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The Misadventures of Paul Watson

The Misadventures of Paul Watson

Paul Watson enjoys referring to himself as “Captain Paul Watson.”  Causing him wear a fake, cosplay costume that of a sea captain.  Problem is according to an October 29, 2007 article in The New Yorker; he is does not have a captain’s license.  Reason why he is not referred to as a captain in this writing.  His foundation’s name, the “Captain Paul Watson Foundation,” is referenced as it is the name of an organization, not him. 

Link to The New Yorker article:


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was founded in 1977 by Paul Franklin Watson (better known as: Paul Watson).  Watson did this after he was thrown out of Greenpeace.  They did not agree with his “direct action” pronouncements.   

July of 2022, Paul Watson announced on Facebook he resigned from Sea Shepherd US, while maintaining membership in Sea Shepherd Global.  He writes in essence he was muscled out, marginalized.  While Sea Shepherd USA wrote, he marginalized himself from the organization.

Here is what Paul Watson wrote in part:

“Over the last few years, I have been slowly marginalized from the organization that I created in the USA. I was removed from the Board of Directors, my advice ignored, my close associates terminated and directors that supported me were removed. I was reduced to being a paid figurehead, denied the freedom to organize campaigns and the freedom to express the strong opinions that I have held for decades, opinions and campaigns that have shaped what Sea Shepherd has become and continues to be outside the borders of the United States.”

Here in part is what Sea Shepherd US wrote about Paul Watson:

“In reference to Captain Paul Watson’s recent resignation, our founder took a substantial step back from SSCS management in 2014, and in 2019 reduced his role to primarily archiving the organization's history. Along with Paul Watson, we support the work of all Sea Shepherd Global efforts around the world.”

Paul Watson, no longer part of Sea Shepherd USA, and thrown out of Sea Shepherd Global, did not sail off into the sunset.  Mr. Watson started “Captain Paul Watson Foundation.”  In keeping with being “Pope Paul the Watson,” he is now one of the directors of “The Church of Biocentrism,” founded in 2019.

Sea Shepherd US has filed trademark rights not only to the logos designed by Paul Watson, but also to the name Sea Shepherd itself! Paul Watson has also been informed he no longer has the right to use, post or even wear anything with the Jolly Roger logo and has been threatened with a lawsuit if he speaks to the media.

An article in Slanted Media, titled:

“Et tu, Sea Shepherd Global? The Betrayal of Captain Paul Watson Continues…?”

Here is one paragraph from the article, link to full article below:

“Sea Shepherd US has filed trademark rights not only to the logos designed by Paul Watson, but also to the name Sea Shepherd itself! Paul Watson has also been informed he no longer has the right to use, post or even wear anything with the Jolly Roger logo and has been threatened with a lawsuit if he speaks to the media.”

Slanted Media article:

The founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson wrote a commentary concerning Sea Shepherd Australia.  According to Watson, Sea Shepherd Australia has ignored his questions.  Questions concerning their relationship with Austral Fisheries, and their relationship with Japan fishing company – Maruha Nichiro.  Watson questions their relationship with Japanese whaling. 

So why is it Sea Shepherd Australia has marginalized, ignored the founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson?  Look at the common denominator: Peter Hammarstedt (Cabin Boy).  Watson was thrown out of Sea Shepherd Global, and Cabin Boy is on their leadership, voted to throw Watson overboard dismissing him.  Cabin Boy is also on Sea Shepherd Australia leadership. 

Disgusting Cabin Boy started off in Sea Shepherd as a lowly swabbie, rose to cabin boy, then later Watson gave him command of a rust-bucket garbage scow.  Resulting in world-wide fame for the former swabbie.  His appreciation was to stab Watson in the back twice - Et tu, Brute? 

NOTE: “stab” is used metaphorically, not figuratively.      


The Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Self-made billionaire John Paul DeJoria gave money to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, purchase a vessel.  The vessel named after Mr. DeJoria.  June, 2022, the rust-bucket, garbage scow, named “The John Paul DeJoria.”  Arriving in New York City, Watson boarded the new rust-bucket garbage scow and sailed towards Iceland.  The goal to interfere with Icelandic whaling.  While Watson was sailing towards Iceland, Svadis Svavarsdottir, the Iceland Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, headed Watson off at the pass.  The Minister suspended Iceland’s whaling for this season. 

Kristojan Loftsson of Iceland owns the two whaling vessels: Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9.  Watson offered to purchase these two boats.  Planning to use them to interfere with whaling by the Faroe Islands, Norway, and of course Japan.  

