Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why I Love Japan 4th video

Why I Love Japan 4th video

This is the 4th video in the series of “Why I Love Japan.”

In this video the following are illustrated / discussed:

1 - On the eight floor of a public building in Osaka the windows can be opened wide.  In the USA public buildings have the windows altered to prohibit the opening of windows to prevent law suits, throwing objects out, or people jumping.
2 - Cell phones are programed to transmit alerts in the event of a pending typhoon, tsunami, and earthquake.    
3 - Japanese honesty is illustrated here when money is left on the floor of a hotel room.  Electronic gear is freely left in vehicles without any worry about being broke into.  Computers and cameras left out in the open in hotel rooms all day.
4 - Bathrooms / restrooms fully automated with many electronic devices not seen widely in the USA.  This video illustrates two restrooms upon entering one is greeted with a rising lid and toilet seat.    
5 - Writing Japanese calligraphy at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto.
6 - Enjoying green tea ice cream, a commodity not common in the USA.
7 - Mailing cash at a Japanese Post Office in special envelopes designed for that purpose.  While it is not illegal to mail cash within the USA, it is discouraged. 

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