change their name?  Was there an invasion, a plebiscite, or legislative action?  Truth is none of the fore mentioned, it was Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” once again illustrating their total disregard for the truth, for facts.

If they cannot locate Denmark and Norway on a simple map what else have they aired as the truth that conflicts with reality?  

Whale Wars: Viking Shores link, see 6:43:
The correct Norwegian Sea map
Shame on Discovery Channel Animal Planet taking it’s viewers for being stupid.  Perhaps the network needs to acquaint themselves with Geography 101.

South Korea's satellite and their enemies list

South Korea’s satellite and their enemies list

South Korea recently launched an imaging satellite (Arirang-3) using a Japanese Mitsubishi H-2A rocket via Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center. 

The South Koreas looked across the Sea of Japan to get their satellite into space.  The people in the town in Japan near the Tanegashima Space Center lined the streets with Japanese and South Korean flags and signs welcoming South Korean visitors. 

In return South Korea’s Arirang TV aired a program where the Japanese flag and “NIPPON” were omitted from their mockup of the Mitsubishi rocket.  Note here the Japanese iconic fighter from the Second World War; the “Zero” was made by Mitsubishi.  Interesting because many in South Korea currently continue to criticize Japan for World War Two, and now used a descendant of the “Zero” to launch their satellite into space.

Also note the same Korean TV program stated the satellite was made up of totally South Korean parts.  However an article from the “Voice of America” reads some of the imagery components were manufactured in Europe.  Is Europe part of South Korea? 

A survey taken in 2011 of South Korean students list South Korea’s enemies as:
1 – Japan
2 – North Korea
3 – United States of America – USA

Japan has not engaged in any military hostilities in sixty-seven years.  While a state of war still exists between North Korea (the Hermit Kingdom) and South Korea).  That is why North Korea should have been listed as their number 1, number 2, and number 3 enemies.  What are these people stupid?

The United States currently has stationed in South Korea 28,000 troops ready to protect and die for South Korea’s freedom, having nothing to do with the freedoms enjoyed in the United States of America.

South Korea has or will sign a military agreement with commie-led China, while suspended similar talks with Japan as not to upset the South Korean populace.  Huh?  The Korean peninsula is divided between lunatic commie North Korea and South Korea because of commie-led China.  During the Korean War, North Korea committed 260,000 troops while commie-led China used 1,350,000 commie troops to invade the Korean peninsula.  Meaning North Korea is commie and the Korean peninsula is divided because of commie-led China.           

Link showing South Korean and Japanese flags in Japan, also Japanese rocket with Japanese flag and “NIPPON,” plus the South Korean mockup without the Japanese flag and “NIPPON:”

Link to Voice of America (VOA) article, stating:
“Arirang-3 carries a high-resolution optical imager purchased from Astrium, a subsidiary of Europe's leading space company:”

South Korean students rank South Korea’s “enemies:”

South Korean China military agreement articles:

Article about South Korean Japan military accord suspended:

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Tony's "Men's Egg" interview announcement issue.

Tony's "Men’s Egg" interview
announcement issue

 While in Tokyo I was invited to be interviewed by “Men’s Egg” (MensEGG) a Japanese fashion magazine for young men.  It is related to Gyaru (gyaruo) fashion. 

Their 6 June 2012 issue has a page dedicated to the interview to appear in the 14 June 2012.  In the 6 June 2012 issue the evil activities of anti-whalers against Japan and the Japanese people is briefly explain as it leads up to the interview.

Men’s Egg Interview video:

Tony (me) thinking he is a fashion model video:

Men’s Egg website (Japanese):

Men’s Egg in Wikipedia:

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Men’s Egg interview announcement

This issue of Men’s Egg magazine, 6 June 2012, announces my interview to appear in the 14 June 2012 issue.  “Men’s Egg” is a fashion magazine aimed at young men in Japan.  The announcement in this issue provides background to Sea Shepherd anti-whaling and anti-dolphin campaigns aimed at Japan / the Japanese people.

My interview took place in April, 2012 and will appear in their 14 June 2012 issue.  “Men’s Egg” is a popular magazine in Japan.  This interview appearing in the magazine is to provide their readers with an alternative topic besides fashion and related topics.       

