Saturday, May 30, 2009

USSA United Socialist States of America May, 2009

The plan is to post one video at the end of each month while President Obama is in The White House, and them dar Democrats control both houses of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). The United Socialist States of America emerged after the election of November, 2008, form the ashes of the United States of America (USA).

The May accomplishments of President Obama and them dar Democrats:

1---The organization noted for voter fraud, ACORN, will be participating in gather data for the 2010 census.
2--- Obama administration is fighting to have Nazi concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk deported to Germany for trail. Mr. Demjanjuk is fighting deportation for fear of being tortured in Germany. Obama administration said that will not happen because Germany following same rules USA followed at GITMO. Yet Obama accuses the USA of torture. Do does that mean the Germans also torture?
3---President Obama said the days of flying to Las Vegas on private jets are over. Yet Obama traveling on private jet to Las Vegas for a fund raiser for Harry Reid.
4---Obama slashes Chryslers advertising budget which in not capitalism.
5---President Bushs deficit 480 billion, President Obama's deficit 1.8 trillion, and the Democrats and the news media are okay with Obamas huge deficit.
6---The government orders Chrysler dealerships to close dealerships. Most of who donated to the Republican Party.
7---Speaker of the House, the Democratic Party Congressman from San Francisco, California, Nancy Pelosi is a liar
8---Obama flipped on CIA photos of interrogations and terrorist trials
9---Obama confiscated the banking industry.
10---Obama confiscated the auto industry.
11---Obama said will close Guantanamo, Democrats in Congress voted to defeat money to close Guantanamo.
12---Vice President Joe Biden revealed the location and description of the secured bunker for a VP at the VPs residence at the National Observatory. Such a revelation is a violation of law subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. Obama exiled Biden to the Balkans.
13---Waterboarding issue was only used the 3 terrorist, 1 who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl, another who revealed a 9/11 style attack on L.A.
14---Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayer has had 60% of her rulings overturned. Also in 2004 she ruled the right to own a gun is not in the Constitution.
15---Democrats want to have a 25% national sales tax (VAT Value Added Tax).
16---US economy contracted 5.7% in 1st quarter - how after trillions borrowed and spent?

All us good little Nikitas need to keep abreast of what our elective representatives are up to in their mission not to represent us.

Here is the article appearing in the Russian newspaper: Pravda, titled, "American capitalism gone with a whimper:"

As worn in past videos: black armband, soviet star, and the Order of Lenin. However in this video just wearing a RED t-shirt to symbolize the direction this nations is in both politically and economically Comrade!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That nut job Dear Leader Kim Jung Il in the head, exploded a nuclear weapon

The lunatics in The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea blasted a nuclear bomb. The whole world expressed shock, anger, and a desire to respond. Kim Jung ILs response was to launch two missiles the next day.

Dear Leader (Kim Jung IL) and his minions are aware that liberalism has neutered the democracies rendering them impudent to respond effectively. Because the extreme liberals have infiltrated and commandeered pop culture, academia, and the news media, any formable response by the democracies would be met with criticism by these groups who now control these very same democracies.

This leaves nut jobs like Kim Jung IL to continue the current reckless behavior and free to sell and transport nuclear weapons, and missiles to rouge and despotic regimes such as Syria, Iran, and terrorist like al-Qaeda. What is the rest of the world going to do? Wring their hands? Threaten sanctions to a nation which has nothing anyway and gets what they need from their fellow commies in China?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

President Bush the grand conspirator?

President Bush has been accused of almost every conspiracy known to man from the big bang to tainted food from the commies in China. Well after all while he attended Yale University he was a member of that super secret group, Skull and Bones. Proof enough!

President Bush has been accused of giving conspiratorial signals while attending a Catholic mass, signaling Skull and Bones. Also while visiting the Queen of England and others President Bush can be seen giving an evil hand signal as interpreted in Europe. When it fact it is the hook em horns which is the mascot of the University of Texas, thus the hand gesture with the fingers is a salute to their team.

The tin foil hat crowd during the eight years of President Bush lived off these hallucinated theories.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sri Lanka Civil War results in a Tamil Tiger defeat, the untold story

The horrific civil war on the island nation of Sri Lanka came to an end with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka is an island nation off the coast of the sub-continent of India in the Indian Ocean. The Sri Lankans who are 93% Buddhist were battling the Tamil people who are 88% Hindu.

