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Messages from Japan about the education system

First message from teacher in Japan:
Dear Mr.Tony

Thank you for your responding to my comment.
It's my great honor.

About 5 years ago,I have taught them about politics and International relationship.
One day,I was teaching about "the fear of nuclear weapons".
When the Japanese authorized text books said about the fear of nuclear weapons,all of them took the cases on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It's very important that the history about Hiroshima and Nagasaki,as you know.
But,nowadays,teennagers can't learn no reality from the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Because they think that the Atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were never again.

So,I showed the article about "nuclear weapon".I thought they might feel the reality about the fear of nuclear weapons better than the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But my boss banned telling about the nuclear weapons' problems.
My boss said "The Japanese educational basic law bans to teach the political-ideal teaching."
Of course,I know the law.But,,,Wait!?
The nuclear weapons were NOT the ideal story!It's the REAL one!
Because North Korean government announced that they had the nukes at that time!!

You told about the Japanese education,did't you?
But we can't teach the real Japanese problems.
I think the Japanese government fears communists.

It's the REALITY of the Japanese education and teachers.

In addition,there are some CRAZY communist teachers in Japan.They refuse the rising of the Japanese national banner and the singing and playing the Japanese national anthems.

Therefore,the Japanese will lose the pride of our country...

I hope you can understand the Japanese educational REALITY through my poor English.
And I hope your REAL opinions on YouTube!

Second message from teacher in Japan:

As you know,the Japan Teachers Union(JTU) is led by the left-wing.Moreover,JTU is very close to the democratic party of Japan now.Maybe the US teachers union is close to the Obama administration,isn't it?

I told about "educational fundamental law bans to teach political-ideology education.".

But JTU-related teachers claims "Never send their students to the batle field!".
Of course,I hope so,if I could....But I wonder how do we protect our nation when Japan is invaded.
And I wonder the JTU's Claims that they protect the Japanese constitution.
I fundamentally want to protect our constitution too.(But the article 9 will be considered well,I suppose.)

If my student want to join the Japanese Self Defence Force(JSDF),I help him/her to join JSDF.Because the freedom of the choice the job is protected by our constituiton as one of the human rights.

But the JTU teachers will be stop their student who wants to join JSDF.
Maybe you can understand...They violate the freedom of the choice their job.In other words,they break the human right and the Japanese constitution.

Moreover,some left-wing teachers teaches the following messege.
"The Japanese national flag is the bad one.Because many asian people were killed under the Japanese national flag.In 1937,300000 people were killed by the Imperial Japanese soldiersv in Nanking,China."

To tell the truth,it's a lie.
In 1937,Nanking has only 200000 inhabitants.And most of them had already taken refuse out of Nanking.It's told by the former Japanese soldiers who had attacked Nanking in1937.

I can't stop laughing...The left-wing teachers can't calculate.
200000-300000=-100000...Where were the -100000 deads?

I have many friends who works as a teacher.
One of them said that his student told him the following messege.
"My grandfather is a bad guy.Because he killed many people in China.I get anger with him."

You said "The past is the past.We have to learn from the history not to make a mistake again.".

The history education helps not to make a mistake again.
And We have to learn the pride of our own nation too.
You learned the pride of the USA through the Boston Tea Party,didn't you?
You learned the patriotism from George Washington acrossing the river of delaware,didn't you?

I feel a great sadness when the left-wing teachers' education denies the pride and patriotism of Japan and our ancestors.

That's the REALITY of Japanese education.
Please tell me how do you feel about that!

Message from student at Waseda University: Tokyo, Japan
I am convinced that the person claiming himself to be a teacher in Japan is indeed a teacher in Japan because his testimony well illustrates the reality of current Japanese education. You mentioned that nowadays public schools in the US are reeducation camps biased in favor of the Left, and such is also a case in Japan. Moreover, such a deplorable situation in Japanese schools has rendered almost total disregard for any discussion on threats from communist nations. Therefore, students, who are real victims of indoctrination, may have difficulty in assessing correctly nuclear threats from North Korea. Yet, the general public opinion on North Korea is highly negative, and thus those students still have a chance to reshape their views.