Off the New Jersey, New York, Atlantic coast whales are being beached.  In these waters construction of windmills will be placed.  Surveying the waters before construction is happening.  The surveying involves sonar.  This sonar disorients and whales, causing to beach themselves. 

For the John Paul DeJoria’s first mission is to sail to Iceland, to harass the whalers there.  He named it “Operation Paiakan.” 

Why Iceland and not New Jersey / New York waters to save whales?  Very simple, his minions, emotional wrecks, disposables, and suckers who support him are extreme environmentalist.  They want the windmills built, no matter the cost.  Thus, Watson is avoiding these waters as not to offend his money supporters.  Numerous occasions Watson referred to whales, as his clients.  Noting whales are important to the survival of the oceans.  He claims, if the whales go extinct, the oceans will die.  He adds, “If the oceans die, we die.”  In essence if money from his supporters dry up, he dries up also.  So no need to worry about sonar causing whales to beach on the east coast of the U.S.A. 


Watson wrote on Facebook, “When the Japanese whalers return to the Southern Ocean, we will be there to greet them.” 

The United Nations is proposing a treaty titled “High Seas Treaty,” (UNCLOS).  Watson claims it will need “enforcement.”  Does that mean he will resurrect an earlier cosplay costume of his and use his fake police badge to “enforce” this new treaty?   A new Whale Wars?

No whales to save in Iceland, they sailed it Ireland.  Ireland?  Whaling in Ireland?  Nope, but plenty of Irish beer.  Speculation is Watson boarded a plane in Ireland and flew back to his home in the USA.  However, they announced will be sailing to France.  More speculation:  If Watson did not fly home to the USA, he will stay in France with his mistress / paramour, and send the disposables, minions, and suckers on the rust bucket garbage scow to the Faroe Islands. 

Up to this point, that vessel has sailed around 7,522 miles / 12,105 kilometers and saved NO whales.  

Watson announced “we” will sail to the Faroe Islands, to interfere with their whale harvesting, the Grind.  He was warned not to trespass the Faroe Islands twelve-mile territory limit.  If so, subject to arrest, and possibly extradited to Japan acting on the Interpol Red Notice. 

While the vessel John Paul DeJoria was sitting just beyond the 12-mile limit, north of the islands, they got word of a Grind taking place, the Faroese slaughter whales.  Immediately the rust-bucket, garbage scow breached the 12-mile territory line, sailing south among the various Faroe Islands, towards their capital city, Torshavn.  Upon arriving in Torshavn’s harbor, the Grind was over, no live whales to save. 

Hence, they sailed away beyond the 12-mile limit.  Huh?  All that traveling and they were not interdicted by Faroese authorities.  The Faroese authorities were aware Watson was not abord the vessel, so no need to stop and board it. 

Speculation:  Watson flew home to the USA when the vessel was in Ireland.  Proof?  When Watson and the vessel were in Ireland, he videoed himself on deck with the sea in the background.  Next the vessel is sailing among the Faroe Islands with a Faroes Coast Guard boat (Tjaldrid), and a police boat following.  Since Watson did not video himself on the deck with these two vessels in the background, bragging he has no fear.  Proof he was not on board.  Such a video would have provided the bravado he is known for.

His supporters, the emotional wrecks, suckers, minions, and disposables, were stimulated by this event, will send money to continue his Faroe Islands campaign (Operation Bloody Fjords).

While seventy-eight whales were slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, where was Sea Shepherd?  Their original mission was to save whales.  They are too busy collecting plastic from the oceans to care about whales being slaughtered.          


The John Paul DeJoria was about forty miles from where the whales were being harvested.  They arrived at the harvest site just as the harvesting ended.  They were late, on purpose.  From the point the whales were noticed entering the fjords to the last one harvest, it was 2 ½ hours.  The John Paul DeJoria has a maximum speed of 17.25 knots.  Meaning at full speed they would have arrived thirty minutes before the last whale was harvested.  In other words, they did not operate at full speed to save whales being slaughtered.  It was a two-hour trip if at full speed, if they were serious about saving whales.       

Had they arrived while whale harvesting was happening, they would have had to intervene.  That intervention would have caused their vessel to be confiscated by Faroese authorities.  There was no way they were going to sacrifice their vessel to save a whale.  That is why they sailed at a low speed.  Doing nothing to save the seventy-eight whales harvested.   Some years ago when Flea Face and Cabin Boy were in the Faroe Islands, they proclaimed, they would stand between a knife and a whale to save it.  