This war has resulted in both sides committing terroristic attacks upon civilians. Both the Tamils and Sri Lankans seem to be equally responsible. This island nation lies approximately in the middle of the sea oil route of oil from the Middle East to China. Because of the geo-political strategic location the Chinese communist are supplying the Sri Lankans with weapons, and training in their battle to suppress the Tamil Tigers.

With the Chinese communist help of the Sri Lankans they were able to build a sea port in the waterfront Sri Lankan town of Hambantota. In this port it is reported the Chinese are also building a naval base. Nothing wrong with the commies building this port or a naval base. However since they have become major parties in this area they selected to fuel the flames of violence rather than try to negotiate a peace between the two warring parties.

Much like their behavior in Sudan. The Sudanese are engaged in genocide in Darfur, and the Chinese communist are supplying the Sudanese governments with weapons to continue their genocidal activities in Darfur.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Sea Shepherd trying to electrocute the Japanese mariners?

If you look at the flag used by the girly men of Sea Shepherd, it is similar to a pirates flag. The children of the rust bucket garbage scow harass the Japanese whaling fleet while pretending to be pirates. Also Captain Kangaroo has been known to where a navy jacket. Thus the perfect anti-pirate hat would be the hat of the United States Navy which has recently demonstrated their anti-pirate abilities. That is the reason for the U.S. Navy hat in this video.

Communication was received from Canada revealing details about Sea Shepherd and their operations, and about Cabin Boy and Captain Kangaroo. It was stated that Sea Shepherd on their garbage scow line front of the hull with cement to effect a greater damage upon the Japanese whaling fleet upon a ramming impact. However unable to verify. Another detail to surface was that the girly men after ramming the Japanese ship tried to fling on the deck of the Japanese ship an electrical charged rod. This brought to mind an earlier video released by the Japanese clearly showing the girly men in pursuit of this endeavor. Upon further examination it does look as if an attempt was made to electrically charge the Japanese ship. See for yourself in this video.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

China cell phone knockoffs exploding?

The communist (commies) in Communist China are allowing companies in China to reproduce as knockoffs, fakes, of popular cell phones from South Korea and Japan. Further proof of Chinas total disregard for copyrights, patents, and the protection of intellectual property. Basically proving they can not be trusted to conduct business properly in a civilized world.

These cell phones have the potential of exploding due to the defective batteries they use. First the commies gave us poisoned pet food. Then they poisoned our medicines, next came the poison foods. So the idiots around the world not learning from these poisoned products from China asked for more poisoned. That call was answered in America when Americans imported drywall from China which proved to be emitting toxic fumes. Next came the exploding cell phones. What geniuses these communist are to have developed a step-by-step plan to defeat their enemies by using the greed of their enemies.

The New York Times article reprinted in The Dallas Morning New:

Links to articles about the drywall problem:

Since the governments and economies refuse to learn from past poisoning from the communist in China, the commies will continue to develop various means to poison their customers who keep coming back for more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Domestic terrorist Terry Nichols follows the lead of the Guantanamo prisoners

Terry Nichols a co-conspirator of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh learned a lesson from terrorist being held at Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. The terrorist in Guantanamo are being fed food in respect to their religious beliefs.

Terry Nichols responsible for the deaths of 168 people on April 19th, 1995 at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The deadly device used was a fertilizer bomb inside of a rental truck. He is suing the prison over food which does not meet his religious needs.

He wants 100 percent whole-grain foods, more fresh raw vegetables, fresh fruit, a wheat bran supplement, digestive bacteria and enzymes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The American News media continues to prove their Obama / Democratic Party bias

In of all places The Washington Post, there appeared a column by columnist Howard Kurtz, titled, "The Media Elites Secret Dinners," here is the link:

It seems in an exclusive restaurant in the Watergate Building a series of exclusive luncheons are held, one recently attended by Democratic President Obamas chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. These luncheons are held with members of the bias American news media who are invested in a successful President Obama, and various members of the Obama administration.

Invitees to these exclusive luncheons are or have been:

David Brooks of The New York Times
David G. Bradley from The Atlantic
David Gregory from NBC
Gene Robinson from The Washington Post
George Stephanopoulos from ABC news
Gwen Ifill from PBS
Jane Mayer from The New York Times
Maureen Dowd from The New York Times
Ruth Marcus from the Washington Post
Todd Purdum from Vanity Fair

Further illustration we can not expect unbiased news reporting from the news media in these here United States of America (USA).

