Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Empire State Building rejects Mother Teresa

The Empire State Building located on Manhattan Island, the City of New York, New York State, United States of America, is a New York icon if not an American one.
At night the top of the building is illuminated with white lights. The color of the lights sometimes are changed for special events. Such as for the Fourth of July, the lights are red, white, and blue. For Saint Patrick’s Day, green lights. Then to celebrate Mao Zedong’s 60th anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China, the lights were in red and yellow to honor the Communist takeover.

A request was made (by the Catholic League) to pay homage to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mother Teresa, who would have turned 100 this year. Mother Teresa with her Missionaries of Charity transcends all religions and charitable work.

Malkin Holdings, which supervises the Empire State Building, stated they do not honor religious figures. People from all over the world to establish their humanitarian credentials made the pilgrimage to visit, be with, and be photographed with Mother Teresa in India. There was no attention paid to Mother Teresa’s religion during these pilgrimages, as it was overshadowed by her humanitarian work and generosity of her soul.

So according to the people who make such decision on behalf of The Empire State Building it is okay to celebrate Mao’s anniversary, who is responsible for the starvation of close 60 million of China’s population, but not okay to honor a person of peace, Mother Teresa.

Another example of “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” (book title by Doctor Michael Savage).

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tony, the little guy

Video about my height and related stories. Three siblings in the family, two older brothers who were tall, then there was me! I never let my height interfere in my goals and carried myself to enjoy life and all of God’s blessings.

We are all different and that is a good thing. Some are selected to be tall, short, thin, wide, with or without, and yet we survive. The human species, diverse, enduring, and continuing to adapt and evolve.

China number two economy

China, The Middle Kingdom has now emerged as the nation with the number two economy, with Japan now being number three, and the USA number one. It is estimated within ten to fifteen years China’s economy will surpass the USA.

Nothing but numbers. One must examine what is behind those numbers. Some more numbers: According to the United Nations (UN), their Human Development Report (HDR), Japan is number 10, the USA number 13, and China number 92. Once again just numbers. More numbers: The average person in China earns around $3,000 a year, in Japan $37,000, and the USA $42,000. Of course more numbers.

Forget about the numbers and examine the quality of life in all three countries. The poor in China in some areas live without electricity, running water, and flush toilets. If one adds up the total in the USA and Japan combined with such amenities it would be far below the per-capita rate in China.

The average poor in the USA has a home, a car, micro-waive, cell phone, washer, dryer, central air, heat, Internet, home computer, flat screen TV, free healthcare, free food, child care, free education, to name a few. One can only hope the poor in China will one day be as poor as the poor in the USA.

When or if China moves to the number one spot then Japan and the USA can rest and let China be the number one benefactor to the world when it comes to helping with natural disasters, and military situations. It would be a time to see the new China translated to a benevolent China, surpassing the USA and Japan. Go Middle Kingdom!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bullying, Tony's story

As you can see me in my videos I am not tall in height. I spent my first thirty years in Brooklyn, and never was bullied. I only got in one fist-fight and lost terribly. I went home all bruised and examined what had happened, when I realized this was not a desirable route and vowed never to get in fisticuffs again.

From that point I made sure I got along with and related to all in my age group through my schooling. Most important was the way I carried myself and conducted myself. I was confident, self-assured to the point where I was accused of being pompous.

With the school year beginning and with respect of recent suicide by children who suffered from bullies, I felt this was a subject to discussed. My advice to prevent bullying is smile, be self-confident, most of all have self-respect.

School administrators try to address bullying employing various methods. Understand a bully will always find a way to bully while circumvented the best efforts of most adults. I am not writing or saying in this video my solution will work for everyone. This video posted just to relate how one person, me, managed to be one of the un-bullied.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

USMC trains for Afghanistan tour in Los Angeles

Reported in The Dallas Morning News in July, an article reprinted from the Associated Press (AP), concerning U.S. Marines riding with the L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department).

The purpose of these ride-alongs was to prepare to take on the Talban in Afghanistan. Apparently policing the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles is equivalent to the war-torn cities in Afghanistan. The Marines are out of Camp Pendleton in California.

Here is a link to the news article:

Something similar like this happened in the mid to late 1970’s. The U.S. Army needed real life situations to train new Army doctors and surgeons in addressing battle wounds. At the time the USA was not involved in any conflicts. To get the training the Army needed, they assigned these new doctors to emergency rooms in American inner cities to train how to address battle wounds. Weekends were especially bountiful with plenty of gunshot wounds.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque update

The twisted adherents to political correctness are on the move here. The Associated Press (AP) issued guidelines to its reporting not to refer to the Ground Zero Mosque as the Ground Zero Mosque.

