Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That nut job Dear Leader Kim Jung Il in the head, exploded a nuclear weapon

The lunatics in The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea blasted a nuclear bomb. The whole world expressed shock, anger, and a desire to respond. Kim Jung ILs response was to launch two missiles the next day.

Dear Leader (Kim Jung IL) and his minions are aware that liberalism has neutered the democracies rendering them impudent to respond effectively. Because the extreme liberals have infiltrated and commandeered pop culture, academia, and the news media, any formable response by the democracies would be met with criticism by these groups who now control these very same democracies.

This leaves nut jobs like Kim Jung IL to continue the current reckless behavior and free to sell and transport nuclear weapons, and missiles to rouge and despotic regimes such as Syria, Iran, and terrorist like al-Qaeda. What is the rest of the world going to do? Wring their hands? Threaten sanctions to a nation which has nothing anyway and gets what they need from their fellow commies in China?

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