In the same column it was reported statistics from the Center for media and public affairs:

During the first 50 days of Obama being in office (president) there was totaling 28 hours of news reporting. Contrast with Bush getting only 8 hours

Also, during the same period for President Obama 58% of the reporting was positive while for President Bush it was 33%, and for President Clinton 44%.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ashton Lundeby 16 year old victim of America's war on Christian, patriotic conservatives

The brown shirt agents of the FBI stormed into a home in North Carolina to abduct a 16 year old conservative, patriotic Christian. The FBI pretended the child was being abducted for making bomb threats on his computer. This could have easily been dispelled by examining the childs computer, but the abduction served to meet the demands of our current administration. Remember it was DHS Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (former Democratic governor of Arizona) who issued a report warning law enforcement of such domestic terrorist as this patriotic Christian conservative child.

The abduction took place in the childs Granville, North Carolina home. Ashton was then transported handcuffed to a detention center in Indiana, where Purdue University is located; the supposed institution that received the bomb treats being attributed to Ashtons computer. Never mind there is undeniable proof the child was at church services the time the messages were sent, nor the fact he did not turn his computer on that evening. See none of that matter, because according to Janet Napolitano he is the enemy.

The Patriot Act is being abused by this administration and now needs to be repealed before they come after the rest of us.

Website to locate your Senator and Congress representative (on the left side of the page, just enter your zip code):

Link to the full news story:

News and blog articles:

United States Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano (appointed by President Barack Obama), issued a report titled:

"(U/FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

Here is the link to the report:

This report was sent to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States of America (USA), warning of the lurking potential dangers from returning Iraqi war veterans, pro-life groups, Ron Paul supporters, and just about anyone who is religious (Christian) or conservative.

This report is a clear and screaming example of this Democratic administrations goal to eliminate the opposition to complete their October Revolution which took place this past November and sealed on January 20th, 2009 (Inauguration Day).

Those of you who are not in any of those groups mentioned in this fascist report may be thinking it is good to watch them you need to remember what Pastor Martin Niemoller wrote in reference to the Nazis in Europe:

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

Then they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out for me."

For warned is forearmed, and remember: history DOES repeat itself.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jacqui Smith of the UKs Persona Non Grata list vs. free speech

The United Kingdom's Home Secretary Jacqui Smith issued a list of persons not permitted to enter the UK. On this list of notable honorees (most of whom are detestable scum) is a conservative radio talk show host from San Francisco, California, United States of America, a Doctor Michael Savage (the "Savage Nation," and author of the book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder").

There is a Dutch member of Parliament named Geert Wilder. Apparently Mr. Wilder is on trail in The Netherlands for a video he produced which was critical of a major religion on the rise in Europe (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). For offending this particular religion Mr. Wilder in on trail in The Netherlands.

The upper house of the British Parliament, called the House of Lords, invited Mr. Wilder to show his video to them. Mr. Wilder flys to London and is stopped at the airport by the British government and refused entry into the United Kingdom. The government said Mr. Wilder "threatens community harmony and therefore public safety."

The Dutch ambassador tried to intervene stating Mr. Wilder is an elected member of the Dutch Parliament a member nation of the European Union and is entitled to travel freely to any member nations. The British authorities stood their ground and refused to allow Mr. Wilder to enter.

After which Mr. Wilders travels to the USA to show his film to members of the United States Senate and traveled throughout the USA showing the film and giving speeches without any government interference as his right of free speech was protected and respected in the USA.

Some time ago British comedian Russell Brand traveled to the USA to appear on a television awards show by MTV. There Mr. Brand in his trashy humor berated President Bush. Some videos taking issue with Mr. Brands behavior in the USA were posted by this YouTuber. This resulted in volumes of hateful messages and comments from people in the United Kingdom defending Mr. Brands right of free speech while in the USA.

The question is, then where is Dr. Michael Savages right of free speech in the United Kingdom? Is the Home Secretary aware that King George is no longer around and that the United States of America is no longer a colony? So it is okay for a British citizen to come to the USA and exercise free speech while an American citizen is prohibited to exercise free speech in the UK? Hmmm.

Here are two links to the videos mentioned where you can read the entertaining comments in defense of Russell Brand:

See, the insults were also creative.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Japanese education plagued by the red menace, teacher unions, and administrators

Numerous reports coming out of Japan suggest public school educators in Japan are hindered by left leaning administers and teacher unions.