The head of the regime, President Obama said constitutionally they have a right to build their mosque. Who said they did not? The question is not if they can build it, but where they are going to build it.

We have God given rights (inalienable rights) protected by the First Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution. With the exercise of those rights comes responsibility. Constitutionally Americans can own weapons, yet many jurisdictions restrict or modify the exercise of the right.

We have the protected right of free speech. Try reading a book aloud in a courtroom and see how far that right is respected.

As a protest sign at the proposed site read:

“Sensitivity goes both ways, if you really care build it elsewhere.”

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Partner or Pardner Tony

I have been accepted to be a YouTube Partner, in Texas that would be “pardner.” Being a partner I thank my subscribers, friends, and viewers. Thank you, ya’ll.

About a year ago Leanne in Australia urged me to apply for partner. I declined for various reasons not making much sense. Recently another YouTuber “MadBadVood” urged me to partner. Type into Google “propagandabuster” and it returns with 179,000 hits. Meaning others are using my videos for their advantage (no problem with that). I figured why not me?

Shout out for YouTuber “IamThePeople1” The channel belonging to a young lady conservative who posted one video to date. Please click on the link below to view her channel and urge her to post additional videos.

There are many male conservatives on YouTube expressing their views; it would be refreshing to hear from the female conservative perspective. Please support “IamThePeople1” and urge her to post videos.

Link to “IamThePeople1:”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Casino trip to locate a lost key

Visited a Native American casino in Oklahoma about a 1 ½ drive north of Dallas, Texas. Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma. This is a return trip to locate a lost key and to deposit more money to the owners of the casino.

The first casino built on this site was in 1987 and is the first of the Choctaw gaming franchise. Part of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

The Choctaw in Oklahoma were originally from Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. They were part of the Indian removal known as the Trail of Tears in 1831 to Indian Territory, today’s Oklahoma. This was a result of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and carried out by President Andrew Jackson.


A Quinceanera is a celebration of Latina womanhood, a coming of age ceremony among Latin cultures in North America (Spanish decent), much like a sweet sixteen celebration. However Quinceanera traditionally for 15 year old young ladies.

The event starts with a celebration at church, usually Roman Catholic. Afterwards a large wedding-like reception. The young lady has an escort as they dance a special dance.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hooters: exploits and degrading?

On a recent episode of a television show titled, Undercover Boss, it was about the CEO of Hooter’s parent corporation. The program involves CEO’s of various companies working undercover at entry level positions in their corporation while being video taped.

The Hooter’s CEO first went to a Hooters in Dallas. Hooters is a restaurant famous for chicken wings and waitresses attired to allow one to enjoy their stunning gifts.

While on the job the CEO with two Hooter girls went on the street to distribute free chicken wings and urge people to visit their restaurant. Two ladies approached and expressed their displeasure towards Hooters because it was exploiting the women workers and degrading to them.


How is it exploiting when the ladies know the attire required of them and the nature of the restaurant? They collect lucrative tips for both their pleasant personalities and eye-candy looks. It could be said they are exploiting the customers. However the customers also know what the situation is when entering the establishment.

How come it is not said athletes are not being exploited for their bodies and physical strengths / abilities? These women exercise and diet to keep in shape. Spend time working with make-up to enhance their natural beauty, and work hours on their hair. So what’s the difference between them and athletes?
Degrading? Nonsense, once again these ladies know the situation before hiring on. The only ones who complain are either Sea Shepherd type men or ugly broads who become feminist. After all feminism is the refuge of ugly broads who are jealous of others not burdened with an abrasive personality as feminist are

Japan, no term for "racial profiling?"

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News was a column written by Kumiko Makihara. Ms Makihara is a writer and translator in Tokyo, Japan who is Japanese by birth and ancestry.

Reading that column and other columns written by Ms. Makihara, one can only be impressed with her articulation and excellent writing skills. The fore mentioned article sort of takes to task the Japanese authorities using racial profiling to identify those in Japan illegally.

She continues to write as if it is a negative that few Japanese attend colleges outside Japan plus a majority having no desire to live outside Japan. Negative? That is a positive that many people in Japan enjoy life there as having no desire to live anywhere else. After all the nation enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world. With Tokyo being one of the safest cities why would anyone want to leave?

Here is a link to her column:


When reading Ms. Makihara’s columns one is able to feel the full flavor and intention of the spirit of the article / column. The columns are thorough, informative, and fact based.