A few days later, Paul Watson post a video showing C-080 jet of the Royal Danish air force, flying over the John Paul DeJoria.  Watson did not appear in the video.  What?  He is known as a video hog, who is unable to pass up being videoed.  If he was on that vessel, he would have been in front of that video.  Bragging how he is not fearing the Danish air force.  Truth is Watson biggest fear is being arrested, extradited to Japan, and end up in a jail in Tokyo.  That is why he is not on the John Paul DeJoria while sailing in the Faroe Islands.     

Watson’s vessel the John Paul DeJoria II, breached the Faroe Islands twice without being interdicted.  Concern arose why would Faroese authorities allow Watson to have bragging rights?  In various social media post Watson boasted the Faroese failed to stop his vessel.  The Faroese allowing the rust-bucket garbage scow to breach their waters, was a brilliant tactic.  It gave Watson enough robe to hang himself.

As a result, of the breach, Watson / the crew ordered to appear in a Faroese court on July 20, 2023.  Of course, they did not show up.  Thus, a fine of around $34,896.00 was assessed.  Of course, they will not pay the fine.  Meaning they will never return to the Faroe Islands for fear of having their vessel confiscated to satisfy the fine. 

Here is the brilliant move by the Faroese authorities.  Watching the John Paul DeJoria to breach their waters, resulted in an order to appear in court.  Of course, The Paul Watson Foundation ignored the order, and did not show up in court.  This resulted in a fine.  Then the Faroese authorities notified the Jamaican authorities of the vessels illegal action and court judgement.  The John Paul DeJoria was registered in Jamaica sailing under the Jamaican flag.  The Jamaican authorities revoked the John Paul DeJoria’s Jamaican registration.  Now it is a vessel without a flag, without a nation, without registration.  To sail the open seas without a registration is a violation of United Nations Law of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS). 

As of this writing (August 11, 2023), the John Paul DeJoria has been in Hull, United Kingdom for repairs and in search of a flag.  A vessel without a nation unable to set sail.  While the flagless vessel sits in the United Kingdom, Paul Watson is enjoying life in France.  Note:  During July, 2023, around three-hundred whales were slaughtered in the Faroe Islands. The Captain Paul Watson Foundation, the John Paul DeJoria, Paul Watson, and Sea Shepherd, did not save one whale.  Watson’s clients, the whales, slaughtered, and Watson enjoying fine French food and wine in France.      

The Grind continues in the Faroe Islands, slaughtering hundreds of whales these past two months.  The fjords turn red with the blood of the slaughtered whales.  Where is Sea Shepherd?  Where is Greenpeace?  What about Paul Watson and his Captain Paul Watson Foundation with their vessel the John Paul DeJoria? 

Paul Watson is currently in France enjoying good food and wine, plus female companionship.  The vessel John Paul DeJoria has been in Hull, United Kingdom for repairs.  The rust-bucket, garbage scow has been in Hull, UK for repairs for over three weeks.  What damage did they do to this recently renovated vessel?

Watson in France, and the crew in Hull, UK.  Is the crew in Hull, UK, enjoying beer at an English Pub?  Wine for Watson, beer for the crew, and knives for the whales in the Faroe Islands.  Is that what Watson meant by declaring “direct action” to save whales?

While in Hull, United Kingdom, for their rust-bucket, garbage scow repairs, they learned that Jamaica revoked their ship’s registration.  The Faroese authorities notified Jamaican authorities, of the John Paul DeJoria’s illegal activity, and the court judgement against the vessel / organization.  Causing Jamaican authorities to revoke the ship’s registration.  No longer able to sail under the Jamaican flag.   The rust-bucket garbage scow, the John Paul DeJoria is now a vessel without a country.   

Paul Watson lemonade stand
Remember Mr. Ady Gil gave Watson’s Sea Shepherd one million dollars for a vessel.  It was named after him, “Ady Gil.”  The Ady Gil rammed a Japanese whaling vessel, causing the tip of the Ady Gil to be severed.  Watson ordered the vessel to be abandoned subsequently sinking.  So, do you think he cares about the John Paul DeJoria?  It is of no use to him since it cannot sail the open seas.  Put up for sale?  

To get money for a new vessel, Watson should establish a lemonade stand, up to par with the mentality of his supporters.  Or if he wants to register the vessel, perhaps he should fly to Tokyo asking the Japanese to register the rust-bucket, garbage scow.         



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