Please click on the link below to read two messages from a teacher in Japan, and a student at Wasedia University in Tokyo, Japan. Once on the site, this video will be there, look below this videos description for the three messages:

Apparently the leftist have commandeered control of the education system in Japan as they have in the United States (USA).

The teachers is Japan discourage forms of national pride. They teach about the USA's nuclear test in the Pacific Ocean while never mentioning the Soviet nuclear testing in TSAR. The teachers glorify communist nations while berating capitalism. They teach of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, while neglecting to mention on the same date the Soviets invaded Manchukuo. Students are urged to read newspapers such as "Red Flag" (Akahata).

Messages from Japan about the education system

First message from teacher in Japan:
Dear Mr.Tony

Thank you for your responding to my comment.
It's my great honor.

About 5 years ago,I have taught them about politics and International relationship.
One day,I was teaching about "the fear of nuclear weapons".
When the Japanese authorized text books said about the fear of nuclear weapons,all of them took the cases on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It's very important that the history about Hiroshima and Nagasaki,as you know.
But,nowadays,teennagers can't learn no reality from the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Because they think that the Atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were never again.

So,I showed the article about "nuclear weapon".I thought they might feel the reality about the fear of nuclear weapons better than the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But my boss banned telling about the nuclear weapons' problems.
My boss said "The Japanese educational basic law bans to teach the political-ideal teaching."
Of course,I know the law.But,,,Wait!?
The nuclear weapons were NOT the ideal story!It's the REAL one!
Because North Korean government announced that they had the nukes at that time!!

You told about the Japanese education,did't you?
But we can't teach the real Japanese problems.
I think the Japanese government fears communists.

It's the REALITY of the Japanese education and teachers.

In addition,there are some CRAZY communist teachers in Japan.They refuse the rising of the Japanese national banner and the singing and playing the Japanese national anthems.

Therefore,the Japanese will lose the pride of our country...

I hope you can understand the Japanese educational REALITY through my poor English.
And I hope your REAL opinions on YouTube!

Second message from teacher in Japan:

As you know,the Japan Teachers Union(JTU) is led by the left-wing.Moreover,JTU is very close to the democratic party of Japan now.Maybe the US teachers union is close to the Obama administration,isn't it?

I told about "educational fundamental law bans to teach political-ideology education.".

But JTU-related teachers claims "Never send their students to the batle field!".
Of course,I hope so,if I could....But I wonder how do we protect our nation when Japan is invaded.
And I wonder the JTU's Claims that they protect the Japanese constitution.
I fundamentally want to protect our constitution too.(But the article 9 will be considered well,I suppose.)

If my student want to join the Japanese Self Defence Force(JSDF),I help him/her to join JSDF.Because the freedom of the choice the job is protected by our constituiton as one of the human rights.

But the JTU teachers will be stop their student who wants to join JSDF.
Maybe you can understand...They violate the freedom of the choice their job.In other words,they break the human right and the Japanese constitution.

Moreover,some left-wing teachers teaches the following messege.
"The Japanese national flag is the bad one.Because many asian people were killed under the Japanese national flag.In 1937,300000 people were killed by the Imperial Japanese soldiersv in Nanking,China."

To tell the truth,it's a lie.
In 1937,Nanking has only 200000 inhabitants.And most of them had already taken refuse out of Nanking.It's told by the former Japanese soldiers who had attacked Nanking in1937.

I can't stop laughing...The left-wing teachers can't calculate.
200000-300000=-100000...Where were the -100000 deads?

I have many friends who works as a teacher.
One of them said that his student told him the following messege.
"My grandfather is a bad guy.Because he killed many people in China.I get anger with him."

You said "The past is the past.We have to learn from the history not to make a mistake again.".

The history education helps not to make a mistake again.
And We have to learn the pride of our own nation too.
You learned the pride of the USA through the Boston Tea Party,didn't you?
You learned the patriotism from George Washington acrossing the river of delaware,didn't you?

I feel a great sadness when the left-wing teachers' education denies the pride and patriotism of Japan and our ancestors.

That's the REALITY of Japanese education.
Please tell me how do you feel about that!