First, in postwar Japan, a labor union named Japan Teachers Union (Nikkyoso in Japanese) consisting of teachers belonging to Japan Communist Party and Japan Socialist Party has been dominant in almost every public school. They are responsible for instilling in innocent minds revolutionary ideas. For example, throughout my six years at my primary school, my homeroom teachers were communists. They spent tremendous amount of time on comfort women, atrocities in Nanking, China, and forced labor of Korean people. While these things may have happened in the past, they did not focus on other facts. I thus failed to see the forest for the trees of my nations history. Therefore, my impression of prewar Japan was extremely negative.

On the other hand, my teachers glorified communism and nations cherishing such an ideology. They focused especially on planned economy of USSR and explained how equal the society was when compared to that of Japan or the US. They told us to read Communist Partys newspaper called Red Flag instead of regular ones. They thus wiped away every opportunity for me to take pride in my country; instead, I came to idealize revolutionary ideas and individuals such as Che Guevara. I finally got rid of their curse ironically with the help from my American Marine professor at college, who always did his best to be objective in teaching Japanese history. My experience may be a special one because I once went so far as to be an anarchist. However, I am sure that those communist teachers have influenced most people in Japan tremendously. Indeed, the Article 9 and the Non-Nuclear Principles are still widely deemed inviolable, if not sacred.

Second, since those Nikkyoso teachers glorify communism, they censure the US for possessing nuclear weapons and having killed a number of innocent citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki while they utterly disregard the pertinent situations in most communist nations (I am quoting their own words here). For example, my school had an excursion to Hiroshima during the last year of primary school. Prior to the trip, we had a thorough preparation, namely learning the background of atomic bombs. However, we only learned that Americans were evil because they had instantly killed countless people and had had yet to apologize to the victims and survivors. We visited the A-bomb museum and saw a number of artifacts directly affected by nuclear radiation. Moreover, we heard testimonies from survivors and I still clearly remember them. My impression that Americans were bloodthirsty villains was consolidated then.

Little did I know, however, was that there were other sides of history. Indeed, the teachers did not teach the Soviet invasion into Manchukuo on the day of Nagasaki, which I learned only after I entered high school. It is therefore understandable that I did not know the nuclear race which followed Nagasaki. We learned that the Americans conducted a nuclear test in the Pacific, but we did not that the Soviets tested the Tsar. Moreover, I thought that only the US had nuclear weapons at the time. Nikkyoso teachers persistent focus only on the US with regard to nuclear weapons only shows that they desired to legitimize communist nations reaction to the American nuclear power and to hide negative facts of those countries.

Due to such a prejudiced educational environment, it is understandable that most students may pay little attention to North Korean nuclear issues. As a result of brainwashing at school, almost all of them acknowledge that nuclear weapons are evil. However, since their teachers bypass nuclear situation in North Korea, they fail to recognize the threat. I believe that under the guidance of communist teachers, students are busy censuring Japan for past wrongdoings and the US for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

However, I believe that most people in Japan have an extremely negative view of North Korea largely due to the abduction issue. I am sure that most of those students share the same sentiment. Therefore, if taught correctly, they still have a chance to pay closer attention to the nuclear weapons in North Korea. I also share with you that increased awareness of foreign nuclear threats among people is the key to the insurance of Japans national security in the future. Youth education without a doubt shall play a crucial role here. However, in view of the present situation of education, it shall take long before more and more students become aware of North Korean threats.

In sum, I think that the individual who sent you the message is a teacher in Japan. I have shown that the current Japanese education is biased in favor of the Left and that this has rendered disregard for nuclear issues in communist nations. Therefore, most students may not be aware of North Korean threats. However, since the communist nation is viewed negatively by the public, students still have a chance to become aware of the threats from the neighboring country. Nevertheless, should the current education system continue, the road to change shall be a long one.

Your fan in Tokyo,

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