Here are some of her columns:


Monday, August 9, 2010

Vietnam nuclear help from the USA

The Wall Street Journal reported the USA is in talks with the Viet Cong in Vietnam to help with their nuclear development. Huh? Iran, it is wrong to go nuclear, but commie Vietnam okay?

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been playing patty-fingers with the commies in Vietnam. This all to the ire of the Chinese who do not welcome this development. Why would the USA be looking to agitate China and resurrect another Cold War? The Cold War with the Evil Empire – Soviet Union – USSR has been buried now the Cliontonistas and the Obama regime seem to be itching for a new Cold War with China.

Some background: During the Bill Clinton administration while Bill was soiling The White House Oval Office, his Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown went to Croatia on a fact finding mission. This was in 1996 in the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, and Eastern Europe. NATO was ill-equipped to settle the conflict, so once again the USA had to help resolve another European conflict.

Secretary Ron Brown had previously returned from Vietnam with a $700,000 donation for the Clintonistas. Soon afterwards trade increased between Vietnam and the USA. Then oddly President Clinton sends Ron Brown to the European war theater, and his plane crashes killing him.

The Clintonistas also during his and her campaigns accepted illegal campaign donations from the Chinese military. So now the Clintons are helping Vietnam go nuclear thus upsetting their other benefactors, the commies in Beijing. See you can never trust a communist, while a communist should never trust a Clinton.

Link to theaveragejoe:


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Israel beware, you have been warned!

Recently in The Dallas Morning News was an article reprinted from The Washington Post titled “Jordan River baptisms called unsafe.”

Christians from all over the world gather at a place in the Jordan River in Israel where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. This is the location many enter the Jordan River to be baptized in the same location as Jesus Christ.

Not so fast! A group in Israel named “Friends of the Earth Middle East” is urging the Israeli government to close down this location claiming the waters are contaminated and unsafe for the people to waddle into.

The Israeli authorities test the waters twice a year and report the water contamination levels are save. The article states the same water would not pass U.S.A.’s Environmental Protection Agency’s test. Guess what? The Jordan River is not in the USA, it is in Israel, meaning the EPA’s standards are irrelevant to the discussion.

21st century environmentalists add nothing to enhance lives, but to stifle our daily lives. They are basically anti-capitalist and devoted to telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

Friday, August 6, 2010

School attacks in China

There have been numerous articles appearing in newspapers and news website about attacks taking place at schools in China. These attacks have been reported over a series of months taking place in various parts of China.

In each situation a crazed lunatic enters a school and attacks with a knife, hammer, club or other non-firearm weapon, almost always resulting in death. Many of the deaths involve school children.

As a result the Chinese authorities have ordered schools to hire guards. Teachers and school staffed have been supplied with mace to ward off an attacker. Also many have received instructions in the martial arts.

Recently an article appeared in The Dallas Morning News reprinted from The Los Angeles Times about an attack which took place in s suburb of Zibo, killing four and injuring 20 staff members and children. The bum Fang Jiantang attacked a kindergarten (Boshan District Experimental Kindergarten). In the article it was reported: “…raised new concerns that the government was not making enough effort to stop the attacks.”

Since China is not inundated with surveillance cameras to the level of London, it is impossible to track 1.3 billion Chinese. These attacks are tragic, however given the circumstances the government is doing what can be reasonably expected.

Constitution stops at the school house door

Recently at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas a student had their cell phone confiscated by a school administrator. The administrator checked the cell phone for a text message that might lead to the identity of another student about to engage in troublesome activity at the school.

The father of the student of the confiscated cell phone, are complaining the child’s constitution rights were violated, such as privacy, unreasonable search and seizure, etc.
The parent is seeking a public apology, the firing of the administrator, and $7.5 million dollars in compensation.

The Irving ISD – IISD, investigated and determined the school administrator acted properly. It is not enough schools have to deal with students coming from all sorts of homes, now they have to worry about opportunistic parents looking to score big in a law suit.

Traditionally in the USA it has been argued the Constitution stops at the schoolhouse door. The Supreme Court historically has recognized this as necessary to keep order within schools. That has changed now we have parents looking to be victims and make a fast buck. Plus their attitude that their child is incapable of doing anything improper. These 21st century see the school as the problem, not their children.

This is further proof the problem with our schools are not the teachers or administrators, but the parents.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gay marriage / Proposition 8 / death of a representative democracy

Seven million voters in California approved Proposition 8, which reads:

“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

It makes no reference to sexual orientation and does not deny any person from marrying the opposite sex. Any prohibition against marrying the opposite sex is placed by the individual themselves, not the law.

