Monday, July 31, 2023

Paul Watson's the John Paul DeJoria for sale?

Captain Paul Watson Foundation John Paul DeJoria for sale?

Paul Watson The Captain Paul Watson Foundation the John Paul DeJoria II had their Jamaica registration revoked due to the Faroe Islands notifying of the vessel's illegal activity. Time to sell the vessel since it is without a country, unable to sale.


Paul Watson John Paul DeJoria docked collecting spider webs

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Was Paul Watson in the Faroe Islands?

Was Paul Watson in the Faroe Islands?

NOTE: The part in this video showing the rust photographs, was not made in 2015. The video was made in 2008.

 The founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, was thrown out of the organization and stabbed in the back by Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead).  Watson, not to let seaweed gather under his feet, founded the “Captain Paul Watson Foundation.”

 He acquired a rust-bucket, garbage scow, named  The John Paul DeJoria.”  The vessel was outfitted in the United Kingdom.  It then sailed to the City of New York to pick up Criminal Cosplay Paul Watson, the horrible.  They sailed to the waters off Iceland.  It was then announced Iceland suspended whaling for the remainder of the whaling season. 

 No whales to save, they sailed it Ireland.  Ireland?  Whaling in Ireland?  Nope, but plenty of Irish beer.  Watson announced “we” will sail to the Faroe Islands, to interfere with their whale harvesting, the Grind.  He was warned not to trespass the Faroe Islands twelve-mile territory limit.  If so, subject to arrest, and possibly extradited to Japan acting on the Interpol Red Notice. 

 While the John Paul DeJoria II was sitting just beyond the 12-mile limit, north of the islands, they got word of a Grind taking place, the Faroese slaughter whales.  Immediately the rust-bucket, garbage scow breached the 12-mile territory line, sailing south among the various Faroe Islands, towards their capital city, Torshavn.  Upon arriving in Torshavn’s harbor, the Grind was over, no live whales to save. 

 Hence they sailed away beyond the 12-mile limit.  Huh?  All that traveling and they were not interdicted by Faroese authorities.  The Faroese authorities were aware Watson was not abord the vessel, so no need to stop and board it. 

Paul Watson Faroe Islands?
 Speculation:  Watson flew home to the USA when the vessel was in Ireland.  Proof?  When Watson and the vessel were in Ireland, he videoed himself on deck with the sea in the background.  Next the vessel is sailing among the Faroe Islands with a Faroes Coast Guard boat (Tjaldrid), and a police boat following.  Since Watson did not video himself on the deck with these two vessels in the background, bragging he has no fear.  Proof he was no on board.  Such a video would have provided the bravado he is known for.

 His supporters, the emotional wrecks, suckers, minions, and disposables, were stimulated by this event, will send money to continue his Faroe Islands campaign (Operation Bloody Fjords).

 While seventy-eight whales were slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, where was Sea Shepherd?  Their original mission was to save whales.  They are too busy collecting plastic from the oceans to care about whales being slaughtered.            

 Watson’s Interpol Red Notice:

 Link to the 2008 rust-bucket video:

 Links to donate money to these clowns.  For when they sail, they proved material for these videos.


Captain Paul Watson Foundation:

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NOTE:  Black ribbon on the United States flag is an expression of mourning for the death of the constitutional republic in the United States of America that happened on January 20th, 2021.     

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