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

USA Catholic Church suing the Obama administration

USA Catholic Church suing the
Obama administration

Roman Catholic organizations in eight states filed sued the Obama administration over a federal mandate that they must provide free birth control to their employees.  Such an edict violates Catholic doctrine and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

Did the Catholic Church in the USA forget their former and current embrace of Democratic Party politicians who are ardent abortion supporters?  A brief review:

President Barack Obama while Illinois state legislature voted three times to make infanticide legal.  That is when a child survives an abortion alive; it makes it legal to murder that child outside the womb.  So what did the Catholic Church do?  When Mr. Obama became President Obama the Catholic university Notre Dame (located in Indiana) invited him to speak at their commencement exercise.

Democrat member of the House of Representatives from San Francisco, California Nancy Pelosi is another fervent supporter of abortion.  Mrs. Pelosi attended a Catholic high school and Catholic university, and abandoned her Catholic teachings.  The Catholic bishops of the United States held a conference in Washington, DC and invited Mrs. Pelosi to address the group.  Mrs. Pelosi a staunch supporter of abortions received applause from these princes of the American Catholic Church, the bishops. 

The lawsuits filed were a result of an edict from the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  The secretary of that department is Democrat named Kathleen Sebelius.  Mrs. Sebelius also attended a Catholic high school and Catholic university only to become an abortion supporter.  After her department issued the requirements offending the Catholic Church, Mrs. Sebelius was invited to speak at the commencement exercises for Georgetown University a Catholic university in Washington, DC.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the USA expects their parishioners  to behave one way in reference to the abortion issue, while they behave another way.  The princes of the American Catholic Church need to start reflecting their flock, not those they desire to impress involved in politics.            

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Watson’s press conference after being released

Please see the below video link of Paul Watson’s press conference after being released from German jail.

Notice at 3:52 and 6:40 and 9:49 in the video he continues to implicate the Japanese for being arrested.  He never takes personal responsibility for his allege illegal actions in Central America which caused Costa Rica to seek extradition.  Why should he take personal responsibility when he could appeal to the racism within his minions by implicating Japan?    

He is such a pathetic man.  To his minions:  please ask your parents to conduct an intervention.  

Feel the love from YouTube trolls

Feel the love from YouTube trolls

Many of my videos seem to touch a nerve with those who are ill-equipped to process opinions other than their own.  These people leave some creative, colorful hateful comments. 

This video shares with you just a few of those lovely hateful comments left by our fellow YouTubers.   Feel the love.

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The following comment posted after the creation of this video, however before the posting of this video:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A new book from Sea Shepherd's leader ?

Now that Paul Watson is about to be released from a German prison, can we expect a new book he wrote while in prison? 

Remember when Adolf Hitler was in a German prison he wrote “Mein Kampf.”  Since both Hitler and Watson claim to be vegans and both think there are or were too many humans, it is reasonable to expect a book from the latter vegan.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sea Shepherd Watson to be released on bail

Sea Shepherd Watson to be released on bail

Sea Shepherd founder and leader Paul Watson was arrested in Germany pending an extradition hearing to Costa Rica.  This was done based upon alleged illegal activities in Central America some years ago.  On Friday Mr. Watson was granted bail, 250,000 Euro (318,000 USD, 25,237,50 JPY). 

It was reported he would remain in jail until Monday when the group would be able to pay the bail.  It will be interesting to see the group use this as another excuse to raise money from suckers around the world.

It was Thomas Tusser who wrote “A fool and his money are soon parted” as written in his poem “Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry.”  Soon many across the globe will soon part with their money.

The cult group’s Cabin Boy Peter Helmethead is quoted as indicating this whole affair arose due to the complicity of the Japanese whalers.  Never-mind the fact in a recent IWC (International Whaling Commission) meeting Costa Rica voted AGAINST whaling.

By the cult invoking Japan it is a transparent attempt to appeal to the hate their minions have for Japan and the Japanese.  A hate derived either out of jealousy or racism.  But these folks keep dropping a bucket down an empty well by donating to this cult. 