Message from student at Waseda University: Tokyo, Japan
I am convinced that the person claiming himself to be a teacher in Japan is indeed a teacher in Japan because his testimony well illustrates the reality of current Japanese education. You mentioned that nowadays public schools in the US are reeducation camps biased in favor of the Left, and such is also a case in Japan. Moreover, such a deplorable situation in Japanese schools has rendered almost total disregard for any discussion on threats from communist nations. Therefore, students, who are real victims of indoctrination, may have difficulty in assessing correctly nuclear threats from North Korea. Yet, the general public opinion on North Korea is highly negative, and thus those students still have a chance to reshape their views.

First, in postwar Japan, a labor union named Japan Teachers Union (Nikkyoso in Japanese) consisting of teachers belonging to Japan Communist Party and Japan Socialist Party has been dominant in almost every public school. They are responsible for instilling in innocent minds revolutionary ideas. For example, throughout my six years at my primary school, my homeroom teachers were communists. They spent tremendous amount of time on comfort women, atrocities in Nanking, China, and forced labor of Korean people. While these things may have happened in the past, they did not focus on other facts. I thus failed to see the forest for the trees of my nations history. Therefore, my impression of prewar Japan was extremely negative.

On the other hand, my teachers glorified communism and nations cherishing such an ideology. They focused especially on planned economy of USSR and explained how equal the society was when compared to that of Japan or the US. They told us to read Communist Partys newspaper called Red Flag instead of regular ones. They thus wiped away every opportunity for me to take pride in my country; instead, I came to idealize revolutionary ideas and individuals such as Che Guevara. I finally got rid of their curse ironically with the help from my American Marine professor at college, who always did his best to be objective in teaching Japanese history. My experience may be a special one because I once went so far as to be an anarchist. However, I am sure that those communist teachers have influenced most people in Japan tremendously. Indeed, the Article 9 and the Non-Nuclear Principles are still widely deemed inviolable, if not sacred.

Second, since those Nikkyoso teachers glorify communism, they censure the US for possessing nuclear weapons and having killed a number of innocent citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki while they utterly disregard the pertinent situations in most communist nations (I am quoting their own words here). For example, my school had an excursion to Hiroshima during the last year of primary school. Prior to the trip, we had a thorough preparation, namely learning the background of atomic bombs. However, we only learned that Americans were evil because they had instantly killed countless people and had had yet to apologize to the victims and survivors. We visited the A-bomb museum and saw a number of artifacts directly affected by nuclear radiation. Moreover, we heard testimonies from survivors and I still clearly remember them. My impression that Americans were bloodthirsty villains was consolidated then.

Little did I know, however, was that there were other sides of history. Indeed, the teachers did not teach the Soviet invasion into Manchukuo on the day of Nagasaki, which I learned only after I entered high school. It is therefore understandable that I did not know the nuclear race which followed Nagasaki. We learned that the Americans conducted a nuclear test in the Pacific, but we did not that the Soviets tested the Tsar. Moreover, I thought that only the US had nuclear weapons at the time. Nikkyoso teachers persistent focus only on the US with regard to nuclear weapons only shows that they desired to legitimize communist nations reaction to the American nuclear power and to hide negative facts of those countries.

Due to such a prejudiced educational environment, it is understandable that most students may pay little attention to North Korean nuclear issues. As a result of brainwashing at school, almost all of them acknowledge that nuclear weapons are evil. However, since their teachers bypass nuclear situation in North Korea, they fail to recognize the threat. I believe that under the guidance of communist teachers, students are busy censuring Japan for past wrongdoings and the US for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

However, I believe that most people in Japan have an extremely negative view of North Korea largely due to the abduction issue. I am sure that most of those students share the same sentiment. Therefore, if taught correctly, they still have a chance to pay closer attention to the nuclear weapons in North Korea. I also share with you that increased awareness of foreign nuclear threats among people is the key to the insurance of Japans national security in the future. Youth education without a doubt shall play a crucial role here. However, in view of the present situation of education, it shall take long before more and more students become aware of North Korean threats.

In sum, I think that the individual who sent you the message is a teacher in Japan. I have shown that the current Japanese education is biased in favor of the Left and that this has rendered disregard for nuclear issues in communist nations. Therefore, most students may not be aware of North Korean threats. However, since the communist nation is viewed negatively by the public, students still have a chance to become aware of the threats from the neighboring country. Nevertheless, should the current education system continue, the road to change shall be a long one.

Your fan in Tokyo,