Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feminized America

Feminized America 
(and / or “America the Stupid”)

The leftist, liberals, and American news media are determined to neuter football in the United States.  Recently there have been a multitude of articles decrying the injuries to professional football players.  They are lamenting the sport should be less injurious to the players and exploring various options.  Why? 

Those who join football teams do so willingly and know the possibility of injuries.  If they are willing to take the risk why is it the concern of these busy bodies, self-appointed do-gooders?  Simple:  just another step down to road to feminizing the United States, feminized America.  Reduce or eliminate injuries in football, then women will be able to play the sport professionally.  Welcome to feminized America. 

The NFL - National Football League is being bombarded with these demands and inquires along with caterwauling about some of the team names:  example: “Redskins.” 

In this effort to weaken, and feminize America the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is under attack from the Obama Regime (President Obama).  The regime wants to change the iconic hat worn by the men in the USMC since 1922 dubbed “Dan Daly” hat.  The regime is favoring a unisex hat similar to the one current lady Marines wear, the new one being labeled a glorified porter’s cap.

This being done to erase the man centered USMC to reduce the effectiveness by feminizing this honored American institution since 1775.   

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