The group always appeals for money needed arising out of stressful situations.  Money to replace abandoned or sunken vessels.  Money to pay for Peter’s defense in Tokyo.  Money to get their vessel Steve Irwin free from Scotland.  Now money needed to bail the leader out and provide luxurious accommodations in Germany for perhaps three months.      

The Costa Ricans have a three month window to formally file for Watson’s extradition.  Consider the money given to Sea Shepherd, what has been accomplished?  Has whaling in the Faroe Islands stopped?  No.  Has Bluefin tuna gathering in the Mediterranean stopped?  No.  Did the dolphin gathering in Taiji, Japan stop?  No.  Has Sea Shepherd deterred the Japanese from whaling in the Southern Ocean?  No.

Negative results only result in continued donations.  One has to bring into question the sanity of their minions.  American showman P. T. Barnum would have been envious of this group as he once said, “A sucker is born every minute.”               

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Men's Egg newest fashion model?

Men’s Egg newest fashion model?

Men’s Egg Interview video:

While in Tokyo I was invited to be interviewed by “Men’s Egg” (MensEGG) a Japanese fashion magazine for young men.  It is related to Gyaru (gyaruo) fashion. 

After the interview I was given a copy of Men’s Egg, the 5 May 2012 issue used in this video.  When I arrived home to Texas, USA, I looked through the magazine to see the fashions and layout of the magazine.

Looking at some of the young gentlemen fashion models I figured I too can become a fashion model (big deal I too hallucinate).  This video is of me in a photo shoot two photographs comparing them with two models from Men’s Egg.  First the model, then me, and then a side-by-side comparison. 

Enjoy, if you can – ha ha ha.     

The issue with my interview and photographs will be released all across Japan on 14 June 2012.  The 14 May 2012 issue will have an announcement of the interview in the 14 June 2012 issue. 

Men’s Egg Interview video:

Men’s Egg website (Japanese):

Men’s Egg in Wikipedia:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson to be set free

Watson will be released from a German jail after paying $250,000 Euros.  He must stay in Germany pending his extradition hearing.  Then afterwards he must leave Germany. 

Related link:

Translated article:

Animal rights activists Paul Watson comes free, may not leave the country though. Über seine Auslieferung ist noch nicht entschieden. On his extradition is pending. Hintergrund ist ein Vorfall in guatemaltekischen Gewässern aus dem Jahr 2002. Background is an incident in Guatemalan waters from the year 2002.

The animal rights activists jailed in Frankfurt Paul Watson (61) is released upon payment of 250 000 €.  After the performance security, Watson himself had offered, he would set free, he must leave Germany but not until the conclusion of the extradition proceedings, said the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt on Friday.

 Watson's lawyer, Oliver Wallasch said, it probably will not be able to pay the money over the weekend to the court cashier, so sit that his client in custody.

 The well-known as a militant whaling opponents and protector of sharks Watson was arrested last Sunday at Frankfurt airport due to an arrest warrant from Costa Rica. The head of the international animal protection group Sea Shepherd (German: Sea-Shepherd) is accused of engaging in the waterway.  Background is an incident from 2002 in Guatemalan waters.  This is Watson, the Canadian and U.S. citizenship has to have threatened the crew of a ship from Costa Rica and attacked with a water cannon.

The Court of Appeal had ordered on Friday afternoon, the provisional arrest for the warrant but put under conditions other than law enforcement. The warrant, the court reasoned that that the delivery Watson is not inadmissible from the outset, mainly because the alleged acts are also punishable under German law and are not barred. Das letzte Wort über eine Auslieferung hat das Bundesjustizministerium. The last word about the extradition, the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Animal rights activists get the support of the Greens in the Bundestag. "It is feared that Paul Watson expect a fair trial in Costa Rica," said Volker Beck, a spokesman for Human Rights Policy and Parliamentary Secretary of the Green parliamentary group, according to statement on Wednesday.  It should at least not unlikely that the prosecution had Watson in Costa Rica after such a long time also politically motivated.

After the Court of Appeal's decision on Friday in Costa Rica has three months to a formal extradition request with full supporting documentation to provide as proof of the alleged offense.  Then the Court of Appeal decides on the formal arrest, a further decision on the admissibility of extradition. (AP)