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Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian supporters hate for Japan

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian 
supporters hate for Japan video 5

Sea Shepherd’s sub-human group the Cove Guardians make it their mission to descend upon Taiji, Japan, to bully and harass the inhabitants of this picturesque fishing village with the residual benefit of getting donations from emotional wrecks around the world. 

During the six or so months these disgusting foreigners misbehave in Taiji, they video and live-stream their bullying.  Their efforts correspond with pictures and commentary they post on their Facebook page.

Their supporters have been accused being hateful towards Japan and the Japanese.  They reply their hate is only towards the Taiji fishermen who capture the dolphins.  Reading the comments left on their Facebook page by their supporters it is rather evident their hate for the whole nation of Japan and the Japanese people is clearly expressed.

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Public prayer and the U.S. Supreme Court

Public prayer going to the Supreme Court

The hamlet of Greece, New York at times would open up their town council meetings with a prayer, usually a Christian prayer.  Around thirty years ago the Supreme Court ruled prayer at the beginning of legislative session did not violate the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The case with Greece, New York being claimed is unlike a Congressional session, or state legislative session, a city or town council meeting may be required to conduct certain local issues.  Basically the public attending a Congressional or state legislative session are optional, whereas it is not always optional on a city or town level.  Hence because of that prayers at the local level should not be held or if held should not be rooted in one area, in this case Christianity.         

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of;…..”   

Most victims of American public schools in the last 30 years are only aware of the first ten words.  Reciting a prayer at a town meeting does not establish or recognize a religion.  Objection to the prayer in effect violates the First Amendment part, “…or prohibiting the free exercise there of;…..”  

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of; or prohibiting the free exercise there of;…..”  

Americans United for Separation of Church and State – AU, filed the lawsuit.  For the defense Alliance Defending Freedom - ADF.

From the ADF website, some facts about public prayer in these here United States of America:

• The Founders prayed publicly while drafting our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
• 30 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public prayer is part of the
“history and tradition of this country.”
• Prayer is included as part of the presidential inauguration.
• Prayer is observed at the beginning of each session of Congress.
• The Supreme Court begins each session with prayer.
• Members of most of the 50 state legislatures open their meetings with prayer.
• Public invocations are offered at every level of government throughout
the country. Alliance Defending Freedom has assisted more than 150
municipalities, counties, and states in the defense of this American tradition.
• The town of Greece grants each volunteer the liberty to pray in a manner
consistent with their own unique faith tradition.
• Public prayer is just one of the many public acknowledgments of religion
that could be impacted by the Supreme Court’s decision in Greece v.

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Feminized America

Feminized America 
(and / or “America the Stupid”)

The leftist, liberals, and American news media are determined to neuter football in the United States.  Recently there have been a multitude of articles decrying the injuries to professional football players.  They are lamenting the sport should be less injurious to the players and exploring various options.  Why? 

Those who join football teams do so willingly and know the possibility of injuries.  If they are willing to take the risk why is it the concern of these busy bodies, self-appointed do-gooders?  Simple:  just another step down to road to feminizing the United States, feminized America.  Reduce or eliminate injuries in football, then women will be able to play the sport professionally.  Welcome to feminized America. 

The NFL - National Football League is being bombarded with these demands and inquires along with caterwauling about some of the team names:  example: “Redskins.” 

In this effort to weaken, and feminize America the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is under attack from the Obama Regime (President Obama).  The regime wants to change the iconic hat worn by the men in the USMC since 1922 dubbed “Dan Daly” hat.  The regime is favoring a unisex hat similar to the one current lady Marines wear, the new one being labeled a glorified porter’s cap.

This being done to erase the man centered USMC to reduce the effectiveness by feminizing this honored American institution since 1775.   

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Food from China, tainted and dangerous?

Food from China, tainted and dangerous?

The U.S. will be sending chickens to China to be processed there then sent back to the USA for consumption.  Problem is China has a miserable record when it comes to food safety.  Some recent examples of China’s horrendous examples of food safety:

1 - 50,000 children sickened, 4 died, from tainted baby formula with melamine
2 - Hong King discovered eggs contaminated with melamine
3 - 12,000 dead pigs in a river leading to Shanghai
4 - Avian influenza or bird flu in chicken flocks this year, 44 people died
5 - Nearly half of rice sold in Guangzhou this year tainted with cadmium
6 -In Europe, China shipped:
     a) Potatoes infested with insects
     b) Ginger laced with salmonella
     c) Pumpkins seeds containing glass chips
     d) Frozen calamari contaminated by arsenic
7 - 2007 Chinese fish product imports halted in USA for high levels of illegal antibiotics and chemicals
8 - Thousands of pounds of honey seized for illegal antibiotics  

The chicken will be returned to the USA as process chicken, such as one may purchase in fast-food joints or frozen meals - AVOID, consumer at your own peril. 

The article quotes Jim Sumner, president of Stone Mountain, USA Poultry and Egg Export Council as saying in reference to China: “is one of our largest export markets and has the potential, by far, to be our largest market, and we don’t want to risk upsetting them”

Basically it is okay to endanger the American consumer to gain export access to The Middle Kingdom.  American food use to be the safest in the world, now thanks to a spineless, sold-out, commie purchased Congress, and greedy exporters, the food safety will degrade below that of the third-world.  

The article appearing in The Dallas Morning News was reprinted from the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution.” 

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