Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sea Shepherd supporters in praise of terrorism

Sea Shepherd supporters in praise of terrorism

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe wrote on his Facebook page indications are one of the two Japanese hostages held by the ISIS terrorists has been murdered.

One of Sea Shepherd supporters to this opportunity to insult Japan and demonstrate solidarity with the terrorist by writing the following comment under the Prime Minister’s writing:

“Suzy Jordan: Sorry, please free YOUR cetacean hostages!!!”

Further proof these save-the-dolphins cultists are driven by hate towards Japan masquerading behind so-called concern for dolphins.

Japan Prime Minister Abe's Facebook note in reference to the hostages  

Suzy Jordan left this comment as a reply to the Prime Minister
Link to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sea Shepherd banned from Japan?

Sea Shepherd banned from Japan?

Sea Shepherd Grindstop 2014 in the Faroe Islands caused the Faroese Parliament to enact new legislation.  Prior to Sea Shepherd’s floating circus of clowns entertaining in the Faroe Islands laws were not necessary to address Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities as it never happened there before. 

How many whales did Sea Shepherd’s Grindstop 2014 save?  Answer: ZERO.  In this respect Sea Shepherd as usual was a total failure.  However they succeed in getting the Faroese Parliament to enact legislation to address Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities in the future.   

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) in Taiji, Japan also stretch the limits of the law.  Here is another situation where legislation was not necessary to address Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities in Taiji, are now being addressed in the Japanese Parliament. 

Did Sea Shepherd save any dolphins in Taiji, Japan?  Answer: NO.  Another venue where Sea Shepherd is a total failure in their falsely stated mission, however successful in getting the Japanese Parliament to enact legislation to restrict their future activities. 

Sea Shepherd total failure in the Faroe Islands, and in Taiji, Japan, yet successful in getting restrictive legislation enacted.  Where Sea Shepherd is a rousing success is getting their minions, suckers around the world to part with their money and send it to Sea Shepherd.   

Article in reference to Sea Shepherd and Japan’s possible legislation:

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Commies in China correct on this one

Commies in China correct on this one

A popular television drama in China titled “The Empress of China,” has caught the ire of the Communist government in Beijing.  The moralist in Beijing decided the television drama was revealing too much cleavage of the females in the show. 

The show was interrupted and when it returned, the camera zoomed in on the women’s faces avoiding the airing of low necklines revealing too much cleavage.  Many in China cried “censorship.” 

What some call “censorship,” I label “quality control.”  This video was difficult for me to make as I agree with the Communist in The Middle Kingdom (China) on this one issue.  I never thought in my life I would ever agree with any actions by a communist unless it was one to relinquish authority.

The government in China with this so-called prudish action is an attempt to maintain a veneer of morality.  Today if they allowed the lower cleavage revealing neckline, then tomorrow the smut and debauchery all too common on American television will degrade China’s entertainment industry.

As Confucius once wrote / said: “Every journey starts with a single step,” latter to be adopted by Mao Zedong.  In the USA it is called “incrementalism.”  Incrementalism is a favorite tactic employed by liberals and pervert thespians in the USA to degrade the culture and erase any forms of morality.  Today allow the lower necklines and before anyone notices all forms of perversion and debauchery will be common on Chinese television shows.  Stop it now or suffer with it later.
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Obama regime missing in France

Obama regime missing in France

In response to the terrorists’ murders upon employees of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, there was a huge rally in Paris on 11 January 2015.  In attendance were around for forty-four world leaders.  Noticeably absent was any high level representation from the United States of America, specifically the Obama Regime. 

The New York Daily News on their front page on 12 January 2015 read “You let the world down.”  The New York page the same date on their front page “Sorry, Charlie Obama’s team goes AWOL at Paris rally against terror.”

Why people were shocked and or amazed no official representation from the Obama Regime?  Remember 21st century USA Democrats toss aside America’s allies while embracing the enemies of the American people.  You vote Democrat in the USA and you vote against the USA.

U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder was in Paris during the rally; however he decided not to attend the rally.  Why?  Possibly because it would have been a conflict of interest.  Before being attorney general, Mr. Holder belonged to a law firm noted for defending terrorists for free.  Mr. Holder leaving his role as U.S. Attorney General could possibly return to that law firm.  How would it look if he attended a rally against potential clients?            

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The Church door……..

The Church door……..

Attending daily 8 AM Mass at a Roman Catholic Church the peculiar attraction of one door evolved to become noticeable.  The door separates the main sanctuary from the chapel.

The four steps of this church door Monday through Friday:

Step one: Arriving early in the morning around 6:30 AM is a gentleman named Eugene.  Eugene arrives to initiate the set up for the daily morning Mass.  One of his functions he props opens the door that separates the main sanctuary from the chapel.

Step two:  Around twenty minutes later Eva arrives.  Eva contributes by tidying up the church.  Eva proceeds to close the door that Eugene propped open.

Step three:  About twenty minutes after Eva, arrives Tessie.  Tessie organizes the material used by the priest for the morning service.  Tessie when passing the closed door proceeds to prop it open.

Step four:  Near the beginning of the Mass arrives Pepe.  Pepe approaches the door and closes it.  The door then remains closed for the duration of the Mass.

Moral of the story:  Appreciate all we encounter in our daily lives both the significant and insignificant.  It is all placed by God for us to enjoy and enhance our lives.

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