U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker (appointed by President George H. W. Bush) through judicial decree invalidated the decision of seven million voters in California ruling Proposition 8 unconstitutional, the United States Constitution. Similar to the federal judge invalidating the legislative action in Arizona with their illegal immigration legislation.

In the judges opinion (see link to PDF file below) he references the “equal protection” clause of the 14th amendment as justification for his regal judicial degree. Problem: The 14th amendment passed in 1868, three years after the end of the American Civil War (1861 -1865) was passed to protect newly free black slaves who were being denied their constitutional rights and privileges in many jurisdictions. The 14th amendment’s intent was to protect the constitutional rights and privileges of these new citizens.

No where in that amendment or in the intent was the marriage issue or sexual orientation a consideration. This judge’s decree is a bastardization of the 14th amendment, and another nail in the coffin of representative democracy in these here United States of America.

PDF file of the judges decision:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lockerbie bomber freed from Scotland for oil?

December, 1988 Pan Am (Pan American) flight from London Heathrow Airport to New York City’s John F. Kennedy JFK airport, a Boeing 747-121 named Clipper Maid of the Seas was blown up by a bomb while over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Killing 270 people, passengers, crew, and people on the ground. The incident named the Lockerbie Bombing. In 2001 Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi of Libya was convicted and imprisoned for life for his role in the bomb and resulting murders.

In August of 2009 Scottish authorities released the murderer Al-Megrahi (a Libyan intelligence agent) on compassionate grounds. Claiming he was suffering from a deadly form of cancer and only had two or three months to live. The murderer was returned to Libya on a charter jet and received with a hero’s welcome. Guess who is still alive? That murderer Al-Megrahi.

When the release happened many accused the British government and Scottish authorities of releasing the murderer for oil from Libya. This accusation was vehemently denied by both the London government and Scottish authorities.

July 16, 2010, The Dallas Morning News reprinted from The New York Times reported BP complicity in the release was for oil leases offshore in Libya. All this while Al-Megrahi and free in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

Related news article:


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toyota Recall hearings, the fraud exposed!

Concerning the Toyota recall and shameful Congressional investigations, it could be classified as fraud, if not mass hysteria to generate business for Toyota’s competition. In this case for General Motors and Chrysler, both stolen by the Obama regime.

Recently a report in The Wall Street Journal exposed this fraud. The government (U.S. Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - NHTSA) investigated the data recorders boxes on many of the crashed Toyotas. It was discovered the drivers instead of hitting the break pedal to stop, hit the gas pedal thus causing the vehicles to speed up and crash. Basically the problem was stupid drivers, not the Toyota’s.

Chrysler and General Motors are basically owned by the U.S. government which is currently controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party and the Obama administrating beholding to the unions. The United Auto Workers union has Toyota in their cross-hairs because Toyota factories in the United States are not unionized.

Wall Street Journal article:


This contributes to two reasons the Democrats in Congress are exploiting the Toyota recall. Toyota is a Government Motors competitor, and to please the United Auto Workers union. This is nothing but exploitation by the Democrats and the UAW.

Toyota produces reliable automobiles and Japan and Toyota are owed an apology for this shameful attack upon their honor by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Political correctness - death of a nation - the USA

Attention all of America’s enemies: Cease your hostile planning against these here United States of America as your goal has been accomplished. No, the USA was not defeated by foreign enemies, but by home-grown political correct drowns products of academia, Hollywood, and the news media. All of whom have forced upon the USA political correctness. Part of this hideous ideology is to attack Christians and Christianity.

Attending Georgia University, Augusta State University, in the graduate program for Counseling is or was a student by the name of Jennifer Keeton. Ms. Keeton made the mistake of identifying as a Christian and expressing homosexuality runs counter to her Christian beliefs.

The University insisted Ms. Keeton attend diversity workshops with the possible inclusion of attending a gay pride parade. Until such is accomplished, Ms. Keeton was banished from the University’s graduate counseling program. Ms. Keeton ran afoul of political correctness now must pay for her beliefs.

Eastern Michigan University student Julea Ward was expelled from a similar program for the same expression of faith and Christian beliefs. He case went to court and a Federal judge, a Demicrat (Democrat); a Clintonista (appointed by x-rated resident Clinton) named George Caram Steeh upheld the expulsion.

Link to article about Jennifer Keeton:


Link to article about Julea Ward: