Saturday, May 16, 2009

China cell phone knockoffs exploding?

The communist (commies) in Communist China are allowing companies in China to reproduce as knockoffs, fakes, of popular cell phones from South Korea and Japan. Further proof of Chinas total disregard for copyrights, patents, and the protection of intellectual property. Basically proving they can not be trusted to conduct business properly in a civilized world.

These cell phones have the potential of exploding due to the defective batteries they use. First the commies gave us poisoned pet food. Then they poisoned our medicines, next came the poison foods. So the idiots around the world not learning from these poisoned products from China asked for more poisoned. That call was answered in America when Americans imported drywall from China which proved to be emitting toxic fumes. Next came the exploding cell phones. What geniuses these communist are to have developed a step-by-step plan to defeat their enemies by using the greed of their enemies.

The New York Times article reprinted in The Dallas Morning New:

Links to articles about the drywall problem:

Since the governments and economies refuse to learn from past poisoning from the communist in China, the commies will continue to develop various means to poison their customers who keep coming back for more.


Unknown said...

Dear Tony.

I translated this vid and upload it to a Japanese video sharing site (nico video).
(you may need your accout to watch).

The vid was played 2200 times in just a day, because 70-80% of NicoVideo users are conservative as to politics or history (including me).

about 100 PB vids uploaded 

You are very famous in Japanese online communities.
I hope your further success.


Most translaters are not good at English and mis-translate when you speak too fast.

Tony aka: PropagandaBuster said...

Thank you for your comment. In future Asian related videos I will talk slower. Sorry about that, but that is the New Yorker in me.

- Tony -

Unknown said...

Are you a trained comedian, Tony? "commies in China deserve what they get from their fellow commies in Hollywood..." I blew my coffee again.

But to tell you the truth, it has little to do with the communism but all lie in the mentality of Chinese people. They are extremely of instant gratification because you don't know for tomorrow. They have been stomped by crowds and crowds of gushing people for either uprising, civil war or annihilation of enemies. This has been the history of China in the last 3000 years.

Therefore rich Chinese across the history always make sure that the risk is diversified - school first son in England, second son in America, third son in Australia and the last one in Japan.

Here are the examples of what they produce and serve to the people of their own.

1. plastic coated rice
2. doughnuts that's inflated by kitchen detergent
3. water injected fruits - as they are sold by weight
4. animals toys that's stuffed with industrial waste
5. famous meat bun that's made from shredded cardboard, softened by sodium hydroxide
6. Instant noodle that's fried by oil collected from sewer
7. Fish that's fed by human carcasses and dead animals, sterilized by pesticide

Now a lot of rich Chinese come to Japan and squat in Health Care shops, buying vitamins and supplements by shelves. Every time I travel to China, what my Chinese friend asks me to bring is gallons of powder milk for babies.

Remember, human lives are only worth $100 in China.